It is now early December.

 What has happened during this period is that the frontier village of Chief Rodin is progressing well.

 The fences have already been built and the boa hunting has started for the first year.
 With the help of my baboons and mithril spear, I was able to hunt about 20 great boas.
 The Shiro Dragon Mountains are long and wide. There are enough boas here, but they've been breeding en masse for years. The boas were the main source of food for the orcs and goblins that fed on them, because Allen had wiped out the goblins and orcs that fed on the boas.

 The boa meat will provide nourishment for the winter, and next spring we'll be able to plow the fields.

 Right now, Allen and his team are in the hall of the lowest level boss of the A-class dungeon in the school city.

We finally defeated it.


 There is a dragon lying in front of Allen and his friends. This is not Allen's summoner, but the lowest boss. It's about to draw its last breath.
 I was able to defeat the bottom-level boss of a class-A dungeon without Crenna's extra skill.

''Oh, I'm up to my level!

"Congratulations, Merle. Now you're at level 58.

 I think Merle has gotten used to the expression "level".

 Name] Merle
 Age] 14
 Occupation: General of rocks
 [Level] 58
 Physical strength] 1621
 Magical power] 2340
 Attack Power] 756
 Endurance] 1274
 Quickness] 756
 Intelligence] 2340
 Fortune 1453
 Skills: Demon rock general <1>, flying arms <1>, spearmanship <3>, shield art <3>.
 Extra] Combination (right arm)
 Experience] 80,240 / 40 million

Skill level
 Flying arms】 1
Skills Experience
 Flying arm] 0/10

(I feel like Merle is the only game I'm playing differently, but is it my imagination? 

 I think the head role is the coolest for a combined robot.

 Merle must ride a golem soldier in order to use his skills. In a school town without Golem Soldiers, you can't earn skill experience by consuming magic power, and your skill level doesn't increase at all.

 As a result, Merle is the only one who does not have the status increase you get at skill level 3 or 6.

 Like Sophie, Merle came to the school city because of the alliance of five continents. I will continue to ride with Allen and the others in the northern part of the Central Continent on a golem soldier.

 In the northern part of the Central Continent, there is an elven army, but there are also golem soldiers on loan from the Baukis Empire. Although their numbers are small compared to the elven troops, they are powerful enough to slaughter A-ranked monsters.

''Oh! There's a gold box! I knew dragons were easy to get out!

 As soon as you slay a dragon, the reward for defeating it appears. This time the reward seems to be a gold box, and Keel jumps on the gold box for the first time in a year.

 Looking inside, there's a ring in it.

(Hmm...I would have preferred an orichalcone weapon...a great sword or an axe) It's either a greatsword or an axe.

 Allen got the magic recovery ring that he had longed for. As a result, the ring has become a much lower priority. The next thing I want is an Orihalcon series weapon to strengthen my companions.

 You want to get a weapon that can be equipped by Krena or Dogora as a priority.

 In Aren's mind, the power of the weapons with attack power is as follows. Even a connoisseur can't tell, so this is Allen's own prediction.

 Projected attack power for each weapon
Steel sword 100
Mithril Sword 500
The Sword of the Lich Kingpin 1000
Sword of Adamantite 3000
Orichalcong swords over 5000

 Note that the actual damage dealt varies considerably depending on the kryptonite, quickness, and skill level.
 This is a numerical value for weapons only.

 This is only an estimate, as I only fought with Helmios the Brave for Orihalcon's sword, and I don't know how much equipment Helmios has other than his weapon.

'I've equipped it, but what stats have I gained?

"Oh! That's a thousand more magic.

 Allen checks the effect of the ring in the gold box equipped by Kiel. You notice that your magic power has been increased by 1000.

(This is good. I'd like to use the combo of magic increase and magic recovery ring to get to skill level 8 as soon as possible.

 For now, let's talk about figuring out who will equip it later.

 Then the whole party finishes the fifth A-class dungeon, and something appears.


