170 CHAPTER 166 Nested ①

The land is in sight. Rosenheim is in sight.

"Yeah, right on schedule.

 Responding to Cecil's voice.
 It was now the evening of the fourth day, and the land that seemed to be the southern tip of Rosenheim was safely in sight.
 Sophie anxiously gazes at the south end of Rosenheim through the window panes attached to the mage ship.

 From what we learned at the castle, we did not know if Her Majesty was alive or dead.

(But thank goodness.) (There's no fire in the city of Nest.)

 The city of Nest is the southernmost city of Rosenheim. If the fire is already raging and smoke is thick, then Rosenheim will be completely in the hands of the demon king's army.

 The magic ship will soon land at the landing field set up in the city of Nest.

 After landing at the landing field, they will disembark from the grimoire with hundreds of elves.

 The elven students look around and begin to run.

(I hear the elves are very protective of their families.)

 I guess fear for the safety of the family was greater than the fear of war.
 They are looking for their parents to see if they have come to the landing site.
 But there are many elves here, but there does not seem to be anyone who looks like the parents of the elven students.

 Elves are more concerned about family ties than other races. Perhaps it is because they live longer and are less likely to have children than other races.

 Rosenheim is about a third of the size of the central continent, but the population of elves living there is the same as the small kingdom of Latash.

(That's an awful lot of cargo.)

 Crates of cargo are crammed into the depots. It seems as if they have collected all the cargo from all of Rosenheim.
 Someone who appears to be the commander of the elven army is giving instructions on how to organize the cargo.

 If you look closely, you'll see some of the crates are charred. They must have escaped the war.

 The wagon is approaching from the dismounted side. An elf is getting out of the wagon and coming to join them.

"I'm glad you've returned, Master Sofiarone. The Presbyterian Church wants to see you.

"...... Elders. Mr. Allen, the presbytery is calling you.

 Sophie raises her eyebrows for a moment at the word elder.

 Sophie reiterates to Allen as the elf gets out of the carriage and speaks to her.
 Everyone get in, Sophie says, so they all get into the carriage.

What about the students?

 I left behind the elven student who came with me.

"That's not a problem. I've already told them where to meet.

 Saying that, everyone gasps as they pass through the depot.
 Because I saw the city scenery from the carriage window.

...... awful.

 Cecil exclaimed.

 The area had been turned into a field hospital.
 The elves were healing the bloody elves desperately. There are voices of wailing children.

How far does it go? Even through the city, the streets are filled with wounded and displaced people. There are over a million people displaced alone.

 Allen has already begun to check the entire city of Nest from the sky, using the summons of 10 birds E.
 In Allen's mind, the war has already begun.

 Now that the Demon King's army has occupied 70% of the territory and is advancing further, there is no telling how much time is left in Rosenheim.
 The more time we waste, the more damage we're going to cause. We have no time to waste.

 Perhaps a million elves have already died in this invasion.
 Once we have a full view of the city, we will move directly to the front line to assess the situation.

 For a southern stronghold with a large bay, the city of Nest is quite large. Eagle's eye catches the streets filled with elves.
 It is full of wounded and displaced people, many of whom are injured, some receiving medical treatment on the side of the road instead of entering buildings, and others with missing limbs.

(Perhaps they saw that they can no longer recover, or they do not have the time or magic power to recover the injured too badly.

 The fact that there are so many seriously injured and wounded in Rosenheim, where it is said that many of them can use recovery magic, seems to indicate the magnitude of the situation on the front lines.

 Allen's companions are shocked at the scene of the battlefield, which is so graphic.

 The carriage stops in front of a large wooden building in the center of town.
 As Sophie gets out of the carriage, the area begins to buzz. The people of the city seem to have noticed the princess's return.

 Some of them begin to clasp their hands and worship. They realize how much Sophie, the future queen, means to them.

"Come, Master Allen, this way. Where are the elders, Formar?

Ha, I'll check it out now.

 Sophie instructs Folmar stoutly, despite knowing the devastation of the city. Sophie seems to share the realization that time is running out.

 Soon, Folmar will be back.
 I'll show you the way, and Allen and the others enter the back of the building.

 This way," he says, and behind an open door sits a dozen raggedy elves.

Oh, Master Sophia Lorne. Good to see you back.

 One of the raggedy elves squealed with delight as they were ushered into a large conference room-like place.
 But Sophie looks around the large conference room and

"Where is the Queen?


Where are you going to be?

"I'm sorry. We asked you to leave, too.

So you're still in the front lines?

"Yes, yes

 Then Sophie is furious about the situation.

"Hey, why are you here without your queen?

 The ragged elves trembled at the fury of his words.

"I'm sorry. Master Sophia Lorne.

(Are they angry that only the Presbytery has been evacuated while the Queen has not?

 The Elven nation is a parliamentary system with a queen. Matters pertaining to the running of the state are decided by a council of 12 elders, but the queen has the power to veto decisions made by the council.

 Sophie is furious that without a queen, there are all the elders here without one. One of the elves, called the elders, desperately hushes Sophie.

"So, what's wrong with Her Majesty?

Her Majesty remains in the city of Tiamo, where she is currently fighting.

(I've heard of Tiamo. It's one of the larger cities. Is that the front line?

 This reminds me of one of the larger cities north of here Nest that we learned about in class.
 It's not hard to see why it's the front line if it's 70% occupied from the north of Rosenheim in terms of position.

After all, you're still alive.

Oh... yes.

 The elder elf slurred his words.

"What is the matter with you? Answer.

In terms of the battle situation, Tiamo has a few more days.

 The elders reply with a look of regret. The current frontline stronghold will fall in a few days.

 Besides the elves of the council of elders, there are high ranking soldiers and elves who appear to be generals.
 A map is spread out on a large table, and they seem to be discussing what to do about this situation that is about to be attacked and destroyed.

 Sophie turns to the elf, who appears to be a general in armor, to see if it is true that the city will fall in a few days.

 The wounded general's elf closes his eyes and bows his head.

(Is this officer also badly wounded and evacuated? Well, it looks like we're running out of time, and Sophie said you were free to do what you want. (I'm an outsider, but you were called in, so let's get in there.

The only people here are refugees who fled the war and wounded soldiers who retreated from the battlefield. And that the frontline cities will fall in a few days and the queen in them will be in danger.

 Allen summarizes the conversation and the situation in the city as confirmed by the summons of the bird E.

""What? 」」」」

 Allen, who had been watching from the sidelines, spoke up and everyone looked at him.

'Hey, is this man here?

Yes. The savior prophesied by the Spirit King. You have come for Rosenheim.

 Sophie seems to have finally calmed down now that Allen has entered the conversation.
 He bowed his head apologetically to Allen, so he shook his head to indicate with an attitude that there was no problem.

Such a boy is the Spirit King's ......

 The general, who has lost an arm, looks at Allen quizzically.
 Allen's appearance never looks so strong.

 Allen and his team arrived at the invaded city of Nest in Rosenheim.
 Waiting for them were tens of thousands of wounded soldiers and refugees who were unable to fight.

Now that we know the situation, we must prioritize our actions.

My name is Allen.

 Allen called himself the wounded general and the raggedy elves, as a matter of course.