154 Division 152 Profit

 At the end of July, Krsna was able to pass the liberal arts exam for the third time. There's nothing wrong with the liberal arts exam except for Krsna, so I guess Krsna's exam is finally over.
 For some reason, Allen's devil-may-care approach to studying hasn't changed from last year.
 Krsna doesn't seem to be willing to study at all. I wonder what the three newcomers were thinking when they watched as Allen tied them to the chair and made them study with Krsna.

 The three newcomers have conquered a B-class dungeon and an A-class dungeon.
 Naturally, since the grimoire has a map showing directions to B-class dungeons, it's much faster than finding directions from scratch. The newcomers didn't expect to conquer a B-class dungeon so quickly when they arrived in the kingdom.

 At last, Allen, Klarna, Cecil, Dogora, and Kiel have completed the fourth A-class dungeon and are just one step away from completing it. Now we're going to capture the fifth dungeon outside of the school city during the summer vacation next month. We've already talked about where we're going.

 As for extra skills, I'm still working on them. It seems that activating it is sometimes a matter of the mind. I want you to learn it well.

 The frontier village under Chief Rodin is coming along quite well. We've already finished pulling out the trees that were to become a village. The great boars come in droves in the fall, so we are now working on the fence surrounding the village. A summoned beast in the shape of a wild boar, C, is still helping to clear the land by carrying the wood in his mouth and digging up the soil with his nose.
 In order to make the best use of the two years of tax exemption, Allen is also helping me to focus on farming next year.

 Today, my homeroom teacher asked me to go to the president's office after class. Allen and Krena were called in. I have a bad feeling about this since something like this happened last year with these two. You are told that party members can come too, so all eight of you head to the president's office with your homeroom teacher.

I'm coming in.


 The homeroom teacher knocks and opens the door, and today the dean seems to be there. And next to him is a young man who looks familiar.

Hi, Mr. Allen. How are you doing?

 The brave Helmios is in the principal's office.

This is Mr. Helmios. It's been a long time.

"I don't know. We're not even close. Is Helmios okay?

No, no, no, no, no, my friend is not a brave man.

 Familiarly, the brave Helmios speaks to me.

 Allen and eight others, the president, the homeroom teacher, and Helmios sit at a round table set up in the president's office where a dozen or so people can meet for a meeting, since the sofa they sat on last time wasn't big enough for all of them.

 Helmios is smiling at Allen.

'What can I do for you, Rector?

I don't look at Helmios and ask him what he wants.

We're not going to be able to make it to the lowest level of the bosses for today's routine, so let me know quickly. You'll probably have to say no.

Yeah, I called you today to recommend you for the school martial arts tournament in October. Nominations are for Allen and Crenna.

(I knew it. Last year, you called them right before the tournament in October, but this year you're calling them before the summer break. (Is it because last year you spent your summer vacation conquering A-class dungeons?

"For that matter, Crenna will be allowed to participate in the convention. I'd like to decline.

 Allen replies on behalf of. Sophie looks at Allen as if to say no. "May I ask why?

May I ask why?

Is it because there is no reason to show force? Is it because there is no reason to show force?

"Hmm. Have you heard about the prophecy of the Spirit King from Master Sophia Lorne?

(Did you let Sophie into our party to hear that story? No, the president may not have that kind of authority. (So it's the other way around?)

 I'm trying to figure out who wants me to participate in the school martial arts tournament at all costs.

Yes, I've heard that you are the Spirit King who often talks in his sleep.


 Hermios bursts out at Allen's words. He seems to think that I agree. The Dean and Sophie chuckle.

I don't know what 'the word' really means, but Allen may be able to save the world from the demon king. We would very much like to know the power of the Summoner. What if I told you it would be good for the world to know your power here?

(Oh?) The Dean has changed the subject. I mean, you've been very clear that there is a demon king. (We didn't talk about the Dark Lord last year.

"No. . I don't think so.


 Allen explains. The strength of Allen's summoner's power cannot be measured on a one-size-fits-all basis. Therefore, to know the power of a summoner for the world and for the summoner's power, it is necessary to disclose all of its power in detail.
 If this was truly true, if Sophie was right, and the existence of the Spirit King's gossip in his sleep was true, then the disadvantages of going public with it were great.

"A disadvantage?

"Yes. ." "There is a risk of information being passed on to the enemy.

(I'm still growing up. This one's dangerous. What if I think, "But now's the time to kill him. I wouldn't take that risk for no reason.

