148 Episode 146 Dragon ②

I don't know, we're being accused of something, too.

Well, it's a joint and several liability.


 Allen's attack during the dragon's conversation has angered the dragon.
 The dragon's anger seems to be directed at the entire party.
 I can feel Cecil's eyes on my back.

 This world is not a turn-based game world. If you do nothing, you will be unilaterally attacked. Or, if you catch your opponent off guard, you can attack twice or more in a row.

 Because of the mutual status and speed, they cannot unilaterally attack if their statuses are balanced, but they can attack twice if they are talking, as they are doing here.

(I hope this cuts down on your stats quite a bit.)

 Dragons are said to be the strongest bottom bosses. You don't know how strong they are, so you want to reduce their health as much as possible. While the dragon was talking, it blew itself up, replenished its cards, and blew itself up again.

 With the upgrade to 7, the status has been increased, so many of the attack-based waking skills are now more powerful. The "self-destruct" skill of Stone E's summoner has also increased in power.

 Grass-based restoratives and bird-based search-and-seek skills are no longer effective.

 Bird C's summoner's movement speed seems to be much faster now that its speed has reached 1500 due to the enhancements.

 The enraged dragon bares its fangs as it charges toward you bipedally.

Let's go! Do not break formation.


 Crenna and Dogora fearlessly grab their weapons and charge into the dragon. Cecil continues to cast a spell from a distance.

 Kreena's longest strike strikes the dragon's leg. But it barely digs into its flesh.

 Even with an attack power of over 3,000, it doesn't seem to be able to do that much damage. Dogora's attacks don't seem to be getting through as well.

 The bird C's summons continues to attack, dodging attacks with its tiny hands, fangs, and tail compared to the dragon's legs.

It's so hard. This isn't just defense. It's definitely physics resistant.

 The damage you deal to an enemy is basically determined by your overall attack power and your opponent's defense.
 The overall attack power is added by weapons, skill levels, and magical items such as power rings.
 But that's not all. There is also physical resistance, as possessed by spirit C summons.
 Dragons seem to be physically resistant, and it feels like the damage they would normally do is subtracted considerably.

 The inherently hard dragon seems to be subtracting even more damage.

 After not attacking for minutes, the dragon's throat begins to glow bright red. You can feel something glistening under the skin of its throat as it rises. The dragon lifts its head and arches its head back.

"Here comes breath!

 At the sound of Allen's voice, the two Stone C summons will defend Cecil and Keel at all costs. Then, the two remaining Stone C Summons will defend the entire party with their Awakening Skill "Self-Sacrifice".

 This skill shoulders the damage until the damage drains Stone C's health. Self-Sacrifice is a ranged skill, so if you have more than one companion taking damage, you will take all of them at once. The damage calculation depends on the durability of stone C.

 The dragon's mouth glows and a tremendous amount of heat assaults Aren and his friends.

(d*mn, that was a long breath.)

 The flames that continue to be spat out will turn two of them using the Awakening Skill Self-Sacrifice into glowing bubbles.
 Since Crenna, Dogora, and Allen were in the breath, it seems that the damage of the three of them has been shrugged off by the two of them.
 Allen summons two spare Stone C Summons and hurries to generate cards to make up for the missing ones.

 The breath has stopped, so Krsna and Dogora resume their attack.

"Coyotes! !!!!

 Then the dragon's throat begins to glow once more.

 We thought it would come again, but this time it didn't.

(Huh? (This is)

"Oh no! I'm storing up power!

 Some monsters accumulate power and attack at once. Naturally, the damage they take is greater once they accumulate power than if they just attack continuously. Allen describes this as "accumulating power".
 The time between breaths is twice as long as it was before. Both Krena and Dogora continue to attack, but they can't beat them at all.

 Then they let out a brilliant breath. The range of the breath is wider than before, and in an instant, the additional stone C summons, as well as the stone C summons that protect Cecil and Keel, disappear.

 In addition, their throats begin to glow. The dragon seems to have decided that breath is the only way to defeat Aren and the others.
 The tail and tusk attacks are too agile and elusive for the summons of bird C to catch.

 Pause for a moment and let out a third breath. Stone C's summoner can't be generated in time. I manage to summon enough Stone C summons to protect Cecil and Keel. This breath will probably kill Cecil and Keel instantly if they are exposed to it. That's how powerful it is.

 Crenna, Dogora, and Allen will be blown apart by the flames from the dragon's breath when they take it properly. A Spirit C summoner in the sky outside the range of the breath will heal them with an item in a hurry.
 At this time, the bird C summons on which Krsna, Dogora, and Allen were riding have all turned into glowing bubbles.

 The fourth throat glow begins. The dragon has come to take them down completely with its breath.

(This means Tecco will not be summoned in time. It's just the way it is.

"Allen, here comes another bracelet! What to do!

"Let's get away! Everyone stay back in line! It's going to be a long game!

 Allen replies to Cecil's words with a new strategy.


 Allen discarded the option to press on and defeat it. We now know the range and power of the dragon's breath as well as its attack speed. From there I can devise a new strategy.

 I look at Dogora and Krsna, who were blown off together.

Dogora, Krsna, we're falling back! Krena?

 Dogora replied to Allen's words, but Krsna was standing vacantly, clutching her sword.

(Oh, I wonder if I've seen this somewhere.)

 I've seen it many years ago. But now is not the time to remember that.
 It was time to scream retreat again.


