175 171 Spiritual King ①

 In the evening after the night raid, Allen and his friends are walking down the corridor of the largest building in the center of the city of Tiamo. Unlike the royal castle of the kingdom, this wooden structure with a simple but beautiful wood-grained interior is the building where you met with the queen and generals last night.

"Master Allen, we'll be back in the evening.

 Sophie calls out to me in a cheerful voice.

"Yes. I need a good night's sleep.

(I want to sleep now. I'll eat later.

 I'm going to tell Sophie all of my thoughts. Since they haven't slept a wink since the night raid, everyone looks somewhat sleepy, including Allen, no matter how young they are.

But it's a great achievement. Let Her Majesty and her generals hear about it.


(Is Sophie a child who is okay with not sleeping? And face pass? (Although it's nice not to have to wait)

 When Allen and his friends come to the front of the Queen's room, a large door is opened without waiting.

 This reminds me of an RPG I used to play (R.P.G.) where you had to enter the throne room of the king without an appointment.

 Furthermore, the elves that Allen thought were generals were actually generals or higher.
 I also found out that Lucidrall, who was in the city of Nest, was a general.
 They look to be in their thirties or forties, but they may be quite old.

 I'll walk with Sophie through the Queen's room.
 Instead of arguing in a circle today, the queen is sitting on the farthest throne, as a queen should.

 On her shoulder is the same flying squirrel she saw last night, and now their eyes meet again.

(You're looking at me again.) (You're looking at me again.) (Are you sleepy too?)

 The flying squirrel on the queen's shoulder curls up to move into the queen's lap, making a big omission. It seems to be asleep. She closes her eyes and falls asleep fast as she can.

So how were the other three cities?

 Allen doesn't say anything, but stares at the flying fox, and the queen calls out to him.

." "Huh? Yes, I was still able to endure the situation without falling, so I successfully handed out 500 elven elixirs each. As far as I'm concerned, I think we can say that the situation has picked up.

(Thanks to you, I used all of my stock of blessings and changed 2,500 B-grade magic stones into blessings from heaven because it was still not enough. I need to increase my stock of blessings. I should borrow a flower pot to make a stock of blessings.

" " " Oh! Wonderful!

 Thinking about the creation of the Blessings of Heaven, elves generals exclaimed with joy.

 As for Allen and his men's movements since last night, they first conducted a night raid until dawn, and were able to defeat a total of 40,000+ Demon King's troops on the north and south sides of the city of Tiamo. It seems that the situation at the north gate was not carried over to the south, and the south side could do pretty much anything they wanted.

 Due to the night raid until dawn, it seems that the Demon King's army did not attack the city of Tiamo today.

 Then, Spirit B overheard the conversations between the generals of Tiamo and the city of Nest, and found out that Tiamo wasn't the only city that had been turned into a battlefield.

 The demon king's army that invaded from the north of Rosenheim is moving south, attacking and destroying cities and fortresses. After toppling the capital city in the center of Rosenheim, they continued to move further south.

 The main body of the demon king's army is in Rosenheim's capital. From there, they are dividing their forces and advancing southward from the north. As expected, it was logistically inefficient to move three million demon king's troops at once.

 There are three other cities at about the same latitude as Tiamo's city, and they are still being invaded.

(The reason why four cities including this Tiamo city are fighting is to make the queen's life and whereabouts unknown.

 After the fall of the capital, the queen moved to the city of Tiamo. The demon king's army marched south to kill the queen.
 None of the four cities can withstand being attacked by such a large army at once.

 So, they decided to keep the city the queen fled to or even if she died on her way to the city. That's how the generals protected the queen.

 Thanks to them, the demon king's army was evenly distributed among the four cities. As a result, I was able to buy enough time for Allen to arrive on the scene.

 The soldiers in the city of Tiamo do not know that the queen is here. They are only told that their battle will lead to the protection of the queen.

 Then, since this morning, Allen and his men have taken the three generals who were here on Bird B's summons and rushed to support the other cities.
 The reason why I took the three generals with me was to have the generals from the other three cities explain the war situation. Therefore, the generals landed in each city one by one and went directly to intercept the demon king's army.

 There are not only wounded soldiers but also many refugees in the three cities and Tiamo. In Tiamo alone, there are nearly 700,000 refugees. If Tiamo falls, the refugees along with the defeated soldiers will be used as food for the Demon King's army.

