149 CHAPTER 147. CAP

 At the end of March, nearly three months after the second A-class dungeon, Allen and his friends arrived in this school town around this time last year.
 It was around this time last year that Allen and his friends arrived in this school town.

 It seemed like a year that passed by so quickly.
 Soon, life as a second-year student will begin.

 Now you and your friends are deep in the hierarchy to complete the third A-class dungeon. We've just finished hunting a B-ranked monster monster that attacked us.

''Huh? I'm up.

"Yeah, the bar has been raised.

Well, Krsna has finally arrived. Now all four of them are done.

 Crenna notices a strange feeling in the name of leveling up. Her level has reached 60. Her status increases, but the status column in the grimoire is different from before.

 Name] Krena
 Age] 13
 Occupation] Swordsman
 Level] 60
 Physical strength] 2440 + 1800
 Magic power] 954
 Attack Power] 2440 + 1800
 Endurance] 1712 + 1800
 [Quickness] 1648 + 1800
 Intelligence] 974
 Fortune 1195

 Skills] Kensei <6>, Slash <6>, Flying Swords <6>, Red Lotus Breaker <6>, Gourai Sword <6>, Stout Body <2>, Sword Art <6>.
 Extras] Breakthrough

Skill level
 Sword Saint] 6
 [Slash] 6
 Fei Jian] 6
 [Red Lotus Breaking] 6
 Gourai Sword] 6

 Name] Cecil Granville
 Age] 13
 Occupation] Mage
 Level] 60
 Physical strength] 1028
 Magic power] 1736 + 1200
 Attack Power] 659
 Endurance] 842

 Quickness] 1019 + 1200
 Intelligence] 2390 + 1200
 Fortune 960
 Skills] Magic <6>, Fire <6>, Earth <6>, Wind <6>, Water <6>, Wisdom <2>, Kumite <3>.
 Extras] micrometeorite

Skill level
 Magic] 6
 Fire Magic] 6 
 [Earth magic] 6
 [Wind magic] 6
 [Water Magic] 6

 Name] Dogora
 Age] 13
 Occupation: Axeman
 Level] 60
 Strength] 1322 + 600
 Magic] 716
 Attack Power] 1741 + 600
 Endurance] 1145
 [Quickness] 724
 Intelligence] 482
 Fortune] 783
 Skills] Battle Axe [6], Full Length [6], Axe Throwing [6], Blasting Attack [6], Avalanche Crushing [6], Intent to Fight [2], Axe Technique [5].
 Extras] Wholeheartedness

Skill level
 Battleaxe] 6
 Longitude] 6
 Axe Throw] 6
 Explosive fire] 6
 Avalanche Crushing] 6

 Name] Keel
 Age] 13
 Occupation] Monks
 Level] 60

 Physical strength] 787
 Magic power] 1499 + 600
 Attack Power] 598
 Endurance] 841
 Quickness] 959
 Intelligence] 1321 + 600
 Fortune 1203
 Skills] Monks <6>, Restoration <6>, Firmness <6>, Healing <6>, Magic Wall <6>, Faith <2>, Swordplay <3>.
 Extra] God's Drop

Skill level
 Monks] 6
 Recovery 6
 Solid] 6
 Healing 6
 Demon Wall] 6

 The experience and skill experience columns have disappeared from the status column. At the end of March, all four of them except Allen disappeared because they were leveling up, starting at about the same level.

 I think my level is 60 and my skill level is 6 and doesn't go up. Swordsmanship did not have a skill experience column to begin with. It's possible it could go up, but I don't know at the moment.
 All four of us, except Allen, have reached the maximum level and vocational skills after a year of dungeon going. Allen calls this state a must.

 Class A dungeons are wide and long, so today we'll find a small room and camp out. We have a little more time before spring break, so we can spend more time on the attack.

 We'll prepare and cook together for the camp.

 But it's a wild meal for five people who have little or no experience with housework.
 Allen gets the wood out of the stowage and starts the fire.

 He sticks the meat into a thin iron rod, sprinkles with spices and roasts it over the fire. There are dozens of drinks in barrels big enough to fit in the stowage, just about six inches wide.

 Over the course of a year, I feel like I'm slowly building up my outdoor set.

Does that still not make you strong?

 Dogora speaks to Allen as he bites into his meat.

"Not strong enough is not the right word. You've reached your maximum level and skill level, and now you can't go any higher.

No, you're with me.

 What's the difference, you say, this time crunching down on hard bread warmed over a fire ... (This totally reached the level cap).

(This totally reached the level cap.)

 When Allen was playing games in his previous life, there was no such thing as a game without a level cap. Every game had a level limit. Some only went up to 50, some went up to 999.
 I feel as if all levels were raised to the upper limit.

 In particular, I think that many net games were designed to release the level upper limit little by little in each version to prevent players from getting bored of the game, for future scenarios and settings. I still remember a game where the level cap was not released for about 2 years and remained at 80.

 A cap is a cap on a level or skill level.

 One thing I wonder is why you reached the level cap in just one year.

(Maybe, or maybe it's because the Demon King raised the ranks of all the monsters by one.

 Ever since he was a child, Allen had always thought that a hexenbiest had a lot of experience. If the Demon King made his monsters one rank stronger, then he must have gained a good amount of experience.
 Including the hexenbiest in the dungeon, every hexenbiest's experience level must have increased by one rank.

