164 Introduction to the Person in Chapter 3

 The protagonist . From the village of Krena. His name in a previous life was Kenichi Yamada, and in a previous life he was 35 years old. He is the only one who uses a rare skill summoning technique.
 Born a serf, he was a servant to the Baron Granvelle and then became a guest of the Baron Granvelle. Sweet tooth. He was named after a magical beast named Albaheron.
 He has dark eyes and dark hair, and he's good-looking. He thinks about all the wrong things.

Allen's friends
 Allen's childhood friend in the house next door . Same age as Allen. A swordsman. Pink hair and blue eyes. He was born a serf, but was rewarded by his lord for becoming a commoner.

 The son of a weapons dealer in the village of Krena. Same age as Allen. The axeman. Potato face. Brown hair. Large in stature.
 In chapter 3, he becomes much quieter and more of a warrior-like character.

Cecil Granvelle.
 The eldest daughter of the Granvelle family. The eldest daughter of the Granvelle family. She is the same age as Allen. She is a talented mage. She has lilac hair. and a pair of baleful eyes. She has deep red eyes. His partner's kumite level is rising. He is one of the party's few comedians.

 The heir of the Karnell family. Skinny and blond. He is a little taller than Allen. He has twisted hair and bad eyes. He took in his sister Nina and six servants who were displaced when the house of Karnell was demolished.
 After five years of service on the battlefield, he has promised the royal family that he will allow them to reestablish the House of Charnel after five years of service. A man who loves money and is nicknamed "The Golden Sage" (named Cecil).

Sophia Lorne (nicknamed Sophie)
 Princess of Rosenheim. An elf with clear white skin, long pure white hair and golden eyes. A wielder of spirit magic. The only one other than the summoner who calls him "Master Allen".

 Sophie's guards elves. Bowman. Mob.

 From the Baukis Empire . He has brown skin with droopy eyes and light green hair with a bun. I'm about a head shorter than Allen. His first name is me. I have a rare skill called "demon rock general" that only one in ten million people have.

President (Theodosyl)
 He came from Rosenheim. He is a high elf and royalty who lived for a thousand years.

My teacher (Karova)
 A muscular body, a former A-ranked adventurer. A gifted swordsman, sent by the Adventurer's Guild for Krsna. Brainy.

 Allen's classmate. Count Hamilton's trueborn son. The Earl of Hamilton is a close relative of the Granvels. He is a well-informed man who helps Allen learn things.

 A child of a Hamiltonian baronial family. One of the class organizers.

An outsider
 The creator god. Worshipped in this other world. Sometimes they respond to Allen's complaints.

 Spirit King. A believer of the elves. Through sleepwalking, he has informed Rosenheim of Allen's existence.

 Dungeon Master in the Baucis Empire . Complete S-class dungeons to challenge Digragni. The dwarves have faith.

Kingdom of Latash
 The crown prince . The year is early 30s. A handsome man with an oval back and coiffed hair like you would see in a foreign drama from a previous life. His royalist father lost a political battle and was unable to become the king. He garnered the support of the great nobles and became the Dauphin, and at the end of the third chapter he became the king. He is not on good terms with Allen or Viscount Granville.

Old house of Karnell
 The blonde girl . Adores her brother Keel.

 A man with a talent for bravery. He is from the Ghiamut Empire. A young man with light blue hair who is always smiling. Ten years older than Allen.

 A man with the gift of the sword saint. The hero of the kingdom. From the serfs of Latash. One-Eyed. About 60 years old.

Frontier Village (Rodin Village)
 Allen's father. Twenty years older than Allen. He had brown hair and a wild face. He is the leader of the serfs and worked his way up from boar hunting to commoner. He is now the village chief and is settling a new village.

 Allen's mother. 18 years older than Allen. Brown hair, green eyes.

 Allen's brother. Three years younger than Allen. Brown hair and green eyes. He is a gifted spearman. He is named after a magical beast named Maedergarsh.

 Allen's sister. Seven years younger than Allen. Brown hair and green eyes. No talent. Named after a precious herb called mullase flower.

 Crenna's father . Looks and builds like a gorilla.

The city of Granville
 The head of the Granvelle family . Purple hair. Eagle eyes. From baron to baronet on the advice of Allen and with the offer of mithril mining rights. He made Allen a guest of the baronet family.

 The Butler of the House of Granville.

 Knight Commander. He is a gifted swordsman. I have fought the demon king's army for 10 years.