183 CHAPTER 179 ONE Million ②

 Allen informed the elven scout commander of the mission.

 The scout commander looks at me like that, but he agrees. The place where I told him the plan is a hall with the general and the elven queen at the back.

 Everyone in this hall is looking at you to do as Allen says. The commander didn't have much of a choice, but perhaps because scouting units are more prone to darker maneuvers than other units, he was more easily convinced.

 And we've been talking about whether or not the spirit user, Gatruoga, will be included in this plan.
 Having the strongest man in Rosenheim would certainly give us an advantage in our fight against the demon king's army.
 However, since we had never fought together in Allen's mission before, and the mission was based on the premise that the demon king's army would come to Tiamo's city, we decided to ask him to remain in Tiamo's city.

 It's also important to fortify Tiamo's defenses.

 I've already informed the city of Nest that a million troops are coming to the city of Tiamo.
 They are rushing to activate the magic ships and move the wounded soldiers who are healed to the city of Tiamo and the refugees from Tiamo to the city of Nest.
 Although we can't move all the refugees, there is no reason for them to be killed, so women and children will be given priority.

 After informing them of the plan and confirming what they needed to know, Aren and the others took a quick sleep and left the city of Tiamo before dawn.

 Since a night attack wouldn't do much good, we gave priority to conserving our strength. The battle from now on would be a long one.

 The demon king's army is coming from beyond the horizon and filling the world.
 As before, they seem to have begun to act at the dawn of time.

That's a lot.

 Today Cecil speaks to Allen while the two of them are facing each other in front of each other, riding the bird B summoner again. Allen is always generating heavenly blessings, which is why he is sitting like this.

I suppose.

 Allen replies to Cecil, making today a last-minute blessing for the heavens, "You're not afraid?

Are you not afraid?

"Hmmm. I guess I'm not afraid.

 The words "I'm not afraid" mean that I'm not afraid of dying, but I'm very afraid of my friends dying. But it is filled with the thought that it is very scary for your friends to die.

 Cecil's face relaxes at Allen's words.

"Thank you.


"You've taught me so much. I didn't know you were going to tell me.

 To Cecil, since the time he was in the house of Granvelle as a servant, Aren was clearly an everyman. He used to not be able to ask what he wanted, but after his conversation with the Spirit King, he seems to have lost his hesitation.

Well, I guess so. Don't thank me before you fight.

(Don't raise any unnecessary flags)

"What's that?

Well, it's a prehistoric story.

Tell me about it another time.

"Yes. That's what we have to do to get through this fight.

 Allen now looks at the Demon King's Army once again.

The Demon King's Army? (The Demon King's Army?) The Demon King's Army attacks you in one lump without thinking, and that's the most annoying part of the plan.

 If you took the time to fight, you could chip away at the enemy army every day .
 Even if the battle was spread out over several cities, like the Tiamo siege, we could still defeat a lot of demonic beasts.
 I was hoping to reduce the number of the demon king's army that way, and in time I would regain the fortresses and cities that had been dropped by the demon king's army.

 However, the demon king's army soon realized that this was not a good situation. They quickly changed their strategy after the defeat at the Battle of Tiamo.

It didn't matter to the Zauberger's army whether a million or two million of his monsters died. In short, they didn't care if Rosenheim was destroyed.

 It's a simple strategy that is difficult to break through, as it is irresistible and defenselessly violent in numbers.

 When you are checking the progress of the demon king's army, a black horde is heading towards the demon king's army. It's a small crowd compared to the Demon King's army, but there are nearly 10,000 of them.

''Aripon and the others have arrived.

"Oh, well, here we go.

 I think the timing is perfect. With nearly 10,000 baby Aripons in the lead, the 30 Bug B Summons that we've been walking since last night will soon be facing the Demon King's army.

(In addition to the 30 Bug B summonses I've already summoned, but I guess I can only summon 47 of them now.

 Two in the village of Rodin settlement
 One under the Viscount Granville
 8 bodies in support of the north central continent
 One in the city of Nest
 2 bodies in the city of Tiamo
 Three bodies in three other cities
 5 summonses of the bird B that Allen and his friends ride
 A bird E summoner spying on the sky above Allen's group

 Check the number of summons that can be summoned. In order to hunt down as many monsters as possible, I adjusted the number of summons as much as possible.

