Six days have passed since Helmios the Brave defeated Allen. Six days is a week in this alternate world, so a week has passed.

 Aren has been going to school as usual since the school martial arts tournament. Since the tournament, it seems like the students have changed in how they treat you. Some students got scared and stopped talking to me, but even more students started talking to me.
 I think it was important to fight so well against the heroes in a world where strength is justice.
 Since the beginning of summer vacation, I've been asked to help with dungeon capture.

 The school martial arts tournament was held last year, but so far this year it's not.
 It's the ceremony that takes place after the tournament.

 This ceremony is attended by the royalty and nobility of the kingdom and honors the winner of the tournament.
 The other fifteen who have advanced to the main competition and guests from other countries will also participate in the ceremony.

 At this time, some noblemen ask you to join me when your service on the battlefield is over. Last year, Krsna seemed to be approached quite a bit, but she refused, saying she had to return to the base for dinner.

 But there is no ceremony.
 This seems to be because Allen overdid it in the fight with Hermos. He destroyed the arena with such force that it's doubtful that the tournament will take place next year, and as a result, the castle is in an uproar.

 Guests from all over the world are demanding an explanation as to who the hell Aren is. Why has the kingdom kept Aren hidden until now? The treaty of the League of Five Continents states that if a greater than the Sword Saint is born, it should be shared among the nations, etc.

 Since the guests from each country are representatives of their countries and come on behalf of the head of state, they could not be ignored.

 How to respond and answer the questions has confused the king's castle, and it was no time for the ceremony.

 But you can't afford not to have the ceremony. Each country is watching the movement of the kingdom, including whether or not to hold the ceremony.

 I heard from Refol how confused the castle is. I wonder when he got the information about the castle.

 After hearing all about the situation at the castle, Allen replied with a disinterested look. I got the ring, so that's already a done deal.

 Today, the ceremony, which was extended, will be held at a fancy hotel in the academy city.
 Since we can't make it in time, I'm leaving class early and heading to the hotel with Klarna.

(This is the hotel where you met the Dauphin last year, after all. Is this the dauphin's hotel?

 You arrive at the hotel where the Dauphin invited you to dinner last year. When you arrive, you are told to come this way and are shown to the waiting room.

 It was the waiting room of the students who participated in the main competition. There are already a number of students waiting for the ceremony to begin. For some reason, a student in a senior year's uniform greets me, and I greet him or her politely.

 After a while, the official in charge of the ceremony says, "We're all here," and explains the procedure of the ceremony. The Dauphin is told not to look directly at them and not to reply loudly.

 He tells them that they are not allowed to carry weapons. When participating in the ceremony, you must not take your weapons with you. If you are allowed to change your appearance, you will be checked to see if you have any concealed weapons. For some reason, Allen was checked by two people.

 The ceremony will start soon, but guests from various countries are also coming, so you are asked not to be rude. Some students are freaked out by the explanations and precautions given to them. Disrespect can be punished, he says.

 More time passes, and the official says he will now lead you. The winner, Allen, leads the way to the ceremony site.

This is where the crown prince had his dinner. Did you clear the table to make room?

 Open the door of the Kannon opening and enter the ceremony hall.

 First of all, the Dauphin has a few words to say, so the 16 people move forward amidst the aristocrats and guests of various countries at both ends of the room. Although you're not allowed to look around, it looks like there are more than 100 people in the room.

Sure, he's dark-haired and unusual, but up close, isn't he just a boy?

"Did you really let the dragons out to fight?

"Yeah. Don't ask too loudly.

(Not at all. Speak a little lower. I can hear you.

 Obviously, the nobles are talking about what they know to be Allen. You can hear them, but you don't dare to react.

 Directly in front of you as you open the door, at the far end of the room sits the Dauphin. In front of him, the 16 contestants will kneel down to receive a word from the Dauphin.

(Huh? (Viscount Granville is also coming)

 Out of the corner of my eye I notice the viscount. The viscount said he would attend the ceremony.

Stop right there! It's close!

 Thinking about this, I was about 5 meters in front of the Dauphin as he told me, when he called out loudly. It seems I got too close to the Dauphin.

 It seems that this is not what the officials had told me beforehand. You were told to kneel there because of the circular pattern on the carpet five meters away from the dauphin.

