159 Episode 157 Battle of Hermios ②

 Helmios, wearing Orihalcon's sword and Orihalcon's armor, had the skill to move through the air.

 The audience is fascinated by the brave man wearing golden armor that floats in the air.
 In a world about to be destroyed by a demon king, he is the strongest and the hope of mankind.
 It takes your breath away as if you witnessed a mythical existence.

I used recovery magic, but how much of my strength has been removed? But now we have a pretty good idea of the status of our brave men.

 Allen finished analyzing the status of Helmios.

 Equipment such as weapons and armor have the effect of increasing attack power and durability. Status itself does not change, as equipping them does not increase their status.
 In addition, accessories such as power rings and other accessories have a status-boosting effect in the grimoire, so they must have the effect of increasing the status itself.

The total status of Helmios (status, increases due to occupational skills and equipment)
 Attack power 10400 (2400, 3000, 5000)
 Endurance 10400 (2400, 3000, 5000)
 Quickness 8400 (2400, 3000, 3000)

(The stats, equipment, and strength of the heroes are roughly like this. They're about the same in terms of speed, but they're way behind. I've heard that the hero also wears equipment that increases his speed. Do you want to win that badly?

 I feel that the orichalcone has the same effect of increasing the status by about 5000.

It's dangerous.

 From a position considerably higher than the floor stone of the arena on which Allen stands, Helmios screams in frustration.

'Huh? The game is not over yet. I'm still going.

"Ha. What are you talking about? You're not going to get hit anymore. I can fly pretty fast, okay?

 Helmios is considerably higher than the dragon B summoner.

'What are you talking about? I'm so grateful to fly above us,


 Then Allen smiles and holds out one hand.

"Caveo and the others, self-destruct.

 With Allen's words, ten cabooses simultaneously float in the air around the hero. Then all at once they turn red and make a huge explosion.

 With the sound of the explosion, screams can be heard from the bleachers.

 The audience will not be harmed, but they don't know that. If no one is going to die, no matter how much they scream, Allen isn't going to let up on his attack.

 A few blasts will have no effect on the higher level second and third graders, and once the dragons are out, the knights will be on hand to escort the royalty and guests.

 They decided that fighting near the center of this 50-meter long and wide arena would not cause any injuries to the audience.

 Then, as the smoke clears, Helmios appears.

"Gosh, it hurts a lot, doesn't it?

"I told you so, didn't I? When it hurts.

(Good, good, you used your recovery magic again. Let's hope this attack works too.

 Allen summons ten more stone E summonses with enhanced .

 Just when Helmios thought that they had reappeared in front of his eyes, they explode into a bright red glow.

Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm!

 After the second use of Stone E's Awakening skill "self-destruction" for ten bodies, a now-against-the-spot announcement by the magic tool could be heard throughout the noisy arena. But the announcement is barely audible due to the crowd's screaming.

(High speed summons is very capable. I can't wait to break the seal of command.

 Allen watched the explosions and flames and was impressed by the fast summoning he got when he reached summoning level 7.

 Up until now, it seemed like it took Allen about 0.5 seconds to generate, synthesize, and enhance. Generation at a speed of less than 1 second is very fast, but as the summoning level rises and summons a summoned beast that has been implemented from a higher rank, the time was very long.
 It would take even longer if they were repeatedly generated or synthesized 5 or 10 times and then enhanced or awakened.

 This fast summoning will speed up all the summoner's skills, including summoning, generation, synthesis, strengthening, and awakening.
 It used to take about 10 seconds to summon a later version of a summoner, such as a spirit line, after it had been generated and strengthened and awakened, but now it takes almost 0 seconds.

 Even if I summoned 10 or 20 of them, it was still zero seconds. Perhaps it was taking slightly longer, but they were being summoned at a speed that was impossible to measure.

 You can summon them just by imagining how many of them you want to summon and in which state. If you want to put them in the holder, any number of cards are instantly stored in the holder in card form.

 It feels like you've been freed from the time lost in summoning.

 The only caveat is that neither the amount of magic nor the number of magic stones consumed is the same, so it won't work if you don't have any magic or magic stones.

(I guess that means I'm out of normal mode.)

 It's too competent a skill to be so sure.

 High Speed Summoning is a skill Allen got at skill level 7. If skill level 6 is the cap normal mode, you only get six skills.

 At summoning level 7, you have two skills.

 One is a fast summon which I am now using to attack Helmios. And the other is the commander-in-chief, which is sealed and cannot be used.

 If you try to use it, a message will appear in the grimoire.

You do not have the required level to use the commanding skill.

 For the first time I got a level-restricted skill. The level 55 Allen seems to have a level limit and cannot be used as per the message. I'm not sure what level I need to reach to use it.

(Mm! (I knew you'd rush in!

