172 Art. 168. Thiamo

"Well, the city is on fire!

 In the distance, with the city burning, Krsna shouted.
 Aren's team is now flying on a griffon-shaped bird B summoner, but the city of Tiamo is still a long way away and the battle situation is not clear.

"Hollow, check in the white night!


 At midnight, when it is completely dark, hundreds of thousands of torches or something else surround the city.
 And the city is on fire in a number of places as well.

 Allen invokes the awakening skill "Midnight Sun" on the summoned beast of Bird D.

 This skill allows it to recognize everything in a 100-kilometer radius, but only at night.

(Okay, I can see it! The city hasn't fallen yet! (There are elves in the city!

 The information shared by Midnight Sun goes directly into Allen's mind. Although you can't see the inside of the building, you can capture the bright city scene as if it were broad daylight, as well as information about the demon king's army outside the city.

 There is no sign of a battle between the elves and the demon king's army, as if they do not fight at night.

 However, the elves are constantly working to put out fires in the city's buildings and trees, or to get the injured people somewhere.

The city is still safe! Let's all go up once and get into the city!

 A look of relief comes over Sophie.

 Some of the demon king's army can fly. Even in the middle of the night, in order to avoid being discovered by the demon king's army as much as possible, I'm going to climb up and reach the sky above the city, and then start my descent.

 Your target is the largest building near the center of the city.

We're coming down.


 With a word from Allen, the birds B begin their descent.

 The large building in the center of the city is packed with elven soldiers.
 Allen doesn't pay any attention to them, and with the soldiers gathered, he descends into the city on his summoned beast.

''What! It's an enemy attack! A hexenbiest is on board!

 Many soldiers hurriedly grabbed the bows they were carrying on their backs and pulled out arrows from their quiver.
 Even the spirit magic users' hands began to glow faintly.

''B-ridiculous! Well, wait! Master Sophia Lorne is here!

(I thought I could. Now I'm sorry. I'm sorry, forgive me, but the situation is what it is. We can't afford to be complacent. Good luck, Folmar.

 In the midst of being completely recognized as an enemy, Folmar hurriedly shouts out not to attack. I'll be cheering him on from behind the scenes. In addition, there is also a stone C summoner that can replace your body after being attacked, so I think I can handle it.

 Formar didn't expect Allen to swoop down so suddenly and in front of the soldiers guarding the city center. You will be careful not to provoke the soldiers, but you will restrain them from attacking you, even though you wonder why they would do such a thing.

So, Miss Sophia Lorne?

 The soldiers begin to notice, one by one, the white hair and golden eyes of Sophie astride the summoned beast of the bird B, illuminated by the light of the magical tools, with the cry of Formar.

'I'm back now. I'm sorry to have frightened you. Put your weapons down.

""I'm sorry, too!

 The soldiers kneel like a wave. It's all right," Sophie says softly, calming them down.

"I'll show you where to go.

 One of the soldiers, who seems to be of high rank, says he will guide you.

 You put away the summoner and walk into the biggest building in the city.
 You'll hear a commotion as you make your way to the second floor hall. It sounds like something is going on.

 In the hall, a dozen elves are standing in a circle.

"May the queen alone escape! We'll make the most of it!

"This place is going to fall tomorrow!

"Can not be. There are many people in the city of Nest who could not be evacuated. I will be on the front lines, and if you care about me, you will live through tomorrow.

The men are dead and wounded and at their wit's end. Rosenheim is the Queen!

"No, because of the Elves' people.

"Excuse me! We have brought Master Sophia Lorne and Master Formal!

(We're here too. But still, it's Mr. Formal, and Formal is a member of the princess's entourage, so his status is quite high.

 Folmar, who is by Sophie's side as her bodyguard, is quiet and does not say much about himself.

What? At a time like this, eh? Dear Mr. Sophia Lorne

 The hustle and bustle dies down, noticing Sophie's presence.

(The queen looks just like Sophie. Hmm? (Is that a monkfish on your shoulder?

 At the far end of this hall there is also a throne, but a female elf, who appears to be Her Majesty the Queen from the way she speaks, participates in the meeting as one of the elves in the circle as well as the other elves.

 Similar to Sophie, Her Majesty looks to be in her late twenties, with pure white hair and golden eyes, wearing a pure white dress ...... but not armor.

 The queen wears a mongoose on her shoulder. I wonder if elves, with their nature-loving image, get along well with animals. But they are out of place in this noisy place.

 You will find yourself staring at Momonga to see if she notices you, so you cut back the munchies like a country middle schooler.

"Sophie, I'm so glad you're back.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I'm back.

