158 156 Battle of Hermios ①

 The battle between Krsna and the Swordsman Doberg, which had ended about an hour ago, ended with Krsna's victory, with Doberg declaring defeat.

 The guests in the audience, the crown prince and nobles of the kingdom, and the students watching the battle were all buzzing.

 In a world of status and levels, it seems that it's rare to see extreme clashes of the swordsmanship class. They watched the situation as if they were frozen in place, wondering if such a battle existed.

 Allen sees Krsna back in the audience on the fighting table. She still looks listless.

(The fight didn't end well, you know. Well, I'll be back soon.

"Are you worried about your friends?

 Allen is spoken to by the man in front of him. This is Helmios, the hero I'm about to play against. I think Helmios has been smiling ever since we first met.

Yes, he has. Well, thank you for saving my friend's life earlier.

 I don't know what would have happened to Krsna if Hermos hadn't broken into the arena.

That's okay. Doberg is a competitive guy. Just maybe.

(That's how far ahead of time they were anticipating Krsna's growth potential.

 Somehow I wonder if they were preparing to enter the arena in anticipation of Doberg's outburst. This is the case with Doberg, but he is already heading to the academy city to board a magic ship. You're going to be able to find out the best way to get the most out of your newborn baby.

And now we will play our last match of the day. As your guests know, we would normally end with a match between the Swordsman and the winner of the tournament, but today, Helmios the Brave has requested.

 As Allen and Helmios are facing each other in the center of the arena, the announcement continues to reverberate throughout the arena with magical equipment.

"Please see the handout we distributed beforehand. The winner of this year's tournament, Allen, has set up his own adventurer's party of 'abolitionist gamers' and has already completed five A-class dungeons with eight members.

(The three of us have only managed to capture two of them. But that sword is still an orichalcon. The Orihalcon was said to be golden.

 As the explanation to Allen continues, he examines the weapons of Helmios.

 When the guests receive such an explanation, they say, "You've been using the sword to advance the game, it's definitely strong, but is it that great? And look at Allen, thinking. He seems to be unable to gauge Allen's strength. I'm sure you're wondering why a brave man would take the trouble to deal with him, just from that explanation alone, and I can feel the bewilderment even on the arena.

 A brave man is special in this world. They are treated like apostles sent by the gods to save tens of millions of people who have been killed by the demon king's army and are walking the path of perdition. You are far different from a sword saint.

Haha, he's very interested in you!

Oh, as much trouble as it's worth. I wonder whose fault it is.

Well, you'll get used to it. I got used to it. Oh, yeah, yeah. Feel free to use your skills. The Dean and Rosenheim will be responsible for this entire match.

Does that mean anything will happen in the future?

 The president of the academy and his royal family, the elven nation of Rosenheim, will be in charge of the tournament, and they want you to give your all. Here are the noblemen of each country as well as the crown prince and nobles of the kingdom.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I just checked.

(I was just talking to the President, and he was confirming that. You want to see what I can do. Well, I'm not going to hold back.

I see. I just don't like useless fights. If I just surrender and give you the magic restoration ring, you won't be hurt, though?

 The referees, who are looking for the right moment to give their cue, are horrified. This referee, also a teacher at the school, looks as if he or she knows who Allen was talking about when he told them to surrender.

That's a funny joke. "That's a funny joke. I don't know how much effort you've wasted, but you can't beat me, okay?

There's no such thing as wasted effort.

(Wasted effort? There's a futility of battle, but not a futility of effort. Is this a normal mode confirmation? (No, we've already seen it in the appraisal ceremony.)

 For Helmios, the results of the appraisal at the time of the entrance test are viewed. The normal mode is confirmed from the appraisal results.


 Before the match with the brave men, the referee still gives a thorough explanation. It seems that before the game starts, you must ask for precautions such as the surrender pose.

(They'll definitely make you do the surrender pose.)

 As he listened to the story, the hero drew his golden sword. This is the Orihalcon sword that Allen had looked for but could not even find.


 The referee raises his hand and declares the start of the match.

(Well, did the cards feel okay?)


 Allen removes his gaze from Helmios and checks once again on the status and status of the card. He doesn't seem to mind that Helmios has his sword at the ready.

 Name] Allen

 Age] 14
 Occupation] Summoner
 Level] 55
 Body strength] 1390 + 550
 Magic power] 2180
 Attack Power] 766 + 4900
 Endurance] 766 + 750
 [Quickness] 1429 + 4920 + 2000 (ring)
 Knowledge] 2190 + 220
 Fortune 1429

 Skills] Summons <7>, Generate <7>, Combine <7>, Strengthen <7>, Awaken <7>, Expand <6>, Stow, Share, Fast Summons, Commanding <3>, Delete, Swordplay <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 489,264,755 / billion

Skill level
 Summons 7
 [Born] 7
 [Combined] 7
 Enhancements 7
 Awakening 7

Skills Experience
 2,439,668/1 billion
 Combined] 3,276,455/1 billion
 Strengthening] 28,757,480/1 billion
 4,646,400 per billion

Obtainable Summons
 [Beast] BCDEFGH
 Bird ] BCDEFG
 [Grass] BCDEF
 Stone ] BCDE
 Fish ] BCD

 [Spirit] BC
 Dragon B

 [ Bug ] 
 Bird] E2 sheets
 [ Grass ] 
 Stone ] 10 E, 5 C, 2 B
 [ Fish ] 
 Spirit] B2 sheets
 Dragon] B49 sheets

(Don't come at me. (Hmmm)

 Allen does not need to see his opponent. There are always two bird-E summonses up in the sky, with hawk eyes, catching Helmios. The Eagle's Eye skill is not just a skill to observe from the sky. It gives you a more detailed view of your opponent's movements.