 Withdraw from the tournament by putting forward a plausible thing. I don't know what kind of information network the Demon King's army has to begin with.

I don't know what kind of information the Demon King's army has. But wouldn't it be difficult for them to not show any power at all?

No, no, I will use my strength on the battlefield.

 Allen is not going to hide his power. If I had a reason to exert my power, I would have done so before. It's as simple as that: if I feel it's useless, I won't do it.

Am I really turning it down?

Yes. I'm sorry.

"You said last year that there was no profit. Is that the reason?

Well, yes.

 The Rector sighs. Then he looks at Hermios. It was some kind of signal, I guess.

 Then Helmios starts fiddling with something on the fingers of his right hand. And something falls on the table. When Allen looks to see what it is, it looks like a ring.

"Wow! My precious magic recovery ring has fallen off!

 When he said this deliberately, he hurriedly picked up the ring lying on the table and put it on his finger.


"Good, good. I almost broke the ring the Spirit King made for me for saving the elven troops.

 I'm going to have to take good care of him. Allen looks blankly at the play Helmios has started. The Director says in a low voice, "There's the Spirit King.

Mr. Allen. You've been going to the dungeon, haven't you? What are you looking for? Senior people will talk to you, okay?

No, thank you.

(I don't remember having such a python.)

I see. By the way, the magic recovery ring doesn't appear in S-class dungeons, let alone A-class dungeons. What are you looking for?

"Huh? How can you be so sure?

Secret. Why should I teach you anything if you won't teach me anything?


(Well, I had a feeling you would say that. Never forgive a brave man. Have you come to show off that ring? (Though it feels different)

"Don't be so glum. Let me tell you, I'm a nice guy. Digragni and I don't mix well. I can't create a magic recovery ring.


I asked him. It's possible if he could become a god, but not now. That's too bad. Yeah, you might get some of the Orihalcon weapons if you keep at it. It's not a good idea.

 He says he checked directly with dungeon master DiGragni. Merle gasps at that word. Aren looks at Merle and wonders if he is not such an easy person to meet.

(This situation is leaked from the Adventurer's Guild. It's still a world without privacy. Should I stop?

Should I stop?

You're going with these eight people, right? If you go into an S-class dungeon with your party now, you might not get wiped out, but you'll have to turn back after a few deaths.

 Helmios declares that the attack is impossible with Allen's party. It seems that Helmios has already assessed Allen and the other eight men.

What do you mean by that?

I've talked with the president of the university about how the winner of this year's tournament will fight me. If you beat me, I will give you this magic recovery ring?

(I see. Assuming this self-proclaimed brave man's story is true, in order to get the magic restoration ring, I'll have to defeat the brave man, or I'll have to ingratiate myself to the elf and ask the Spirit King for help. Which one is more certain? (No, no, you're both in this situation)

 Think about what method is the most reliable way to get the magic recovery ring.
 Allen begins to consider this. Everyone looks at me like it's a rare occurrence for Allen to ponder.

"If I were to participate, do I have two conditions?

"Hmm? What is it?

''Does this mean that Saint de Bourgues won't be coming this year? I'm looking forward to seeing Krena fight Master de Bergh?

Oh, yes, yes. Doberg will be there. We're going to fight the runner-up, though? What's one more condition?

 It seems that the Doberg was originally scheduled to arrive as usual, but Helmios interrupted him.

"I'd like to find out if the ring is real.

"Okay. Okay.

 Borrow a magic recovery ring from Helmios. Use the skill to reduce the magic all at once and try to put it on.

(Wow! Your magic power is recovering 1% of your maximum magic power per second! That's 60 percent infinite recovery in one minute? I want this one. (You'll gain skill experience, and you won't have to worry about magic in battle.

"Huh, Allen, you know how much magic you have, right?

 It seems that Helmios knows what Allen is doing.

(Hmm, well, that's about as good as it gets. We've been given a lot of valuable information.

Well, I don't know what I'm talking about. It seems to be a real thing.

 Return the ring to Helmios.

So, does this benefit you enough to participate in the tournament, Allen?

Yes, I will participate in this year's tournament. By the way, are you free to bring your own weapons and items?

"Of course, you should be prepared for anything. You've got two months, so you've got to hang in there at best.

(This also allows for the use of recovery medication in combat)

 Then I'll prepare that way, I replied. Thus, Allen was to participate in this year's school martial arts tournament.