182 CHAPTER 178 ONE Million ①

 Three days have passed since the siege of Tiamo.

 Allen is in the city of Tiamo, in the Queen's hall with his companions. The queen and the general are checking on the movements of the elves during the past three days. It seems that you can still enter this hall with a face pass.

 The elves of Rosenheim managed to recover a total of over 100,000 magic stones in Tiamo and the other three cities during the siege three days ago. Furthermore, there are about 70,000 magic stones that Allen and the others have obtained themselves, and the elves are said to be using more than 100,000 of them.

 Of the more than 100,000 magic stones, 50,000 will be turned into 10,000 heavenly blessings.
 We generate them at intervals and pass them on as we go along.
 Since the insects that are summoned are taking up the summoning slots, there are few blessings to increase magic power and the maximum magic power is not that high. Even if you use a magic recovery ring, you can only make about 200 pieces of heavenly blessings per hour.

 And the remaining 50,000+ magic stones were sent to the city of Nest. From the city of Nest to the city of Tiamo, the frontline of the battlefield, a heavily guarded magic ship was brought to the city of Tiamo, loaded with a large quantity of magic stones and sent back.

 At this time there were five thousand elves on board the ship. They were all talented soldiers and would be on the front lines fighting against the demon king's army.

 The reason why they took the magic stone is to supply the magic ship with it. There are dozens of magic ships parked in the city of Nest and the surrounding open spaces due to lack of magic stones. I'm told that those magic ships will be working at full capacity from now on.

 With more than 50,000 magic stones of B rank and above, that's all you need to do.

But even if one grimoire can evacuate 5,000 people, how long will it take to evacuate everyone?

 After listening to the whole story, Allen asks one of the generals who explained to us.

You're right. In this city alone, there are more than 700,000 refugees. We haven't even recovered the magic ship yet. It may take four or five days to evacuate them all, but what does that matter?

 Why are you asking about the mage ship's carrying capacity, asks one of the generals. Allen and his companions both have a look of urgency on their faces.

Yes, I have a bad news. One million troops of the Demon King's army are coming in a straight line towards this city of Tiamo. We have stopped the movement for the night now, but in two days they will come to Tiamo city.


 Surprised elven generals. Even the queen leans forward from her throne and is surprised.

 For the past three days, Allen and his men had been relentlessly attacking the demon king's army that had retreated northward from the city of Tiamo.

 About three days later, the demon king's army joined up with the armies that attacked the other three cities, and with reinforcements from the north, the army grew to about one million men.

 As soon as they joined forces, they were advancing straight towards the city of Tiamo. Allen and the others have spent the whole day trying to turn the tide, but the demon king's army is heading towards the city of Tiamo without paying any attention to Allen and his team.

The same as the northernmost fortress: ......

 Oozing with despair at Allen's report, one of the generals put into words .
 A fortress many times taller and stronger than the city of Tiamo lay in the far north of Rosenheim. It was said to be impregnable, but it had fallen at the hands of three million demon kings.

You're moving too fast! Even if we could defeat them individually, they'd only be around 30,000 at most.

 This battle was thought to be a forgiving one. The Demon King's army can't cope with Allen's air power. If they could kill 30,000 Demon Kings' army a day, they could kill three million in a hundred days.

 In fact, before Allen's arrival, the Demon King's army suffered only minor losses in the battle against the elves, but after Allen's arrival, nearly half a million monsters had been killed. It was enough for the Demon King's army to make a quick decision and move on.

 Furthermore, the demon king's army seems to have determined that there is an elf queen in the city. Rosenheim's only spirit user is guarding the city of Tiamo.
 And it is also the city of Tiamo that was suddenly attacked by night.
 It was also the city that suffered the most damage from the demon king's army during the defense.

I have a proposal. Shall we retreat, including the queen?

 They say you don't have to be here.


Master Allen, that's not possible. As I said before, the magic ship in the city of Nest is preparing to use magic stones to move it. At this rate, it won't be able to carry half the refugees.

"Does that mean you will stay behind and fight the Demon King's army? It may be tough, but you could spend two days walking the displaced people out of town for two days.

The demon king's army will catch up with us soon. And we have the elves' elixir given to us by Master Allen. We will work together to protect our people who have nowhere to run. Are you all right?

"'Ha! Your Majesty the Queen!

 There was no one to be afraid of. We have a reason to fight and risk our lives.

"Will you be able to help me, Master Allen?

More than 200,000 elves here, plus the cure. They might last for a siege, but if they fail, the queen will be wiped out and Rosenheim will be gone. (I'll take the better chance, if I have to take that chance.

Of course. But if you don't want to run away, I have a plan for you.


 The generals let out a gasp. This is the plan of the dark-haired boy who has been working miracles for the past few days.

 Everyone turns their gaze to Allen, expecting him to perform another miracle, and they listen with anticipation to see what he has to say.

"How many scouts are there in this city?

"A scout. That's right. Well, there must be 3,000 of them. It's not often we elves find ourselves in the scouts' sights.

 Out of 200,000 men, 3,000 are scouts. The generals wonder why we have to fight against an army of a million men from now on, so why do we need to check the number of scouts who are hard to beat?

How many of those scouts have extra skills to increase their quickness?

"Nuh? Searching and tracking rather than increasing speed?

 Extra skill has a high gacha element. But most of the time the skills will be of the right ability for each job.

Yeah. I think there are at least 100 out of 3,000 of them.

 The other generals are nodding in agreement with the general who replies on behalf of the general. That sounds like solid information.

Then I would like at least 2,000 of those 3,000 to be assigned to me. Anyone who has the talent to increase their quickness, preferably all of them, should be assigned to me.

"Nuh? If three thousand men are needed, three thousand will do. We won't be much of a scout in a siege anyway. I'll make sure Master Aren lives.

 The elf general responds immediately without hearing all of Allen's plans.

"Thank you, sir. Well, I would like to tell you how I would like a unit of 3,000 men to act, and I would appreciate it if you could call your commander.

Let's go get one right away.

 Knowing that time is running out, one of the generals walks out of the hall with the queen.

"After this explanation, we are going to launch a delay operation to slow down the progress of the demon king's army.

"Please, Mr. Allen.

 The queen replies on behalf of the queen.

I will inform the scouting commander of the plan, but regardless of the success of this operation, in three days, hundreds of thousands of demon king's troops will invade the city of Tiamo. With that in mind, you should take action to fortify your defenses.

 I assure you that Allen and his men cannot defeat an army of a million men. It will only be a matter of reducing our numbers and delaying our progress.

 And since we have three days, I'll tell them to build a shelter with spirit magic or something to fortify the defense as best they can.


"Yes, Your Majesty,

Take good care of Miss Allen.


 Before Sophie asks to go with her to Operation Delay, the queen tells her to go with her. That seems to be the rule for those born into the royal family.

I've got him!

 Then the general brings an elf to me. He seems to be the commander of the scouting party.
 The commander seems puzzled by the sudden summons to the Queen's chamber and the presence of the dark-haired boy.

"I'm sorry to bother you so late. Sorry to bother you at this late hour, but let me tell you what's going on.

 Thus began the siege against an army of one million.