177 173. Summoning of Witnesses

 Allen asked the Genie King to grant him a wish if he saved Rosenheim.
 After negotiating with the Genie King, he promised to transfer all of Aren's companions to a higher-level profession. You have to make sure that you have the right skills and knowledge of your own.

 I'm sure that the future battle will be tough for my companions, especially those who are less fortunate. I've been thinking of requesting a change of jobs or mode change if there is a sub-god or god.

 Now the war between the Demon King's Army and Rosenheim would have an aspect of a job change quest.
 If I could manage this war, I would have hope for future battles.

 And that's what happened the next morning.
 Today, the siege of Tiamo is expected to begin in the next few hours. There was no attack yesterday, but judging from the information the scouts have gleaned about the movement of the Demon King's army, they're sure to attack today.

Good morning Aren. Sit here.

"Good morning, Master Cecil. Good morning, Master Cecil.

How dare you. Should I tighten it up?

"No, it's nothing,

 Allen was called to testify by his friends, led by Cecil. Apparently, false reports are subject to censure.

 This is a room in the building where the queen lives, and all of Allen's friends are here.
 I was asked to tell you how the conversation between Allen and the Spirit King yesterday came about and its meaning before the battle began.

 I told him it was a crazy story to believe and that it would be while making a blessing from heaven, but he said it was no problem. Allen summons something all the time when he's in the dungeon, in his base, or even when he's in class. Allen's friends don't seem to mind. There is a perception among them that this is what Allen is all about.

 Having returned yesterday evening and fallen asleep before nightfall, Allen is still up and working before the sun is up. Sitting with his friends around the circular table, Allen places the flowerpots on the table and begins to create the heavenly blessings. It's to prepare the necessary number of blessings for today's war.

''So, what was the conversation with the Spirit King yesterday?

 You will be able to find a lot of people who will be able to help you in your quest for a better life.

 You will be able to get a good deal more information about the company. But when listening to the conversation with the Spirit King, I felt that both the knowledge of dungeon capture and the incomprehensible profession of a summoner must have been meaningful to begin with.

 Crenna is staring straight at Allen, wondering what they're going to talk about.

 Sophie's sparkling eyes were looking forward to what she would say. To the elf, Allen's presence was becoming an unceasingly large part of her conversations with the Spirit King.

 Dogora and Keel think it's no surprise that something is now happening to the somewhat uncharacteristic Allen. You're watching Cecil and Allen's conversation from the sidelines, thinking that it wouldn't surprise you to hear a few things.

 Formar is worried about Sophie, who has a twinkle in her eye.

(Why was I silent at first? (Didn't you hate it when people thought you were fox-possessed or demon-possessed when you told them you were reincarnated?

 As a lowly serf, Allen came to this other world.
 Of course, he is inferior to the commoners. If he were to say that he was reincarnated in this position, he might be judged unfairly. That's why I didn't even tell my parents.

(I'm not sure now. Did I ever have to keep quiet?

 He looks at his friends one by one as they stare at Allen.

Oh, they're long gone. Well, I guess I'd rather be Allen to my parents.

 To his father Rodin and his mother Teresia, I think he would like to remain as his son Allen. However, Allen thinks that if you tell your friends what you're about to say, they'll accept it.

Yeah, I haven't told you this in a while. I was brought into this world by Elmera. I became Allen. Simply put, I'm from another world.


Since the knowledge of the previous world is inherited, my common sense seemed to fit with the Spirit King, so we had a good conversation yesterday.

"Huh? Huh? I don't know what you're talking about. No, hmmm.

 Cecil tries to deny. But if you apply the story now to the unprecedented dungeon attack speed, unorthodox ideas and actions so far, it often makes sense. Cecil's head spins in a different way than Allen's.

'Well! That's how Elmea, the god of creation, has found me to save this world!

"No, Elmer never said anything to me. Just that I should enjoy the world. We don't really hear from her.

That's natural. God is a watcher, he doesn't interfere. The Spirit King doesn't usually talk about anything either.

(Oh, I see. Does this mean gods do not interfere in the human world? The Spirit King is tolerated a little more because he's a sub-god. So he could have some flexibility, but he couldn't help the elves directly from the Demon King's army.

 The fact that he was bothering to care about Allen in the form of a prophecy may have been because he foresaw the situation where he would be conquered by the Demon King's army, as it is now.

I see. That's why you always seem to enjoy it!

 Crenna remembers how much fun Allen always seemed to have. It was the same when he was a serf and conquering dungeons at the school. Dogora has nodded his head and seems to agree.

 Dogora also wondered what the fun was all about.

"I certainly admire Master Allen's dedication. And now you're trying to save Rosenheim from the Demon King's army.

 Sophie seemed to think that it was precisely because he had the potential to save the world from the demon king's army that Allen was found by the god of creation, Elmea.

How old were you in the other world, by the way?

 I'm curious about how he came to be here, but Cecil is also curious about the year of Allen's previous life.

I think he's 35.

" " " "!

Well, then we're the same age.

"Well, yeah.

(Sophie somehow managed to get into a school that was supposed to be for 13-year-olds at age 48. Well, I suppose she used her 5 continents' ally power)

 If you add up the number of years Allen lived as Ken-ichi in his previous life and the number of years he lived as Allen, he and Sophie are the same age. I always thought that was a coincidence.

Yeah, I have to say this too.

"What's more? Say it all.

"I've never met a Demon King and failed to defeat him. It's common knowledge in the original world that if you find a demon king, you must defeat him.

 In the original world, the Demon King declared them to be targets of extermination when he found them.

(It's common knowledge among gamers, but it wouldn't hurt to say so.)


 The rest of the guys wonder what world Allen came from.

"That's good, though. Now we can update everyone's profession.

Well, this makes me a grand mage. Mm-hmm.

(Cecil giggles.) I guess I'm just happy to be born a mage, after all. I wonder what everyone is going to be like.

 1 star Dogora axe wielder, Kiel monk, Sophie's spirit wizard, Formal archer
 2 stars Cecil's mage
 3 stars The Swordsman of the Crenna

Well, the Grand Mage has three stars. I wonder what the four stars are.

"Huh? What are you talking about. You were too drowsy to listen properly. The Spirit King said you can only raise up to four stars in the higher office.

 Cecil and everyone else understands from Allen's explanation of the profession and the number of stars that are rare.

 On top of that, Cecil says that a mage with two stars can only become a great mage with three stars, one above the other.

'Huh? You weren't talking about a one-time job change, were you?

Thank God. When the Spirit King started saying "I can read minds" at the end, I was so sleepy and unsure. When he started saying "I can read minds," I panicked.


Of course, when you have completed your level and skill level, I will ask you to change jobs again. I started in a C-level dungeon in college town. This time it won't take you less than a year to reach the limit. Not while going to school.

"Hey it's ......

"Cecil, we just want you to keep your word. You will all be brought up to the limit that the Spirit King has indicated.

 Just like that, Allen assured him with a bad face.

 He's thinking of turning everyone into a four-star profession.
 That's why I didn't talk to the Spirit King about how many times you can change jobs.

That's true. The Spirit King says the impossible is impossible. Then I may become a genie wielder. Mm-hmm.

(Sophie is giggling too.) Is Rosenheim's only spirit user in this city of Tiamo?

 Sophie says it's not a problem because you didn't mention the number of times in that moment.

Well, we're done talking. Now let the war preparations begin. We must win and fulfill the requirements for the job quest!

""Oh, oh"

 The friends were desperately trying to keep up with Allen, who stood up vigorously.