173 Art. 169 Night Attack ①

"Night raid? Are you going to fight now?

Yeah, Crenna. I'll be working separately.

I get it!

 When Allen says that much, Allen's friends can understand.
 I don't know what Allen will do now.
 Even when conquering dungeons, he often talked about battle techniques and strategies that he didn't understand. There were a lot of things that made sense to me in hindsight when I went along despite my lack of understanding.

 I'm sure that what we're about to do is one of those things, Allen's friends think.

So, does that mean the seven of us are going out of town?

No . Folmar, stay here and arrange for recovery and share information on the battlefield.

 To the Queen's question, Sophie says that she will leave Folmar here.
 To orchestrate and arrange for the recovery of the wounded with the restorative medicine, it is better to have someone who has a firm understanding of its effects.

Yes, sir. Dear Ms. Sophia Lorne.

I guess so. That's Sophie. Do you want to keep Ellie in one piece and have her share the information?

 And there will be a military council going on at the same time. It's best to have someone in Aren's group who will participate in the council and share the information with us.

 Just like in the city of Nest, I will leave a Spirit B summoner here to join the council.

"Ellie, share the information we discussed here.

"Mr. Allen, you are welcome.


 The elves look at Spirit B's summoner and say "spirit" as they speak.

"No, it's my summoner. It's different from the spirits of the spirit user's spirits.

 The elves are staring at the spirit B summoner in astonishment.

(Just like in the city of Nest, the elves are quite surprised at Elly. The spirit summons of Spirit B must be quite similar to the spirits that you usually see. I didn't know there was a spirit user too. (I'd like to see them next time.)

 Spirit magic is used by those who have the gift of spirit wizardry to use the power of spirits to perform magic.
 However, there is a higher level occupation called a genie wizard, which allows you to make a contract with a spirit directly.
 It is said that spirit tamer is only found in elves.

 Allen thinks it may be a race trait, like the dwarven golem user.

"Is that so?

Speaking of which, that big-eyed bat that seems to be watching the city from above is not a genie, is it?

(I don't feel like an ally, obviously, and it's okay to shoot them down.)

 There were about six large bats flying around the perimeter of this Tiamo city.
 Just to make sure they were not spirits .

''No, they're scouts for the Demon King's army.

 The Demon King's army scouts say that the city's archers have been dropping quite a few of them, but no matter what they drop, they keep coming over the city one after another. As a result, they say that a significant portion of the city's information has been passed on to the Demon King's army.

Then, we'll shoot down the six scouts, so on cue, please begin your actions.

 From now on, the city of Tiamo will start moving at once.
 Since we're talking about enemy scouts coming out one after another, it may be difficult to completely block out the information. But we should give as little information as possible to the enemy.


 Allen was about to make his move when the queen said, "Yes, my queen.

"Yes, Your Majesty.

It's a pleasure to work with you.


 Her own daughter, Sophie, is about to launch a nighttime raid with just six men against an army of 300,000 demon kings, and she won't do anything to stop them.
 Maybe she thinks this is also the fate of those born into royalty.

 Allen holds out a thousand blessings in the hall and walks out of the building with his companions.

All right, first we have to eliminate the enemy's scouting eyes. Hollow, Ellie, come out.


"'Death in the eyes of the enemy'.

 Once again, have the summoner of Bird D use the Shiro Night skill.
 Once you use the Shiro Night skill, the skill requires 1 day of cool time before you can use it again, so have a different Bird D summoner use it from the time it came to Tiamo.

 This skill allows you to recognize the presence of anything within a 100 kilometer radius around the summoned beast you are using.

 Determine the exact location of the demon king's army scouts and have Spirit B's summons quickly eliminate them.
 Report the defeat of the scouts to the spirit B summons you left in the building with the queen or Formal.

 The elves were surprised to hear from Spirit B that the response was so quick, but Allen has already started his next move.

"Alright, now let's go to the north gate!

"You're going north?

"Oh, there are the most hexenbiests just outside the north gate.

 The awakening skill 'Byakuya' has a too wide search area, so its effect extends beyond the city. I already know where and how many demon king's troops are located.

 This city Tiamo is a square city of about five kilometers on one side, with gates at every corner, north, south, east, and west.

 The Demon King's army has four positions of 30,000 troops at a distance of one kilometer from each of the north, south, east, and west gates.

 To prevent the elves from escaping to the south, 50,000 more troops are formed in the south, spreading out from east to west. The remaining 130,000 troops are encircled in a circle to the north.

 Our target this time is the 130,000 troops densely packed to the north.

