176 The 172nd Spiritual King ②

 It was not a flying flying mongoose that was sleeping on the lap of the Elf Queen.
 The being in the form of a flying dragonfly is the spirit king Rosen, who is said to have reached the level of a sub-god.

What do you want me to do?

(On the matter that the Genie King was a little animal that talked in his sleep)

 He speaks to Allen as a matter of course, still in the form of a mongoose.
 As the elven generals standing in line take your breath away, you decide to proceed, wondering if the Spirit King rarely speaks directly to you.

Yes. First of all, let me thank you for making this magic recovery ring. Thank you for making me a magic recovery ring.

Well, the brave man gave it to me with a condition. Let's keep quiet about it.

 The Spirit King had foreseen the existence of the summoner Allen, judging from the hero's story. And it seems that he made the magic recovery ring for me.

Oh, so you mean the last time. You're welcome. The brave man asked me to thank you. Haha.

(Maybe the brave man went to remind me shortly before he met me.

 I wonder if the brave man went all the way to Rosenheim to get the magic recovery ring in order to pull Allen out of the tournament.

''Moreover, I would like to ask a favor from the Spirit King.


 Allen's companions watched the conversation between Allen and the Spirit King, who accepted the Spirit King's presence and appearance as a matter of course, in a stunned manner.

 The Elf Queen and the generals standing in this hall are the same. He asked to see the Spirit King and I wondered what it was about, but I was surprised to find out why he wanted to see the Spirit King.

 The reason Allen asked to see the Spirit King is because he had a favor to ask.

Right now, we are fighting with the elves against the demon king's army. If you save Rosenheim, I hope you will make your wish come true.

 With that, Allen bowed to the Spirit King.

"How do you want me to thank you for saving the elves?


 I see," he said, and the Spirit King, still looking like a mongoose, began to touch his chin.

 Allen had come here at the request of the president.

 I see," he said as a matter of course, but he didn't ask for a thank-you from the president.
 He can't give Allen what he wants because he can't give him what he wants.

 There are a few things that I want too!
Magic Stone
Weapons and armor that money can't buy

 I'll be collecting the stones from the Demon King's army in the future. It would be better to have at least one more, but it's impossible to know how many magic stones a president with little power can prepare. I'm not going to ask Rosenheim for the stones after we've suffered such a heavy loss.

 The weapons and armor that money can't buy will be obtained from an S-class dungeon. I won't be able to get it from the Dean or anyone else, and I'll ask the queen later if she has something like Rosenheim's treasure, but I don't have that much hope.

 There is a more reliable and promising opponent in front of you. He's on the queen's lap in the form of a small animal.

That was quick. I was going to force the elves to help the troops on the central continent.

 When I heard that the Spirit King was a sub-god, there was something I wanted to ask of you, if you had the circumstances to owe the elf.

'What could you do without me? I see, what's that about, by the way?

"I'd like to have all of my friends in Hell Mode.

"'What? Hell Mode?

 Allen says the word Hellmode for the first time in this other world.
 Everyone who has been listening to the conversation between Allen and the Spirit King bent over to listen to him recite it without understanding.

''Hmm? Helpmodo? Huh? Hmm?

 The Spirit King did not seem to understand at once. Putting a hand on his chin, he hollowed out his gaze and thought.

"Yes, I am in Hell Mode. It's an example of increasing the difficulty of the divine test a hundredfold.

"Oh, that. You're talking about the level of trials that people are put through.

 I didn't understand for a moment, but the Spirit King seemed to know about the Hell Mode.

''That's right . My party members have reached the upper limit of growth due to the difficulty of the divine trial being too low . For further growth, I would like everyone to change their mode to Hell Mode for further growth.

"Oh, I see. I'll just check it out.

 Then the genie king freezes.

He looks stuffed. .


"Hey, hey, is it okay to say so much to the Spirit King?

 Cecil, who was behind me, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck.

Maybe it's okay, right? And if not, I think the elves will stop.

 I'm trying to make polite conversation, so if Aren's mannerisms are rude, I think it's the fault of the elves for not teaching the Spirit King manners.

''I asked Elmea-sama, the god of creation, about it, but it didn't work. You can never change the mode.

"Does that mean no extra mode?

 There was also an extra mode with 10 times the normal mode trials, but I talked about the Hell Mode without mentioning it.

