145 In 143, Prince Edward 2

"Is Viscount Granville?

Yes. I heard the viscount is here.

 In response to Allen's question, I think that's a pretty over the top statement to make after coming here so late at night. But Allen recognizes the clothes of these two men. They're dressed like the ones who came before with Viscount Carnel.

It's this time. The viscount is already absent. Shall I tell him who's coming?

"Yes. We are from the royal family. Tell him it's the Dauphin's business.

"Mr. Left? I will show you to your room," he says and opens the gate, showing you to a room with two sofas for two instead of the usual multipurpose room.

 The viscount is still in the multipurpose room and is not resting, so go to the multipurpose room and tell him that the royal messenger has arrived.

 As soon as the viscount heads to the guest room with Allen and the knight commander, the dauphin invites him to dinner tomorrow. He heard you're coming to the school, so he wanted to have dinner with you.

That's a bit hasty.

 I was thinking of taking the noon flight home tomorrow.

"You refuse his invitation outright. That's good. I'll just tell him so.

No, I'm not going to say no. I'll have to go.

 The viscount says he's not going to say no.

My Lord. Then I'll join you.

"Hmm? You think the Dauphin's dinner needs an escort? Wouldn't that be a different story?

 A knight commander who came into the room with me says I'll be there, but the royal messenger asks why you need an escort to dine with the Dauphin.

 Is the Dauphin in need of an escort? I heard he wants you to come alone.

 The viscount is momentarily at a loss for an answer. No one will have a problem going alone under such a hostile royal family and getting shot in the dark. It might be dismissed as just missing or killed by a ruffian. Even if that happened, no one would blame the Dauphin for it.

 While the royal messenger is looking at you to answer the question, Allen speaks up and says, "My lord, tomorrow is the last day.

"My lord, tomorrow is your dinner with the crown prince. Duly noted.

 Allen in school uniform bowed naturally to the viscount, as did his servant.

Go ......

 As a nobleman, the Viscount would not be allowed to wander off on his own, so Allen says he will also stand back as a servant.

 When Allen became a guest, he changed his nickname for the viscount from "my lord" to "Viscount Granville". I thought this was a blemish, but now I realize that blemishes are a personal matter.

 He swallowed the words, "I left Granvelle when I said I wanted to quit. Now is not the time for that. Allen's arrival is a boon for the viscount. Although not as good as the knight commander, Allen has a reputation of being quite good among the barons. It would be helpful to have Allen, the man who saved Cecil, as a bodyguard.

It's a good thing I haven't returned the servant's clothes. It's only been six months since you left, so you can wear them.

 There are servant's clothes that have been left borrowed because they were not asked to be returned in the collection. The only thing I returned was the Granvelle coat of arms. Allen is in a growth spurt, so he's grown a little taller in six months, but I don't think that's a problem.

 The royal envoy has nothing to say about having a servant with him. I only wondered if he had a servant going to the school with him. Just tell him to be on time and leave.

 And the next day, Allen is the only one who decides to head to the hotel where the Dauphin will be staying with the viscount.

 Cecil said he wanted to go, but the viscount had told him not to. You'll be in danger. You're going to the Dauphin, who is in the service of the royal messenger who tried to rob Cecil. Only the called viscount and Allen, who pretends to be his servant, will go.

 Do your rounds of the dungeon's lowest level bosses without Allen. Tell him you'll go to the A-class dungeon with him when he comes back, and give Krsna the summoner of bird G as a contact. The summoner can enter the dungeon with you if it touches anyone entering the dungeon. You can't enter the dungeon with the summoner alone.

 Now that you've met up with the viscount, head to your assigned hotel.

You're the crown prince of the kingdom school.

 It's been more than a week since I heard from Rifolu about the Dauphin. I've learned some things about what's going on in the castle as well as the Dauphin.

 It seems that there are two main factions fighting for the kingdom.

 They say that they are the "Kingdom Faction" and the "Alliance Faction". The two factions seem to think like this.

