150 Art. 148. Transfer students

 It's April and Allen and his friends have become sophomores. It's a new school year today.

 Last April, I thought I hadn't seen our sophomore and junior seniors in the school building, but that's no surprise. Sophomores and juniors are in different school buildings, and sometimes the magic train station they get off at is one stop away.

 A little over 2,600 students who have cleared the challenges of first-year students will learn in the new school building as second-year students.

 Allen and the others will be in the same number of classrooms in the new school building.
 The same students you saw before spring break who are already in the classroom. As a sophomore, there is no shuffling of students as they change classes. The same number of classrooms, the same students graduate intact and go straight to the battlefield.

"Good morning, Allen. Who's going to be there?

"Oh, good morning. And hi, Refor. I don't know.

 As I go to sit down in my usual seating position, I hear from Rifol, who is sitting in the front seat just as he was in first grade.

 Allen looks around the classroom as he replies, "There are 30 seats in the classroom, but there are 27 students. There are 30 seats in the classroom, but there are 27 students.
 Three students were not allowed to go on to higher education because they failed to complete their summer assignments. The new classroom has seats for those three students.

(Three new students, maybe.)

 I've heard that there are some new students coming in today. Our knowledgeable refolisher told me before the spring break.

 There's a reason why they're here.

 After the summer break of sophomore year, we finally have a class on History of the Demon King. Why the summer break of your sophomore year?

 The reason is that the summer vacation of the sophomore year is the time when most students fail to graduate. You don't need to give information about the demon king unnecessarily.

 This kingdom is closed off to information about the demon king. The powers-that-be may think that in a world of absolute monarchy, telling the people about the existence of a demon king who cannot be controlled by themselves will do no harm and cause no harm. Allen thinks that the existence of the demon king may lead to economic instability and dissatisfaction with the powers that be.

 Here's a step-by-step process of presenting the history of the Erlking to the students.

Summer break before the first grade summer break, the history and geography of the kingdom.
After the summer break of the first year, the history and geography of each country in the central continent
Before the summer vacation of second grade World Geography
After the summer break of sophomore year Demon King History

 This world is not as advanced in information technology as previous generations.
 There may be communication facilities with mages, but only a few people have access to them.

 There are serfs from the countryside and commoner-born ones here. I wonder how much you can believe in teaching the history of the demon king to such students. At least their parents wouldn't tell them that. People only believe what they can believe.

 For the sake of future school activities and the battlefield afterwards, you need them to believe in the world and the demon king. To make them believe, you have to make them see that their common sense is insane.

 There is a way to make them believe for sure.

Now, now, take your seats.

 The pudgy, padded homeroom teacher, who is a size smaller in clothes, walks into the classroom.

 And three school uniforms come in behind the homeroom teacher.


 The moment you enter, the students cheer. "You're really here," they say, "What? Students reacted in different ways, such as, "Your ears are long.

 Two elves, a male and female, and a girl, a dwarf, come in from behind the homeroom teacher.

"Quiet, quiet. You can't even introduce yourselves!

 The homeroom teacher calms the students. Is it my imagination that a student in the front seat, screaming like a fed carp, is taking an iron claw? You'll occasionally get a bite from Cecil, but it's pretty painful, you think as you watch.

 Calming the classroom, the homeroom teacher begins to talk about the three students who will be studying in the same classroom from today.

 Two of them are from the elven country in the northeast of the central continent. The other is from the Dwarf country in the northwest of the central continent. He tells you that you will learn about the land of elves and dwarves in class from now on and that you should listen carefully.

(As you can imagine, I've never seen an elf or dwarf before, so my students react differently. Well, convincing them isn't the only reason for transferring elves and dwarves in.

 Allen thinks there's another reason for the transfer.

So, introduce yourself.

 When the homeroom teacher prompts, the elven woman nods and greets the first.

"Good to meet you all. My name is Sophia Lorne. I am from Rosenheim, the land of the elves. Please call me Sophie. It's a pleasure to meet you.

 The elf with the clear white skin, long pure white hair and golden eyes introduced himself. The students gasp as their voices are drawn in. The elf next to him watches with a dissatisfied look on his face.

