147 Episode 145 Dragon ①

 Three months have passed since then and January has arrived.
 We have been celebrating the beginning of the year in a small way and attacking dungeons.
 In addition, the school only has summer and spring vacations. Spring break is in March, so the school has classes in January except for the first day of January, which is the New Year. This is a surprising curriculum for Allen, who is used to thinking that the third day of the New Year is a day to play games instead of going to school. You will realize that this is indeed a different world.

 On days when the school is in session, you will go around to beat the lowest level boss.
 When the school is closed two days a week, I aim to attack the dungeons from the morning.
 During these two days, you must try to complete one level of an A-class dungeon. You must camp inside the dungeon one day out of the two days you are in the dungeon.

 Since 1 day is an overnight stay in the dungeon, you have 5 days to complete the rounds of the lowest level boss out of 6 days per week at most.

 Furthermore, the academy allows a certain amount of dungeon leave. The dungeons are mazes, and there are no bird-C summonses like Allen's.
 Conquering a dungeon is inherently time-consuming.
 If you miss the school on your day off, you can still apply for it. To a certain extent, you can request a "dungeon holiday" to the school.

 Allen and his friends also applied for it twice before January. I stepped on the transposition trap twice and couldn't make it back during the break. Even if you put three bird C summons ahead of them to avoid the trap, they still stepped on the trap when they had to.

 I also learned how well the attackers of Class A dungeons had defeated the lowest level bosses.
 I heard from the Adventurer's Guild that there seems to be about 5 to 10 parties in this school city that are attacking A-class dungeon attackers and defeating the lowest level bosses only once or twice a week.

 I thought that's why the rare items that came out of the rewards of attacking the lowest bosses would skyrocket at the auction. The number of items on sale is low.

 The school is closed on January 1st, so I participated in the auction for the first time. There were quite a few people participating, but it seems that merchants from the royal capital and other large cities will come to bid on the items.

 It seems that the kingdom can be reached by magic ships within a day or two. I found out about the auction on the 25th of the previous month, and the auction will be held on the 1st of the month. Despite the short period of time, it seems that there were many participants from out of town. They may have traveled back and forth to the school town in a short period of time, but there were many participants nonetheless.

 I checked with the adventurer's guild and found out that they are communicating with each other using magic tools to provide information about the items for sale. This world had communication technology with magic tools.

 Conferences between the kingdom and the empire are said to be held through communication technology. This is also going on between continents and they are in touch with the Baukis Empire and Rosenheim. I'm impressed that the Baucis Empire has provided so much technology to you.
 If the crown prince becomes king, I thought that the technology will stop being provided due to his lack of cooperation in defeating the demon king's army.

 As for the dungeon attack, it looks like we'll be able to complete the second A-class dungeon within this month.
 It's a little different from the first one, but that's not a problem.

 Allen's enhancement skill finally reached level 7. The effect was to increase two stats by 1000. Summons are less likely to be attacked by B-ranked monsters, and the hunting of A-class dungeons by the summoner squad is now more advanced than before.
 Summoner traps have increased the probability of defeating monsters when surrounded by them and when fighting against Abyssal boxes.

 Equipment has also improved a lot in 3 months. Equipment is still indispensable to become stronger. There is no one who would fight the demon king without equipment.

 These are all our weapons and magical items.

The Sword of the Lich Kingpin
Strength ring (strength +100)
Rigid ring (force + 500)

The Great Sword of the Lich Kingpin
Force ring (force + 100)
Force ring (force + 100)

Light Demon Staff
Strength ring (strength +100)
Intellect Ring (Intellect + 100)

Adamantite Axe
Strength ring (strength +100)
Force ring (force + 100)

Judgmental Staff
Strength ring (strength +500)
Strength ring (strength +100)

 In about three months, Allen and his team has released seven silver boxes. After attacking an A-class dungeon, I discovered something.

 From the crates, you'll find weapons made of hollyhock, a ring that raises your status by 100, a sleep defense ring, and a poison defense ring. Non-metal weapons will be of the same class as those made by the hollyhock.
 Armor will be made of B-ranked monsters and appropriate materials.

 From the silver box, you'll find an adamantite weapon, a ring that raises your status by 500, a curse protection ring, and a paralysis protection ring. Non-metal weapons will be of the same class as those made of Adamantite.
 Armor can be made of adamantite, A-rated magical beasts or equivalent materials.

