153 Chapter 151 Development Village ②

 It was the middle of April.

 During this period, we have completed one B-class dungeon with a new group of newcomers to the party. It looks like we'll be able to complete the second dungeon in April.

 After sophomore year, Allen and Cecil were asked by their homeroom teacher to take a new class.

 It sounds like something about becoming a commander. Others who were told to take it were Refol and Worcester.

 It was a basic tactical enrichment class with classroom instruction.
 Many of the students who attended the class were aristocrats and other students of good family background, as well as the leaders of dungeon attack parties.

 It seems that they are judged based on their family background and one year of school life.

 Allen has a certain understanding of nobles being commanders on the battlefield. Well, he thinks that a nobleman should be in command.

 If you asked a commoner or a serf if he wanted to be commanded by a commoner or a nobleman, he would say he wanted to be commanded by a nobleman.

 The nobles are also accustomed to a life of giving orders to their servants. Of course, they are not accustomed to taking orders from commoner servants.

 There is no need to set up a chain of command that ignores the current state system.

 I have also started something this year. Train everyone in the classroom.

 Perhaps because of Allen's influence, the students in this classroom are more advanced in dungeon conquest than those in other classrooms.
 There are many parties that can go to B-class dungeons. However, the ranks of the monsters that appear in the B-class dungeons rise from D to C. You'll be able to summon traps and traps for these monsters.
 We have talked about traps such as monster summoning traps, but we don't want you to overdo it. You don't have to push yourself to be strong.
 If your party's structure is too tight, I'm here to help.
 I have no problem going to the dungeon with students from other classes, and I'm talking about helping you hunt.

 An awakened Spirit C summoner is no match for a C-ranked monster. If you have one, you can change the game. However, I've also told them that there are a limited number of summons, so they can't cooperate with so many of them.

 Extra skill training has also begun.
 In the afternoon class, Krsna asked the homeroom teacher to teach you how to activate your extra skill.
 It seems that extra skills will be taught in the third grade, but if you tell her about your leveled-out situation, she'll tell you that there's no way around it.
 I have told them to ask their instructors for Cecil, Dogora, and Kiel, who are all at the same level as well.

 I want you to be able to activate extra skills at will as soon as possible. The assassin's dagrach seems to be at his disposal as well, so I'm sure he'll be able to do so after some time.

'You're finally here.

 Allen became the summoner of the bird F and arrived at a bleak place by the river.
 There was a dense forest in the distance, and a decent-sized river flowed through the forest.

Oh, boy. You're here. You're Allen, right?

 Allen's father, Rodin, calls out to him fearfully. And about a hundred poorly dressed serfs watch the conversation between one of them. They're quite frightened.

Is that you, Allen? It's the first time I've seen a talking bird.

It's been a long time. Ms. Gerda.

 It's been a long time since I've had a conversation with Gerda, the gorilla-like father of Krsna. Maybe since he left the village to become a servant.

Oh! Boa! You're going to beat me?

 Mash, clutching what looks like a long spear, reacts to the summons of the big beast C, where the summons of bird F is parked .

''No, these guys are fellow village builders together. So don't attack them.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Yes,

(Hmmm, the mash is growing nicely. (Okay, okay.)

 This time, Allen sent three beast C summons, one spirit C and one bird DEF, for a total of seven summons to settle the new village.

"Oh, dad, and Gerda, just take this boa's backpack.

"Luggage? Is this a tying bag or is this a spear?

"What's this? Red, huh? Are you rusty? It's slippery for that.

 In the luggage that Gerda unloaded from the beast C, I picked up the spear of the hollyhock, which I had never seen before.
 Not only the tip of the spear, but also the grip is made entirely of hollyhock.

It's a hollyhock. I made two spears out of hollyhock.

What's a baboon? What's more awesome than steel?

 Now Rodin will also ask you a question. Maybe he's never heard of the term "baboon hawk" before.

"Well, I also brought ten mithril spears.

"'What? There's a mithril spear!

 "Really?! The serfs crowded around the unloaded cargo. Still, only half of them responded. I'm sure a knight or someone showed them to him.

 This time, what did Allen bring in his pack?

Two spears of the hollyhock
Two shields of the hollyhock
10 mithril spears
12 pieces of mithril armor
300 gold coins
In addition, dozens of hoes, saws, etc., for pioneering

 These were divided and strapped to the back of Beast C's summoner and sent out of the school city.
 After listening to Allen's explanation, Rodin and Gerda said, "I didn't know there was a more amazing weapon than Mithril: ......" as they looked at the spear of the baboons' spear shining red.
 This weapon is of course for killing monsters. The boa hunt will begin in the fall. Rodin and Gerda will equip the Spear of Hichikane.

 Our supplies for this trip totaled about 1,500 gold coins, but we discussed it together and decided that Allen would contribute 50%, Dogora and Krena 20%, and Cecil 10%, with Keel not having to provide any.

