178 174 Battle of Tiamos ①

 It's now just before noon, after a successful breakfast and testimony. The associates seem to have taken Allen's story in different ways.

 At the end, Allen added that he told this story because he was one of them. Nothing good would come from the publicity about him, he said. The others all agreed that this was a typical Allen thing to say.

 I looked at Sophie and spoke to her, since she was the one who sparkled when she listened the most. He reassured her that Allen was one of them, and Sophie seemed to think that it would be better if people didn't know where he came from. He replied, "All right.

 The demon king's army was slowly approaching Tiamo, forming a line.
 They were now about a kilometer away from Tiamo's outer wall.

 Although the demon king's army suffered some damage from the attack by Allen and his men that lasted until dawn yesterday, the number of troops waiting in the north, south, east, and west of the city of Tiamo remained the same at 30,000.
 In addition, there are about 100,000 main entrenched troops in the north and about 40,000 rearranged in the south.

 Perhaps because the demon king's army has started its march, the demonic beasts began to scream loudly.
 The screams of more than 100,000 B-ranked and above monsters are echoing throughout the city of Tiamo.

 Many powerless elves who couldn't escape to the city of Nest at the southern tip of Rosenheim think of the end of the world in their screams.

 Those who were last with their families. Those who were last with their families. Shelters set up throughout the city are teeming with elves.

 Many who have fled south since Rosenheim's northernmost stronghold fell, and others who fled the capital city are in Tiamo city.
 And the city is now surrounded by the demon king's army. You don't know when the city wall will be breached and the city will be overrun by demonic beasts. All I can do is pray to the spirit king and queen.

 Meanwhile, the elves who have climbed up the nearly 10-meter-high exterior wall are staring at the oncoming monster beasts with a strong gaze. I'd be lying if I said I had no fear at all. Ten meters is not that high for the hexenbiest in the monster king's army.

 But the soldiers aren't going to give in to fear. We witnessed a miracle just a few days ago. Our dying comrades who were thought to be beyond recovery are recovering through the power of a miracle. Now the elves lining the city wall have learned that miracles do happen.

 There were more than 100,000 wounded soldiers, but now there is not a single one. Those who never made it to the outer wall are on the ground, clutching their bows. 200,000 men, all better, are bracing themselves for the battle to come.

 The range of the well-trained elven archers reaches one kilometer. They are now awaiting the signal of their superiors on the outer wall. The spirit wizards are also in formation, standing by to help their comrades recover and assist.

 The instructions from the commander who is directly responsible for uniting the soldiers are different today.

 For some reason, the spirit wizards have been instructed not to save their magic power today, which was not the case in the past. I don't know why, but I think it's a continuation of yesterday's miracle.

 As the magical beasts are slowly approaching, a troll, hungry and unable to resist, begins to run to the outer wall at once. Then the other hexenbiests, who thought they had beaten you to it, also started running to be one of them. If you fall behind, you might not be able to eat today's meal.

 Each of the four sides of this five-meter square city has thirty thousand hexenbiests rushing into it.
 For some reason, the elves are relieved to see the same situation as before.

''Listen up! We have a spirit king on our side!

 One of the generals on the hull inspires the soldiers with a loud voice.

""Oh, oh, oh, oh! !!!!"

"Make sure you protect the Queen!

""Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. !!!!"

 The soldiers are not told that there is a queen in this city. They are told that not knowing where the queen is leads to the protection of the queen. That was reason enough for the soldiers to fight.

 As if those words were a signal, the powerful bows of the archers, who have mastered all levels and skills in normal mode, bellowed at once and countless arrows flew into the demon king's army.

 Today's battle has begun.

 No matter how many arrows pierced the wall, the monsters rushed into the outer wall. The impact of the monster beasts hitting the thick outer wall reverberates through the city.

 You desperately draw your bow and turn the eyes and heads of the monsters into a beehive.
 There are also a lot of archers who shoot at the monster outside the city from underneath the outer wall.

 Just like the spirit wizards, the archers are also instructed to use all their skills without conserving magic power and to defeat the monsters in the front line with all their might.

 If you do this, your magic power will run out in less than an hour.
 But the commanding officer's command hasn't changed.

"Don't save your magical energy and do your best to kill the monster! We have a Spirit King on our side!