 Allen summons the bird B summoner, and when everyone is astride it, the bird B summoner begins to rise.

 In the dark of night, they will rise one kilometer above the sky and will be able to travel unnoticed by the enemy lines.
 If it rises three kilometers in the daytime, it may be almost unrecognizable.

 Keep flying towards the north gate of the city.

 This city of Tiamo is protected by a huge city wall ten meters high. There were not many walls this high in the kingdom.

 Beyond the city wall, an army of 30,000 men is huddled about a kilometer away from the gate.
 They are hidden in the dark and fly one kilometer above the city, but there's no need to risk being noticed.
 I will fly in an arc to avoid the 30,000 troops and aim at the main camp.

 At a distance of another three kilometers from the 30,000-strong mass of troops, 130,000 troops are encircled in a solid formation.

 Even though it's solidified, it's still quite a wide area. The Demon King's army is made up of B-ranked or larger monsters, so each one of them is much bigger than a human's. The size of the Demon King's army is more than five meters. There are also quite a few monsters that are more than five meters in size.

(Is this Tiamo city being attacked by 300,000 demon king's army? Where are the remaining 2.7 million? (Should we check this area too?)

 I've heard that there are three million demon kings attacking Rosenheim.

 We'll move even closer and land about a kilometer east of the enemy's main camp.

''We're going to attack at once from here?

Yes, Crenna. It would be more efficient to attack them from here, given the type of hexenbiest they are.


 Speak in a lower voice than usual. I'm riding on Bird B's summoner in battle, so I don't erase Bird B's summoner.
 It's better to be able to fly away if you need to leave if something happens. And bird B's summoner can fly even with three or so people on board. If Bird B's summoner is defeated, we have an agreement that you should fly to the safe one.

Dora Dora and her friends come out. Stay low!

 Then 30 dragon B summons and 10 beast B summons come out. Allen continues to speak.

'You know what? Dradra attack a wide area with breaths . Kellorin has the occasional A-rank. I'll leave that up to you.

"I get it.


 The dragon lineage is the first lineage to emerge after becoming a B-ranked summoner. But that doesn't mean that the beast line and the abilities of one of them will be unnecessary. The dragon B is good at long-range ranged attacks. And beast B is good at attacking at close range.

 But Dragon B's summoner can't defeat the A-ranked ones in this group of 130,000 even with its Awakening Skill.
 However, Beast B's summoner can defeat non-dragon A-ranked summons with a single attack using its Awakening Skill. Dragons and beasts have different strengths and characteristics.

 Summon them quickly and efficiently, and buff all of them with fish buffs. Apply the full range of waking skills. Keel and Sophie will cast supplementary magic on them.

 As far as I've seen from the sky, the demon king's army doesn't seem to have responded to the flickering buffs and supplementary magic within the night-eye range of Bird D's search. The unnatural movements of the monster beasts are also being caught in the open.

"Okay, there's no problem. Cecil, come with me and attack from the sky!


"People, when we start attacking you, just run at us. Take it easy.


"Dradra and Kerolin, go ahead and frolic.

"Oh, I got it.


 After completing the confirmation of action, each of the bird B summonses, with Allen and Cecil on board, soared into the sky.
 They rise higher and higher, and then they arrive at a position about a kilometer above the enemy's main camp.

(Don't you notice it yet? If you have a good spotting team, you'll notice it. Is that because elves don't have the ability to attack from above? We have to deal with things we're not expecting. (She's still sleeping soundly.

 The Demon King's Army is sleeping carelessly.
 Allen knows from his past hunts that magical beasts need to sleep, need to eat, and move with the seasons.

(After all, haven't any elves survived being hunted? Have they been eaten?

 The Demon King's army has dropped dozens of elven strongholds, but not a single one of them seems to be captured in this main camp. I wonder if the three million hexenbiest in the hexenbiest's army were turned into food.

You started this. (You should be sorry on pain of death.)

"Cecil, can you go?

"No problem. I'll see you in a minute.

 The first attack when the enemy is caught off guard is based on maximum firepower. Until now, Allen's rock E bombs have carried the load, but not anymore. There is a girl next to me with overwhelming firepower.

 Cecil closes his eyes and begins to close his mind and concentrate.

(Oh, it worked.)

 Cecil's body begins to shimmer like a shimmer.

 Then he thrusts his hands into the air and utters the words.

"Petit meteo!

 With a loud voice, a huge chunk of red-hot rock falls from the sky.
 The chunk of rock crashed into the ground as if it were being sucked into the ground, and the monsters were being blown up by the ground.

 The destructive power that seemed to roar even to the city raised the specter of a night attack.