 This is a story about Allen, Krsna, and Dogora's hometown to begin with. Cecil didn't listen to me when I said he would, so I asked him for ten percent.
 Kiel wanted to give as much as Cecil did, but I convinced him that he should save the money for the family he wants to protect and for the future revival of the family, and he declined.

 In addition, Dogora's parents have not yet come here. It seems that the commoners will move next year, and Dogora's parents have decided to move to Lodan village.

 After a discussion, it was decided that the four of us would take out the game, but since it was Aren who proposed it in the first place, I thought I would take care of everything myself.

 With Allen's enhancement level of 7, the efficiency of hunting summoner squads in A-class dungeons has increased dramatically. At Enhancement Level 6, B-class dungeons were more money-saving.
 Still, I was forced to go to A-class dungeons in order to level up. Not only did they gain experience, but also the money was better in A class dungeons than in B class dungeons.

 Allen earns more than 2,000 gold coins a month apart from the party. The number of gold coins already in his possession has exceeded 20,000.
 Naturally, I've been saving the magic recovery ring and Orihalcon weapons and armor for when they come up for auction, but even when I go to the Adventurer's Guild, they don't come up for sale. Right now I'm having them check the listings throughout the kingdom. The Adventurer's Guild is quite supportive.

 Weapons, armor, and money are in the hands of Rodan and Gerda. Or rather, I'll leave it to my mother, Teresia, and Krsna's mother, Mitilda.

 Having arrived in the late afternoon, the summoned beast of Beast C will join the young serfs from the territory to help with the reclamation.

 The area to be cultivated is a sparsely forested area in front of the forest.

 There are no grasslands in Granville. Even on the plains there are sparse trees. These trees will be removed and made into fields and living spaces. They will then be used for building materials and fences.



(Hmmm...Murat doesn't seem to be afraid of monsters. So does mash. I'll have to talk to my father about this. A nice meal and a nice two birds with one stone.

 Murat is energetic on the back of Beast C's summoner.
 You must be careful not to let it fall off as this energetic Murat wants to ride on your back.
 The fact that this Murat was not afraid of magical beasts made me a little nervous.

 I'm sure he's not the only one who thinks this way.



 The peasants scream in amazement. What happens in front of their eyes is enough to make them drop their pickaxes.

 The summoned beast of the beast C sucked at the base of the tree, which was more than 10 meters high because it was not managed by human hands, and pulled it out by force. The beast C has an attack power of 1,500 thanks to its enhancements, so it can chew even Murder Garoush to death.

 As it does so, it gathers the trees in its mouth into one place, making the earth shake. Each of the three animals pulls out the trees one after another.

 Unlike humans and monsters, summonses don't get tired. They don't need to eat or sleep. They work tirelessly to clear the land.

 And just before dusk. The serfs are gathering. They just arrived last week and are complete shacks.
 After another long day, the wives, including Teresia and Mitilda, are preparing dinner. There's the old-fashioned barley porridge and simple dishes of potatoes and beans.

I guess we're running out of meat. We've got to keep up our strength for the frontier! (I had to look hard to find it!

 It's noisy outside the village as everyone is gathering.

There's the boa! There's a boa!

 One of the serfs on guard is coming back in a hurry. This is still a place where no fence or fence is in place, where monsters roam. We're not safe here.

Take your weapons! Protect the women and children!

 Rodin starts telling everyone what to do. The children begin to tremble.

"It's all right. I have brought supper with Master Allen's summonses.


 Then, the boa finally came to the center of the village. It looks like a great boa that didn't return to the Hakuryu Mountains in the winter. They're called stray boas here.

 I used the summoner of the bird E that we shared and worked hard to bring it to the center of the settlement.

 The summoned beast of spirit C goes out in front of the peasants, floating in the air as if to say that it is my job to take the next step.


 The Great Boar is threatening, kicking the dirt with his feet.
 And then, gaining momentum, he rushes in.

 This is when Rodin and Gerda try to tell everyone to back off more.

You are going to die!

 The summoner of Spirit C mutters a single word, and a volleyball-sized gray ball flies into the Great Boar with great force.
 When it hits the outer skin of the great boa's hard head, its head explodes.


 The Great Boar, which has lost its head, walks a few steps and then falls to the side. Seeing that he killed a C-ranked hexenbiest, Rodan, Gerda and the serfs all freeze up.

(I hope this helps Murat understand how scary these hexenbiests are.

"I've got some meat that I don't have to pay my lord.

 Spirit C summons says with a smile. The pioneer village does not owe tax for two years. The next three years will be reduced to 30%. And after the sixth year, the tax collection rate will be reduced to 60%.

 I checked on Murat and he's too scared to hold on to his mash.
 I don't want them to get out of the village without a fence. I think this is just another way to educate Murat when he sees a monster that has attacked him.

 This is how the unconventional farming with the help of the summoned beasts will proceed.