I am a dungeon management system. Congratulations, abolished gamers. I'm here to issue you with a Class A dungeon attack certificate.

You showed up.

 Neither Cecil nor anyone else is surprised anymore by the sudden appearance of the cube-shaped object.
 Allen notices that the markings on the black card have increased to five.

The certificate of attack for the abandoned gamer has met the requirements, so I will turn it into an invitation to an S-class dungeon.

 As everyone looked at the card Allen was holding, the markings on the black card turned into a large one.

Does this mean I can go to an S-class dungeon?


"Do you know where to find an S-class dungeon?

"This is Janpanis


 I don't think that's even a place name in the geography we learned in school.

Is it the Temple of Yamperani?

"Yes. The Temple of Janpani.

 Merle reacts to the word "yampani". It sounds like you know the name.

"Huh? You know Merle?

Yes. It's a huge temple to Lord Dighlagni. I think it's located northeast of the Imperial City: ......

 Merle's gaze swims in the air as he tries to remember the location of the Yanpani. Apparently Merle knows where it is, but he's never actually been there.

The imperial capital, of course, is the Baucis Empire.

"Mm-hm. . yes.

(What, an S-class dungeon is in the Baucis Empire?)

"Huh? So you can't go to an S-class dungeon right away?

 Crenna will be disappointed. As for the S-class dungeon, we were talking about going there now that Allen had reached summon level 7.

(I thought there was a warp zone at the bottom of an A-class dungeon that would lead to an S-class dungeon, or this cube-shaped object would fly me to an S-class dungeon.

 Now that the level has reached the cap, we need Orihalcon weapons to strengthen our friends.
 Even the brave men have recently talked about the inevitable challenge of S-class dungeons, since they said that Orihalcon weapons are available in dungeons.

 The conditions for challenging an S-class dungeon included killing the dragon without Krsna's extra skill.

'Well, not impossible anyway.

 Cecil also sighs.

"Hmmm... For example, I wonder if we could all go to the Baukis Empire together as an exchange student in our third year. Then we might be able to get Merle's golem soldiers too.

 I don't know where the school of the Baukis Empire is located, but I want to get as close to the temple of Yamapani with the S-class dungeon as possible.

 In the third year, you will begin a strategy class in the classroom. In practice, students will go together to capture the Ogre village. The lessons for the war begin in earnest.
 In addition, your extra skill training will begin.

You can't do that?

 Dogora can't go with Allen's idea.

I don't know. Do you think you could ask the Dean?

 Ask to study abroad in the Baucis Empire as well as social studies. Since it's only December, they say it might be possible for you to transfer in April.

That's true. I'll ask Theodosyl to accommodate you.

 Sophie, who had heard how this conversation came about, took over the conversation. Thus, we agreed to challenge the S-class dungeon in the Baukis Empire for the Orihalcon weapon.

I'm sorry to interrupt you, but there's more to explain. I'm sorry to interrupt you, but that remains to be explained.

 The cube-shaped object that had been listening in on the conversation between Allen and the others is now talking to me. Apparently, the explanation wasn't finished.

"Huh? Yes, what is it?

(What's more?)

"If you successfully complete the S-class dungeon in Yanpani, your invitation will be converted into a dungeon master challenge.


"Whoa! Hidden Boss! Dighragni, you know what to do!

 To everyone's amazement, Allen clasps his hands together and exclaims, "You mean we're going to fight the dungeon master?

"Does that mean I have to fight the dungeon master?

 Cecil replaces the screaming Allen and proceeds with the conversation.


"What do I get if I win?

 The question seems to arise within Cecil as to what he is fighting for.

"Only the victors will be taught by the dungeon master, sir.

(Oh! Don't tell me what's there, and! Perfect! (That's perfect!!!)

This is definitely an S-class dungeon to go for!

 Allen said this as he looked at everyone.
 Then Krsna was enthusiastic about doing it, and Cecil sighed and said, "Here we go again.