160 Episode 158 Battle of Helmius

 Helmios is being blown away by the entire floor stone of the arena.

 His status as the strongest of mankind, the strongest sword made of orichalcone, and the merciless blow of the skills used by the hero.

 Allen waited for all the conditions to be met.

 Allen has no skill with the sword. And even with the attack-driven dragon B's summoner's awakening skills, Helmios hadn't taken much damage.

(After all, it takes a brave attack to defeat a brave man. Good job Miller)


 Stone B's summoner does not speak, but it is somewhat proud of itself.

 The Stone B Summoner's "Reflection" skill allows it to bounce damage from a physical attack directly back to its attacker. Note that the Summoner takes damage from attacks even while active.
 While active, your endurance is doubled, but if your character is defeated by the enemy's damage, the effect of the feat will not be activated.

 Restore the full strength of Stone B's summons with a recovery potion for well-being. Shattered shields and armor will be restored.

(Well, did we do it?)

 The blown-up Helmios is lying in a wide open position, looking up at the sky.
 But if you look closely, you'll see that he's standing outside, staring up at the sky like he's basking in the sun.

Wow. I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

 You realize that you were induced to use the skill. After this blow from Allen, Helmios looks very happy.

What do we do now? If I don't surrender, all the attacks can also be played back? I'll give you a break on the magic recovery ring now, though?

 I also found out that you can reflect the skills of Helmios. He says that as long as Helmios attacks, he will bounce back.

 Allen's summoning speed overwhelms Helmios' movement speed. And his ability to bounce back isn't limited to his skills. Now that I know that Helmios can't use magic attacks, I'm going to repel all of his attacks.

 He wants us to stop fighting for nothing, to surrender and give him the ring.

That's scary. Ha, that's good. That's good. Really good.

"What is?

 You look so happy in this situation that I can't help but ask.

So the Spirit King's words were true. There's hope for mankind.

(The brave man speaks of hope?)

 The brave man who was called the hope of mankind, it is strange to say that there was hope for mankind.
 As you say that much, the light of recovery magic flows from Helmios' body. He seems to have regained his full strength. Then you slowly stand up and face Allen.

"Huh? Do you still fight?

Of course. I think it's a senior's job to teach you, Allen, that there's a higher upside-down.

No, no, I'm already familiar with your theory, you know? Wow! Brave people are amazing!

Give me the ring. We can both regain our strength and magic, so if we fight any longer we'll lose magic stones. You're already using a lot of them.

Haha, Allen, you're the same as always. Don't say that. It's the most powerful blow of all time.

 With those words, Helmios' body refracts like a shimmer.

(Huh? What the hell. The name is Dberg. Is that it? Do you hate to lose? Is the brave man's extra skill coming? I've healed the mirror, but two Tekko's aren't enough. (Will five, or even ten, be enough to prevent this one?

 As Allen is changing the cards in the holder at high speed, Helmios readies his sword.
 Then he runs straight for Allen.

Go ahead! The God-Cutting Sword!

(Oh, my God. You didn't ask me if I wanted to surrender this time.

 The stone B summoner, which was sent out again between Allen and Helmios, this time shattered the shield, and the special skill "Reflex" was not activated and disappeared as a glowing bubble. It was killed, and Helmios' extra skill could not be reflected.


 10 stone C summons to invoke the MiGami against Allen. Ten of them disperse the blow from Hermios. But all at once, the ten summons turn into glowing bubbles. They couldn't completely shrug off the damage Allen took.

 Allen himself intercepts with his sword, but the orichalcone's sword, triggered by Extra Skill, shatters Allen's sword and blows away both of Allen's arms, shattering them as well.

 It also shatters the floor stone of the arena, sending it into an even bigger dent.

 Even after subtracting the power of Stone C's ten summons' special skill, "Mi-Ga-Wari," the power is still this great.

Gefu ......

How's that? What is the blow of bravery? Is he alive?

"...... is alive.

(Yes, the long game is decided. Let's pick up the ring next to the corpse. (Do not hope for mercy.)

 Allen sent out a grimoire into the sky. A berry-like object falls from the chamber and touches Allen.

 Allen's arms are regenerating. Your armor and weapons are blown to pieces, but you glare at Helmios and stand up.

"What's that? I recovered in an instant, but is it an elven elixir?

Well, yes.

 It's really a herbal remedy for grass B, but I'll respond appropriately. Herb E's restorative will not repair the missing limbs.
 Pull an adamantine sword from the stockroom.

