Allen said to divide everyone into parties.

 Sophie and her friends have already completed the three C-class dungeons, so they need to attack three B-class dungeons in order to enter an A-class dungeon.

 So, Allen and Dogora, along with Sophie's party, will try to capture the B-class dungeons.
 Krena, Cecil, and Keel will attempt to capture the fourth and final A-class dungeon in the academy city.

 It was quickly suggested that this would prevent Allen and Dogora from attacking an A-class dungeon, but that's not a problem.

 Allen and Dogora will spend a day and a half on their two days off to conquer a B-class dungeon. Then, they plan to catch up with the A-class dungeon team in the remaining half day.

 With Aren and the others, they can complete 4 levels of B-class dungeons in a day, even while raising the levels of Sophie and the others. It's a day and a half, so we're planning to complete six levels.

 Allen had also anticipated the possibility that our friends would join us along the way. If more people join, something like this will happen. I didn't erase the directions of the dungeons I've conquered so far in my grimoire so that I could catch up with the group that had joined in the middle. This was expected.

 Of course, even if we split into two parties, we can still place a sufficient number of summons in each. This is possible without reducing the summoner squad that's hunting the three squads.

 However, there was one thing that threw my plans off when an elf and a dwarf suddenly joined the party.

 It's about the frontier village of Aren's father Rodin.
 I was thinking of helping out with the frontier village starting in April this year, but I'm wondering if I'll have to cut back. At least until the two parties become one, the number of summons to the frontier village will be minimal. Still, it will be a lot faster than if we had to clear the land by ourselves.

 With a summoner team, a cultivation team, and two parties of summons, Allen's summons are now in full force in many areas. In addition, we have a base guard and a summoner in the mansion in the city of Granville.

 Now, Allen and his team are at the start of the transfer point where they entered a B-class dungeon.

"Merle, does the dungeon feel the same as the Baucis Empire?


 The day after the welcoming party, Allen and his team officially inducted three members into the "Obsolete Gamer" in the Adventurer's Guild.
 Today, the following week, the school vacation, we will start our attack.

 Merle seems to be as friendly as he looks. He is not shy and fits in well with the party, which is great.

 The elves and dwarves wear their hoods when they are in town. They do not see dwarves and elves, perhaps because they are not openly accepting of other species as a kingdom or because there are no other species that bother to come. They seem to be worried about being seen, and they seem to wear their hoods.

 Think of it as an annual tradition, to the point where the sophomores take in the elves and dwarves and let the better ones take care of them.

 The elves will become an elven squad and use their recovery magic to help the under-served central continent. It makes sense to bring elves and dwarves into the country, besides teaching them that there are other lands outside the central continent where other races live.

 I believe the idea is to have them live in the school together with the dwarves and elves on the battlefield to give them a sense of solidarity.

Okay, let's take this ride. Come on out, Fran and the others.



 Summon C, a bird in the shape of a cassowary with a height of 2.5 meters. I told him that I would ride the large bird to conquer the dungeon, but he would still be surprised to see it appear in front of him in an instant. I wonder if the reason why Folmar unconsciously becomes Sophie's wall is because he is still her bodyguard.

'Well, Mr. Allen! This is your ride. So this is Master Allen's ride!

 Sophie comes forward to thwart such a formality.

"Okay. Let me show you something.

 Pulling back slightly at Sophie's forward reaction, Allen decides to show her how it's done. Ride the summoned beast of bird C with its legs folded and belly on the ground.
 Merle sees it and excitedly rides the bird C's summoner, using short limbs.
 Sophie rides and is supported by Folmar. And when Folmar has also climbed on, Allen gives the signal.

Then let's proceed with the attack! Let's capture two levels before noon!


 Allen and his team's attack on the B-class dungeon progresses.

 A few hours later, at the start of the third level, we began to prepare for lunch. It's a meal that doesn't require any cooking: bread, dried meat, dried potatoes, and fruit.
 If you want to cook a solid meal, it's faster to return to the base.

I'm sorry. I'm not being helpful.

 Merle calls out to Allen apologetically.

"Huh? No, it's okay. There are no golem soldiers here.

 Now Merle is fighting with a spear and shield, but honestly almost useless.

 He is fighting with Allen's summons, Sophie's spirit magic, and Folmar's bow.
 Merle has been asked to join Dogora as a wall at the front, but Dogora is also a bit of a canstopper and can clearly see the difference between him and Dogora. Dogora is hunting monsters while playing the role of a wall.

 Merle has the ability to become a demon rock general.

