181 Art. 177. Individual defeats

 In the daytime the day after the defensive battle ended .

 Since the military conference held last night, there is new information that the Giamut Empire has sent me a grimoire communication in the city of Nest, saying that they will provide food and supplies for Rosenheim. General Lucidral in the city of Nest told me a lot about the situation in the Central Continent, along with the story of the support of the Gearmut Empire.

 He said that the Demon King's army in the Central Continent is already in motion and in another day or two, they will attack the fortresses that the Ghiamut Empire has built at key locations on the northern border.

 The number remains the same at two million. They are divided into about 200,000 soldiers per fortress, advancing toward ten fortresses. This is just as Allen expected.

 He says that it makes sense for the Ghiamut Empire to come to Rosenheim's aid under these circumstances. It seems that some of the mage ships are already on their way to the Nest, assuming that the elves won't refuse them when they announce their support.

 They say that the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire is a rare and wise emperor who rose to the position of emperor at a young age.

 The fact that 600,000 elven elixirs have been provided and their value has already reached the emperor's ears. This support is a stepping stone to get the elixir as cheaply as possible in the future.

 And if Rosenheim persisted with this support, the four million reserve soldiers of the Demon King's army could go to Rosenheim.

 Either way, it will be to the advantage of the Gearmut Empire.

 Even though we are under attack by the demon king's army, the head of the state is always looking for the country's interests, Allen thought.

 Allen is now several dozen kilometers north of the city of Tiamo.

 The purpose is to check on the movement of the demon king's army that has retreated to the north and take further action.

I can see it. Do you see it right?

"Oh, yeah.

 Today Allen is riding the bird B summoner with Cecil to save summoning slots. And Allen is sitting facing Cecil. Since Allen is riding in front of him, he is riding backwards from his direction of travel.

 This would be fine if Cecil rode in front and Allen rode behind him, but once the battle begins, Allen is going to be the shield in case something goes wrong, so he's sitting facing him.

 The reason Allen is facing back is to place a large, shallow flowerpot on the back of Bird B's summoner to generate heavenly blessings. I consumed a significant amount of blessings during yesterday's defense battle, and they are currently being generated.

 Thanks to the fact that you pretty much beat the Demon King's army in all four cities yesterday, we won't have a defense battle today . The depletion of 100,000 demonic beasts seems to be a good enough reason not to hold daily sieges.
 Let's make a blessing in the meantime. I'm flying pretty high so that the enemy can't see me making it.

 Such is the case when Allen discovers the end of the Demon King's army's retreat from the Tiamo invasion with the eye of a shared bird B summoner.

Hmm. At this rate of progress, we're going to meet up with the next army tomorrow. We've got to stop this.

Is it still bad if you join us?

." "Yes. It would be a shame to be joined and outnumbered again, and to be attacked by a concentrated army of one or two more cities with an increased number of troops.

(After all, wasn't it just a retreat?)

 Currently, four cities including Tiamo's city have drawn a line of defense, so the demon king's army is divided into four separate armies that are attacking at the same time.

 It seems that the demon king's army also has the wisdom to change their strategy after the night attack three days ago and the heavy defeat in yesterday's defensive battle. They're still on the march, so I don't know what they're going to do, but it seems they're going to join up with their neighbors from the direction they're going.

 It would be a disaster if the divided forces joined together and concentrated their forces to take down one or two cities instead of four at once. Since we are at war, if the things we are supposed to be defending are killed, then even if we destroy them afterwards, we will still be defeated.

What do we do now?

"Of course we'll harass you. It's not a defense battle, so we can move freely. Well, we'll destroy each one.

 In a defensive battle, you have to make moves to defend the city and you can't do it. But today, you can attack without worrying about that.

 Allen will use the summoned bird F to communicate today's strategy to his friends flying around him. This is useful for communicating your strategy, as only the designated person can hear the bird F's message.

 Allen and his team will reach the rear of the Demon King's army, which is down to 100,000 men on the march.

Allen, it's getting noisy. Are we under attack by the enemy? I mean, do you still make that?