 Rank E, the unicorn rabbit, experience level 1→10
 D-rank goblins experience 20 → 200
 C-rated Great Boar 100 to 1000 experience

 B Rank Oak King 2500 -> 25,000 experience
 A-Rank Great Warrior Experience 60,000 to 60,000

 If the experience is ten times the original strength of a magical beast, then the speed at which it levels up is also ten times faster.

"Everyone is much stronger now that they've reached skill level 6. But I don't think it's something like this.

"How about this?

(I was surprised to see the same status increase again at occupation level 6 as at level 3, though. I'm a level 6 summoner too. The increase would be 1,200 more for the Swordsman. Well, you have two less valuable skills, unlike me.

 The increase in status seems to vary with the rarity of the profession.

A 1-star axe wielder and a monk increase 2 stats by 600, for a total of 1200
2 star mages increase the three stats by 1200, for a total of 3600
3 star swordsmanship increases the four stats by 1800, 7200 total

Allen, who is an 8-star summoner, increases his status by a total of 6,000.

 The normal mode seems to have a status increase at skill levels 3 and 6.
 The two increases seem to be considerable, but the status increase seems to use up valuable skill slots, unlike Allen who has been acquiring new skills at every skill level.

 Thanks to this, I feel a lot less skilled than Allen, who has the same skill level 6.

 Ever since the cancers started piling up, Allen has been thinking about what he's going to do.
 Here's what we can do for the time being.

Activate extra skills at will.
Orichalcong weapons and armor, get the ring of increased status in the gold box

"First, we need to get everyone to use extra skills at their disposal.

 I told them all that they had a special skill called extra skill. I was skeptical, but now that Krsna has used it against a dragon, its existence has become more true.

 I'll ask you to teach it to me in class as I'll be a sophomore next month. The battle between your homeroom teacher and Krsna is about to begin. Will she teach us honestly this time?

That's right. Weapons, armor, and rings have mostly been equipped with silver boxes over the past six months. But you're still not ready for the gold box equipment.

 The silver box comes out once every 10 times. Thanks to this, Allen, Krena and Dogora are now equipped with adamantine weapons.
 The ring has two status increases on it.
 A ring can only be equipped on one hand and is ineffective when equipped with only one ring.

 Some of the armor and rings still come from the crate, but if you continue to run around the lowest level bosses of A-class dungeons, I expect that they will all be replaced with silver box equipment in less than half a year.

 As for the gold box, it hasn't been found since the dragon was defeated in January.
 I've had Keel put a strength recovery ring on it.
 B-ranked and higher monsters are wise and frequently target the recovery ring.
 The next two targets are Allen as the leader and Cecil as the ranged magician.
 Kiel has only a fraction of the endurance of Dogora, let alone Krsna, and will be dead in the blink of an eye if targeted by more than one of them.
 I'm trying to prevent this from happening from my position, but since this is a world where you can't be revived even if you die, I'm going to put it on the person who is most likely to die.
 The second one is Cecil, the third one is Dogora, the fourth one is Allen, and the last one is Krsna. I'm thinking of equipment in order of ease of death.

Does this mean I have to find as many gold chests as possible?

 Cecil also confirms his plans for the future. Everyone seemed to be more than a little shocked to find out that they couldn't be any stronger.

Of course. However, we'll get them ourselves, but if the chance of them coming out is this low, you might want to think about dropping them at auction. It seems that the rings that come out of the gold box have a higher status than the silver box.

 There are only two years until the battlefield . If there are only a few pieces a year, you can't equip everyone well.
 You need to check the status of the auction items every month to see if there are any gold box items on offer.

Then you'll have to look for Orihalcon weapons as well.

 Crenna is also listening to the story while eating wishy-washy. Krsna may have been the one who was most shocked to see the cap.

But Krsna. Orichalcone doesn't come up in auctions, and even the adventurer's guild has no idea how to get it. I don't know why they only talked about the possibility of finding it in the dungeon.

 Keel also naturally joins in the conversation.

 I don't know about the orichalcone weapons, unlike the rings from the gold box, I don't know how to get them. It was only mentioned that it might be found in the gold box of A-class dungeons. The gold box itself may not be available very often or there isn't enough information.

 Maybe you have to go to an S-class dungeon to get the gold box.

I see. To be strong, we must explore all possibilities of any information. You need to investigate any information that is rumored or unclear. There might be more than just orichalcons and rings, you know.

I know. But now that the Demon King is out, I guess that means people are scrambling to find him.

 A demon king has appeared and brought great sacrifices to the world. You're going to be able to find out the information that can be investigated to counter such a demon king, Cecil thinks.

No, there's always more. The same goes for the S-class dungeons. A rich man who knows nothing about it could have something amazing. I'll have to do some extensive research.

 This is also the best part of getting stronger.

 The truth may have been perverted and transformed to the level of lore and rumor.

 Examine any information that might make you stronger until you are sure of its truth. There will be a lot of opinions, such as that we should check it out together in the school library.

(Now, don't just use common sense. We've got to really think about how to make our party stronger. (That's what I was reincarnated for.)

 I've been thinking since a previous life about how to get stronger. Maybe that's all I've been thinking about. I believe that there is meaning in Allen's having the memories of his past life.

 After only one year, the cap was reached, and he was looking for a way to deal with the future.