174 Episode 170 Night Attack ②

 Cecil's Extra Skill "Small Meteorite" is activated.

 You're the second person in your party to activate an extra skill, following Crenna.

 The meteorite with the "small" is a huge rock tens of meters across! There is doubt about which parts are "small"!
 The huge red-hot rock attacks the main camp of the Demon King's Army Thiamo squad where 130,000 monsters lie!
 The monsters beneath the falling meteorite will vanish and their power will roll up the ground, creating a huge crater.
 The monsters that are clinging to the ground are being crushed and burned up helplessly.

 With a crashing sound, countless screams and screams were heard, and the air was filled with a scream. I wonder if there are a lot of large monsters, or if they can reach a kilometer in the air.

Seriously, I can't keep up with the log. I think we've killed close to 10,000 of them. So this is the perfect state of extra skill. (I hope Crenna follows suit.)

 The combination of the range-attack magic and the fact that the enemies were quite dense seemed to have caused a lot of damage.

 The log indicating that the magical beasts that appeared on the cover of the grimoire had been defeated was flowing at an unseen speed.

 Krena was the first of Allen's companions to use extra skill, but Cecil was the first to use it in its full state.

Good work. Krena and the others are on their way.

"Gosh, we did it. Too bad they only give you one extra skill a day.

 Extra Skill is quite messy, and the effects vary even for the same profession.
 And in Cecil's case, it requires all of his magic power at once, and it won't work until his magic power is full.

 It is an extra skill that is truly typical of mages.

 It seems that most extra skills have a one-day cool time, and like Krena, can only be activated once a day.
It is said that there are equipment that reduces the cool time and consumption items that allow you to reuse skills immediately, but it is said to be frowned upon at the lore level.

 In addition, Cecil used the 5,000 gold coins he had earned over the course of two years of dungeon-crawling to auction off a ring that would raise your intellect by 1,000 and a ring that would raise your magic power by 1,000. It seems that Cecil's financial sense is similar to Allen's in terms of turning all of his wealth into equipment.

 You'll be able to find out the best way to get the most out of your money.

 The Dragon B summons wipe out the monsters with a ranged attack, while Krsna, Dogora and the Beast B summons work together to take down the monsters that were not killed by the Dragon B attack, such as the A-ranked monsters.

It seems to be working. There were a lot of beast-type monsters in that area.

So it worked.

 The Demon King's Army is not only made up of a single strain of monsters.
 There are zombies and skeletons with swords, beasts such as large bears and wolves, giants such as ogres and trolls, and dragons such as basilisks and wyverns.

 The various demonic beasts are grouped by lineage, and there are many beast lineages to the east of the main camp of the demon king's army that is currently attacking you.

 Crenna and her team's goal is to reduce the enemy's numbers by one. It's not to cause serious injuries, but to reduce the number of the demon king's army by making sure they are killed.

 Reapers are hard to stop, and ogres and trolls are rather strong and have skills such as self-regeneration.

 However, beasts are relatively easy to defeat despite their attack power. One may or may not be easy to defeat, but one is still one. War is about numbers, so the enemy's numbers should be reduced.

 But that's the goal assigned to Krsna and her team, and Allen and Cecil's goal is different.
 And it's about to begin.

"Aren, I think it's beginning.

"Yeah, it's right around there. Here's a blessing.


 This is one kilometer above the main camp of the Demon King's army.

 Amidst the fire caused by Cecil's micrometeorite, the demon king's army seems to have realized what's happening and the bonfire starts to burn.

 But that's not the only light that illuminates the demon king's army.
 The healers within the demon king's army have begun to use recovery magic to help their allies recover.
 She's using ranged magic, so even Aren and the others from quite high up can catch the light of the recovery magic.

He's using a lot of recovery magic. Which one of them is using it?

 Use the night eye of Bird D's summoner to see who is using recovery magic. It looks like a necromancer-like monster wearing a robe and holding a skull's staff is casting a lot of recovery magic.
 There seem to be other monsters that can use recovery magic as well.

 Summon Tori F's summoner and use the Awakening Skill "Decree" to pass on the information to Cecil with each image that Aren confirmed.
 The Awakening Skill "Transmission" allows you to convey information about what Allen saw directly or through the summoned beast's shared vision to your friends.

"Looks like that skull staff is recovering. I'll crush this side, Cecil, you take that side.

"All right. Let me know where it is on a regular basis.

 With a reply, Allen sprang into action.

