167 Art. 163. The E.L.F.'s Spiritual Medicine

 Allen said that in this situation, saving Rosenheim should be the top priority.

 The allied forces in the central continent, led by the Ghiamut Empire, will soon be fighting an army of two million demon kings with no recovering elven troops left and no recovery magic to give them. The front line might fall back and attack the imperial capital all at once.

 Moreover, the demon king's army has four million more troops left in reserve.

 If the imperial capital falls, the kingdom will be the next to be attacked.

"So you won't be joining us on the central continent?

 Everyone is looking at Allen and the others. They're worried the President will change his mind.

Yes, yes. I can't say it's going to be a problem, but I'm going to send a restorative for the soldiers on the front lines in the north central continent.

 Then Allen shows everyone a leaf of life that he made with a Grass E summoner.

This will help the front line hold up. I guess that means we'll be able to heal them for the elves.

Recovery pills. There are recovery pills on the front lines, too.

 The Rector looked at it curiously, so I handed it to him and he looked at the leaf of life sullenly.

This one can restore a soldier's strength a thousand times within the range of one training ground of the school.

"A thousand! Such a large area?

(After all, the President said he understands the quantification of status.

 The dean was astonished and saw the leaves of life again.

 The Rector had understood the quantification of status when he took the exam.
 Apparently, the President's own talents include the same appraisal skills as the brave ones.

 There's a reason the dean was taken aback by Allen's words.
 A monk's recovery magic has a wider recovery range as his level increases.
 But even at level 6 of recovery magic, the radius is limited to 30 meters.
 Not even Keel can recover the entire practice field.

 Furthermore, since the amount of recovery depends on intelligence, a monk who has reached level 60 can recover more strength than a leaf of life.

''There are about 600,000 of them, so I think we can bring them to the front line and the front line will last a little longer.

(Actually, 650,000 pieces.)


 Allen had created 650,000 Leaves of Life over a year and a half since last summer.
 He was able to turn most of them into leaves of life by summoning them at high speed, even though he had been stagnant for a while due to the number of magical stones. Since E-ranked gravestones are useful, I left some of them as gravestones, leaving 650,000 of them as gravestones.

 Of these, 600,000 will be distributed to the front line where the elven troops have disappeared.

"Yes, look at the map. There are more than 50 major strongholds. But we'll only need about ten if we are to survive this battle. The fort where the brave men are at won't need the restorative pills, too, so that's even less. It'll take about eight days to get from here to the front line using a magic ship.

 Allen explains.

 This battle will be an all-out battle that the Demon King's army has been preparing for for years.

 If the demon king's army also wants to make sure that the imperial capital will be destroyed, the invasion route will be limited and the battle will take place in about ten forts at most. And if a brave man with a magic recovery ring uses area recovery magic, the number of forts that need recovery medicine will be reduced further.

 There is a total of 600,000 healing potions provided to each fort.
 Considering the range of recovery, we think we won't need more than 10,000 per day.

(That's just a rough estimate.)

But it will only last you two months.

 The dean seems to have understood both what Allen meant and the practicality of his explanation.
 If it takes at least ten days for the Demon King's army to attack, then we can get the restorative to the front line.

''Yes, that's right. This battle will be a short-lived one. We need to change the game in Rosenheim within two months, three months at the most.

 The restorative that Allen gave you will only last for two months, three months at the most.
 I must change the war situation during that time.

 If the Demon King's army's top priority is Rosenheim, then changing Rosenheim's war situation will force us to change our offensive strategy on the Central Continent as well.

 The Central Continent has brave men. The invasion of Rosenheim also failed, and now they are going to push for the invasion of the Central Continent, which is a lower priority.

(Well, this is what we have to do around here. It's also possible that your main goal is to attack the central continent, and that you were able to invade Rosenheim more than expected. Now it's just a matter of what the empire does. (The Empire won't be destroyed either.

 This is a war with an opponent. It is difficult to completely predict the strategy of the Demon King's army, the enemies of humanity.

"Has the Empire declared a state of emergency by the way?

 In the kingdom, the king has the power to declare a state of emergency.
 If a state of emergency is declared, the duty of conscription, which was only for the nobility, is reduced to that of commoners and serfs.
 Basically, the state of emergency is not issued due to the dissatisfaction of the commoners and the instability of the nation, but it is issued when a crisis occurs such as this one. I learned this in my school class.

