168 164. Separated Squadron

 When the President asked me to save Rosenheim, I agreed.
 Then a whole day passed.

 Allen and his team made preparations to go to Rosenheim.
 They were told that they already had the necessary supplies, including food, but there was something else that Allen would need.

 There is something deeply moving in me, knowing that I may not be able to come back to this city where I spent less than two years. I believe that war is never absolute, and there is no guarantee that we will win.

 Most of the inhabitants of this city don't know about the demon king and live their lives as usual.
 I'm going to keep it that way.

 Kiel told his sister Nina and the servants what happened. Nina was quite shocked, but tearfully asked for her to come back.
 Nina and the servants agreed to stay with the Hamilton family about a year earlier than planned.

 Allen plans to have a short battle, but there is a good chance that the enemy will conduct a guerrilla-like operation and the battle will be prolonged.

After leaving the dean's office, I told Refolu about the situation, and he agreed to take Nina and her friends back to the Hamilton family's mansion as soon as possible.

"It's between you and me, Allen. It's not a problem at all.

 I was told that I owed him a debt of gratitude, but after all the lessons he had taught me over the past two years, I didn't mind owing him that much.

 Right now, Allen is on the outskirts of the school city.
 He opened his grimoire and checked the status, specialties, and awakening skills of the B-ranked summoned beasts whose summoning level had reached 7 and could be summoned.

(Well, I'd like to send 10 of them, or maybe 15 of them in support.

Shape of the ant bug B status
 Species】 Insects
 [Rank] B
 Name] Alippon
 Physical strength] 2600
 Magic] 1000
 Attack Power] 2400
 Endurance] 3000
 Quickness] 3000
 Intelligence] 2000
 Fortune 1800
 Protection: Endurance 100, speed 100
 Special skill: Formic acid
 Awakening] Spawning

Shape of the Cerberus Beast B status
 Species】 Beast
 [Rank] B
 Physical strength] 3000
 Magic] 1000
 Attack Power] 3000
 Durability] 2700
 [Quickness] 2800
 Intelligence] 2000
 Fortune 1400

 Protection] Strength 100, Attack Strength 100
 Special skill] Triple bite
 9 stacks of bites

Shape of the gryphon bird B status
 Species] Birds
 [Rank] B
 Name] Glyphs
 Physical strength] 2000
 Magic] 1000
 Attack Power] 2000
 Endurance] 2300
 Quickness] 3000
 Intelligence] 3000
 Fortune 2400
 Protection: Speed 100, Intelligence 100
 Special Skill] Flying

Shape of the peach grass B status
 Species] Grass
 [Rank] B
 Name] Momoko
 Physical strength] 100
 Magical power] 3000
 Attack Power] 100
 Durability] 100
 Quickness] 100
 Intelligence] 100
 Fortune] 3000
 Protection: 100% magic and 100% luck
 Special Skill] Blessings of the Earth
 Awakening: a blessing from heaven

Shape of the stone B in full plate made of mithril
 Sort] Stone
 [Rank] B
 Name] Mirror
 Physical strength] 3000
 Magic] 1000
 Attack Power] 2800
 Endurance] 3000
 [Quickness] 2300
 Intelligence] 2000
 Fortune 2500
 Protection: Strength 100, Endurance 100
 Special Skill] Reflexion
 Awakening Total Reflex

Shape of the tortoise sea dragon Archeron fish B status
 Species] Fish
 [Rank] B
 Name] Gembu
 Body strength] 2900
 Magical power] 3000
 Attack Power] 2000
 Endurance] 2900
 Quickness] 1000
 Intelligence] 3000
 Fortune 2600
 Protection: 100 magical power, 100 intellectual power
 Special Skill] Turtle Shield
 Awakening: Turtle Barrier

 Shape and status of female spirits spirits B
 Sort] Spirit
 [Rank] B
 Name] Ellie

 Physical strength] 2600
 Magical power] 3000
 Attack Power] 2600
 Endurance] 3000
 Quickness] 2600
 Intelligence] 3000
 Fortune 1800
 Protection: Endurance 100, Intelligence 100, Physical Resistance 100
 Special Skills] Gravity
 Awakening] Kuro hole

 Shape of the dragon B status of the dragon
 Species] Dragons
 [Rank] B
 Name】 Dora Dora Dora
 Physical strength] 2800
 Magic] 1000
 Attack Power] 3000
 Endurance] 2900
 Quickness] 3000
 Intelligence] 1800
 Fortune 1600
 Protection: Attack power 100, speed 100, breath resistance high
 Special Skill] Spitting fire
 Awakening the fire of anger

"So, we're going to destroy the hexenbiest called the Demon King's Army, right?

