179 Episode 175 Battle of Tiamo ②

 Allen and his team are about three kilometers away from the city of Tiamo.
 Since we are about a kilometer above the city, we have a good view of the battle between the soldiers and the monsters that seem to be hugging the city.

The siege and defense of all four cities is coming to a climax. Is there any city that's about to fall?

 Tiamo's city was not the only one that was under siege.
 The three cities defending the southern part of Rosenheim, just like Tiamo, are currently fighting back against the Demon King's army, as confirmed by the eagle eye of Bird E's summoner.

 The other three cities besides Tiamo have also been buffed by Fish DCB summons before the war began.
 There are no absolutes in war, but for now, the offensive and defensive battles seem to be going on without incident.

 Allen and his team will move to a position about 500 meters from the city of Tiamo. We'll lower our altitude and stop at a level with the ground.

Let's get started. Well, we only have 37 more to summon?

 Allen uses a grimoire to check the number of summonses that can appear. There are 33 summonses now.

 2 in the village of Rodan.
 One under the Viscount Granville
 15 bodies in support of the north central continent
 2 bodies in the city of Nest
 8 bodies in 4 cities during the siege, including Tiamo
 5 summonses of the bird B that Allen and his friends ride

 In the village of Rodan Frontier, I have the summonses of bird E and spirit B as watchmen and guards for the defense of the village.
 Each of the five Rosenheim cities, including the city of Nest, also has a bird F and spirit B summoner as liaison and combatant, respectively.

'Are you sure you have enough for 37 summons? I knew that 15 bodies in the Central Continent was too many, wasn't it? You've sent a bunch of pills, so why not cut back?

 Cecil peers into Allen's grimoire from behind.
 In order to save the summoning slots, Allen and Cecil, Sophie and Formal have changed to a two-seater. Bird B's summons are large, so riding two is not a problem.

Well, the battle will start soon over there too. If we're attacked, there will be more men on this side, but we won't have to cut back.

 The detachment has gone to the north central continent for days. I've also given them some recovery medicine, so I'm thinking that we can use it all up and wait until we're dead.


 With that much said, Allen begins to summon the insects B summons one by one. He summons 30 of them at intervals of 100 meters along the southern exterior wall of the city of Tiamo.

 He also summons five dragon B summonses at the same time. There are only two left to summon.

Okay, Aripons, let's spawn.


 The distance he has traveled while summoning is 3 kilometers, so he uses Bird F's transmission to summon all of Insect B's summons in the distance to use the Awakening Skill "Spawn" at once.

 Then 100 huge eggs will appear in front of Bug B's summoner. The total number of eggs is 3,000 for 30 summons.

 The visual of the eggs will turn into a glowing bubble and disappear, leaving a total of 3000 summons that look the same as Insect B's summoner, but are about half the size.

 Bug B's awakening skill gives birth to 100 offspring that are half his size and half his status. Aren named the offspring born from this Awakening skill "Child Aripon".
 The cool time is one day, and the summon can only be active for 30 days, so it can spawn up to 30 times. The cubs can exist for up to a month unless they are killed. This is the maximum duration of the parent's existence. The baby alipons will disappear once the summoned beast of the parent insect B has been summoned, or even if the parent insect B's summoned beast is returned to the card.

An ant B's summoner's "spawn" skill will create an ant ant baby.
 Name] Child Aripon
 Physical strength] 1300
 Magical power] 500
 Attack Power] 1200
 Endurance] 2000 (parent enhanced)
 Quickness] 2000 (parent enhanced)
 Intelligence] 1000
 Fortune] 900
 Special skill: Formic acid

"Okay, Aripons, let's move forward with baby Aripons.


 At Allen's signal, the 30 ant B summons advance towards Tiamo with their own aripons born from their awakening skills.

 There are 3,000 children, some of which are up to 5 meters in length.
 Also, their endurance and speed can reach 2000.
 The parent summoner of Bug B was strengthened to 4,000 in durability and speed, and then spawned, so the strengthened status will be reflected in the offspring.

Keel! Sophie! Cast a supplementary spell and let's get into the fight.


"I understand, Mr. Allen!

 Kiel and Sophie will cast a defensive supplementary magic on all of Aren and his friends, including the summons.
 This supplementary magic is also effective on baby Aripon and his friends.

"Harami, shark fin, cast a supplementary spell on them too. And your awakening skills.


 Fish D and C can't talk, but they'll be swimming in the dirt and buffing the whole area, including their little pawns. Then, sparing no magic stones and re-creating your awakening skills, you can buff the entire area, including the child Aripon.

"Gembu, go around with the Turtle Shield and Turtle Barrier.

"Woohoo, I see. Crack the whip on an old bone and call it.

 Fish B, with a grandfatherly tone of voice, spins around and performs a special move while sprouting only his shell from the dirt.

 Turtle Shield lowers damage by 20%. Turtle Barrier lowers damage by 50%. These techniques and the Awakening Skill's effects overlap, so the damage taken will be reduced by 60%.

 Note that Fish B's damage reduction affects physics, magic, and breath.
 Turtle Shield will last for 24 hours and will affect friends within 50 meters of it.
 Turtle Barrier lasts for 1 hour and works on companions within 100 meters.

