166 Division 162 Priority

 Aren and his men are asked by the Rector to go to Rosenheim, which has requested assistance from the League of Five Continents.

 Rosenheim is about to disappear, but the Central Continent is about to be invaded by an army of two million men, while the elven troops who were in charge of restoring it might disappear.

''You want me to go to Rosenheim and not the Central Continent.

 With everyone staring at him, Allen asks for confirmation from the president.

"There are brave men in the Central Continent.

 So I want you to go to Rosenheim, says the Rector again.

'What? Hey, how wide do you think the front line is!

 The front line is a considerable distance as if across the central continent. The major fortifications alone number over 50. Cecil exclaims, "How much can one brave man do?

 Even if you can defend the fortress where the brave men are, the empire and the central continent will be finished if everything else falls.

But we have no brave men!

 The president's words falter at Cecil's words. The president's face is agitated. Maybe he wants to come back too.

Oh, Allen, what are you going to do?

 Cecil asks Allen what to do in this situation.

(Well, I need more information. I should say something.

"In this situation, I guess I'll just choose to save Rosenheim.

"Ho, really! Will you go. The high-speed mageship will be ready for departure tomorrow.

 The Dean talks about his next move with glee.

(Oh, did I mention that there are high-speed mageships to travel to intercontinental and other countries' capitals?

 There are two types of magic ships: normal speed and high speed.
 Most mageships are normal speed.
 But you say you will use a high speed grimoire that uses many times more magic stones to move it from its current location in the south of the central continent to Rosenheim.

Could you then tell us a little more about the battle?

"Of course, of course.

 The demon king's army was conserving its strength and looking for opportunities. I don't know how much planning went into the current situation, but I still need more information.

''So, three million demon king's troops are currently in Rosenheim and two million are about ten days away from the front line of the central continent. Does that mean the rest are in the Baukis Empire?

 Allen will try to get a handle on the current situation.
 There are 10 million demon kings' armies in the world, and yet only 5 million have been mentioned.

No, that's not it.

 The Dean explains the strength of the Demon King's army.

3 million in Rosenheim
2 million bodies in the central continent
One million bodies in the Baucis Empire
4 million reserves

 The Bauchis Empire has not yet made contact with the Demon King's army, and has set up shop on the seas a short distance from the continent.

A million bodies for the Bauchis Empire: ......

 Merle, looking much more anxious, mutters. Merle's father has been a soldier and is fighting on the front lines.

The Baukis Empire is about twice as large as it was in previous years.

(Unlike the Central Continent and Rosenheim, it's a naval battle against the Baucis Empire.

 The Baucis Empire has not allowed the demon king's army to land. This is because it has more than 10,000 golem soldiers over 100 meters long. The military strength of the Bauquist Empire is greater than that of the Ghiamut Empire.

 The monster king's army fights against the Baukis empire on the seas with large monsters that can carry countless monsters on their backs as their carriers.
 Because of this, the number of monsters that can be used to carry them and their limited carrying capacity, there is a limit to the number of troops that can be deployed against the Bauchis Empire.

 But even so, the monster king's army seems to have prepared an army of one million troops, twice as large as usual, to take on the Bauchis Empire this time.

"And so. Merle.

"Yes, yes

Merle has been ordered to return to the Baucis Empire.

"Oh, no!

 It seems that Merle also thought that he was going to Rosenheim with Allen and the others.

 In the order issued by the kingdom, there are only the names of Krena, Cecil, Dogora, and Kiel, led by Allen. The names of Merle, the people of the Baukis Empire, and Sophie, the royalty of Rosenheim, are absent.

(Do I hate it so much?)

 Allen has been under the spotlight since the current king was the crown prince.

 Although only noblemen are obligated to go to the battlefield, they have drawn up a written order, in the form of an order from the king, ordering them to go to Rosenheim to support him as he is about to fall.

"Does this mean everyone, not just Merle?

That's right. Both Rosenheim and the Baukis Empire have ordered the return of all elves and dwarves, respectively.

 Academies are not just in the kingdoms. The One-Country-One-Campus system, created by the League of Continents, means that there are academies in every country on the central continent.
 Student elves and dwarves who have moved to non-kingdom countries such as the Empire have been contacted by the presidents of the academies to return due to an emergency.

 The dying Rosenheim is likely to send the returned elves to the battlefield immediately.

(Hmm, we're starting to get an idea of the situation.

So, what is the main objective of the Demon King's Army?


(Hey, you can't be aimless. There is such a bias in the number of soldiers and the timing of the attack.

 For a moment, you are about to give him a tsk-tsk look, but you resist.

Do you know what you're aiming for, Allen?

 Cecil seems to know what Allen means. It's helpful to have Cecil to talk to you about this kind of strategy.

Maybe, but the Demon King's Army has priorities.

 The Demon King's army is ten million men, but that number is finite. If you have spent more than five years to prepare this army, you've wasted that much time. We can't waste as much as possible.

 Dogora and Krsna are also quietly listening to what Allen has to say.

 Allen continues to talk.

 Ten million of the demon king's army seems to be a lot, maybe not enough to attack and destroy three continents. On top of that, I've spread out the troops and the timing of the attack with the goal of getting this far.

 Their first priority would be to attack and destroy Rosenheim.
 Rosenheim is supporting the central continent with its elven forces. The Demon King's army has proven that as long as the elven forces are there, it will be difficult to attack and destroy the Central Continent.

 The next step is not the dissolution of a country or continent, but the dissolution of the League of Five Continents.
 All the continents were cooperating because they could afford to cooperate with each other.
 Rosenheim is ignoring the treaty and sending the elves home for fear of national survival. This is like saying that they will leave the League of Five Continents.
 Even if we manage to get out of this war, it will be a great distortion of international cooperation by mankind. The other continents may not cooperate in future wars.

 The third would be to attack and destroy the Empire of Ghiamut, the leader of the Central Continent.
 Now, the elven troops are in retreat. This should make it easier than ever to attack and destroy them.

 And finally, the Baukis Empire. The Baukis Empire is well-defended and hard to destroy. It also sends golems to the central continental front for support, but most of them are used to defend their own continent.

''Does this mean that the four million reserve soldiers will be added to the list of priorities to attack us?

That's true. If Rosenheim and the Central Continent are satisfied with their current 3 million and 2 million, then 4 million troops will be directed to the Baucis Empire.

Does that mean that if Rosenheim falls with three million bodies, the six million troops in reserve will come to the Empire of Giamut?

"Of course you will,

 Reserves would be sent to ensure that the top priority is achieved. It feels like a wasteful strategy.

 If we leave Rosenheim to die, a large army will come to the Central Continent.

 So, Aren said that we should go to Rosenheim to save the Central Continent.

(Well, there's a written order, especially for Cecil, so he wouldn't be able to refuse the king's order.

 Although the president doesn't use the word "request," this time Allen and his friends have an order from the king. Perhaps he thinks that using the word "order" might make Allen feel bad and say no. To be honest, I don't care about the king, but I have a nobleman, Cecil, so I have no reason to say no.

 I'm going to go say hello to the king when he comes back, as I'm sure he's willing to let you die as is.

"But how can you have an army of two million without a healer?

 Kiel has been quiet up to this point, but now he's going to say it. He is not against going to Rosenheim, either, but if we don't, the front line in the north central continent will collapse.

 I'm sure many of our men will die.
 We are without a comforter.

 If you saved Rosenheim from collapsing and came back, the Ghiamut Empire may have collapsed.

Yes, I've thought of that too.

 Allen had a plan to get out of this situation.