 He seems to have decided that keeping his distance from Allen will only make him a target. Helmios is closing in on Allen from the flames. It seems to be able to move through the air at will and at considerable speed, just as he said.

(Good, good, you just have to keep a certain distance.)

 Allen takes a certain distance while ducking the sword shot of Helmios . There is no need to fight at close range if the Stone E summoner proves to be effective. But that doesn't mean you should stay too far away.

Come on out, Kerolin! Disrupt the brave.

"Ha! 'As you wish'

 Allen tells you the name of a cute summoner.

 Then a three-headed wolf, comparable in size to a dragon, comes out.
 This reminds me of a title like the Gatekeeper of Hell in Allen's previous life.

Then comes Kerberus, after the dragon!

 Someone in the audience shouts loudly.
 The Beast B summoned by Allen uses its three heads to close in on Helmios.

(It doesn't matter which one you aim at. It doesn't matter if it's me.

 A B-ranked summoner has only a third of the stats of Helmios.
 However, if you give up on defeating Allen and aim at the summoner, Allen will turn from running away and pursue Helmios.

 If Helmios gets out of range, the stone E summoner's suicide bomb will be waiting for him.

 Even if you defeat the dragon B or beast B summons, the next summon will be summoned immediately by a fast summon. Thanks to this, when the summons are reduced, their status only drops for a fraction of a second.

 Both Helmios and Allen will recover with recovery magic and restorative medicine if their strength is reduced.
 When such a battle has been going on for some time.

This doesn't get us anywhere.

(Oh?) (Is this coming?)

"Huh? Do you want to surrender? Thank you for your work.

 That was a good fight, says Allen. I'm not looking for a nice fight, so you can give up.

Ha, ha, ha. I'll let you take the fight. Now is the time for you to give up, Allen. Or maybe you'll die?

"You gotta be kidding me.

 Allen does not declare defeat. Waving his hands in the air, he gives further provocation.

(Is this the fourth skill a confirmed offensive skill? Okay, go all out. I'll show you how to defeat a brave man.

 In normal mode, you get six skills. Two of them are status-enhancing, so there are four remaining. Helmios already has three skills in use: appraise, recover, and fly.

 The remaining one was definitely considered an offensive skill.

"Well, I guess that's that. This one's out of my control.

 The brave man never falters from his smile. And while smiling, he puts strength into his sword.

 The golden orichalcon sword begins to shine even brighter. Something tremendous seems to be working its way into the sword.

 Allen has two summons waiting on either side of him and holds his sword.
 "Wow, I'm taking it," says Hermios' voice.

''The Phoenix Sword!

"Okay, now! Dora Dora! Kerolin!


 Helmios accelerates at once and closes in on Allen.
 Then Allen quickly retreats and turns to face the dragon B and the beast B summons, which are standing at both ends.

Haha! I thought you'd say that already. You're not fooling me.

 With a single blow from the golden Helmios' sword, the dragon B's summoner turns into a glowing bubble.
 The beast B's summoner is easily defeated as it tries to attack.

 Then, to prevent a new summoner from appearing, it approaches the retreating Allen at once.

 The glow of Orihalcon's sword grows brighter and brighter with skill.
 It seems to unleash the full force of Helmios' blow.

 The arena is only 50 meters long and wide from one end to the other. Helmios, who has reached a speed of 8,000, can get close in a flash. It only takes a second for him to save her.

The fool. You misjudged my summoning speed.

 Allen's fast summoning doesn't take long. It was so fast that he could summon a stone C summoner behind Krsna after Krsna was about to attack him and have him use his special skill, Migawari.

 In a game, there was no way you could attack yourself after your opponent's turn to launch an attack. But this is a real battle where time is always equal for both sides.

 If the conditions are met, events like rock-paper-scissors can be created.

 The moment Helmios closes the distance further, a summoner instantly appears between Allen and Helmios.

 It is a stone B summoner about 10 meters tall, wearing a full, shiny, hornless plate all over its body.
 The stone B summoner raises its circular shield in front of it and takes Helmios' skills head-on.

 From the looks of it, Helmios decided to let the summoner, which is very good at defending itself, defend itself. Try to push off with all your might and cage your skills into your sword.

 The shield sparks as Helmios strikes, and the huge shield, almost half its size, cracks noisily as it cracks. The crack extends to the entire shiny full plate. It looks like it's about to shatter into pieces.

 I knew that Hermios was a hard enemy. That was it.

 The light from the skill in my sword was fading.
 And the same light that was in the sword is dwelling in the shield.

I have held up well! Mirror! Reflect!



 As if blasting back from a round shield, the stone B summoner named Mirror silently bounces back all of the damage it has taken.
 Helmios is engulfed by the light and impact emanating from the shield.

 It was Helmios who was blown away by the impact, which rolled up the floor stone of the arena.