If you don't get hit by an extra skill level blow from a hero, you won't die instantly. (How many times?)

 When he fought Helmios the Brave, Allen himself and Stone B's summons were also covered with the Turtle Shield and Turtle Barrier. Even so, both Stone B and Allen were seriously injured. The brave man's strength can be seen.

"Go all out!


"'Giggle, giggle, giggle!

 Now that I've applied all my assistance, I'm going to keep them in formation and run them quickly forward.
 The baby Aripon is capable of listening to Aren's instructions, but it is basically left to its parent, Bug B's summoner.

 You're less than 100 meters from the tail of the demon king's army, but you'll continue on your way.

 Then, attack the many monsters that were watching the outer walls of Tiamo from behind. The first attack is Dragon B's summoner's wide-ranging breath. All at once, the monsters will be set ablaze.

 And now that baby Aripon has made contact with the Demon King's army, I will issue new instructions.

Use formic acid!

 Using the bird F's message, he can direct all the baby alypons, which are spread over a distance of more than three kilometers from east to west, at once.

 This formic acid is a skill that can be used by both baby alipons and insect B summonses. It shoots a poison from its buttocks that lowers both durability and resistance, which is effective against enemies within a range of tens of meters, and the formic acid alone can kill a hexenbiest that is not resistant to poison.

 It is especially effective against material-type monsters as it is similar to a solution.

Hang on, hang on, hang on!

 Follow Allen's words and end up using your special skills without attacking.

 The elven troops on the outer wall are looking at Allen and the others in surprise.

Those ants are just reinforcements. Just aim at the monster in front of you!

Not many arrows are coming our way. I thought there would be a few.

 The generals are telling us not to attack the summons.
 The elves said, "Okay," and focused on attacking the monsters in front of them.

 The dragon B summons will extinguish the monsters whose durability and resistance have been reduced.
 As they lower their resistance, they also lower their breath resistance. Then Cecil, who is behind Allen, will also attack with wind magic.

 This is because the fact that the dragon B's breath after pouring formic acid on it won't kill it means that it may have a strong resistance to the fire attribute, so it will attack with another attribute.

 The basis of a battle is to always attack with the opponent's resistance in mind. Cecil has been using more and more magic other than the fire attribute since Allen began to produce dragon B summons.

 The baby Aripon was sucked into the monster in front of him and the monster in front of him was sprayed with formic acid. The monsters with lowered endurance began to die from the elves' arrows more than ever before.

Don't let them escape! Exterminate them all!

 Allen shouts out not to let a single body escape.

 This battle is about the defense of the city, but also about the destruction of the enemy.
 It doesn't matter where, east, west, north, south or west, we want to eradicate all the enemies on one side of the wall.
 In the north, the main camp isn't moving, so I attacked the south side because it had the most magical beasts.

 The objective is magical stones.

 The B-ranked magical stones are a blessing from heaven that will be distributed to the cities that have drawn four lines of defense, including Tiamo, and they're decreasing at an alarming rate.

 The number of B-ranked magic stones will run out during this defense. Currently, we've given away most of the blessings and we only have a thousand or so magic stones.

 Even if we kill monsters to collect them, we have to dismantle them to collect them, so we can't collect them if there are other monsters around. You have to eradicate all of them so that you can collect them.

 I've heard that these monsters are smart enough to retreat when they know they're losing. We've decided to trap them to make sure none of them escape.

 Krena and Dogora will also be wielding their weapons with all their might.

 Some of the hexenbiest will understand the situation and will try to retreat.
 But they will be interrupted by the baby Alipon.

 In general, the child's stats are higher than those of the mardergarsh.
 Its attack power isn't as high, but it has the power to lay waste to any B-ranked hexenbiest in the area.

 Aripon's big jaws begin to crush the monsters, saying he won't let any of them escape.

After all, Aripon shines brightest in war. Strength in numbers is power. They can't be awakened or enhanced, but they do produce such spectacular results.

 Can't use enhancement, sharing, or awakening skills against child alipons. Summoner buffs and auxiliary magic of Kiel and Sophie work, but summoning skills are not allowed.

 But it has done more than that.

 Within an hour or so, baby Aripon reached the outer wall.
 The area in front of the outer wall is filled with dead monsters.

We were able to eradicate them just fine. Were there any S-ranked monsters? There aren't that many?

 As Allen analyzes the results of the battle, the elves' shouts of victory can be heard from above the hull, "Dradra and his men and Aripon, go cheer on the east and west hull.

Dradra and Ariporn and the others, go to the east and west halls for support. They'll get in the way of retrieving the magical stones if they stay too long.

 At Allen's direction, divide the group into East and West halves and begin to move in to hunt the East and West hexenbiests that are still fighting.

 Leave the hundreds of pups on the south side and have them cut into the monsters' bellies with their jaws so that they can easily retrieve the magical stones. Later, I'll let Spirit B summonses hold the bag for me to retrieve it.

 Less than an hour later, the hexenbiests that couldn't be contained in the area fled to the north.

 The battle ended in victory as the elves on the outer wall screamed with joy as they watched.