 Helmios' eyes widen at the sight of it. This is because Aren's will to fight has not waned at all.

"What? Allen, why are you coming at me?

Is it because you want a ring?

(What are you talking about, attacking with extra skill. Huh? (What's the point of going back on a promise now?

"No, I mean, I think I just showed you a huge power differential. Do you ever give up?

"It's the end of the world if they're strong and you give up. No wonder the enemy was so strong at first.

 It has been that way since a previous life . The enemy is strong and I am weak. And it has taken a long time to make itself strong.

What if beyond that point of strength is despair?

 Allen looks at Helmios, "What's the question? The smile and the flirtatious attitude have long since disappeared from Helmios. It's like he wants some kind of answer.

I see. You've seen despair for years. So you've been smiling to hide your heart.

 If humanity's hope was not a smile, what would people think if they were overwhelmed by despair? I wonder if we have been wearing smiles to hide our hearts.

 Knowing that humanity's hope is the hope we lived to keep on living.

"Mr. Helmios. If beyond is despair, of course we will see beyond the despair.

"Beyond Despair. I wonder if there is such a thing. What the hell are you?

 Helmios couldn't help but ask. It wasn't the right time to ask, but Allen's words compelled him to ask, "Do you want to know what I am?

"Do you want to know what I am?

Of course. Let's hear it.

 A brave man stares at Allen with eyes that look like a boy again.

"I hear the Demon King calls himself 'The Demon King of the End'.

Yes. And you?

Then I'm "Allen the Summoner in the Beginning".

(Now that I think about it)

"...... Beginning Summoner Allen

 Allen himself being the first summoner. And that it is opposed to the demon king. He has made it clear that he stands opposed to the demon king.

 Helmios recites Aren's name.

 Then, topsy-turvy Helmios walks up to Allen. He hands Allen something small that he pulls out of a pouch at his waist.

 When Allen takes it without resistance, it's a magic recovery ring.

''Huh? Are you sure?

(Ugh, I got a magic recovery ring. Huh? Did I mention that the condition for getting it is to withstand extra skills? (Or is it because you fought the good fight?)

 Allen wondered if he had misunderstood the conditions for obtaining the magic recovery ring that Helmios had told him about in the dean's office. While looking at the grimoire, he checked his notes.

''Of course. This is what the Spirit King wanted me to give to 'Aren the Beginning Summoner'.

(Hey, the condition for getting it is that you call yourself "Allen the Beginning Summoner")

 From the words of Hermios, it seems that Rosen's sleep-walking foretold Allen's name.

'But that's okay? It's a tough fight, right?

 I don't think it would be a problem if Helmios died because he got a magic recovery ring.

Here they are together. This one's for Helmios the Brave. The Spirit King is very generous.

 Hermios shows you another magic recovery ring that he had already equipped. It seems that the magic recovery ring the Spirit King Rosen gave you was not the only one.

Then I'll feel free to take it. Then we have only one thing to do.

 Allen raised one hand with a determined look on his face.

 Hermos said, "What? And amazing .

 The arena has barely preserved its original form and is still being watched by quite a few people.

 Naturally, Allen's friends have been watching the battle with the heroes.

 The Dauphin is with the nobles. The royal family and the nobles wanted to run away from this too much, but they couldn't let their guests see them.

 And the guests of honor have come to represent their countries as well. To be honest, I wanted to run away when the dragon appeared, but I couldn't show my kingdom that kind of weakness, so I watched the game until the end.

 Most of them stayed in the arena from the start of the match while the knights escorted them in a chicken race that I don't understand. And now I'm watching the conversation between the two men in the arena, wondering what just happened.

 Hermios' extra skill has caved in a round in the arena, but you can still see them clearly.

 The crowd thought the dark-haired boy raised one hand as the brave man handed him something. For a moment, it was hard to understand what it was. You remember that this is the arena and now the school martial arts tournament.

I give up. As expected of a brave man. I've already exhausted my strength. It's so frustrating~

(There's no reason to fight now. Thank you so much for your hard work.

 Allen pauses in surrender as he says his lines.

 Helmios doesn't know what it is for a moment, but he mutters with a dumbfounded look on his face, "That's just like you, Allen.

 Thus, the match between Allen and Helmios ended in a victory for Helmios.

 The students watching from the bleachers, guests from other countries, the crown prince, and the nobility couldn't keep up with the situation.
 They could only watch the exchange between the two men standing on the wrecked arena.