146 In 144, Prince Edward 3

No, as long as His Royal Highness the Crown Prince calls.

 I'll wait for as long as you want, replies the Viscount.

I can't wait for you at all. I'm here on my own.

Hmm, good point. I wish there were more like you in the Alliance.

 The viscount is a staunch ally. The Hamilton family is a warrior family and an ally. Allen puts the viscount in his seat and stands behind him. He doesn't look at the Dauphin. The dauphin looks at Allen for a moment, but then drops his gaze, thinking that he has brought a small servant with him.

 Meanwhile, the course meal will be delivered. Since Allen is not a waiter, he stands beside the viscount in silence as a servant.

 The meal goes on without you having to call them up and say anything to them. The knights are glaring at the viscount, but don't seem to be moving. They may be waiting for the Dauphin's signal.

 The viscount won't speak to them, and the meal goes on. I don't know if the Dauphin will poison the food, but he is using the grass C's Awakening Skill "Flavored Vegetable" on the viscount to prevent his condition from being abnormal.

 Now the poison won't be able to kill the viscount.

I was surprised yesterday. Doesn't Krsna have any discipline? I thought you were a barking dog. So that's still the same old Doberg. They are back on the battlefield without saying a word.

 The Dauphin suddenly starts talking. It's about Krsna's loud reply to the Dauphin in front of him.

 After beating up Krsna in the tournament, the Swordsman Doberg did not participate in the tournament's closing ceremony and returned to the battlefield in his magic ship. If it looks like this, there would have been no greeting to the Dauphin.

 According to Rifolu, Doberg's attitude has always been like this.

 There are many anecdotes about the peasant-born swordsman. The famous story goes that when he was receiving his knighthood, he ignored the summons to the castle and wielded his sword on the battlefield.

The swordsman Krsna is now free to grow. As a result, I apologize for being disrespectful to the Crown Prince.

 While seated, the viscount bows to the Dauphin.

"I see. So you're going to win the tournament in just one year because of the good policy of the viscount. This didn't seem to work out so well with the past Sword Saints.

"Thank you.

"The territory management seems to be going well.

"What? Yes, that's right.

The territory is now home to the Swordsmith, the mithril is being harvested, and the rivals are being destroyed, it's all going to be smooth sailing. I'd like to know what I have to do to make this work.

"Defeating and so on ......

 The viscount has lost his heir, Mihai. It hasn't been smooth sailing for the viscount, but he doesn't mention it. And only the word "destroyed" is denied, though not entirely.

"Well, yes. ''Well, yes. You also performed beautifully in the audience chamber.

"Is it an act?

"Isn't it?

 The dauphin glares at the viscount. Then the knights shift their centers of gravity forward just a little imperceptibly. They seem to be waiting for the viscount's answer.


Well, good. But then, your majesty did a drunken thing too. To make a contract like that for a descendant of a mere lowborn nobleman. Someone else has done the blowing around, so I must go along with it.

 Apparently, Allen thinks that silence was the right thing to do.

 The Dauphin shakes his head in disbelief. The dauphin has heard about the contract he signed with Kiel.
 The viscount has already lobbied his lords and ladies to ensure that the terms of the contract will be enforced when the king changes.

"I have signed the contract with my joint names, so I will work hard to rebuild the Karnell Domain after my service.

"Ho, when you're done serving.


 As if waiting for his words, the Dauphin grinned.

What do you mean?

I remember that the contract said I could go to any place the kingdom would appoint. I was in trouble when Giumut asked for a good-natured one. You shall go with the Sword Saint.

 The Dauphin is feeling relieved that it was just right. Now we can send the high spirited swordsman to the battlefield.

 He's already found out that Kiel is living with Krsna and the others. The kingdom will assign the battlefield as per the contract.

(Oh! Send me to a tough battlefield? (I hope it's the toughest part)

 Allen stood behind the viscount, killing his expression, but for a moment he couldn't help but smile.

 I'm afraid there's one thing Allen is worried about. The battlefield to which you will be assigned in another two and a half years might not be busy. Under the current war conditions, that's a pretty good chance.

 According to Refol, the battlefield is being pushed to the limit by the arrival of brave men and women, and it's not uncommon for magical beasts to stay in the fort and not be attacked by them. The brave men and the imperial army that have regained the imperial territory seem to be on the verge of regaining the former Rasturi kingdom that was destroyed by the demon king's army about 60 years ago in a couple of years.

 Of course, since the imperial army is attacking, demonic beasts are being chased, and the front line will continue to move northward. There might not be any battle if they're deployed to the south of the fort. I shudder to think that I might spend all three years on top of the fort, watching the horizon.

 Many people will suffer because of the demon king's army, so it would be better if they weren't there, but if you're going to go, Allen thinks the toughest battlefield is the one to go to.

 This time, the Dauphin is not throwing you into a boring fort, but a war zone. I'll have Keel go with Krsna.

......, master of ceremonies?

Of course, your daughter, who is working with you, will have to go with you.

"Oh, please wait!

 The viscount stands up. Then the knights behind the dauphin react. The dauphin raises his hand and the knights return to their postures.

What's the surprise. Why are you surprised? There's a battlefield where someone's blood has to be spilled anyway.

 It seems that the Dauphin wanted to say this. If you're so eager to help the League of Continents, you should give your daughter to them.

 There is no guarantee that Kiel will survive the hard battlefield. Even swordsmen have died on the battlefield. Every swordsman born in the kingdoms since Doberg has died. When they die in vain, they can show the Alliance what happens to those who defy them.

 Besides, you can prove your support for the empire by sending the newborn swordsman to the hard battlefield.

The Dauphin has a good head on his shoulders. Now, it's time to move on, or else the baron will give up something.

This is a great opportunity to make a difference, isn't it?

 Allen whispered softly for the first time since he got here. His voice was so quiet that only the Viscount could hear it.

''What? Allen!

"Rest assured. Cecil will protect you. So don't pull out now.

 Quieting the upset viscount.

"Nuh? What's up with that? Speaking of which, the black hair front ......

 The Dauphin looks quizzically at the Viscount and Allen, who are talking in small voices. Then he seems to remember something. Behind the viscount is the dark-haired boy that Krsna used to talk to in the arena yesterday.

 I only thought he was just an unusual black hair, but now I remember.

Yes, Your Highness. Your Royal Highness, you wanted to see me?

 Bowing slightly, he says, "You were in the arena.

"You were in the arena.

The other day, I was a spectator in the company of Krsna the Swordsman.

"You're with me?

Yes, I'm in the same party as Crenna. I'm the leader of her party. Both Cecil and Keel are in my party.

(Dogora is there too.)

The leader of the party. Not the Swordsman, but you?

"Yes. Power alone does not make a leader.

"Well. So what do you think of what you just heard?

 The conversation with Allen continues.

"The Crown Prince has arranged for you to have more opportunities to fight.


 The viscount is going to lose his soul with his meal.

"Hey, Viscount, it's dirty.

 The Dauphin warns the blubbering Viscount. At this moment, he thought that maybe it would be better if he had come alone.

You're right. Unlike the current king, I have no intention of making a serf a marquis, but if you do well after graduation, I will consider a reward?

 The Dauphin smiles as he says, "This kid is clueless.


(Okay, okay, now I hope I look like a servant trying to get some good results with my swordsmanship.

 Allen bowed deeply. The conversation between Allen and the Dauphin was over. The meal was soon over, and both the Viscount and Allen would return home.

 And so the conversation progressed with their own agendas.