What's up with that? Not coming?

"No, no, no, you're showing an opening, you're going to have to come at it. Sir.

"Oh, I see. I'm going to go then!

 Helmios steps on the ground hard. That alone will crack the arena.
 Then he rushes in with a swiftness that rivals that of Krsna, who has invoked the Extra Skill.

(What? It's still friggin' fast? (Although I was dimly aware of it when you saved Krsna from de Bergh)

 And wield the orichalcone sword with a great swing. Allen catches it with the Adamantite sword.
 Weapons clash with weapons that echo through the arena.

"Hey, hey, I stopped the hero's blow.

"Well, I guess you were holding back to show the students a good time, huh?

That's right. I've heard that a brave man's sword can even slaughter dragons?

 With this blow alone, the guests of honor begin to review the progress of the match. It seems that both the guests and students wanted to see the brave man fight.

(Wow! I tried it, but this is one you shouldn't take. This power without skills. (We're throwing away our durability.)

 I can see the attack power from Helmios' attack, and I'm getting impatient inside. I know that Helmios' attack exceeds 5000, but Helmios' blow can get you killed by itself if you take it with anything other than your sword. You decide to change your fighting style and avoid Helmios' sword.

 Aren retreats with a kick, but Helmios doesn't follow with a questioning look on his face.

What? That's weird. Allen, your offensive power shouldn't be able to handle this attack.

 Helmios, still in the clashing sword position, questions.

"Now, what is this all about?

(In the appraisal skill, I saw a status increase due to skill, but not a status increase due to summoner's blessing. Is this also confirmed. My status change is indistinguishable.

 I've been aware of this since I took the academy exam. At the time of the exam, I was appraised by Hermios, but the status numbers were excluding the blessings.

Hmmm. Okay, I'm going to go.

 That's all I have to say, the distance is quickly closed in and the vicious sword-fight of Helmios comes at you.
 Allen could not continue to completely avoid Helmios' attack.


 An involuntary yell comes from Allen. Even if you receive it with your sword, the huge impact resonates to your core. Unable to bear it, you lose your stance and are attacked by the hero's blow, leaving you on the defensive.

"My God, is it over?

 The brave man is somewhat disappointed.

Is he as fast as the hero? You're outnumbered by his sword skill level. So you don't hit anything even if you attack normally. I'll give you more moves!

 Even in the midst of it all, Allen thinks and acts only of victory.

Dora Dora, let's go.

"Oh! You're on!


 From the side of an astonished Helmios comes the great mouth of the dragon B summoner. Aren summons a dragon over ten meters tall and has it attack from Helmios' blind spot.

 He sees an opening, but Helmios defends with his sword. At that moment, Allen delivers a horizontal cleave strike to Helmios.

 Suddenly the dragon appears in the arena. This causes a natural reaction from the audience.

"The dragon!

"There's a dragon in the arena!

 The auditorium begins to buzz with excitement. The dragon B summoned by Allen is more than ten meters tall. It's a huge dragon that can be seen from anywhere in the bleachers.

 But the battle between Allen and Helmios continues. The President tells the announcer something, but Allen doesn't care.

 There's more to worry about. That's what it feels like to land your first blow on Hermios.

It's f*cking hard, isn't it?

 Helmios feels incomparably more durable, such as when slashing at a dragon.


 However, Helmios' face momentarily tensed up at Allen's blow. Allen's attack power and the Adamantite sword strike don't seem to be negligible.

 He seems to be about the same level of speed as Helmios. With the same level of speed, the summoner's appearance would leave an opening for Helmios.

(You haven't used your skills yet.)

 But Allen is not caught off guard. Allen has defused the situation with his summoning skills, but Helmios is still attacking normally with room to spare.

Dradra, the wrath of the gods!


 Next to Allen attacking the heroes, the dragon B's summoner's mouth blazes red.

'Let him go!

 Give chase to Helmios, who tried to retreat in response to Dragon B's summoner.
 Then, taking away Helmios' freedom of action, he timed the summoner's Awakening skill to share.

 As soon as Allen steps back for a moment, he unleashes the Summoner's Awakening skill, Fire of Fury, on Helmios.

 With a dazzling light, Helmios is engulfed in a huge fire.
 Helmios flies backward irresistibly. He flies so far that he doesn't even touch the ground.

He can fly too? Okay, that's the third one. That's the third one. (You're using a recovery spell)

 Helmios uses a recovery spell to heal the damage he took. The damage from the attacks seems to have been completely recovered.

 The crowd gazes at the brave man and praise can be heard.

Wonderful! Is this the battle of the brave?

"We are no match for the dragon!

 He seems to be impressed by Helmios floating in the air and wearing his divine golden armor.

(You can't see any damage to the armor, but the fact that he used a recovery spell means that some damage has been done.

 In the meantime, only Allen was thinking about his next move.