171 Episode 167 Nest 2

 Allen interrupted a conversation between Sophie and the generals and elders in the conference room.
 The general, who had lost an arm, nodded back to Allen as Sophie nodded strongly toward him.

Oh, thank you. We're in the middle of a military council, so please join us.

(Hmm? (Now that's not a meeting to do)

 For Allen, who has heard the story so far, there is no point in having this meeting now.
 Because things are going to change. Because things are changing.

 And there are more important things for Allen to do.

(Uh, follow me.)

 Allen stares at Sophie. Sophie nods in response.

'A military tribunal? Do you want me to treat your arm first?

"Yeah, that's helpful, but that's fine with me: ......

 He's like a general who thinks more of Rosenheim than his arms.

"Listen to me, Luchidrall.

"Yes, yes

 I wanted you to go ahead with the military council for Rosenheim, not for your arm.
 Still, Princess Sophie said so, so the general, who had lost an arm called Lucidrall, walked over to Allen.

 Upon closer inspection, you can see that the cloth covering the wound on his missing arm is oozing red blood and looks very painful.

 Allen pulls out a red peach-shaped object from the compartment.

(With a blessing.)

 This is the healing potion "Heaven's Blessing" made by Grass B's Awakening Skill.
 It completely cures physical strength, magic, and abnormalities, and its effect extends to a 100-meter radius.

 When you use the Blessing of Heaven, Lucidrall's missing arm will grow back as if it were tearing off the cloth that covers it.
 Rukidor wasn't the only one who was injured. All the injured elves here are fully healed.


 Touch and confirm their injuries. He is astonished at his full recovery, with no wounds at all.
 Even the tottering elder who has been standing there is shaken to his core.

Is this the elves' elixir?


Elves are called elves' elixir too. There are only a limited number of healing potions and recovery spells that can heal a deficit in this world. If you want to heal the deficit with recovery magic, you have to be a saint or something.

 Lucidrale is astonished as he touches his neatly healed arm. You ask if it's an elven elixir, and I affirm it.

 In this world, there are many ranks of elves' elixirs. The elven elixir is said to be a precious elixir kept in the elven kingdom of Rosenheim.

 And it is said that the elven elixir is the only one that can cure a deficiency.
 Even the Mulase Flower, the precious recovery potion that saved the life of Aren's father Rodin and costs five gold coins, can't grow an arm.

 As for recovery magic, it is said that only a saintly class with a rarity of 3 stars can recover from a deficiency. Keel who has the talent of a monk has raised his level and skill level to the limit, but it is not possible to recover from a deficit.

''Well, by the way, how many wounded soldiers have been evacuated to this city?

Roughly 100,000 people. More if you include the injured refugees.

(Quite a lot, but that's about it from the air? (No. 100,000 for a life saved is quite a bit less than 100,000 for a life saved?

 Even though the Elves are a small country with a small population, we do not know how many lives were lost.

We can recover all those 100,000 wounded soldiers.

"What? It's not possible. I-I evacuated the people who couldn't fight.

 Yet another blessing out of heaven on your hand.

With this one you can heal the wounded over an area greater than the city square you just passed. And I have a thousand of these restoratives.

 There was a town square that we passed on the way to this building.

(Actually, I have 3,000 of them. I'm still, I should say, worried about the stock of blessings. I should be able to replenish it soon.

 I currently have about 12,000 B-ranked magic stones to fight as a summoned beast. In addition, I'm turning the B-ranked magic stones that I saved up during my two years at the school into a blessing from heaven.

Let's see, a thousand. I don't know.

 It's not very much, but I can't help but think that there can't be a thousand of these things.

Lucidrall. Believe what Master Allen says.

"......, yes.

 LUKIDRALL nodded at Sophie's words.

Then I will tell my men to gather the wounded and recover quickly. I guess we'll leave that to my men and let the war discussion proceed.

(Now we can make a plan that assumes no one is injured, but it's still not enough. It's a refuge.)

