165 Summoning Level 6 Summoning Introduction and Organization

Summons characteristics
Insect System
 Obtained from summons level 1. Has a good ranged debuff effect. Does not always work.
Beast strain
 Taken from summoning level 1. It is the only attack-driven strain. Attacks enemies with high strength and attack power.
 Obtained from summons level 2. Good at spotting and espionage.
Grass lineage
 Summoned from level 3. Can turn into a recovery potion. Using the special skill will not allow you to return to the summoned animal.
Stone System
 Retrieved from summon level 4. Defensive subject .
Fish lineage
 Obtained from summons level 5. Buffing subject. Use the special skill to swim in the ground.
Spirit Lineage
 Summoned from level 6. Can use magic. Passable to matter. It can speak. It can pass with healing potions that use summons such as the grass of life. Other items cannot pass through walls and so forth together.

Summoner's blessing
Insect system Durability, quickness
Beast lineage Physical strength, attack power
Bird system Quickness, intelligence
Grass lineage magical power, good luck
Stone system Physical strength, endurance
Fish lineage intelligence, magical power
Endurance, intelligence, physical resistance

Summoner's name and appearance
Insect System
 H Denka Grasshopper. Larger than a grasshopper.
 G. Pyonta A frog. About as big as a bullfrog.
 F-Chu Hill. Curled up as big as a volleyball.
 E swallowtail butterfly. One meter from wing to wing.
 The spider. 1.5 m long.
 Cpion A scorpion. 2 meters long.
Animal Lineage
 H choloske rat. About a rat.
 G-mole. A small dog.
 F. Porgy. About an Akita dog.
 E Tama. A saber tiger. Height 1.2 meters. Two meters long.

 D-Bear The bear. . 2.5 meters long.
 C-button Wild boar. 3.5 meters long.
Bird lineage
 G. Chappie parrot.
 F poppo pigeon.
 E hawk. A hawk with a wingspan of about 2 meters.
 D hollow An owl. 1.5 meters with wings outstretched.
 CFLAN A cassowary. 2.5 meters to the head and less than 2 meters high.
 F-apo Apple. The limbs are growing.
 E Mametaro peas. They grow limbs.
 D jagweed potatoes. They grow limbs.
 C marbeau Eggplant. With arms and legs.
Stone lineage
 E-cabeo made of stone. An eraser with arms and legs. 1.5 meters long.
 D. Bronn. Copper armor. Medieval European style. 2 meters long. Shield is 2 meters long and wide.
 C Tekko steel armor. Medieval European style. 4 meters long. Shield is 3 meters long and 3 meters wide.
Fish Lineage
 D. Harami salmon. About 2 meters long.
 C shark fin. About 4 meters in length.
Spiritual Lineage
 C Maria blonde French doll. About 30 centimeters .

Summoner's special skills and effects
Insect System
 H jumping Just jumping around.
 G. Provokes the enemy into a furious state
 Sucks up the power of the enemy. Does not increase its own power.
 E Scale powder puts the enemy to sleep.
 D spider silk stops the enemy. slows the enemy.
 C numbness needle paralyzes the enemy. Paralyze the enemy.
Beast strain
 H Run around Just run around.
 G Dig a hole Dig a hole with a radius of 30 centimeters and a depth of one meter

 After F-rank, the damage is about 1.5 times that of a normal attack.
 G. Voice Mane Know the name and can imitate the voice of the subject who has heard the voice.
 F-Receive Allen's voice to deliver words to targets within a 3 km radius.
      No one other than the target can hear the voice.
 E Eagle's Eye You can search for objects in a three-kilometer radius.
      You cannot search beyond the obstacle. The skill is only active during the day.
 D Eye of the Hawk Search for objects in a three-kilometer radius.
      You cannot search for the end of the obstacle. The skill is only active at night.
 Crun through it. Run twice as fast as normal depending on your speed.
Grass-based (consumption item)
 F Aroma raises the recovery time from 6 hours to 5 hours.
        Once planted, the effect lasts for a while.
 E Grass of Life restores 1000 vitality.
 D Magical Fruit: Use it to restore 1000 magic power.
 C Laxative cures abnormalities. Use it once for 24 hours.
Stone System
 E to D protects you by increasing your durability to 1.5 times that of the normal defense.
 C doubles the durability to compensate for the damage taken by a companion.
 D. Scattered physics and magic evasion increase
 C shark oil Increases the rate of meeting rage.
Spirit Lineage
 C-psycho Long-range single attack. Power depends on intelligence.