 The kingdom faction has the best interest of the kingdom in mind. That's why they say that cooperation with the League of 5 Continents is the least we can do.
 To begin with, we were invaded by a hegemonic empire for hundreds of years before the demon king came along. How dare you ask for help? You don't want the empire to be destroyed, but you are even willing to fight the demon king's army forever to the point of not being destroyed.

 The Alliance faction puts the idea of an alliance of five continents and cooperation first.
 Why put the nation first when the demon king is trying to destroy the world? Since the Demon King's army is a threat, he says he will cooperate with the Five Continents Alliance as much as possible.

 It seems that the two factions were formed because the Demon King came out. The academy is a faction within the alliance.

 And apparently, the reason for the conflict is that the king has been an ally for two generations. He was willing to help us fight the demon king's army by issuing a decree to settle the territory. He treated the nobles who served against the demon king's army well in terms of office and taxation.

 It was the great nobles who were dissatisfied with this. Where it was originally difficult for talented people to be born, the lower nobles were treated well. Recently, the alliance faction is extending its reach beyond the shogunate and other non-military ministerial positions. They thought their position was in jeopardy if they did not do so.

 In the midst of this dissatisfaction with the current regime, the crown prince has emerged. The dauphin, the son of the current king's elder brother, was carried by the great nobles. The crown prince himself became the standard-bearer and united the royalists.
 The current king has a prince, but he has no choice but to make his nephew the dauphin because of the strong recommendations of the great nobles who hold power in the castle. The king is old and not as powerful as in the past.

 The alliance faction with the school faction has overwhelming military power. But the kingdom faction has the power of the great nobles. They say the different forces are so close together that the kingdom is divided instead of being one.

 The Dauphin has even suggested halving the cooperation with the demon king's army.

"Please wait for me over here.

 Politely ushered in by a hotel attendant.


(Is this the royal hotel? Oh! There's fruit I've never seen before. (Yum, yum!

 At the instruction of the royal messenger, wait in the waiting room of a luxurious hotel. Allen begins to devour the fruit placed in front of him. You'll be standing behind the viscount from now on anyway, so you won't be able to eat.

 The viscount says he doesn't want it, so he puts all the uneaten fruit in the storage.

(Is it quite a wait?)

 Time just goes on without anyone coming along.

What are you doing?

 Allen sat down in front of a houseplant and began to do something.

"I'm making a recovery potion. I'm going to give you some to use if you need anything.

"Is that so, or is it good?

"Of course.

 While the wait is long, Allen is busy generating the recovery pills. In one week, Allen has recruited a total of 30,000 E and D-ranked magic stones. Before the summer break, the number of stones was 10,000 a week, so that's three times as many.

 We need to turn them into leaves of life and magic seeds.

 I usually do this in the school, but since I practice swordsmanship in the afternoons, I've been sneaking around the school yard while listening to classes in the morning. With the increase in quotas, the generation of the leaves of life in particular tends to stagnate. This is just fine, and I've been diligently improving my generation, synthesis, strengthening, and awakening skills.

(Class A dungeons still have a lot of wear and tear on summons. I can't wait to get the enhancement level to 7!

 The priority is to prioritize the level of enhancement and the consumption of magic power as much as possible.

 Then an hour goes by.

(Huh?) Quite a wait, huh? You can't do a Class A dungeon routine. (Do you feel like you're going to get a gold box today and you're in the bathroom?

 Another hour passes.

(Huh? You've kept me waiting too long. Do you remember what you called me to do? Come on, man. I want my money back. I've got a feeling today is the only day I can find the money box.

 I have a feeling that the Dauphin is responsible for the lack of a gold box until now.

 Then the royal messenger comes to call you.

 I was taken to the luxurious dining room of the royal family on the top floor. It's quite large, but it's like a one-room dining room.

"Here you go.

(Hey, you're here.)

 At a table that could seat dozens of people, the Dauphin, dressed in an all-back jacket and hairdo, says while drinking a drink.

 Behind the dauphin is a group of fully armed knights, who are escorting him or whatever it is. The viscount gasps for a moment when he notices it.

 The viscount and Allen are going into such a dining room.