 Such a pessimistic voice can be heard. It's not very welcoming. Just when we are talking about the fact that this place will fall tomorrow, not only the queen but the princess has arrived.

Sophie, you heard me. Tomorrow this city of Thiamo will fall. We have two days to live. We've been here for a while now.

 You find yourself at the point where you are about to tell them to run.
 I'm talking about how you came to be in this city.

 This city is surrounded by the demon king's army. The officers in this hall have been advising the queen to evacuate, but it's not realistic to begin with. How are we going to escape the city?

 The queen stops mid-conversation and notices a dark-haired boy next to Sophie.

"Your Majesty, Master Allen is here. There's nothing wrong with this war.

 Sophie assures him that Rosenheim is no longer in danger of exile. At these words, all eyes are drawn to Allen.

Oh, Master Allen. The boy of the Spirit King's prophecy?

 One of the elves, who appears to be an officer, mutters to himself: "Yes, my name is Allen.

"Yes, my name is Allen. Her Majesty the Queen of Rosenheim. We have come at your urgent request.

 Allen stands and bows his head and greets the queen with respect.

"Oh, oh, I see. It's good to see you.

 For a moment, he wondered what he could do with only seven men, but desperately hiding his thoughts, the officers gave him a welcome.

 Like the officer of the city of Nest, Lucidrall, even if he is a strong man, he knows how much power one person can have, because he is an experienced officer.

(Not everyone fully believes in the Spirit King's bedtime stories. Well, you can't turn your back on the reality that we are in danger of going out of the country right now. We have work to do before we can rely on the spirits, not on God.

 By the demeanor of those present, Allen sensed Rosenheim's perception of him.

Master Allen, we are glad to see you here. We have heard about your battle with Helmios the Brave. I look forward to your help.

 Apparently, the Spirit King's prophecy isn't the only reason why I was called up.
 He also seems to have heard about the match he had with Hermios at the school martial arts tournament a few months ago.

Of course.

"So, let's talk about the current situation.

Another war council. Well, this fortress may fall tomorrow. Meetings are important. But time is also precious.

Excuse me. In the middle of the story, what is the number of wounded and fighting soldiers?

 I don't know the rank, but when one of the officers tries to explain the current situation, Allen interrupts the conversation. As in the city of Nest, the premise changes and you'll waste time listening to the whole story.

Hmm? I guess so. I'd say we have 140,000 wounded, and something like 60,000 to fight with.

 Interrupted the conversation, but doesn't seem too offended.

(Hmm? That's quite a lot. The Demon King's army outside is about 300,000 based on what I saw in the white night before. (Oh, does it mean that the wounded soldiers were not necessarily injured in the battle in this city?

 The number of the Demon King's army camped out is estimated by the awakening skill "Shiro Night" mentioned earlier.
 It is common knowledge in sieges that the offensive is three times as large as the defensive.
 While Tiamo's army is 200,000 men dedicated to defense, 300,000 Demon King's troops on the offensive seems to be low.

 Probably, Tiamo's army was 100,000 or less. With more than a month having passed since the war began, one wonders if many of the wounded soldiers were brought in from the more northern cities and fortresses.

(Nearly ten magic ships have landed in the city of Nest, too. Does that mean they have a reasonable carrying capacity?

We have 140,000 wounded men. Then please use this to recover as soon as possible.

 Allen pulls a blessing out of the compartment and shows it to the elves, who circle around it and stare at him.

"What's this?

This is the elven elixir. This one potion can easily heal a person within an area of four buildings. Of course it will cure everything, including missing limbs.

 I will use the elven elixir to get through to him, even if it is the Elven Queen.


I have 1,000 of them, and I would appreciate it if you would send them out for tomorrow's battle.

No, no, no, no way.

 There can be no effect, or there can be no number, or perhaps not both.

"Master Allen's words are all true. The 100,000 wounded soldiers brought to the city of Nest will be fully healed tomorrow.

 Sophie looks at the queen and all the officers and clearly declares.
 Some people gasp at Sophie's words and wonder how she can say it so clearly.

Is it ...... true? Does this mean we can still fight?

...... seems to be the case. How can I thank you?

 The queen wonders what she should do to deserve this miracle.

"Such talk can wait. First, let's get out of the way of the impending exile.

(I'm not saying I don't ask for your help.)

"And yet . There is one problem. If you make a big move in this kind of situation where you are surrounded by enemies, there might be some movement in the Demon King's army.

 If the elves are found to be recovering, they might make a big attack even late at night.

Oh, in that case, I am going to make a night attack. I hope you will act quickly because I will be stalling for time.

""Night raid!

"Yes, they seemed to sleep soundly in the encampment.

 Allen was as bad as usual.