 If you don't know the effects of an item, there are appraisers in town. There are appraisers who will check the effects of your equipment, rings and other magic tools.
 It costs about 1 gold coin for a wooden box in an A-class dungeon and 3 silver boxes.
 It's a big help to me that they examine in great detail.

 I think appraisal skills are important.

 During the three months, I have almost all the things I need that come out of the crates, and we've agreed to sell off what we don't need at the monthly auction on the 25th of each month. It's going to take me about a year to equip myself with more weapons, armor, and magic items than a silver box.

A dragon.

 Dogora tweeted among the bottom bosses.
 Today is the boss day, so I'm going to challenge the bottom level boss of an A-class dungeon.

 So far, we've beaten the bottom layer bosses of A-class dungeons about 75 times, but no dragons have appeared until now. Except for the dragon lineage, all the bottom-level bosses have appeared.

 In front of Aren's group is a reddish-brown, feathered, Western-style dragon. Its legs are thick and its hands look small compared to its feet. I can't help but notice that he seems to be the type to stand on two legs.
 They're slightly slumped, and they're at a standstill.

Yeah, right.

It's finally out. This is the first time in three months. I'd say the odds of getting a dragon are 1 in 50 to 1 in 100.

"Allen, what do you do?

 Kurrena asks me how to fight. People often ask Allen for their first time.

"The dragon is the strongest bottom boss, so I'll take the first hit. I'll have four Tekkos standing by for a wide area of breath.

 There are several patterns for fighting the lowest level bosses, and the speed of destruction increases the most when Allen makes the first attack. However, in order to find a more efficient way of fighting, I always try not to do the same thing.


 It is said that the strongest dragons of the lowest bosses have offensive and defensive strengths that are superior to those of other lowest-tier bosses. It is said to have destroyed many of the most battle-hardened adventuring parties.

 Incidentally, the weakest bosses in the lowest tier are the beast strains. These guys have a lot of status abnormalities, so Bug C's Awakening Skill "Kryptonite" can kill them instantly.

 With Allen's words, everyone goes along with the position.

 This time, Stone C's summoner will be out, so the priority is on defense. Use the grimoire to change your card formation. We'll also put away all three summoner squads.

 First, it's important to know how strong this dragon is.
 If it's strong enough to keep the summoners hunting, then you won't have to put it away anymore.

Then let's go.

 All five summons of Bird C are awakened. Allen takes center stage in the middle guard, with Krsna and Dogora in the vanguard and Cecil and Keel in the rear.

 The five of you will slowly approach the crouching dragon. The timing of the initial attack is important.

 Just as this is about to happen, Allen holds his hand over the dragon.

"Let's go, kabeo bombs!

 I stopped saying "meteo" a long time ago. It's Cecil's most cherished word. Don't take things from people.

 Ten Stone E summons appear around the dragon and explode all at once!

'Gu, what are you doing! You attacked us out of the blue!

 In the midst of the blaze, the dragon cried out.

 The dragon rages as it slowly raises its upper body. It's nearly ten meters long.

Hmm? (Does this one work?)

 Allen noticed something.

 The lowest level bosses in A-class dungeons may be bossed by demonic beasts that can speak. Deadites could speak. Apparently, depending on their intelligence and monster lineage, they can speak or not.
 So far, only necromancers can speak, so I wonder if dragons can speak too.

 I won't forgive necromancers just because they can talk. I will beat them mercilessly.

You told me.

 Cecil spills his thoughts about dragons, like he can talk about them. The stone E's summoner's awakening skill "self-destruction" has taken over his entire body, and he is mooing and smoking.

 To check on the dragon, Aren and the others stop their advance and take a look.
 After the smoke has settled to some extent, their vision clears and the dragon stares at them.
 The dragon seems to have noticed them.

It pains me that only five adventurers would dare to fight me. You didn't know that you were lucky enough to avoid meeting our dragons and save your life. Ignorance is a sin. I salute your arrogance by watching you writhe and writhe in agony under the fire: ......

"Come on, Caveo and the others, self-destruct.

 Before the dragon could finish his story, the same number of stone E summonses surrounded the dragon, and then it would self-destruct. I had been using a grimoire to create additional stone E summonses since I started watching us.

''You guys! Yoo-hoo, yoo-hoo, I'll never forgive you!

(Oh?) (Snap out of it!)

 While we were lucky to have an additional attack, the dragon was coming at us in a much rougher tone of voice, shaking the ground.