169 Article 165 Collection of information

 In a gorgeous corner of the castle, a small bird perches on a branch next to a tree that stands near a window.

 Inside the room are a nobleman, a knight, and a steward. The knight notices the bird and opens the door, and the bird slips in.

"Excuse me, Viscount Granville.

 And greet the nobleman inside.

 This little bird is Allen's summoner of Bird G. I could have used Bird F. I could have done with bird F, but I wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible, so I went with the smallest summoner.

Mm, sorry. It took a while to get an audience with you.

"What? No, no. What do you find out?

 On the day he received the President's request to join the war, Allen informed Viscount Granvelle of the situation by a summoned beast that was waiting for him at the mansion.
 Viscount Granville had not been told about the orders for Allen and his men to go into battle.
 He immediately went to the capital and asked the royal family for an explanation.

 But an audience with the king was not possible that day.
 The king was busy and kept waiting.

(If we did get an audience today, it was probably because he heard we were on the magic ship.

Hmm, first of all, the war situation, it seems that the demon king's army marched into Rosenheim about a month ago.

 The viscount has confirmed a lot of things about the war.

 While you were waiting in the audience, some generals and other noblemen in high positions in the military were able to find out for you. They all seem to be very supportive of Viscount Granville.

 First, how the war came about and why.

 A month ago, the fortress defending the northern part of Rosenheim was taken down by three million troops.

 Although said to be a race trait, elves are especially good at assisting and healing. Elves are more likely to be born with high magic power. They are also archers, so if you think of it militarily, they specialize in defending the city walls.

 However, the demon king's army attacked with greater force than their defense. There is a huge fort that has been fortified for decades in the north of Rosenheim, but it was attacked within a few days.

 The demon king's army has now taken a major lead in their invasion of Rosenheim.

 Until now, the Demon King's army had attacked all three countries of the Central Continent, Baukis Empire and Rosenheim. But among them, the Central Continent has been attacked the most.

 If you ask why, the Central Continent was the weakest. The demon king's army had been invading the central continent most intensively for a long time because it was easier to attack. That's why the central continent is the only territory of the demon king's army unlike the other continents.

 Besides, the Baukis Empire had golem soldiers and Rosenheim had the blessing of the Spirit King.

 But a brave man appeared and this balance of strength was upset.

 The weakest changed to Rosenheim. Despite the Spirit King's blessing, Rosenheim is said to have far fewer men than the other two continents.

 Elves are said to be long-lived and difficult to have children with.

 And the elves do not like other races to come to Rosenheim. Their exclusive management of the state has led them to submit an urgent request to the kingdom through the League of Five Continents, and by the time the kingdom responds, it is attacked close to the capital. By the time the kingdom responds, the capital has fallen.

 Having failed to reach the capital, the kingdom replied to the city of Nest, one of the key locations south of Rosenheim, that it would send Allen and his companions to respond to the request by order of the king.

"Rosenheim as it stands now is not looking so good. "Rosenheim as it stands now is in a very tight spot.

 It took the demon king's army a reasonable number of days to fall the capital of Rosenheim, and as a result, the elves were evacuated. They also say that it has created enough time for people to gather in several key locations in the south.

 I don't know how far the demon king's army has invaded, but I believe the elves are fighting in the southern fortress.

Thank you for your research.

Of course I don't mind. So is the king.

 Tell us about the audience you just had.

 We are in an unprecedented crisis of national survival. We must cooperate with the League of Five Continents.
 We have decided to ask Allen to help Rosenheim, a valuable asset that will be greatly missed.
 And I thought that Allen would be able to demonstrate his abilities if he also included the comrades who were working with him.

 During the audience, the king was all this talk, and he wouldn't listen to me.

(Hmmm, plausibly calling me fellow countrymen to the prey of an army of three million.)

"I'm sorry about that. I gave the king a bit too much of a bad impression.

 Talk about the exchange with the Dauphin at the ceremony after the school martial arts tournament.
 As a result, Viscount Granville's daughter Cecile is also involved.

...... No, it's okay. So I want you to make sure that Cecile can return home safely.

 The viscount is at a loss for words for a moment, but he does have one wish for Allen.

I promise you that.

 I made a promise to the viscount without any proof whatsoever.

So, what's this all about?

 Dogora is talking to Allen in the mage ship.
 Just as at the base, we're all gathered in one compartment. We're here to share with our friends what the viscount has told us.


 Sophie is quite depressed when she hears about the events leading up to the fall of the capital.

"But the elves are still fighting and not giving up. If they haven't given up, then we can't give up on them.

"...... Mr. Allen

 It seems that Allen's words of hope have reached Sophie. It seems as if the sparkle in her eyes has returned a little.

"But this is my fault. I didn't expect the king to be so blatant.

I guess so. That's predictable. Originally, we had talked at the first dinner about sending Kiel and Crenna to the most dangerous places. (Though the target has changed to me.)

"Oh, what? Don't apologize. You're doing this for your people.

 Dogora gives me a look that says, "What is Dogora talking about? Everyone nods yes at what Dogora says.

That's right. Do what you want to do, Allen.

Yes. This is going to make me a nobleman a lot faster.

 Krena agrees, and Keel says he had no problem with Allen's actions because the fruits of the war would shorten his time to become a nobleman.

Got it, Allen? We're all ready to go.

 Cecil says that everyone is ready to go to war.
 Yes, Cecil has been ready ever since his brother Mihai died in the battle against the demon king's army.

 He thinks that next spring's entry into the war has only been delayed.

We'll have to pass the test. I would have liked to go into the war with Orihalcon-grade equipment alone. No, we have to do what we can now. (There's going to be S-rank class on the battlefield, I hear.

 Everyone has no problem joining the war. Of course Allen has no problem with it either. If I have one regret, it's that I haven't been able to get any information about the release of the level cap after a level canst, despite the fact that I've been steadily gathering information in the school city.

 This may be almost hopeless, as Helmios the Brave and Doberg the Swordsman are still in normal mode.

 I wanted to go to the S-class dungeons of the Baukis Empire to get at least some equipment, but I had to do what I could.

By the way, Allen. What are you going to do now?

 Cecil checks on the situation. I've been on the grimoire for three full days now.
 They've been talking about organization and such, but I haven't heard what Allen is after.

No, they're just going to the city of Nest in the south. I heard that they're heading south to the city called Nest, so I'm thinking of going north from there to wipe out the Demon King's army.

 Now this high speed mage ship is heading to the city of Nest at the southern tip of Rosenheim.
 It is said to be the southern hub of Rosenheim. It's in the city of Nest that the kingdom has made contact with.


 What was that thing you were going to say earlier about bothering us...? Allen was determined to wipe out the Demon King's army.

Well, that means we'll destroy three million demon kings. Mr. Allen.

"No, Sophie. If possible, I'd like to destroy 7 million with the 4 million in reserve.

 Four million reservists are said to be standing by at sea in the north central continent.
 When the war situation changes, they are sure to move.


 Maybe this is what it means to be speechless.

Well, this time I was asked to do it, and I responded, so I don't know what form I'll take in the war.

 So far, I haven't even heard what to do. I was just told to help.
 I don't know if I'm going to be in a unit somewhere, or a ranger, or what I'm going to do.

That shouldn't be a problem.


In the name of the princess, I'll set you free to fight. Isn't that right, Folmar?

"Yes, yes. Dear Mr. Sophia Lorne.

 Sophie is well aware that Allen's fighting style is not something that would make sense to incorporate into an elf unit. She feels that her position as princess was intended to set Allen free to fight.

 Amidst a number of misgivings, Aren and his friends await their arrival in the city of Nest the next day.