 What's the most important thing to do now?
 It's to go to the front line where the battlefield is, to rebuild the front line and stop the invasion of the Demon King's army.

I agree with you that the recovery should be done by my men and we should have a war council. However, I would like to have a substitute summoner for the council, not me, and we will rush to the city of Tiamo.

 Allen leaves a thousand blessings in the hands of the elves. I saw that there were a lot of injured people all over the place, but with my new situation in town, I don't know where and how many people are injured exactly. With Bird E's summoner, you can't see inside the building from the sky.

 To reliably heal the wounded with the grace of a minimum number of blessings requires manpower and some time .


I'm sorry. If it means that there are only a few more days until the fall, perhaps we can save Tiamo and Her Majesty, we would like to leave now.

"I'm sorry to hear that. It will take us a month to get to Tiamo by carriage. A grimoire might be able to make it there in time, but if we approach Tiamo with something that big, we'll be prey to the Demon King's army.

 Lukidrar continues, it's too late. The city is already surrounded by the demon king's army and you can't even get close.

(We have magic ships, but the demon king's army also has enemies that can be shot down? We need to gather information on the Demon King's army at the council meeting.

 Now listen to what the Luchidrall said and figure out what information you need to gather.

"Ellie, you know what to do. I need you to go over the information.

"Yes, Mr. Allen. Deth.


 The elves are startled and shivered by the sudden summoning of Spirit B.

 Send out Spirit B's summons and have him gather information. Since we're also sharing, what Allen wants to say can be conveyed through Spirit B. (Yeah, let's get one of those poppies out to tell us what's going on?

(Oh, let's get a popo out to tell the situation.)

 I'll also take out one of Bird F's summonses for communication.
 Bird F's Summoner's Awakening Skill "Transmission" allows him to instantly tell any target within a 100 kilometer range what Allen wants to tell them, not only in words but also in images.

 With a bird F summoner, it prevents a spirit B summoner from becoming a message game and taking a long time to communicate or changing what he or she needs to say.

 Sophie is instructing the generals, including the elders and Luchidrall, to listen to the summons.

"Everyone, let's go to Tiamo then.


 There was already no one to oppose Allen.

 The sun had already set completely when I walked out of the building used by the presbytery.

 Many elves had gathered around, perhaps having heard of Princess Sophie's return. Some are in tears calling for help, others are offering words of thanks, and some are crying out for help to run away.

 A lamppost made of magic tools dimly illuminates people's thoughts.

Do you want to ride the summoner, Allen?

 In the meantime, Dogora will see how to get to Tiamo.

Yeah, of course I'll get on the griffon. Come on out, griffons!


「「「「 hi, hi!

 Reaching five meters in length, seven giant gryphons with lion's feet and a hawk's head with wings and a snake's tail appear.

 Standing on their hind legs and spreading their wings, their stature reaches the roof of the building.
 Then, legs folded and bent over, they all stepped over one by one.

Then, LUKIDRALL. We'll save your queen and the city's people, and I'll leave the nest to you. Instruct him to return to the front line as soon as possible.


 With the crowd and the soldiers having trouble understanding, Sophie gives her next instruction.

 The soldiers give an elvish salute, and the gryphons begin to flap their wings.
 They leave the ground and gain more and more altitude as they fly northward.

...... "Was the Spirit King's prophecy true?

 The LUKIDRALL began to act with a small murmur, watching Aren and the others fade from sight.

I'll make it. I'll make it on time!

"Guys, hold on tight because you're going to be fast!


 I try to move as tightly as possible, but I give out loud instructions so that everyone at a distance can hear me.

"Griffs, use the spinning wheel!


 The griffon is increasing its speed. The summons of Bird D, which I've been following for its night flight, can't keep up with its speed.
 To begin with, there is a nearly 3,000 difference in speed between Bird B and Bird D.

 Allen used a high speed summon to bring Bird D's summoner back forward and update the area he could see with his night vision.

 Within a few hours, he could see the many bonfires surrounding the city, a lone light at the center of the bonfires, and a number of buildings or something burning in the city.