 This talent seems to be used to motivate the golem soldiers.
 Without your golem, you're a fish on land.

 The golem as a magical tool is built by the Baukis Empire as a nation and is piloted by them.

 It seems that you can't bring a valuable golem to the academy, and Merle apologized for not being able to fight without a golem.

(No, I heard that if you ride the golem, they'll beat the dragon to death too.

 Allen knows a mage in the city of Granville who is familiar with the battlefield. His student is gone, so he's taking it easy in the city, and he talks to his magic instructor about the Golem soldiers. I found out how strong the golems are and found out about the threat of Merle.

 It takes a talent to move the golem.

 And there are different ranks of strength and different talents required for each golem.

 The talent of the demon rock soldier to move a bronze-class golem
 Mage talent to move the Ironweight Golem
 The talents of the demon rock generals to move the mithril-class golem

 Apparently, even dragons are no match for a mithril-class golem. These golems seem to require the magical power of the pilot, and although their operating hours are limited, they produce the best results in local battles.

 Thanks to the golem soldiers, the Baukis Empire has not allowed the demon king's army to invade.

 In exchange, Merle has no skills other than moving his golem. If you don't carry anything and show your willingness to participate in battle, you won't get any experience, so I've made him carry weapons and a shield.

 Both the spear and shield are made of adamantite.
 When I asked them to keep these, they froze. Each one costs more than a thousand gold pieces.

Now, that said, we're in a bit of trouble with the dauphin's stare.

"It's not your concern, Master Allen. I have sent word to Her Majesty through theodoshir.

 We've already talked about how the Dauphin is staring at you because of the Granvels.
 We've also talked about going to a war zone if things continue as they are.
 They'll take care of the three of you, but it might get you into trouble.


 Allen's face says what you're talking about. There's no one named Theodosyl that Allen knows.

Ah, the dean of the academy, sir.

 This is the first time Allen knows the president's name. It seems that Sophie prefers to call him by his name. I think the difference between their positions is clear.

 In the League of Five Continents, there are three who are called champions. The emperor of the central continent's Gearmut Empire, the emperor of the dwarf kingdom of Baukis, and the queen of the elven kingdom of Rosenheim.

 The lords of the two southern continents of the central continent are not as powerful as these three.

 And even less powerful are the small and medium-sized states that are not even continental allies, such as the kingdom of Latash. They don't need to worry about the crown prince who isn't even a head of state.

It's just that the battlefield might be different.

That's true. It is up to each country to decide where to send its citizens to fight.

 Both Sophie and Merle seem to know enough about the demon king. It's no wonder they're going to a different country to study abroad and they're not going to confuse you by not telling you such important information.

 Each head of state can designate a battlefield to send his people to. The League of Five Continents is said to only request it.

 So the dauphin can only choose the battlefield for his people-Aren, Krena, Cecil, Dogora, and Kiel. Sophie and Merle may have a different battlefield when they graduate.

"But what can you do about Master Allen, Sophie?

 While we're at it, let's talk about what we call it.

Well, don't you like it?

Call me or don't call me. What did I do to make you call me Master Allen?

(Well, I don't care what you call it, if you ask me.)

I didn't tell you that. The Spirit King often prophesies about Master Allen.

"'What? Prophecy?

 Dogora and Merle, who were listening to the story, were also surprised along with Allen.

What is the Spirit King saying?

(indeed, curious)

"Well, it's fragmented and I can't hear you very well.

 Sophie tells me a story about Rosen, the Spirit King.
 She says that the Genie King sleeps on the altar in the castle where the queen lives.
 And over ten years ago, he began whispering sleepily about "the birth of a dark-haired boy", "under a large country in the middle of the continent", and "all his talents suck".

 Priestesses in the Spirit King's service say that they are desperately writing down the Spirit King's words.

(Seriously? You're talking in your sleep. (Does it feel like the elves believe in the Spirit King's sleep?

 From the way the president of the college acted when he entered the school, I'm sure he talked in his sleep last year when he entered the school.

"Heh, what else did he say?

"Of course!

 Then Sophie smiles at Allen's words. From the atmosphere she's been waiting for.

 The elves are in an uproar because of the Spirit King's words in his sleep.

The black-haired man who stands in the sky will shake the darkness from the world.

He said, "....... Dear Mr. Allen, I have today become convinced that the future is true!

 Sophie was convinced by watching Allen's battle with the summoned beast, and told the story of that time with a twinkle in her eye.

 The Spirit King had predicted Allen's future in his sleep.