163 Art. 161. Falling

 The New Year has come and gone, but this year's New Year started off solemnly.

 At the end of last year, the king, who was in poor health, passed away.

 All events and economic activities are in a state of self-control and the whole kingdom is in mourning.
 Stores were closed and dungeons closed, except for the necessities of life, such as restaurants.

 And this year, when the mourning was over, the crown prince became king as expected.
 The king's coronation ceremony is scheduled to take place with great fanfare, Refol said.

 As for Allen, he's not really interested in who the king will be. He hasn't seen the crown prince since the ceremony after the school martial arts tournament.

 It's been about a month since I found out that the S-class dungeon is in the Baucis Empire.
 I have asked the headmaster to transfer to the Baukis Empire for my junior year. I have spoken to the Baukis Empire through the Baukis Empire, but was told that I am not sure if it will pass. We are now waiting for an answer from the president.

 The academy is operating as usual, with no mourning.

 Right now, I'm listening to my morning classes and processing magic stones into leaves of life and seeds of magic power. Now that you have reached skill level 7, you are able to summon them at high speed, so you can reach the holder's limit at the same time, and the process is progressing at a very fast pace.

 The magic power recovery ring restores 1% of your maximum magic power per second, so your magic power will be full in no time if you're not careful. You are always trying to consume magic power while you are awake, but if you can't consume magic power at high speed by summoning it at high speed, you might have lost your mind.

 As you are taking a class, you hear someone running in the hallway.


 The classroom door is pried open with such force that it kicks in. Everyone's attention is drawn to the person who enters. The instructor freezes with the students.

(Homeroom teacher.)

 As Allen turns his gaze to the door, his eyes meet the homeroom teacher's. The breathless homeroom teacher ignores the instructor who is teaching the class. Out of breath, the homeroom teacher ignores the instructor who is teaching the class and says the words.

Allen! Come to the Dean's office. Sophia Lorne, too. And the whole party!

(What's the hurry? (Party means my party, right?)

You've been summoned.

 Cecil seemed to understand that he was called in too. Since all of Allen's party is in this classroom, we all head to the dean's office with the homeroom teacher.

I've got him! Explain the situation quickly!

(You're totally back to being an adventurer)

 I feel like my teacher's language has become that of an adventurer. Without asking for permission, you open the door and enter without asking for words.

 Allen and the others follow her in from behind.

Oh, there you are!

 A map of the world is spread out on the table in the president's office. Perhaps it's because he's lived for a thousand years, but even his usual calm demeanor seems to be out of the ordinary.

Yes, how can I help you?

 Because the president is standing next to the map laid out on the table, Allen and the others remain standing without taking a seat.



 You should have been called for, but for some reason the question didn't come up right away. Is she at a loss for words or is she choosing her words? For a moment, I think the President looked at Sophie.

(During what?)

As a matter of fact, Allen and the others are required to go to work.

"Is it mobilized? Does that mean on the battlefield?

(Hmm? (Although it's only second year)

 When Allen first heard of the mobilization, he thought for a moment that he was going to be transferred to the Baukis Empire's school. However, we don't use the word mobilization to transfer to the school. Considering the purpose of the school, which was created to fight the demon king's army, I think the only place to mobilize is on the battlefield.

That's right. That's right, in accordance with the alliance of the five continents, Rosenheim made an urgent request to dispatch Allen to fight the Demon King's army, and the kingdom of Latash responded to the request.

 The dean puts on the table an order with the names of Allen, Krena, Cecil, Dogora, and Kiel written on it. Not only Allen, but all the party members.

The orders. The President says it's a request, is that the same thing?

"Rosenheim? Do you want me to go to Rosenheim?

 Even before entering the school, I always thought that I was going to the battlefields in the northern part of the Central Continent, such as the northern part of the Ghiamut Empire and the former Kingdom of Rasturi.

 The principal's gaze shifts to a large map of the world spread out on the table.

That's right. That's right. Rosenheim is now an existential crisis for the nation.


 Sophie is astonished, but the Rector continues on.

This is an intelligence report that the three continents are currently under invasion by the Demon King's Army. The number of the Demon King's army is said to be as many as 10 million.

""10 million!

(The three continents are the Central Continent, the Baucis Empire, and Rosenheim, right? Ten million?)

 The two continents to the south of the central continent have yet to become a battlefield against the Demon King's army.