Ooh, f*ck you.

 The stone E summons, which were generated in batches of 10 or so to ensure their defeat, began to fall spontaneously and rained down toward the center of the area where you were casting a recovery spell.

 The Necromancer's stamina may not be that high, but the Necromancer is getting blasted to death by Allen's attack.

 This is Allen and Cecil's goal. Crenna and her team's goal is to reduce the enemy's numbers, and they're fighting an enemy that's easy to defeat.

 Aren and his team's goal is to destroy the enemy's healers. The fewer healers they have, the better chance they have of winning future battles.

 We believe that the most efficient way to fight is to prioritize hitting the healers, commanders, and enemies that can attack from a distance.

'You're getting the hang of it pretty well,'

Me too.

 Cecil is also exuding confidence as he mercilessly drops the large chunk of rock he has generated.
 I feel jealous that you can drop these big rocks without consuming any magic stones.

I have to use E rank magic stones as conservatively as possible. I feel like I'm getting better at this game. I feel like I'm growing up.

 Each Stone E summoner consumes 9 E-ranked magic stones. I didn't know how many of them could be defeated, so I had to drop 10 of them at once, but it seems I don't need that many.

 Now that I'm getting the hang of defeating the Necromancer, I changed to one or two in one place, and dropped the stone E summons in different positions here and there.

(Three Doradora are down. I'll have to replenish this one as well.

 They are fighting in close quarters with each other, so if the number of summons is reduced, the burden will increase.
 When the number of Dragon B summons are reduced, they will be created and strengthened as soon as they are reduced, and then they will be sent to the sky as reinforcements.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on.

There's something flying at you!

"Gargoyles. Griff ascend.


 The winged stone statues of monsters notice Allen and his friends, and a number of them are approaching.
 Allen instructs Bird B's summoner to start rising.

You're late. You're no match for my glyph. Rattle them!

 I'm going to share and check the vision of the glyphs and bombard the gargoyles with stone E summons.

"Alright, let's take out the monster beasts as soon as they come up. And since we're higher than you, we have a distinct advantage.


 Cecil thinks that Aren always seems to enjoy fighting magical beasts.

 After that, other than gargoyles, there are several monsters that can fly, such as necromancers, that will come at you, but you will be able to shoot them down and reduce the number of healers in the demon king's army.


What's going on?

No, there has been movement in front of us of 30,000 troops.

(You're moving it. I'm just getting started.

 The main camp of the Demon King's army is 130,000 men. However, in front of it, 30,000 troops are waiting at the north gate of Tiamo.

 Perhaps the demon king's army thought that this was an opponent that could not be ignored because of the tens of thousands of casualties, and sent 30,000 troops toward Krsna and the others.

 Krsna's men were sandwiched between the main camp and the 30,000-strong army.

 Using the summoning skill of Bird F, "Denrei", Allen transmitted the situation he saw in Bird D's night vision to all of Krsna's men.

 Then he tells them to go to Allen and the others while the summons of dragon B and beast B are stalling for time.

 Soon, even Allen's naked eye can see Krsna and the others coming for them.

That's a lot of them!


 It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

I killed a lot of them too.

"Yeah yeah, Cecil's extras were awesome!

 It was amazing to see it on the ground, Klarna says. Cecil replies somewhat happily, "Right?

This must have been quite a blow to the enemy camp.

Yes. But apparently it's not enough.

""Not enough?"

 Allen tells the situation of Tiamo, who is being seen and heard by the summons of Spirit B, who has been waiting with the queens.
 Right now, they're using the blessings of heaven to split up the wounded to recover them.
 It's already been about two hours since they headed out for the night attack, but it looks like they won't be able to recover in that amount of time.

"At this rate, I won't be in the best condition when we're attacked tomorrow.

 Allen explains . Like the city of Nest, which is now in a hurry to recover, it will not be enough time for all the injured to recover in half a day or so, and it will take time to regroup after they have recovered.

(You have to have a good sense of time in this area.)

Then what do we do?

"I hear there are 50,000 troops in the south, so I think we're going to launch a night attack there as well. You can still do it, right?

 I'm going to check in with my friends like I'm in an online game and I'm not going to log off yet.

"Yeah, I'm going to go.

 Dogora, too, replies, his whole body red with fresh blood.
 South of the city of Tiamo, Aren and his men head towards the 50,000-strong army of the city's south.
 This is how the night attack on the demon king's army continued until dawn.