'Yes, it is. It sounds harsh. I'm just a sub-god, so it seems impossible for me to get him to listen to me. Haha.

(Sub-God has a low position in the divine world)

I'm sorry to hear that. Then may I make another wish?

"If you save my darlings, I'll grant you a wish. If you think I can do it, I'll make it happen. Ha-ha.

"I would like to transfer my party members to a higher level position. Change of profession. Like changing a swordsman to a swordsman.

 If you can't change the mode, then let me change my profession, he says.

 As soon as you hear those words, the Spirit King's previously relaxed expression changes to a stern one.
 A silent, pressurized gaze catches Aren from the front, but Aren doesn't move at all and looks straight back at the genie king.
 At such an attitude of Allen, the spirit king weakens and sighs.

I'll have to change my profession next. You're that one. You're in God's logic. I see Master Elmere is concerned about it too.

"Huh? Are you listening to me?

Yes, I've heard that for quite a while now. She said she was in a hurry to make a higher level summoner because she was going to become the king. She said she meant to get six stars but ended up getting eight by mistake. He said he was troubled that the summoner wouldn't change it after I warned him. Haha.

(I see, the fact that the summoner has 8 stars was a divine manipulation error. It was a long time ago now, but I'm pretty sure it was "Are you sure you're a summoner? (I think I got a message like that)

 I feel like I've heard the story behind the birth of the summoner or something like that.

I didn't know that was possible. So what do you think? Is it tough on humans?

 For now, I don't want to talk about the birth story, I want you to tell me if you can. I think I can change jobs, so I talked to you about changing modes.

 There are many users of recovery magic in the elven lands.
 It can only mean that someone is increasing them. Someone in the god's realm must be giving them eco-patriotism and talent.

That's a pain in the ass for humans. No wonder Master Elmere is having such a hard time. Haha.

(After all, they were doing it secretly. Well, the elven country is not very populated and it is hard to have children. (If you don't do some, the country will collapse.

 The Spirit King scratches his head, "I'm in trouble.

"Well then, will you listen to me?

"Hmmm . . because there's a difference between giving a talent to someone who doesn't have it and elevating someone who originally had it. It's hard to do without a price.

"Then saving Rosenheim is not the price to pay.

"'I'm not sure I can do this justice. Even if the price is to save Rosenheim, it's still not enough. I'm talking about, say, a lifetime in exchange for, say, a life expectancy, or something like that.

(Longevity. Okay, that's not so bad.

 Everyone gasps at the words of the Spirit King who asks for a lifetime to change professions. It's so important that you'll have to trade your life for it. Only Allen understands the exact meaning of these words.

Then how about paying for everything you've experienced before you reach your growth limit?

(See, that's what life expectancy is all about. It's not just about how much time you have left to live, it's also about how much time you have to pay for the experience and the time you've spent.

"What? Are you sure? I've lost everything and become a level one, but

If that's the price you paid, no problem. Non-vocational skills such as swordsmanship remain the same, right?

 Then the Spirit King freezes again. He seems to be confirming something.

"Okay, okay. That's no problem. But I can only raise the difficulty of my profession by one level. I still can't get five stars.

(Okay, can I raise it to four stars?)

"Thank you.

"By the way, you know, you can't do that if you're not here or if you're a member of a party that comes in later.

(d*mn, I was going to get Merle to change jobs later, too.

I wouldn't do that.

"By the way, I can read minds. Haha.

Sorry about that. But this doesn't get me anything myself, does it?

 Allen says there is no reward for himself. We've been talking about party members for a while now.

"So you can read minds. Murat, I think. What do you think of the offer to bestow a star on the Beginning Summoner's sister? No talent, right? I'll ask you which talent is better: ......

 Wanting to end the conversation quickly, the Spirit King began to read Allen's mind. He is quite out of it and seems to be completely asleep.
 He may not be able to have a long conversation with people.

Thank you, Spirit King. Then I'll do my best to save Rosenheim.

(Come to think of it, I was sleepy too.)

"Yes, be sure to help her. ......

 The Spirit King murmured once more and fell asleep on the queen's lap.

 Thus ended the conversation between Allen and the Spirit King. In exchange for saving Rosenheim, he promised his friends a career change to a higher profession.