144 142. Contract

 Last week, Krsna was unexpectedly asked by the president to participate in the school martial arts tournament, which ended in a landslide loss to Kensei de Bergh.

 Her goal for the next year is to get revenge against Doberg at next year's school martial arts tournament. This is a great result that makes you more motivated than ever to improve your skills and equipment.

 Allen wonders if Doberg's decision to fight the winner is to frustrate the "vanity" of winning the championship. The battlefield is where students go after graduation. The vainglory of winning the championship will lead to recklessness on the battlefield, and that could lead to the death of not only you, but the entire unit.

 I'm sure that the school martial arts tournaments and fights with the swordsman are held in every school city in the world.

 Afterwards, the tournament ceremony was held in the school's hall.

 The 16 students who participated in the tournament were also invited to the ceremony, which was attended by nobles and guests from various countries who came to observe the tournament. Viscount Granville is also present as a visiting nobleman.
 As the representative of the contestants, Crenna was congratulated by the Dauphin. There's no gold seal, no trophy, and no certificate, Allen thought.
 Naturally, Allen didn't participate in the ceremony, but he's crept into Krsna's pocket with the summoner of bird G.

 You have done a great job of fighting. From now on, you can wield the sword for the kingdom. He replied in a voice that echoed throughout the hall. I didn't see the Dauphin's face, but he might have pulled back quite a bit from the murmur around him.

 Then, Allen and his team returned to the base. The night has fallen away as there was also a ceremony.

 The viscount is sitting at a table in the function room normally used as a dining room. In front of him sits Keel. Next to him sits his sister Nina.

 The Viscount has come to the base to fulfill another purpose.

 Allen, Krena, Cecil, and Dogora are also sitting at the same table, listening to the events.

"You're Keel. I see that you have some vestiges of Viscount Carnel.

"...... yes

 Kiel replies, a little nervously.

 In front of you is the Viscount who caused the change in the House of Granville. Your father's actions may not be right by anyone's standards, but that doesn't change the fact that the house has fallen apart. In front of the viscount, you are trying your best to act stoutly as the next head of the family.

Hm, don't be so uptight. I've brought you this today.

 You can't help but sigh as the viscount thinks that such a situation of the keel is inevitable. And with those words, the knight commander, who is standing behind the viscount, walks over to Keel and unfolds a rolled up piece of parchment and places it on the table.

What is this?

"The contract. I already have the signature of His Majesty the King.

 Keel, Cecil and Dogora, who are looking at the story together, also mutter a small "contract". Only Crenna is listening, saying, "Hohoho.

 Kiel begins to read the contract.

 It contains conditions for Keel to rebuild the Karnel family.

For five years, he must serve on the battlefield designated by the Kingdom or the League of Continents.
Consider shortening the time frame if you achieve reasonable results

 And it is stamped with the name of the king and the royal seal, inscribed with the royal coat of arms.

"His Majesty is committed to the rebirth of the House of Karnell, is that right?


 In fact, it was a verbal promise of a royal messenger and had not fallen on the ears of the king.

 But the viscount was in motion for two months, and was even talking a contract from the king. The king has agreed to re-establish the House of Charnel.

 This contract is a rare thing for the royal family.
 The king does not make contracts easily. Only under exceptional circumstances, when contracts or promises are required to be made with other countries or great lords. The king has ministers under him, so he leaves the nitty-gritty contracts with the nobles to them.

 This time, the king has drawn up a contract just for Kiel.

'Why are you doing this for me?

 Considering what my father, Viscount Charnel, did, the contract with the king is a special response. I'll say what Keel thought, why are you doing this to me? You don't have to do this. From what Rifolu said, the Viscount himself may have been in danger of being noticed by the incoming king's dauphin.

A nobleman is a covenant keeper. A nobleman is one who keeps his end of the bargain and is responsible for his actions. I think I've done what I had to do as the head of House Granville.

 You've read what Kiel wonders, or perhaps you've read what the viscount has in mind, and you'll get an answer right away.

 The Viscount says he has no regrets for destroying the House of Karnell.

 However, in his own way, he feels responsible for destroying the Karnel family, which had been his neighbors for hundreds of years, even if it was for his daughter Cecile.
 This response to Keel is the result of his thinking about what he should do as the head of a noble family.


"And you should also see this. It's signed by me and Earl Hamilton.


