143 141. School martial arts competition ①

 After a week, the school martial arts competition has begun.

 The martial arts tournament seems to be held to make sure that the academy cities in each country are fulfilling their purpose and training talented children to defeat the demon king's army.
 You can't say everything is safe because you have created a school and appointed another country's royalty as its president. Countries are checking each other.

 The convention proceeds as guests from around the world cast a stern eye on the academy. Someone who appears to be the secretary of another country is watching the students' battle and recording something.

 At the recent qualifying round, the number of participants in the tournament was narrowed down from about 100 to 16.

 After the qualifying rounds, today's main round started a little after 9:00 am. It's a tournament format, so the winner is the one who wins four times. Then comes the battle between the winner and the Swordsman Doberg.

 The bleachers are divided into two sections. A little over 5,000 student spectators make up about two-thirds of it.
 And guests from all over the world, the dauphin and the nobles of the kingdom are watching the game. Obviously, there are people dressed in high-ranking clothes. And there are a lot of knights in escort.

 Naturally, the guests and nobles will only watch the main game.

So that's the Dauphin. It's probably good to get an early look at him. Didn't you bring a talented ten-year-old girl with you?

 Allen watched and also flew the summoned beast of the bird E into the sky, eagle-eyed to see the Dauphin sitting in the middle of the princes, nobles and guests.
 He would be in his early 40s. He's a handsome man with an all-back and tousled hair, just like in a foreign drama from a previous life. Even though he is an actor, he looks good as a villain.
 I don't know if he is a subordinate or a minister, but he is watching the game while listening to a nobleman of a certain rank.

The game is about to be won. I think I'm in for a treat.

 Right now, Krsna is in the finals with a big, muscular two-handed sword-using student.

"Krsna has grown up a lot. You're only a year old and you're pushing against a third-year student.

 A hawk-eyed man beside me speaks to me.

"Yes, Viscount Granville,

 Last week, Krsna suddenly decided to participate in the school martial arts tournament, and when I told her about it using the summoned beast of bird F, she said "I'm on my way too".

 From what I heard, he was planning to come to the school in the future, but I guess he was worried because the crown prince was coming. The person who ordered the robbery of his beloved daughter, the Dauphin, is coming.
 He has come to the academy city with the leader of the knights.

 Allen is watching the game from the side where the princes and nobles sit with Cecil. Of course, they have permission from the academy. Keel and Dogora are also there, but they're quieter than usual because of the viscount.

"Oh! What a surprise! Krena, still a freshman, defeated the winner, Triberga,

 The entire arena is filled with the voice of a speaker that seems to be a magical tool.

 Krsna's opponent, called the triberga, throws out his weapon and looks up at the sky. Krsna has defeated her opponent for the championship.

 Students and nobles alike are in a state of excitement. A freshman defeats a third-year champion.

 This is a world of different statuses and different levels of growth based on talent. These sophomores and juniors here know this from experience. The nobles know it too.
 But does it make this much difference? They are upset that Kensei is this much of a person.

Now, after a short break, I would like to play a match with Master Swordsman Doberg.

 The two men thank each other and leave the arena. The crowd seems to applaud their good fight with loud applause.

(Mmm-hmm.) As for the weapons, Krsna's was a baboon and her opponent was a mithril. His opponent was all over the place with his skills.

 Allen gives his analysis of Krsna's victory.
 This tournament was skill-accessible, but since Krsna recently acquired the Great Sword of Babooneezilokane, she is not using her skills for fear of her opponent.

 The increase in attack power when the weapon is changed is quite large.

(This is how it would look like if you don't take the weapon into account.

Homeroom teachers are slightly stronger than Krsna
Krena is slightly stronger than winner Triberga

"I'm a winner! Allen!

"Oh, congratulations Krsna

 Krsna comes straight back to Allen and his friends like a child who just finished a field day event.
 The viscount and his friends congratulate Krsna on her victory.