 The Crenna screamed loudly. And her whole body flickered like a shimmer, as if the light had been refracted.
 And with a shout, Krsna plunges into the dragon.

 The dragon focuses on Krsna and lets out a huge breath. The glowing flames envelop Krsna.


 Allen panicked and tried to use the recovery items.


 But the next thing Allen saw was a great sword about to cut off one of the dragon's arms.
 The Kurrena plunged through it, holding off the breath.

 The Kurrena's movements seem to be a different person than before.

 Fresh blood rushed from the dragon. Screaming, she tries to kill Krsna, who is a fraction of her own size.

 Aren regroups and hurries to create a summoner. I don't know how long this power of Krsna's lasts.

Will it be able to kill it? The status is in trouble.  My strength is recovering like a fiend. You know what? (Recover 1 percent of your energy in seconds)

 Kurrena's status is rising like never before. The breath burns all over her body are also healing at an incredible rate.

 Excluding Allen's summoner buff and Kiel's auxiliary magic, Krsna's status is at its maximum value. Her magic power is at its maximum value.

 Name] Krena Recovery
 Age] 13
 Occupation] Swordsman
 [Level] 58
 Physical strength] 2360 + 3900
 Magic power] 922 + 3000
 Attack Power] 2360 + 3900
 Endurance] 1654 + 3900
 [Quickness] 1594 + 3900
 Intelligence] 942 + 3000
 Fortune 1155 + 3000
 Skills: Kensei [5], Slash [5], Flying Swords [5], Red Lotus Breaker [5], Thunderbolt Sword [5], Stout Body [1], Sword Art [5].
 Extra] Breakthrough
 Experience] 9,073,027/40 million

Skill level
 Sword Saint] 5

 [Slash] 5
 Fei Jian] 5
 [Red Lotus Breaking] 5
 Gourai Sword] 5

Skills Experience
 Slash] 68,750/100,000
 Flying swords] 75,200/100,000
 Red Lotus Fracture] 82,000/100,000
 Gourai Sword] 69,900 / 100,000

"Hey, you little bastard!

 The dragon's tone is getting worse and worse.
 The dragon snaps as it is cut deep, bleeding from all over, and flips Krsna off with its thick tail.
 Krsna bounces and runs toward the dragon from where she was blown off.

 Apparently, he thought he had blown Krsna off and had gotten far enough. The dragon's throat begins to glow brighter than ever before.


 But the breath is not in time as Krsna runs at once from the blown-off position.
 Crenna thrusts her great sword at her glowing throat.


 Massive flames erupt from the throat. A dragon engulfed in flames collapses helplessly.

I've killed a heavy dragon. I have gained 16,000 experience.

(1,600,000,000 is 2,000,000,000 if you kill it alone. That's two or three times more than the other bottom-level bosses.

 The bottom level boss turns into an A-ranked magic stone.

Krsna, are you okay?

 Allen and the others are approaching Krsna. Whatever had come out of Krena's body is already gone.

Yeah, I got the dragon!

(No, extra skill is too good. No wonder the vice-knight commander beats you up.

 Pity the deputy knight commander who was beaten up by an extra skill invoked by 5-year-old Krsna.

Crenna's extra skill
Recovers 1 percent of energy per second
Increase all stats by 3000

"Oh, oh, oh !!!! It's a gold box: !!!!!


 Keel notices that the gold box came out. The gold box is even more brilliant than the silver one.
 After months in the dungeon, this is the first gold box that elicits cheers.

 Krena opens the gold box to find a ring inside.

The ring! I wonder if the magic recovery ring!

 Crenna rejoices that the ring was .

The ring! There's no other way to restore magic.

 Allen is naturally pleased with his whole body.

Krsna, you're consuming your magic, try it on.

 Allen tries to put a ring on Krsna's reduced maximum magical power. Yes," he says, and equips the ring.

 However, he checks the status in his grimoire, but his magic power is not restored.

"Aren't you dead, Aren?

"...... I don't think it's a magic recovery ring. Let's see you equip Dogora.

 Disappointingly, you see the effect. As Dogora wears the ring, his strength is restored by 1 percent of his maximum strength and then filled up shortly afterwards.

This is a strength recovery ring: ......

(Gulp, sorry)

"I'm sorry to hear that. But it's good. This is cause for hope.

 Cecil follows up with a shocked Allen. He says that if you can get a strength recovery ring, then there will be a magic recovery ring in time.

But you know what? We've killed the dragon.

 Cecil seems to have noticed something.

"I guess so. I guess the white dragon can do it too, right?

 Dogora also realizes what Cecil wants to say.

"Yes! Let's go beat the white dragon sometime, too.

 Krena looks at Allen and says, "No, we won't beat the white dragon yet.

''No, we're not going to beat the white dragon yet.


 Allen says he won't slay the white dragon yet. Everyone who thought that Allen would be the one who wanted to slay the white dragon is surprised.


This victory was only possible because of Krsna's accidental extra skill. Also.

 There was a significant element of luck in this victory. I've already told you all about the extra skill.


"If we defeat Keel before he rebuilds his house, he might have a hard time becoming a lord,

 Whether there was a white dragon or not, the contract required five years of service on the battlefield. If the Dauphin was king then, would he easily let go of the kingdom without the white dragon? Some difficulty might arise. Allen said he wanted to leave the kingdom without the white dragon's presence.

 Seeing a wicked look on Allen's face, Keel thinks that his father had the wrong guy to fight.