 The contract was also signed by Viscount Granville and Count Hamilton. Underneath the signature there is also something written.

What is this?

"The house that was once gone will be rebuilt. It's a struggle, if not from the beginning. It talks about the obligation of both men to help in the rebuilding.

 It states that the Earl of Hamilton would be a close relative of Keel in the event of his rebuilding of the house, and that the Countess of Hamilton would assist to the fullest extent.
 And the Viscount Granville is also obligated to help.

 This may have been one of the conditions for the king to promise the revival of the house of Carnel.

 Furthermore, although not mentioned here, the Viscount tells us that Keel's servants, including Nina, will live in the Hamilton house while Keel works.

"Thank you,

 The words of gratitude came out naturally from Keel. Something tells me that all the bad feelings I've had about the Granvels will disappear.

 Kiel signs the petition without hesitation. Nina is staring at it. Now, if Keel does his job as written in the contract, the contract will be fulfilled and the rebirth of House Karnell will be in sight.

But. I want you to hear the story from here.

 Keel's signature is just about done and the Viscount says there is a problem.

 It is the condition of His Majesty the King. The king is now nearly seventy years old, a long life in this other world. The king has been laid up lately and his condition is not good, he says.

 As a result, he says the crown prince is increasingly in charge of the castle's events.

 Since it will be another five years after his graduation, the Dauphin may have ascended the throne. He says that even a contract with the previous king is valid, of course, but there is no guarantee that the contract will be fulfilled.

 However, Keel doesn't seem to show any concern when he hears this.

No, I too will do what I must as a returning nobleman.

 They say that what happens in the future will not change their behavior. The road to the rebirth of the House of Charnel is now open, so it seems it will only go forward if the road is cut off along the way.

 The contract Kiel signed says the Granvelle family will keep it according to the terms of the contract. If the Dauphin becomes king, it could be revoked.

 I'll bring what Allen left in the next room for the viscount to finish his business.

 It was a small box.

It was in the dungeon. Viscount Granvell was exceptionally accommodating, so here's our thanks to him and the entire party.

"Thank you. Open? Mu. Rings?

"Yes. . is a poison defense ring.

 Allen and his friends are going to the dungeon every day. In the crates of A-class dungeons, poison defense rings are commonly found. They came out during the dungeon attack, so we discussed and decided to give them to the viscount as a thank you for his help this time. However, after hearing about the contract, Allen thinks that one ring is not enough.

 Not every item in a class-A dungeon is for sale. Someone will talk with you and equip what they feel they need. For weapons and armor, it's easy to see who can equip them, but for items with magic effects, we'll prioritize them.

 Since it is expected that many of the items available in A-class dungeons will be stronger when equipped, for the time being, I think I'll give priority to equipping all of my fellow players rather than golden tricks.

Are you sure? Isn't it quite pricey? I'd rather have you on Cecil than me.

 He wants you to put it on his daughter Cecil rather than himself. There are a lot of hexenbiests who spit poison.

No, we use restoratives every day to prevent them from going insane.

 Grass C's Awakening Skill "Flavored Vegetable" affects everyone in the party within a 50-meter radius at once. When used at a base, it seems to work on Nina and servants who are not in the adventurer's party. Use the spiced vegetables at breakfast every morning.
 Apparently, the definition of a party seems to be much looser than Allen thinks.

 This ring is the perfect item for the Viscount, a poor nobleman who still can't afford a poison defense ring.
 The viscount looks slowly at the ring and at Aren and the others.

"Well, you've got a good companion.

 The viscount, who has been the lord of the aristocracy for almost thirty years, may have not mentioned the word "companion" in a long time.

So you've been here until late. Xenov, we're going home.

 Tell the Knight Commander we're going home.

No, I have a room for you. Would you like to spend the night? Hmm? Someone's here.

 Dokara Dokara

 As the Viscount is about to leave, he is about to ask if he wants to stay the night, when a carriage arrives at his base. The gate is already closed, so Allen heads over to see what it is and finds two men standing there.

 Your eyes are drawn to the carriage, which is illuminated by the lighted grimoire of one of the two men. The chariot, lit by the magic tool's light, is inscribed with the royal crest.

"Did you have a good evening, my lady?

This is where I heard about Viscount Granville. I've been looking for you for a long time.

 In response to Allen's question, the man spoke to him in frustration.