157 155. Battle of Doberg

 Allen defeated Krena.

 Krsna's skill level was higher than his, but he didn't want to lose.
 Now that he could use all the summoning skills he wanted without conditions, Allen would not lose to Krsna.

 Krena had too little combat experience. Not everyone fights fair and square. Some of the demon king's troops that we're about to fight will use insidious or underhanded methods.

 After the match, you are frustrated, but I won't spoil the story. I hope you'll come up with a countermeasure against them.

 This ends with the mysterious summoner named Allen winning the school martial arts tournament.
 There was a great buzz in the auditorium as to who it was, but the next match would be played without an answer.

 The next match will take place quickly as Krsna is not too damaged.

 It's the battle between the Swordsmen Doberg and Klarena.
 The two are already up on the arena, facing each other.
 In their hands they hold the great Adamantite swords.

The weapons are the same. If Doberg is in normal mode, their levels are the same.

 Allen is aware that there are few Hell Modes in this world. But Normal Mode and Hell Mode aren't the only modes. There is also Extra Mode, which requires 10 times as much experience for level and skill level as Normal Mode. Allen hasn't met anyone who is in extra mode, but he thinks there might be someone who is.

Can we win, Krsna?

"Hmm, I don't know. You took a beating last year. Isn't it hard?


 Cecil asks Allen a question, which is inadvertently answered by Viscount Granville. I might have a family member. As expected, Cecil doesn't seem to say that he asked Allen.

 This year's school martial arts tournament is also attended by Viscount Granville. The Dauphin is coming again, so he may have come out of concern.
 He may have just come to see Cecil, who didn't return home for his sophomore summer vacation. This year, I've brought a butler along with the Knight Commander as a caretaker. I wonder if last year's servant role was unpopular.

 And it's not just Cecil and Allen, all seven of Allen's companions are here. Although this seat is reserved for the guests of nobility, the Viscount is here, and Sophie, who is also a royal, is here, so I thought it would be better to take a seat in this room.

(Hmmm, the brave man is talking to the rector.)

 This year with the summoner of Bird E. Again, the crown prince is on alert and watching.
 The summoner of Bird E catches a brave man talking with the president. The Rector is naturally observing the school martial arts tournament.
 I think they are talking about the upcoming match while watching Doberg and Krena.

 Allen snaps his attention back to us.

"Well, we have some of the equipment we've been bidding on, so it should work, right?

 Maybe Cecil asked me, and I'll answer again.

I see.

 I believe that if Doberg is in normal mode, Klarna has a good chance to win this game.
 I've given Krena two status-enhancing rings that Allen auctioned off during the two months of summer vacation. The magic stones aren't the only things Aren has collected in the past two months.

The Gale Ring: 2 rings with a 1000 increase in speed

 Allen believes that speed is the basis of interpersonal combat.

"I am a hunter of monsters. I am a slaughterer of demons. Destroyer of demons.


 Doberg grabbed his greatsword and mumbled something to himself in opposition to Klarena. You wonder what Klarna said, but you focus on the fight.

'How far we've come in a year.


 The referee has already signaled the start of the match, and this year's fight will proceed at the pace of the two men.

"Come on! Show me what you've done in a year!


 With those words, he closes the distance on the upper level of the Adamantite's greatsword against de Bergh at once. Krsna's great sword, which has reached an extraordinary speed with the effect of his equipment, easily gets in range of Doberg.

 The sound of power clashing with power reverberates through the arena.

 What a battle the students have fought up until now is about to unfold. A great sword is wielded in the overwhelming stature of the two swordsmen.

 In normal years, guests from all over the world can see how strong the students who participate in this tournament will become. If the contestants for the main competition are two stars, with the same ability level, the strength of the students that the school has trained well are similar.

 Unlike last year, the match between Krsna and Doberg, which was different from last year's fight between the students and the Kensei, is overwhelmingly strong.
 Many guests are shocked as if their hearts were grabbed just by the sound of the big sword clashing.

It's a rather close battle. But Krsna is a little outgunned. The difference in equipment performance makes him a bit outnumbered. There's more equipment than items you can get at an auction after all.

 Allen analyzes aloud the battle between the two of them. He's trying to help his friends understand Krsna's situation.

 And Krsna is wearing two gale rings that she bid on at auction for nearly 3,000 gold pieces each. Still, it looks like Doberg is moving faster than you.

 I expect that de Bergu has equipment that is not available at auction.
 If Doberg is in extra mode, Krena is likely to be outnumbered, so I'm assuming this level of status difference is due to equipment.

"Ha! What's up, Krsna the Swordsman! That's about it!


 The fight begins, and within ten minutes it starts to get clearly pushed by Doberg.