(Mmm, the Dauphin's looking at you.)

 The Dauphin watches from a royal space high up in the bleachers as Krena talks with his friends. The eagle eye of Bird E's summoner catches the crown prince. The Dauphin looks at Krsna and the others for a moment, then changes his gaze.

 Then, after a short break, Aren and his friends look at the arena.

 At the top of the arena are the two swordsmen.

Then it is time for the match between the winner and Mr. Doberg. After beating back the annual winners, today we will see the swordsmanship of Mr. Doberg again!

"Hmm, I've been teaching you skills for less than a few months and here we are.

 Doberg speaks to Krsna, ignoring the speaker's voice. The referee has already signaled the start of the game.


"You got a good crew. Take good care of yourself.


 After saying that much, Doberg raises his great adamantite sword, which glows jet black. Seeing this, Krsna also raises his greatsword and holds it up.

I am a hunter of monsters. A slaughterer of demons. Destroyer of demons.


 Doberg mumbles something as he raises his sword and holds it up. I couldn't quite catch what Krsna said, and I wondered what he meant.

Come on, Swordsman Krsna. Come on, Krsna, give it all you've got!


 The one eye widens and gives Krsna a pep talk. As if in response to the call, the speed increases at once, and Krsna rushes in with the great sword raised.

 The great sword of the hibiscus kane is swung down with all the strength of a no-nonsense sword. But it's easily blocked by the sword.

What's this? I told you to come all out. What about the skills I taught you!


 Doberg kicks up Krsna's stomach with his foot. She is blown away with a bounce. Allen and the others are worried about Krsna, too, and they lean forward and shout Krsna's name.

 Then Krsna looks only at Doberg. She's not someone you can look away from.
 Krsna slowly stands up and grips the greatsword. She hits her belly as hard as she can, and it looks like she's having trouble breathing. She gasps and tries to catch her breath.

What's the matter. Is that it? We're coming for you! It's Krsna the Swordsman!

 For the first time, heading out of the doberg. The impact cracks the stone floor of the arena.
 Krsna, still not breathing, responds with her skills to fight back, but Doberg also uses his skills to kill everything.

 And less than 10 minutes pass.

 There lies the almost unharmed Sage de Bergh and Krsna, injured all over. The battle was too one-sided.

 The rescue team rushes over and carries Krsna, who is bleeding all over.

 The announcement of the mages' tools also silenced all the spectators. Normally, the match with the Swordsman Doberg might not have gone this far.

 Allen and the others hurried to Krsna's place.

 Krena is in the infirmary receiving magical treatment. Allen doesn't mind using the Leaves of Life to make Krsna whole again.
 The medical team, which was surprisingly casting a recovery spell, leaves the infirmary.

I've lost. ......

 Krena, who made eye contact with Allen, muttered ruefully.

'Yeah. But it's good to see you.


 Allen says he's glad Krsna was beaten to a pulp by the swordsman Doberg, unable to take a hand or foot. What was so good about the fight, everyone wonders.

 The fight between Klarna and Doberg, which was too one-sided and completely out of hand.



The power, the skills, the weapons, all of it was more powerful in Doberg.

(Considering that Doberg didn't even give his full attention in that game, that's a lot of stretch for Klarna.

"Hmm? Yes.

 Everything was better in Doberg. It was a staggering power differential.

Doesn't that mean you can be at least that strong?

"...... I see, I see!

 Crenna seemed to understand if Allen said that much. If it's not enough, you'll make it up to her. That's what Khrena has been doing.

 It doesn't matter what you lost, she says.

Next year's school martial arts tournament we should be able to beat Doberg as easily as we can.


 You say you want to take revenge on Kensei Doberg at the school martial arts tournament next October. There is a lot of work to be done for the next year. This is how the school martial arts tournament ended with Krsna finding out about the strength of Kensei de Belg and having a goal in mind.