 I notice something strange. As I pulled the bow, I wondered why.

 For some reason, I didn't lose the monster attack that I thought I couldn't duck.
 Somehow, more hits than ever before occur every once in a while.
 Somehow I was able to withstand a blow that was almost fatal.

 It didn't take long for the discomfort to change to confidence.

 We are in a miracle today. The battle progressed so smoothly that you wondered if this was a blessing.

 The elves' discomfort and confidence is justified. Before the battle began, Allen used Fish D, Fish C, and Fish B summonses on all 200,000 elves guarding the outer wall.

 Fish D's special skill, "Splatter", increases physical and magical evasion by about 10%.
 Fish C's special skill "Shark Oil" increases your heart attack rate by about 10%.
 Fish B's special skill "Turtle Shield" reduces damage taken by 20%, regardless of whether it is physical, magic, or breath.

 All of the feats last 24 hours.

 10% or 20% may be an error for a single attack or a single attack. But now we are at war, and the longer the war goes on, the more elves fight, the more difference there is in the effectiveness of the 10% and 20% specialties.

 One by one, you will be able to kill the monsters that reach the city wall.

 Just then, a dragon over 10 meters tall will kick the monsters to the front line, as if it has gotten fed up with the situation.

 Its head, which exceeds the top of the city wall, is raised to the sky, and its mouth is glowing.

"Breath is coming!

 A commanding officer shouts. Everyone takes a defensive stance, but then the dragon spits out a mouthful of all-consuming fire.

 The flames scorch many of the elves on the outer walls, leaving them mortally wounded.

 Then the general, who was watching, reacts quickly.

 As if to prove the existence of a miracle, he raises a red peach to the sky.

"The miracle is ours!

 Then the red peaches disappear in a glowing bubble, and the elves' health begins to recover.
 The elves, whose skin had been burned to death, all return to an unharmed state.

 The elves are astonished to find that their magic power, which had been diminishing since the battle began, has returned.
 This is the same expression of surprise when I look around, wondering if they have fully recovered to their pre-war condition. I'm trying to determine how many people have been fully recovered from their burns, but the area where they received the breath is too small to determine the true extent of the effect.

 This time, Allen is handing out 10 blessings to each of the generals.

 Roughly, a general unites an army of five to ten thousand men. Since there are about fifty generals in this city, I told them that each general can use them at his own discretion, depending on the pinch and the level of magic depletion.

'What are you doing, slaying the dragon!

 At the command of a general or commander-level soldier, bows and arrows will attack the dragons at once.

 Even with the talent of the Archer, a profession with 2 stars of rarity, defeating dragons with bows and arrows should be a challenge.
 However, thanks to Fish C's special skill 'Shark's Oil', you'll be able to kill the dragon. Even the 1-star Archer can reduce the dragon's stamina in one fell swoop with the violence of numbers and probability.

 The dragon with arrows sprouting from its body will fall on its back, crushing the monsters.

 After that, they continued to attack and defend, and the number of monsters from north, south, east, west, and west, which numbered 30,000 each, was reduced by half.

 While the elves are hoping that this will take a few hours, a cloud of dust rises from the south.
 It seems that the Demon King's army has realized that they're struggling unexpectedly.

 The 40,000 or so magical beasts that were spread out to the south of the city of Tiamo as a reserve and to keep the elves from escaping to the south had already densely organized their ranks.

 Then, as a reinforcement, they started to attack the south side of the city of Tiamo.
 No matter which direction, east, west, north, south, or west, if the wall was destroyed and the monsters were able to flood into the city, the Demon King's army would win.

 Two groups of hexenbiest will attack the south side of the city as if they are one point above the first group.

 The monsters that you've been reducing are now more than three times as thick as the ones outside the wall.

''They're only growing in number! Victory is ours!

 The elves flinch at the sheer number of magical beasts, and the generals desperately try to inspire them.

"We finally moved the southern reserve. I'm just glad we made it in time.

(You took the time to go distribute heavenly blessings to three cities)

Yes. Now that the reserves are on the move, are we going to attack?

Of course.

 To Cecil's voice, Allen replied as if it were only natural.
 A short distance above the trampled ground around where the reserves were, Allen and his team are in the air.

 The second half of the Thiamo offensive was about to begin.