 I ask the president what the Empire's response is in such a situation.

Well, Emperor Giamut has already declared a state of emergency.

 As a result, he says, they are rushing to reinforce it by all means, including reservists, veterans, recruiters and conscripts. But they can't send them to the front line immediately, and even those that are ready to fight, such as reservists and veterans, will take a month to prepare.

(Would a month be enough to thicken the front line?)

But how do you get 600,000 of these healing pills? Is this a summoner's power?

 The Dean wonders about too many recovery pills. If these numbers and effects are true, then the Summoner should be able to change the game.

No, this is not the summoner's power.


 Allen's fellow students who were listening to the talk with the president also voiced their doubts.

 This leaf of life is a restorative made by Allen. Even during breaks in the dungeon attack, you can see him pulling the soil out of the storage and busily making the Leaf of Life.

This is an elven elixir made by Rosenheim. This is the elven elixir created by Rosenheim. It's much less effective than the previous one, but it was successfully mass-produced during the creation process.

(If the reaction of the brave men is true, then the elven elixir is said to cure the deficit as well.

""...... elven elixir?"

 I remember mistaking the "Blessings of the Earth" skill of Grass B that Allen used in his battle with the brave Helmios for an elven recovery potion.

"Master Aren, this is definitely the elves' elixir.

"Dear Ms. Sophia Lorne?

 Sophie goes along with Allen's story. Theodosir, elven royalty and rector, has a look on his face that says, "What are you talking about?

The elven elixir is to make amends for Rosenheim's withdrawal of the elven troops. Is that right, Master Allen?

 Sophie looks at Allen with the eyes of a student who has answered the question correctly.

Yes, it is. That should keep the League of Five Continents together somehow.

 The demon king's army has priorities for this move. The first priority is the invasion of Rosenheim. And he also wants to break the alliance of five continents.
 That will make future invasions of the other continents easier.

 This recovery potion will be used as the elves' elixir, with support from Rosenheim. This would greatly change the mindset of the Empire of Giumut's troops, who had broken their alliance agreement and fled before the enemy, even if it was to save their homeland from certain death.

(Well, it would be better to still maintain the alliance because the Demon King is there.

 With the demon king gone, Allen believes that the Alliance of the Five Continents will be reshaped as a small nation at the mercy of a hegemonic power.

But it's great! You're trying to save Rosenheim, send aid to the Ghiamut Empire, and maintain the alliance.

 Sophie explains to me what Allen wants to do.

"No, this is just an anticipation of what we're hearing and a response. In reality, the battlefield is going to be different because of what we're up against.

 At first I think the war will go in a good direction. Because the demon king's army will attack on the premise that there is no recovery force of elves. That's 600,000 restoratives.

 But if it turns out that there's a lot of restorative medicine, it might change their strategy. If Rosenheim recovers, they might change their plan to attack the central continent.
 Surely not everything would be fine.

(And we need to take out some insurance, too.)

 It seems that Allen has a plan that he hasn't told you about yet.

But it would be really helpful.

No, the president will have to explain it well.

 Ask the dean to give a good account of the recovery drug.

And Merle.


 Talk to Merle, who has been sluggish for a while now.
 Merle is now ordered by the Baucis Empire to return home.

My trip to the Baucis Empire will not change in April.


"I'll destroy the Demon King's army and go to an S-class dungeon as fast as I can.


 Allen believes that this battle is a short-lived one. When it's over, he wants to go to the S-class dungeon of the Baukis Empire.

So I'll give Merle the elven elixir as well, since he'll probably be sent to the battlefield.

 Merle is one in ten million who has the gift of a demon rock general who can move a mithril-class golem. In case of emergency, he is likely to be sent out as a student soldier.

 I'll take the elven elixir that Rosenheim gave me and give you the restorative.

Oh, thanks.

I'll give Merle some magic restorers, too. I'll give him 1,000 magic seeds and he can change the game.

 What the north central continent needs is a restorative. But what Merle and the other Golem wielders' magic-powered Golem soldiers need is magic power.

 Merle thanked them with a half-hearted smile. He feels guilty about leaving the party after dragging his feet in the dungeon for so long.

I'll have to explain it to Nina.

Well, we should say goodbye at the base. We'll have to say goodbye at the base.

 He wanted to say a few words to his family and servants of Kiel at the base and then go to the battlefield.
 Thus, the preparations for the journey to Rosenheim were underway.