That's five to ten times more than in previous years .

 The Demon King's Army had been attacking the three continents at the same time, but in the class, it was said that the Demon King's Army had been attacking the three continents at the same time every year with a million to two million. One or two million is the sum of the number of Demon King's army that attacked the three continents at the same time, so if it was confined to the central continent, it would be about one million at most.

 The rest of the continent says about half a million each.

That's right. I don't know how long the demon king's army has been conserving power, but it seems to have been growing for this occasion.

(After all, weren't the losses to the brave men in the past few years due to their strength alone? How many years have the demon king's army saved their strength for this day?

 The battlefield changed with the arrival of the brave Helmios. Helmios is the hope mankind has found after more than 50 years of defeat.

 It's been eight to nine years since a brave man appeared on the battlefield and began his march. All that time the demon king's army had been defeated, but it seems the reason was not only the brave man's power.

Theodosir, why is Rosenheim's existence at stake? Urgent request, well, no way!

 Sophie, who had been listening to the conversation with Allen, speaks to President Theodosyl in a broken wind.


 But the dean can't respond to the words. Words seem to be stuck in his throat.

Theodosir! Answer! I hope Her Majesty is safe!

(The Queen?)

 Sophie calls her own mother "the Queen". The elves are just as devoted to Her Majesty as they are to Rosen, the Spirit King. It may be said that all elves fight for the Queen.

Her Majesty's fate is uncertain.

 The dean finally managed to squeeze the words out of his mouth. The words were that the queen did not know what situation she was in now.

Bha! Ridiculous! What happened to Fortenia? Answer them all!

 Sophie is irritated by the Rector who only answers to what she is asked.
 Forteznia is the capital of the elven country of Rosenheim, the city of the queen.

Three days ago we learned that Forteania has fallen at the hands of three million demon kings. We do not know what has become of the queen. We don't know what happened to Her Majesty, since her last magical instrument failed to mention her body.

"...... such

"Dear Mr. Sophia Lorne

 As Sophie collapses to her knees, Folmar takes her in his arms and supports her.

Seventy percent of Rosenheim is already in the hands of the Demon King's army. Now I hear that they are preparing for the final battle in the south of Rosenheim.

(Hmm? The warfare is progressing pretty well. Do you feel like there's not a lot of information about the battlefield in the academy? (The school is only an educational institution)

 Even if it is a large invasion by a large army, it feels like the war is progressing too quickly.

Do you want me to go there?

"Yes. Please respond to the request.

By the way, what's the war situation on the Central Continent?

 Check the war situation in the north central continent. If Rosenheim is an existential crisis, what happened to the Ghiamut Empire?


 But the president could not answer immediately.

"Huh? Does that mean the front is collapsing?

"No, no. The front line has not yet become a battlefield. The demon king's army is about 10 days away from the front line, and about 2 million of them are waiting.

 On the central continent, an army of two million demon king's troops, twice as large as usual, was waiting. Hearing that, Allen's companions mutter "two million" and gasp.

(Huh? Waiting? All at once. Hmm? (Elven troops)

Excuse me. Has the Elves' unit been informed of Rosenheim? You said earlier that you were preparing for the final battle.

 The Dean's eyes widened at Allen's words. It seems he got to the point.

"Theodosir. Answer me. What is the status of the elven forces in the Central Continent now?

 Sophie also wants me to speak honestly.

"The Elven forces have already been informed of the situation in Rosenheim. We are in the process of returning to defend Rosenheim.

"Oh, no. You can't have an army of 2 million without an elven force!

 Even Cecil, who was listening to the story, couldn't help but speak up.

 In a battlefield where there are few healers, a troop of elves is playing the role of recovery. The elves have begun to retreat for the sake of their country's survival.
 How can we fight a demon king's army that is twice as strong as normal, Cecil says.

"The Demon King's Army in the Central Continent is waiting for the enemy to lose their healers. So they are not attacking, but waiting.


 Allen puts the battle situation on the central continent into simple words.

...... will probably be. But I am sorry to say that I am asking you to save Rosenheim and our Queen.

 The President seems to know that much and still wants Allen to respond to his request.

 The royal president bowed to Allen for the first time.

 At the end of Allen's second year at the school, the demon king's army had unleashed a 10 million-strong army that was intent on destroying the world.
 Allen's friends, his homeroom teacher, and the school president all waited with bated breath for Allen's answer.