 I'll stop and kneel. I dare not argue with you.

"Dauphin, don't provoke him too much. This place isn't well guarded.

Wow, I know.

(Speak a little louder. I can hear you. Still on the defensive.

 A whispering knight escort speaks to the Dauphin from behind. Come to think of it, there seem to be more knights under guard than when I met the Dauphin last year.

(Please be quick.) I want to get revenge on the dragon now that his summoning level has been raised.

 Allen's summoning level is now 7. There is also a status increase due to increased protection and I got a new summoned beast. I'd like to try again to fight the lowest boss of the A-class dungeon, a dragon that came out in January of this year and hasn't appeared since.

 This time I'd like to do it without Krsna's extra skill.

 Then, the Dauphin will say a few words, and as he explains, he bows his head even deeper.

"That was a great game. The kingdom of Latash is happy to see strong players like you. I hope you will continue to train hard for the sake of your kingdom.


Okay, I'm done. It's okay to go home. (Unlike the principal in junior high school, I'm glad I had a short story to tell.

 Unlike in previous lives, royalty does not talk for so long downstairs.

 And there is silence in the room.

(Hmm? What time is it? What are you waiting for? (This time)

 The urge to leave as soon as possible is growing in the unfamiliar waiting time. Unknown to Allen, guests and nobles alike are waiting for the Dauphin to say his next words.

You know what, Allen? That was a beautiful battle.

 The Dauphin is rushed by others. The nations are watching to see how the kingdom will respond to the winner, Allen.

Thank you for your happiness. I was a little overzealous in the presence of the crown prince.

(Anyway, I'll tell you why I broke the fighting table.

Yeah, right. I didn't know Granville had such a crew. I would have liked to hear that a little earlier.

 The Dauphin blames the Viscount for why the kingdom did not know about Allen.

Are you my subordinate?

 A question arises from the viscount standing in this hall.

"Hmm? Isn't that in your crew?

 The Dauphin remembers that Allen was behind the Viscount in this hall last year, dressed as a servant. The Dauphin thinks that nothing would be wrong with being under his command.
 An incomprehensible conversational rally ensues, and the Dauphin, wanting to get the conversation over with, looks again at the viscount.

Yes, sir. Allen is a guest of House Granville, sir.

"A guest. True? It's Allen.

 I don't understand. Then you can't help but ask Allen why he was dressed as a servant.

"Yes, sir. Yes. I am a guest of House Granville. The viscount treats me exceptionally well. He might ask me to do a few things in exchange for lodging money.


 At this moment, the dauphin and the viscount's voices match. The viscount can't remember what job he asked for.

Work. What work do you do?

Yes, the bouncer. The viscount has had a lot of trouble over the last few years.


 The viscount erupts in a big way. I noted the spouting at the last dinner, but this time, the Dauphin doesn't seem to blame the viscount for his actions.

 The word "bouncer" is buzzing. There is no one among the nobility who does not know about the "Strange House of Granville".

 But guests from around the world don't seem to understand the situation well. They don't know much about the politics of the kingdom or they are confused about what you are talking about.

 Most of the nobility know that the Granvelle affair was a case of the Viscount putting his mithril money on the line to get rid of the aristocrats and envoys of the royal family who had been fighting with him.
 This word "bouncer" of Allen's is synonymous with the fact that the Viscount himself hired Allen as his guest to protect himself and remove by force those who stood in his way.

 The Dauphin swallowed loudly.
 Allen came to last year's dinner party dressed as a bouncer, a servant.

 Some of the knights standing behind you will back off, even though the dauphin is there to protect them.

 The crown prince will be the one to take precautions. And who might fight with Allen is the knights. I can't stop shivering in my armor, thinking that I might have died last year.

Oh, I see. It's a big deal to protect the precious nobles who support our country.

The Viscount has been and will continue to be a great help to us, and I hope to protect him from many others.

 The Dauphin got momentarily dizzy at the word "nanpit," but managed to keep going.

 Thus, the ceremony of the school martial arts competition ended with Allen presenting his position to the Dauphin.

 The viscount had hoped to have dinner with Cecil. But he was surrounded by the noblemen of the castle and carried away, so he couldn't meet with Cecil that day.