 Note that the summoned beasts I sent to the northern part of the Central Continent are already fighting against the Demon King's army, and their number has been reduced to eight. They are supporting the 5-continent alliance army defending the northern fortress of the central continent behind the scenes.

Let's go!


 Use the summons of bird F and call out to your friends on the summons of bird B.

"Okay, Cecil. Let's get to the first group.

It looks like there's a fast Hexenbiest in the lead. We've got to slow our progress down a little bit.

 Allen tells Cecil to aim near the front of the charging demon king's army in a mass.
 Cecil's figure flickers like a shimmering fire as he holds his hands out in front of him.

"Petit Meteor!

 The huge, red-burned rock burned down the first group of the Demon King's army.
 It was a picture of hell, but after a while, the demon king's army, which was running behind, came straight ahead. It was as if the red-burned earth didn't matter.

Alright, let's descend and fight!


 Allen and his friends, who were up in the air, descend to the rear of Bug B's summoner, which has already passed underneath Allen and his friends.
 They have not reached the ground because they are riding the bird B summons so that they can break away at a moment's notice.

"Dora Dora and her friends, Kerolin and her friends, Harami, shark's fin and Gembu come out!

 Summon 10 dragon B summons, 4 beast B summons, 1 fish D, 1 fish C and 1 fish B summon. This would be the best lineup.

 Then, you'll soon come face-to-face with the demon king's army, which will not hesitate to go straight ahead after receiving Cecil's extra skill "micrometeorite".

 The trees on the ground are also crushed as the demon king's army rushes in, engulfing everything in its path. The demon king's army is at a position where you can see it, even if you're not a summoner of Bird E.

(Come on, give it all you've got!)

 Allen came to this other world because he didn't want to play nulls. The scene in front of him reminds him of the days when he spent all his time trying to defeat his enemies on the screen.

 In a fit of exuberance, he reminds himself of how he can defeat more monsters. If you don't reduce their numbers enough, many refugees and soldiers in the city of Tiamo will die.

 The Demon King's army has made contact with 10,000 Bug B summons. Even 10,000 baby Aripons don't seem to matter much to the Demon King's army of one million.

 After the number of children grew to 10,000, the number of monsters and their momentum was dwindling. Even when they are attacked, the hexenbiest won't hesitate to attack the baby ponies.

(But it's nice to know that a single magical stone is enough to summon both insects and beasts.

 The number of B-ranked magic stones needed to create a dragon B summoner is 29. It takes 15 generations and 14 compositions to summon a dragon B summoner.
 The time loss has been eliminated by fast summoning, but the number of magic stones required remains the same.

 However, beast B and insect B summons require only one B-ranked magic stone.

 Current stock of magical stones and blessings
100,000 B-grade magic stones
6000 pieces of heavenly blessings

 From now on, we'll use the magical stones we've saved up through the defense of Tiamo and the three days of individual defeats, as well as the blessings of the heavens to annihilate the demon king's army.

 Dogora and Krsna are also on the front line, wielding their weapons and starting to hunt the monsters.

Krsna and Dogora, hold on to your baby Aripon as a wall as you fight!

"Yeah, I get it!


 Instruct them to change their position, using the child Aripon that fills the front.
 The demonic beasts in the sky above are also shot down by dragon B's breath, Formal's bow and arrow, and Cecil's magic.

(After all, the demon king's army shouldn't bother to defeat us before advancing.

 The hexenbiest in the front is indeed fighting with Aren and the summonses. However, their army of one million is far greater than what Aren and his friends have.

 Many of the hexenbiests are advancing toward the target of falling the city of Tiamo, ignoring Allen and the others.

I'll take down the hexenbiest in front of you! Take them down to the back of the line and we'll move to the front of the line!


 I knew this would happen. When you've finished killing the enemy in front of you, you'll jump into the front line of the Demon King's army that has moved forward and do the same. I'll hunt the monsters in the front line and slow down their march.

 Thus, the battle between Allen and his army of a million demon kings continued.