 A woman with blonde hair, about the age of early teens, speaks to Allen.
 Her body is slightly translucent, and the one floating in the air and talking in a fussy manner is Spirit B's summoner.

That's right. It's a hexenbiest. There are probably quite a few human soldiers out there, but don't ever mess with them. Even if they attack you.

"We're happy to oblige.

 Allen wants to send his summons to fight at the front line in the northern part of the Central Continent. I want to help you against the Demon King's army of two million demon kings and learn more about the war situation in the northern part of the Central Continent.

 If the Ghiamut Empire is defeated, the next battle will be with our kingdom.

 I don't think a dozen or so summonses can change the war situation, but the sooner we know the situation, the sooner we can react. We don't want to be unprepared, like this one, where we go to Rosenheim the day after we hear about it.


"I'm sorry, Ariporn. The battlefield in the north of the continent is too far away. So I can't let you go, because it would take me a month just to move. I'll have you working on Rosenheim, so good luck.

 Bug B's summoner is dented. Allen pats him on the head to appease him.

 Summons can stay in the dungeon for a month in a row. There are many things you can do in a month, such as staying in the dungeon, going to the city of Granvelle as a liaison, or helping to settle the Rodin village. This time, however, you have to travel across a vast empire from south to north.

 I need a summoner that can fly and has a certain amount of movement speed.

2 summons for bird E
2 birds D summonses
5 spirit B summonses
5 dragon B summonses

(So much for reconnaissance, combat, and information gathering. He also wants me to carry a recovery pill.

Oh, if a demon god or demon tribe comes out, I want as much information as possible.

(I checked, but there's very little information. I'd like to know at least how strong it is.

All right. Let's get around to getting the information.

 The Dragon B summoner answers on behalf of the .

 According to the information I received from the president and homeroom teacher, the Demon King's army also has an enemy who will become its general.

 This plan is known to Allen's friends, but not to the president. The main reason is that we don't need to give out any more information than necessary. Besides, I couldn't entirely trust the Rector for not telling me about the withdrawal of the elven recovery force right away.

Then go ahead. I may send you some support when I find out what's happening on the battlefield, but don't get your hopes up.

"I'm going to go kill you.

"Oh, they'll burn it all down.

 The summons of Spirit B and Dragon B, who can speak the language, will answer. Then, flying in a clump with a shared vision, they will begin to fly northward over the central continent.


"Allen, are you done?

"Oh, Crenna. They're gone.

 Allen and his team are in front of a 100-meter class high-speed mage ship.

 Hundreds of newly arrived elves are gathered in one place as well, looking uneasy since the order to return was given.
 Sophie is going around offering incomprehensible encouragement, "Don't worry, we've got you, Master Allen".

 Looking at Kiel, he is about to say a final goodbye to Nina and her servants, but he seems to be having some kind of trouble with his oldest servant.

 It seems that he is about to entrust you with a considerable amount of money that he earned in the dungeon, and they are exchanging "take it" and "I can't take it". When I saw this happening at the base last night, the servants seem to have broken off, saying "We'll use it for Master Nina.

Are you sure?

"Huh? What's that?

 Allen speaks to Dogora. I think the most dangerous one in this fight is Dogora.

(Well, it's much stronger than a B-ranked summoner.)

 There is one thing that a companion has that a summoner does not: weapons and armor.
 It's weapons and armor. They wear the weapons and armor of the Adamantite.
 So I don't think we can lose or die that easily.

 But there will be more than just dragons in this battle.

Can't we just go along for the ride?

 Allen asks Dogora if he's going to be allowed to drift off into battle.

What the hell are you saying? His Majesty put my name on the order, too. What reason do I have for refusing? You'll be rewarded handsomely for your service on the battlefield.

 Dogora chuckles and replies with words that sound like something Allen would say.

Yeah, yeah. I'll be on the front lines with Klarna.

"Of course, leader.

 Then Dogora gripped the axe on his shoulder tightly.

(First, the city of Nest.)

 From now on, Aren and the others will board the magic ship. We're going to get off at the southernmost tip of Rosenheim, a large city called Nest, about four days away by grimoire ship.

Looks like we're good to go. Then let's all go.


 Allen and his friends were leaving for the battlefield.