 Bird B's summons are quite large and easy to spot, and the Demon King's army will recognize them as enemies based on their past activities.
 Dozens of magical beasts that can fly from the Demon King's army will come to Allen and the others.

It's natural. This is going to go on all day. "Oh, yeah, let's go up a little more and get a little meteo there.

 I'm going to be working all day today to create a blessing. Since I was able to collect the magical stone last night, I'll make it while there's still time. Unless the situation is really badly attacked by the enemy, I'll continue to make it.

 It seems that Cecil has figured out what Allen wants.

 The hexenbiest army is advancing north, but the size and speed of the monsters vary. There's more than double the difference between the fastest and slowest hexenbiests of each type. Naturally, there are more slow-moving monsters at the back of the march.

 Bipedal ogres and trolls are at the back of the monsters' army. They're also bipedal, but their bodies are made up of lightweight bones and other light materials, so they seem to ride on the backs of quadrupedal monsters.

 It rises about three kilometers to scatter the demon king's army, and then uses dragon B's summons to scatter the rising demon king's army.

 Then, Cecil begins to focus his attention to activate the extra skill.

"Drop it here.


 He tells Cecil, who concentrates his attention, where to drop it, and holds his hand in that direction without replying.

Petit Meteor!

 With Cecil's shout, a huge, red-burned rock falls from the tail end of the demon king's army procession a little closer to the direction of travel.

 It destroys nearly ten thousand of the army in one fell swoop.

The battle is fought together with the elves. (Defense battles count the amount you fight with the elves, so you'll only get 10% of the experience.

 In the night raid, we fought with six men and received 80% of the experience per monster, but in yesterday's defense battle, we were considered to have fought with a squad of elves and received only 10% of the experience per monster, which is the lowest experience distribution.

 The 10% is the minimum experience when there are more than 253 participants.

 Thanks to the buffing of the fish system, Allen has gained experience for all the monsters he has killed in the four cities, which numbered 200,000.

 Today, Allen's party acted alone, so he received 80% of the experience per beast.

Thanks, that was pretty good. Here's your ring to help you recover.

 Aren restores Cecil's magic with a magic recovery ring.
 When we were flying together, I was afraid to drop the ring, but now that we're riding together, we can do this.

I'll follow you.

"Yeah, doesn't seem to be very intelligent,

 It wasn't the last hexenbiest that Cecil just killed. He activated his micrometeorite extra-kill around the 20,000 rearmost trolls.

 The 20,000 enraged trolls and ogres, unaware that they have been separated, are chasing after Aren and the others.

 The monsters ahead of where the micrometeorite was dropped seemed to continue their march, and they didn't seem to follow Allen and the others.
 Allen and his team will lower their altitude and move slowly so that the hexenbiest can follow them.

"But destroying each one of them is a plan to attack the platoon. We're building a platoon.

 The destruction of each piece we learned in class was like trying to beat a squad or platoon with more troops in priority. This time, they're using micrometeorites to force a platoon. Cecil seems to have a feeling that something is different.

Well, I guess so. Well, let's make a platoon, if not a platoon, okay?

 The demon king's army that was on the side of the micrometeorite didn't come after that, so the 20,000 monsters were completely cut off.

 After less than half an hour of travel, Allen and the others stopped their movement and took a position a little higher than the monsters.


 And a group of insect B summonses awaits the 20,000-strong army of the Demon King. The number of baby Aripons has increased by 3,000 since the day's cool time passed after noon.
 About 500 were killed yesterday, so the number is 5,500. We've already dispersed all of the fish system's specialties.

 I'll tell Sophie and Keel to help, and I'll summon the dragon B summons as well.

Now let's get the magic stone too. That's a bit much, but it's doable.

(It took me quite a while to get to this point, and I'd have to hunt about 20,000 to be efficient and level up.

 I've been fishing for a limit number of fellows and summonses to defeat.
 When the trolls and ogres realized they were trapped, they went rigid for a moment, but they seemed to attack regardless.

 Aripon's children are surrounding the enemy.

Okay, we're ready. Overrun it.


 With the use of the bird F summons to instruct the whole, the destruction of each piece began.