 Doberg also looks like he is serious about fighting.

 Doberg feints and plays with Krsna. The difference in combat experience between him and Klarna is becoming apparent.

...... is starting to lose some things.

 Cecil also looks worried.
 Dogora is not participating in the conversation, but is watching the battle between the two men.

"The attack is starting to be read by the doggerel. Besides, I feel like I'm getting attacked because I can't read the de berg's moves.

(Shit, there's too much difference in player skills . (This is)

 Player skill can be summed up in one word: "skill in battle".

 In a fight, you must be able to adapt to the situation, choose your position, choose your skills, and read your opponent's attacks in an instant. You must also be able to read your own movements and aims without being read.

 Such player skills will not be acquired overnight.
 Within ten minutes of the match, the difference in decades of combat experience between you and Doberg began to really show.

 Under the guidance of your homeroom teacher, you are receiving instruction on how to stand, but you are so outnumbered that it's hard to believe that there is this much difference between you and him.

 Honestly, I think I'm going to lose.

 Crenna is blown away by Doberg's big sword, hitting her face on the ground, hitting her body.

"What's the matter! Get up! That's it!

(Oh! (This!!!)

 At the end of being blown away, Krsna's body begins to shimmer with something like a shimmer.



(Oh! Success! Let's go! (Is it okay to be conscious this time?)

 It seems that Krsna's extra skill "Break the Limit" has been activated.

 The extra skill has been under the tutelage of my homeroom teacher for over half a year now. The success rate is low, and she hasn't been completely successful yet.

 If anything, extra skills are said to be the most important thing in the mind.
 If you are inexperienced or upset, you will be consumed by the skill.
 At that time, it will be triggered in a spirited fashion and the urge to fight will be intense.

 Krsna approaches Doberg from the blasted end with tremendous force.
 The sword waved in the horizontal cleave blows Doberg away for the first time.

What is this power? This is yours!


 Crenna does not respond, but swings her greatsword with a shout.

(Oh no, completely swallowed?)

 Doberg is now on the defensive. There is such a status difference that player skills are no longer important. You're blown away by Klarna's great sword.
 The crowd is in an uproar, not expecting this kind of battle.

 Doberg is losing his grip on his sword under Klarna's great sword.

 Krsna's greatsword is slammed down from above. She uses her greatsword to block it, but Doberg's feet are crushed underneath her as she cannot bear the impact.


 But Krsna's attack was not enough. He kicks Doberg in the stomach, which he cannot afford to defend.
 The attack exceeds 7,000, and Doberg's body is blown away, bouncing to the edge of the arena.

 Blown away, Doberg lies on the edge of the arena and goes completely silent.

""Did you win?"

 Allen and his friends' voices came together.

 I never thought we'd win, but that's when I was glad to see that we had won.
 Doberg jolts up a little.

(What? What are you saying? (Surrender?)

 The eagle eye of the bird E summoner catches Doberg, who mumbles something ghoulishly, "Am I defeated?

"Do I lose? No, Classis. Don't worry. I will not be defeated. Yes, no one can defeat me!

 Doberg's body, mumbling at the end of the blowing away, began to shimmer like a shimmer.

(Huh? (Do you also use de Bergs?)

"Don't! Krena! Doberg is going to activate extra skills!

(Can we go?) (Krsna's extra skills haven't run out yet.

 Doberg comes running towards Krsna as fast as he can from the blasted tip.

Haaaa! Guard Break!

 With a shout, he swings his sword down toward Krsna. Doberg's adamantine greatsword glistens.

 Then it slices through Krsna's adamantine greatsword like butter as he tries to block it.


 Crenna froze at the impact of the sword being cut and the great sword of the doberg swinging away.


 But Krsna didn't bring the big sword down.

 A light blue-haired young man clutching a golden sword easily stopped the sword of de Bergh.

(Huh? (Brave?)

 It seems that the brave Helmios, who was in the audience, saw what was happening to Doberg and stopped him.

"God, Doberg. You almost killed me.

"Nuh? What about me?

"It's not like you to be consumed by skills.

"Wow, have I been drunk? Against a girl like this: ......

 The greatsword drops from his hand and the doberg falls to his knees.
 I'm so shocked that I'm wandering around looking at my hand.

Mr. Doberg, are you all right?

 Crenna looks into his face with concern. The look of concern on her face makes her look even more shocked.

Yeah, you're right. Kleanna, you win. I'm sorry about the sword. Take this.


 The big sword of de Bergues is handed to you as if pressed against you. Doberg leaves the arena to be carried by the heroes.

 Thus, in the end, the fight between Krsna and Doberg is over, though the ending is questionable whether Krsna won. Krsna, clutching the great sword of Doberg, watches Doberg tottering along.