 I've been supporting them by handing out recovery medicine and buffing them with fish-type buffs. We've left fish strains in each town to buff for the offensive and defensive battles that will continue from tomorrow onward.

 Thanks to the return of our wounded soldiers, each city, including Tiamo, now has more than 100,000 fighting men. At least they won't fall in a few days.

 This is if the Demon King's army doesn't change its current strategy. But I think it's unlikely that they would change their strategy in a day or two. I'm sure he's confident in his strategy that he's made great progress in the past month.

This is the situation, sir.

 Replacing a sleepy Allen, Sophie explains the situation in the three cities.

"So that means more than 300,000 troops have returned to the front lines!

 One of the generals is pleased to see that he can still fight.

But the demon king's army is now beginning to assemble their own monster birds. We may not be able to fight in the same night as we did yesterday.

 It also tells us about the situation in the city of Tiamo.

 Looks like they've got a pretty thick air force, if anything.

(Hmmm, I see you've responded quickly. I won't be doing a direct night raid today. No, this is perfect. We should send out the Dora Dora and burn down the air force. (It's important to know how the enemy will react.

 Thinking about this evening's strategy.

"But thank you very much, Mr. Allen.

"No, no,

 Her Majesty the Queen sits and bows her head lightly.
 Allen kneels to the Dauphin, but he and his companions stand before the queen. No one tells them to kneel, so you could say that they have lost the timing to kneel. Allen believes that he would be willing to kneel.

That saved the lives of many powerless elves. Master Allen, I would be most grateful to you.

We've only beaten about 40,000. That's 2.96 million left. Yeah, we killed the elves, so I'd say about 2.7-2.8 million.

 According to the generals, they were too busy defending themselves to reduce the number of the Demon King's army.
 Even so, I heard that they have defeated 200,000 to 300,000, but the Demon King's army is still overwhelmed.
 I heard that the elves have about 600,000 troops from Tiamo, Nest and the three cities we went to help today.

''No, the battle isn't over yet.

If you wanted to thank me, I would have told you. .

"Huh? Is there anything you want to thank me for? Send my daughter?

"Well, Your Majesty ......

 Sophie's white cheeks turn bright red.

No, no.


(Hmm? (I feel like some kind of event has occurred, but is it my imagination?

 I was too sleepy to understand much of what the queen said.

Actually, I have a couple of requests.

Yes, yes. What do you want?

 Allen's companions listen in behind Allen, wondering if he had something to ask of them.
 Both the generals and Sophie, standing alongside Allen, wonder what he wants.

We want the magic stone first. For the magic stones obtained during this war, please let me recover what I can.

 Last night, Allen and his team defeated 40,000 hexenbiests in the Demon King's army. But after defeating them, they sent Spirit B summons to retrieve the magical stones, but the hungry monsters in the monster army were devouring them, so it wasn't possible to retrieve the magical stones.

 But if we are going to have a future battle, the collection of magical stones is a must. They want to let us collect them at our leisure.

Of course. Are there any magic stones in this city, Sigur?

 Sigur is the general and supreme commander of the elven army.

 The queen will check with Marshal Sigur about the status of the magical stones in this city.

"Well, few, if any. Most of them were used to operate the mageship. ......

Oh, I only need the amount of magical beasts we kill ourselves. I think the magical stones are necessary for the city's activities and for the war.

 A siege would cut off the supply of magic stones, and the stock of magic stones would decrease rapidly. I know how valuable magic stones are in war. I can't even move my magic ship without them.
 We'll retrieve them ourselves, but I hope you'll forgive us.

Of course it is, of course, yours to do as you please. What's the other one?

"Please let me see the Spirit King.


 Allen says he wants to see the Spirit King, and a big question arises.

Is it no?

Yes, sure. May I check and make sure everything is okay?

"Of course.

 Then, the mongoose, which was asleep until now, wakes up and sees Allen.

"No need to check. I'm Rosen. The Beginning Summoner, what can I do for you?

"Momma flying flies!

(Japanese flying squirrel.) (Hey, this is an eye-opener!)

 The flying squirrel on Her Majesty's lap uttered a word. Then Allen's surprised voice echoed through the hall.