Allen has promised to participate in the school martial arts tournament, which will take place in October of this year.
 After winning the tournament, he will fight the hero Hermos and obtain the magic recovery ring.

 Aren won't show off his power for no reason.
 But he will do anything to achieve his goal.
 In front of royalty and guests, I'll beat the hell out of a brave man to take the ring. Brave man, you will not regret it.

So, I'll be competing in the school martial arts tournament in two months.

Well, that sounds like Allen. What are you going to do? Can you beat a brave man?

 Cecil seems to be somewhat convinced that he's going into the tournament because he's going to get the ring. But the opponent is the world's strongest, the brave Helmios, who is said to be the hope of mankind.

 The appearance of the brave man changed the war situation with the demon king's army.
 You'll be able to see that it's impossible to win against that kind of opponent.

Maybe it's impossible if things continue as they are. So, I'm going to go it alone during my summer vacation, starting next month.

""Acting alone?"

 Allen wants to make sure he defeats the heroes and gets the magic recovery ring. The tournament is only two months away. We have to increase our chances of victory as much as possible.

''So I'm going to retrieve the magical stones not only in this academy city, but also throughout the kingdom. And I'll also be looking for valuable items that are traded throughout the kingdom.

 Allen summons level 7 during the summer vacations. It requires a large number of magic stones.
 You need D-ranked magic stones to generate the magic seeds needed to gain skill experience.
 I'm collecting 50,000 D-ranked grimoires a month, which is the limit of trade in the academy city.
 At this pace, it will be next year before I can reach the summoning level of 7.

 However, there are several cities in the kingdom that are as big as the academy city. Take the grimoire ship around these cities and ask the adventurer's guild in each city to trade with you.
 While the magic stones are being solicited, go to the next city and make the same request. Then, while you are preparing it, go to the next town again.
 When you have finished collecting them, go back to the city you requested and make the request again.
 Thus, drive the magic ship all over the kingdom and collect as many gravestones as you can.

 I don't mind if the price of the stones goes up a bit. Allen has 28,000 gold coins in his possession.

I'll buy some more stones for E and C while I'm at it. You never know when you'll do this again. We're aiming for one million magic stones.

 This time, he has plenty of money, so he's thinking of buying them instead of exchanging them. If you go to the battlefield where it is said that there are only B-ranked or higher monsters, I think it will be difficult to collect not only D-ranked, but also E and C-ranked magic stones.

 Naturally, you'll be able to get any valuable items you can find while traveling around the city.
 Orichalcong's weapons are also to be found throughout the kingdom, but it may be difficult to find them. But I will take this opportunity to get a ring that will raise my status beyond 500.

"And what are we going to do, Master Allen?

 Sophie asks me what I'm going to do while Allen goes on his kingdom tour.

"I think there are two choices. I think there are two choices, and I want you all to decide which one you prefer.

 The first choice is to go outside of Gakuen City as planned. Since the 3 newcomers have only completed one A-class dungeon, you must go to all other A-class dungeons except for the one in Gakuen-Machi.

 The second option is to help the three newcomers to complete the remaining three A-class dungeons in the city. Perhaps you'll be able to complete all three during the summer vacation.

 Whichever option you choose, we'll have summons to help you. Aim for the space between flights on the mage ship's flight schedule, and tell them not to worry if their summonses are killed. The only one who will be gone is Allen.

"I see. I think you said it right at the beginning. You won't be able to conquer any A-class dungeons outside of the school town after the summer vacation is over anyway.

 Dogora says that he's going to attack all the A-class dungeons outside of the school city as he had planned. Everyone seems to think that this is a good idea. Only during the summer vacation will you be able to conquer any other A-class dungeons outside of the academy city.

You mean to say we're going to capture the fifth and final dungeon? Just so you know, Mr. Allen. What do you think about what that brave Helmios said? Is an S-class dungeon aimed at you after all?

 Hear what Sophie thinks about the fact that Helmios had said something disturbing in the conversation. Helmios said something about how this party would have to give up dead, if not get wiped out.

 Everyone looks at Allen because they don't know what to do.

(Maybe it's not a coincidence that the brave man called out to me at this time. At this pace, you don't know when you'll be able to complete the fifth and final S-class dungeon. (Well, I don't know where the S-class dungeon is.

 Hermios came to the school this year to see Allen's power. Since Allen will be at the school next year, he could have invited you to the tournament next year. However, it makes sense if he wanted to induce you to participate in the tournament as a way of conveying the severity of the situation so that you wouldn't be immediately entered into an S-class dungeon.

For now, we'll go through the fifth A-class dungeon. Then, the three new students should attack the remaining three dungeons in the city and think about it.

 They say you don't have to decide now what to aim for. By then, Allen's summoning level will have risen.

"I suppose so. That's a good idea. But what about Allen? Only Allen can't capture it, though?

 Cecil seems to agree, and says that's the way to handle an S-class dungeon.

"Yeah, that's no problem either. I'll follow you alone as I find the time.

 Create a map with summons to accompany everyone, and then use Bird C's summoner's Awakening Skill Vikings to quickly catch up with them.

I see. You are sure it's in the fortress city of Feldora?

 Keel asked if there were any changes there that we had discussed earlier about cities other than the school town.

Yeah, that won't have to be changed. Will you take Nina and the others with you?

 The fortress city of Feldra is a key point in the north of the kingdom, built for the Empire, and has several dungeons. There are A-class dungeons, and although the population of the city is not as large as that of the academy city, it is adequate. The Adventurer's Guild can also collect magic stones, so I don't think that's a problem.

 There are 18 people in this base, but only 8 will be hiding in the dungeon. We'll talk about what to do about the 10 people who are working around the base.

Hmmm, if I could, I'd take them with me.

Well, we'll take you. I've got enough money for that. I'd rather defend myself with summonses than split up my base.

 It costs one gold coin just to move around, and it also costs money to get a decent place to live besides this base.

 To pay for everyone's living expenses and wages, I've saved up a sixth of the money I've earned in the dungeon, and that money is nearly 2000 gold coins.

 Furthermore, three of the new students have caught up with the bottom boss of the A-class dungeon, so there are now eight of us. So I changed the cost of living to one-ninth. This is still more than enough money to cover the cost of living.
 Merle is thrilled that he is making so much money that he can send money home to his parents. Merle's parents don't seem to be very well off.

Well, that's about it.

"There's more! Yes, yes, yes!


So, Mr. Crenna. So, Mr. Crenna.

 Raise your hand as if it were in the classroom. I'm trying to keep up with Kreena's flirting, so I'm going to mimic my homeroom teacher and nominate her.

Ms. Allen! That means I'll defeat the hero and give the ring to the teacher!

 With a determined look on her face, Krsna said so.

(Oh! (Oh well, you finally realized that)

 Without mentioning Klarena, Allen wins the tournament by beating Klarena in the main tournament, and then fights Helmios. The premise of the story was that Krsna was the runner-up to Allen and wanted to get revenge for last year's loss to the swordsman, Dberg.

 And then Krsna seemed to notice.

Well, that's if you beat your teacher, Krsna!

Of course we'll win. I haven't won since we split up in the village! You definitely have to get serious!

 You have not played knightly or fought with Krsna in a proper manner from the time you left Krsna's village because you became his servant.
 Krsna, who has been defeated, declares war. There was another battle here.