(Oh, I think they're watching me a lot. Mm, I can't lose.

 Allen is gunned down by an elf who calls herself Sophie. Allen cuts back the mench like a country middle schooler.

 Regardless of that, the introductions go on. The male elf is next to introduce himself.

I am Folmar. I have come to the school with you to guard the High Elf, Princess and soon to be Queen, Master Sophia Lorne.

 I thought she was an elf, but Sophie is a high elf.
 At those words, the students' eyes were drawn to Sophie again. They are looking at her as if she is a princess. Sophie smiles back at them.

 It seems that Folmar is disgusted by the stares of his guards. Scratching her head, she lets the last dwarf girl introduce herself, feeling annoyed.

My name is Merle from the Baucis Empire. I'm Merle from the Baucis Empire.

It's me. So there are bastards in another world. A dwarf's bastard.

 I have a brown skin with droopy eyes, a haircut and light green hair, and I'm about a head smaller than Allen. I thought for a moment that I had gotten the gender confused when I said my name, but it looks like a girl, even from the looks of it.

 After a brief introduction, I'm done. "And? And then a look from the students to the homeroom teacher says, "Oh, Allen.

"Oh, Allen,


 His voice trailed off when he was called.

"Take care of the three at your place. There are five of them now.

 The homeroom teacher tells Allen to take care of the three of them.

 Allen has become a very central figure in this classroom. Many of the students come to Allen for help when they need it. I wonder if he thought it would be safe to leave it to Allen because of his friendly relationship with Worcester and Refol, who are also in key positions.

Elves and dwarves? I don't know. I don't mind being taken care of. Do you want me to show you the school building? It's my first day in this school building, too, right? I guess that's not what we're talking about. (And he said five or so)

 I wonder how much trouble is too much trouble. When I was wondering how to get to the battle with the demon king's army or what to do about the dungeon before that, a voice called out from behind me.

"Allen, what do you want to do?

 Cecil thinks that Allen will say no to someone if he doesn't like what they are saying to him. Even though his homeroom teacher says to take care of him, Allen asks what he's going to do. Next to you, Crenna also stares at you wondering what you're going to do.

Well, it doesn't matter, does it? Let's talk about it over lunch or something. I'd like to hear what the new students want to do too.

 I would not refuse a request from my teacher without a second thought. You will find an elf girl staring at you with golden eyes. I wonder if I knew any elves, but I've never seen an elf in another world.

 For some reason the headmaster seems to have been left out of the elven count.

Yeah, okay.

(Even if it was a dungeon, you can get up to 8 players with the same amount of experience. I'm not the only one whose level and skills are all gone.

 The amount of experience you get for five or eight students remains the same.
 You learned about the distribution of experience value in the summer after the first year's vacation.

 Experience value distribution according to the number of students.
One person is 100%.
2 to 8 people are 80%.
9 to 16 people are 60%.
17-48 people are 40%.
49-252 people are 20%.
253 people and beyond is 10%.

 I heard in class that the experience allocation is pretty generous.
 They say that the condition for gaining experience is participation in combat. This doesn't matter how useless it is or how little you can do in the end. Even if the healers wait for you to cast a recovery spell and you never cast a recovery spell, you are still eligible for experience sharing.
 Even if you don't attack a hexenbiest, you will still get experience even if you don't attack a hexenbiest, such as the support groups such as supplying weapons, or the groups that stand by at the back of the line if the front line is broken, but you won't get experience even if the result is the same while observing. I wondered if it was just a matter of feeling.

 Since Allen didn't specifically say no, I told him to ask me anything he wanted to know later and sat the three of them down.

"And while you're at it, I'll tell you what you have to do this year. If you can't do it, you'll be expelled, so take it seriously.

 Start homeroom as is. I think this year's assignment is going to be taught in April.

 This year's assignment is twofold
The task until the summer vacation is to conquer one B-class dungeon.
 Up to 16 people to capture
The challenge is to be able to activate the skills until the spring break period

 The skills will be learned in future classes. You will be told to take the class thoroughly.

 Allen and his friends began their second year by taking care of the elves and dwarves transferring in.