History of skill improvement
01 years and 00 months, grimoire acquired, summon level 1, summoner H-rank
01 years and 10 months Summons level 2, acquisition of synthesis skills
03 years and 00 months old, Summoner G rank
05 years and 11 months, summon level 3, acquisition of enhanced skills, summons F
-07 years, 09 months Summons level 4, storage skill acquisition, summoned animal E
09 years and 10 months Summons level 5, shared skill acquisition, summoned animal D
-12 years, 09 months Summons level 6, Awakening skill acquisition, Summoner C

The magic consumption of each skill
Summoning, storing, sharing, and deleting consumes 0 magic power.
Generation depends on the rank of the summoned beast
 H-rank magic power consumption 2
 G-rank magic power consumption 5
 F-rank magic power consumption 10
 E rank magic power consumption 20
 D-rank magic power consumption 50
 C rank magic power consumption of 100
Synthesis is fixed at 5 magic power consumption
Enhancements are fixed at 10 magic power consumption
Awakening is fixed at 100 magic power consumption

Combination of the z-synthesis
Bird systems Insects and beasts
Grass systems Insects and birds
Stone System Birds and Grass
Fish system Grass and stones
Spiritual lineage Fish and birds

The number of magic stones needed to generate and synthesize
 Generation and synthesis from E rank requires gravestones. The type of gravestone required is the gravestone of that rank.

1 insect strain
1 piece of animal lineage
3 bird strains
5 pieces of grass strains
Stone system 9 pieces
15 fish strains
19 spirit lines

Enhancement level and the number of statuses increased by two as a blessing
Level 1 Increase to +10
Level 2 Increase to +20
Increase to level 3 +50
Increase to level 4 +100
Increase to level 5 +200
Increase to level 6 +500

Effectiveness of Awakening Skills
Insect System
 H herding increases to 100 bodies. Cool time is one day.
 G burns the enemy into a rage. Affects only one enemy. The cool time is one day.
 Siphon off much of the enemy's power. Takes effect in one body. Cool time is 1 day.
 E Butterfly Dance puts the enemy to sleep. Takes effect in one body. The cool time is one day.
 D Iron thread stops the enemy. Reduces body strength. Has a cool time of 1 day.
 C kills the enemy instantly. Has a cool time of 1 day.
Animal Line
 H-rat equation doubles and multiplies. They stop increasing after 100 animals.
 G lives in a hole with a radius of two meters. Make the hole 10 meters deep. The cool time is one day.
 A month to become a small dog.
 E borrow a cat.
 D. Devour three times your normal attack. Cool time is one day.
 C rushes forward three times as fast as normal. Cool time is 1 day.
Bird strain
 G-chirp. Can be emitted simultaneously with a voice mimic. The cool time is one day.
 F Transmissions You can use Allen's voice to send information to targets within a 100 kilometer radius.
        The information can be anything Allen has seen or heard (including images).
        Your voice does not change in volume, regardless of distance or obstacles. Cool time is one day.
 E clairvoyant vision allows you to comprehend objects within a 100-kilometer radius.
        You cannot see through obstacles. Valid only during the day. The cool time is one day.

 D midnight. Grasp objects within a 100-kilometer radius.
        You won't be able to see inside the obstacle. Valid only at night. Cool time is one day.
 C Vikings can run six times faster than normal. Your cool time is one hour. Cool time is 1 day.
Grass (items consumed)
 F herb Increases the recovery time from 6 hours to 3 hours. Works while alive.
 E Leaf of Life regenerates health 1,000 times when used. Works on all comrades within a 50 meter radius.
 D Seed of Magic: Use it to restore 1,000 times of magic. Works on all comrades within a 50 meter radius.
 C Flavored Vegetable Cures abnormalities. Use it once to last for 24 hours.
        Works on all comrades within a 50-meter radius.
 E self-destruct attacks the enemy by self-destructing. Once triggered, it cannot be reversed.
        Detonates at 5 meters from the enemy. Explodes even if instructed.
D. Save your life. Increase your endurance fivefold. Misanalyzed in chapter 3.
C Self-sacrifice triples your endurance and compensates for damage taken by others within a 50 meter radius.
Fish lineage
 D. Scattering. 10% chance of physical and magical evasion. The effect is 1 hour. The cool time is 1 day.
 Cshark skin 10% chance of a heart attack. The effect is 1 hour. The cool time is 1 day.
Spirit Lineage
 C Poltergeist Multiple long-range attacks. Power depends on intelligence.

Stowage performance
 Any amount of anything within the size of a square of 30 centimeters per side will fit in.
 End of Chapter 3: Items in storage at the end of the next point
More than a year's worth of food (dried meat, dried potatoes, bread, mormo nuts, etc.)
A full pool of water
Igniting spells
Burnt torches
300 kilograms of firewood
Blankets for 1000 people
Spare armor (10 suits)
10 adamantite swords
18,000 gold coins
200,000 E-rated magic stones
220,000 D-grade magic stones
170,000 C-grade magic stones
12,000 B-grade magic stones
612 A-grade magic stones
650,000 leaves of life
20,000 seeds of magic
3,000 B-rank recovery pills (in an awake state)

Share performance
 Sharing allows you to share sight and hearing.
 Allow shared summons to use instructions or special skills.
 You can share more than one summons.
 You can share one summoner for every 200 intelligence, including blessings, that you can share.
 You must be within a visible location within a 50 meter radius to share.
 You can un-share a summon from a distance of more than 50 meters.
 You cannot re-share if you are more than 50 meters away.

The Relationship Between Intelligence and Instructions
 The intelligence of a summoner varies by strain or rank. If they are low in intelligence, they will not listen to instructions. However, you can activate special skills.
 With 100 intelligence, you can listen to commands.
 With 300 intelligence, you can work with other summons.