156 154. School martial arts competition ②

 I moved my base to the fortress city of Feldora and proceeded to capture the A-class dungeon. Although Allen is not present, the party has grown in size and we finished the attack in less than two months. The levels of the newcomers were rising at a tremendous rate.

 Allen also completed the fifth A-class dungeon a few days later.

 Note that the dungeon management system didn't appear until after we defeated the lowest-level boss.
 That's probably because you've added three newcomers to your party.
 To get the fifth conquest certificate, I think I need to pull three people out of the party through the procedures in the Adventurer's Guild. And if you defeat the lowest boss again, he'll likely give you the fifth conquest certificate stamp, but we talked about having all eight of us try to conquer five of them.

 At the end of September, I returned to the school town to conquer the third A-class dungeon with three new students. At the current pace, all eight of us will have completed five A-class dungeons by December.

 Allen has collected the magic stones to the limit in two months. I've recruited nearly a million E- and D-ranked magic stones. C-ranked stones are more expensive, so I limited the number of stones to 100,000.
 Since we recruited in a short period of time, the market price of these stones rose by 10% within the kingdom, but it will settle down soon. The recruitment of magic stones has returned to normal in October.

 Allen's summoning level could be raised to 7. I had previously set his enhancement skills to 7, and now his awakening skills are also set to 7. My summoning level is now 7. Summons can now summon B-ranked beasts, and the analysis of new summons has already been done.

 It's October and Allen has turned 14 years old.

 In front of Allen, a man one size bigger than Allen stands in front of him holding a large sword. And in between him is a man. This man is the judge of the battle to come.

 We've already completed the 100-man preliminary round, and today we're in the middle of the main round, which began with 16 players.

 And the referee is explaining the rules. If you surrender, he says, you have to stop the attack. They also tell you to strike a pose of surrender. I've heard it a million times since yesterday, but it's a mandatory pre-game instruction. You are also warned that there is a possibility of death in this match. I've heard that a number of people have died in the heat of battle.

 There's a beefy man staring at Allen.

 The match is about to begin.

Then take a stance.

 Against an opponent holding the Great Sword of Mithril, Allen holds the Adamantite sword.
 There's no reason to match your weapon's level to your opponent's.


 On cue, your opponent comes at you in one fell swoop.

 You'll be able to duck without being hit by the opponents' swords. Your opponent swings his sword to match Aren's movements. Each time, Allen feels a tremendous wind pressure.

(I'm pretty sure all 100 participants in the preliminary round received 2 stars.

 Allen thinks while ducking the big sword.

 Thinking isn't fooling your opponent.
 No matter what the danger, even if he's about to be killed, Allen doesn't let it stop him from thinking, even if he's about to be killed. That is, even if he was about to be eaten by Murder Garsh. Reaching four figures of intelligence won't stop you from thinking.

 Out of a little over five thousand, one hundred are chosen by the homeroom teacher's recommendation.
 As a percentage of the gifted, one in ten is a two-star.
 No wonder all of them get two stars.

 One-stars are not even allowed to participate in the preliminary round. This is no wonder, considering the difference in ability value and the increase in status due to professional skills.

 As Allen ducks with ease, he's mad that he's been taunted by the lower grades, and his opponents obviously take a swing at him.

You're still a student. It's dangerous on the battlefield if you lose your temper.

 Allen does not miss the move. He closes the distance and approaches his opponent's bosom in one fluid motion. He grasps the sword in one hand and regrasps it in the other.


 Then slams his fist into Mithril's armor. The sound of a thud echoes across the arena, so loud that it's hard to believe you hit Mithril.

 Your opponent cowers convulsively, unable to say anything. It was apparently enough of a blow to finish him off.
 The referees come rushing in on them. You nod something and raise your right hand vertically to signal the end of the match to the judges' table.

'Oops! It was a win for Allen, recommended by the president. This game was also a great battle. Will he win this match? Next up is the final against Crenna.

 The announcement of Allen's victory spreads throughout the arena with the magic tool.

 For some reason, Allen seems to have a set of words for the president's recommendation. Normally, the homeroom teacher recommends you, but Allen is the president's nominee.

 The fight that just ended was the semifinals of the main tournament. Allen has already fought and won two battles like this one. The rest of the campus martial arts competition is in the finals.

 Allen is not happy about the victory, and goes through the matches as he did in the previous two matches.

(The crown prince is here, too.)

 I am watching the entire arena from above with the summons of Bird E. I think it is the Dauphin who has come again this year. And he has brought ministers and nobles of his own faction, who seem to be showing off their power.

 Naturally, this year too, he has invited guests from all over the world. The school martial arts competition is held to check that the school is training its students well. If you have a boring match, you'll be nagged at the meeting of the Five Continents Alliance.

 The dignity of each country is involved in the school martial arts tournament.

 This year there are two sophomores, or is one of them a swordsman named Krsna who won last year? One is a swordsman named Krsna, who won last year's tournament as well.
 Who's the other one who's fighting so well? I don't know the word "summoner" in the handout from the academy.

 Allen's victory has left the guests of honor undecided.

 Then, a few minutes later, the next game will be played. If you are very badly injured, you'll have to wait to get medical treatment, or you'll have to abstain from the next game, but since both Allen and Klarna won almost completely, you are almost unharmed.

It's been a while!

 Crenna talks to me excitedly. She's breathing hard, her cheeks are flushed, and she looks very happy.

 It's been about six years since I've had a solid match like this with Kreena. It's been six years since we parted before I became Granvelle's servant.

 So much time has passed. And I even feel guilty if I've kept you waiting too long.

"Krenna, I'm going to ask you one more time to get serious, and you're going to use your summoning skills, too?

 I'm here to check again what I did last night.

"Of course! Don't go easy on yourself!

 Furthermore, the rules decided on each other in the finals of Allen and Crenna
Do not use recovery pills
Use your skills to the fullest

 I checked with Krena about the way of the match. The sword is too much in my favor. Allen told me to get serious. Apparently he's been thinking in his own way about how to play the game for the last two months.

 Allen says yes, and raises his sword. Krsna holds her sword as well.

 I wonder why, even now, I feel like saying, "My name is Knight Allen.

Then begin!

 On the signal of the judges, Krsna rushes in, clutching the Adamantite's great sword.
 Allen parries Krsna's attack. A heavy thud strikes Allen. Krsna's attack continues.

(After all, one level of swordsmanship skill is quite different relative to the other. Klarena's skill level is 1, so 3 is also different.

 Think about the skill level of swordsmanship. As the skill level rises, the power and swordsmanship changes. Aren's skill level is still 3, aiming for 4, but Krsna's skill level has been raised to 6.

 There's a clear difference in your sword-handling skills when the difference is this large.

(But I'm faster and more aggressive than you.)

 Allen is losing in the skill level, but wields the summoner's blessing on various stats.

 The crowd begins to buzz that this year's finals will be amazing.
 Allen's moves are not at all outmatched by Krsna's moves, whose primary status value exceeds 4000 at most.


 With a shout, Krsna swings a big blow. It's a big swing, so when you take the time to duck, at that moment Krsna's sword begins to burn bright red.

(Oh! (Red Lotus Breaking)


 There was no way for Allen to avoid it, due to his stance. He couldn't avoid it and was hit by the skills of the swordsman.
 Screams can be heard from the audience. Some gasp for breath that they're dead after a blow like that.

 For a moment, Krsna smiles in triumph.
 Such a blow. But even under that blow, Allen is not blown away at all.

No. The game's not over yet!


 Allen chastised a momentarily relaxed Krsna and slammed the adamantine sword into her side.


"......! Oh, no. Why?

(Hmmm, am I surprised? Good thing I set the skill level to 7.

 Allen doesn't seem to have been damaged by Krsna's blow. Now Krsna's defense continues. He took some damage to his side and doesn't seem to be breathing well.

 Then a few blows later, Krsna surrenders.

 While Krsna is disappointed that he's lost, the referee declares victory for Allen.

What a surprise! The president's recommendation, Allen, has defeated Krsna, the sword holy man. What a surprise! Now, after a short while, I would like to start with the match between Swordsman Doberg and Swordsman Krsna!

 The school martial arts tournament ended with Allen's victory, amidst the buzz of everyone watching.