184 Episode 180 Battle of Tiamo ③

 It had been three days since Allen and his men brought word that a million troops were heading toward the city of Tiamo.
 The sun had risen high enough, and it was now just before noon.

 The Demon King's army was supposed to arrive in the city of Tiamo in two days, but it still hadn't arrived in two days.
 The delay strategy worked and they were able to delay it by a day.

 At a distance from the city, a scouting team is waiting to check on the progress of the demon king's army, and a smoke signal of the demon king's attack is raised by their skills.

 On the outer wall, elven troops are already waiting in formation.

Here it comes! On your mark. It's as it should be! Tell the third layer to take offensive positions!


 The elven general instructs the troops defending the outermost part of the wall, which is set up in triplicate outside the outer wall, to take up an offensive position.

 This is a pile of stones piled up by elven spirit wizards over a period of three days.
 The pile reaches more than five meters high, but unlike the outer wall, it does not have a good foothold.
 They are piled up haphazardly as if they were vanishing blocks on the beach.
 Behind the pile of stones, spirit wizards and archers are waiting, peering ahead through the gaps in the pile of stones.

 For the past three days, you have led the refugees on a magic ship to the city of Nest and brought the returning wounded to the city of Tiamo.

 The elves, now numbering 300,000, have taken up a defensive position around the city.

 Not long after the general gives the signal, a roar is heard and the ground and piles of rocks begin to shake.
 Trees are snapped by the demon king's army's march and the ground is stampeded.
 The natural beauty of Rosenheim is being trampled away.

 The demon king's army will not divide the city into north, south, east, and west. They come in a straight line in one mass, aiming to break through the city's north gate of Tiamo.

 Soon, the hexenbiest will reach the third layer of stone masonry, which is the outermost perimeter.

''Here it comes! Protecting Her Majesty the Queen !!!!

"'Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!'

 The demon king's army comes toward you with a roar and full force. The arrows of the archers rain down on the demon king's army to cover the sunlight, but they advance regardless of the sun's rays. What's more exciting, they're coming towards you with bloodshot eyes.

 The moment the horde of monsters crashed into the masonry, it shook violently and collapsed in several places.
 The rocks that make up the five-meter-high pile are more than a meter high, but they aren't that big for a B-ranked monster beast. The hexenbiest grabs and throws them carelessly and crumbles the masonry.

 I desperately tried to fight back with arrows and spirit magic, but it seems that violence in numbers is no match for them.
 In less than an hour, the masonry began to break here and there, flooding the place with magical beasts.

Draw! Pull!

 The general decides that the masonry will not hold and orders a retreat. The wounded are healed by the grace of heaven, and then they all divide into east and west, and the elves begin to retreat as if to escape. The elven army, divided into east and west, will retreat, returning fire, entering the city through the east and west gates and defending the east and west walls.

 And the second layer will be destroyed in less than an hour.

 The generals and soldiers waiting on the outer wall look on in despair as the masonry garrison is easily captured. Is this the end of Rosenheim or is there no hope for violence in numbers?
 Even from the highest vantage point, the demon king's army is enough to fill the world.

 At the last stone pile, as the garrison began to fight, a giant gryphon descends from the sky in front of the generals.

 You can't help but take a stance for a moment, but you know who's stepping over the gryphon.

"Just in time. Was the last minute delay superfluous?

But it was good, wasn't it? We haven't even reached the outer wall yet.

 Allen and his team hover in front of the hull while talking with Cecil.

"We will now go forward to participate in the war. I'll try to stop the progress of the monsters as much as possible, so please fight back from above.

(This time, it's not as thick of a hexenbiest as you'd expect to find in a pincer.

 There's so much violence in the numbers that it seems like the hull might be pulled out if you try to pincer it.

"Mm-hmm, but ......

 But swallow the words "can I go out in front of the outer wall?
 If you don't fight from the top of the outer wall, you'll be fighting the demon king's army in a situation where there are no obstacles to protect you.
 Even though you should be aware of such a situation, Aren and the others, including Sophie, who are straddling the summoned beasts of Bird B, do not have an uneasy expression on their faces.

(Well, there are 50 of them that can be summoned. There are only 30,000 B-ranked magic stones left, but that's about it.

 Check the number of slots that can be summoned and the number of remaining magic stones once again. The number of B-ranked magic stones that I had increased to 130,000 through the Tiamo offensive and defensive battles and the destruction of each one was reduced by 100,000 in three days due to the generation of summoned beasts and the blessing of heaven. The amount of magical stones consumed showed the fierce battle of the three days of delay strategy.

Aripon and his friends, Dora Dora and her friends, Kerolin and her friends, Harami, shark's fin and Gembu!

 Summon 20 Bug B summons, 23 Dragon B summons, 4 Beast B summons, 1 Fish D, 1 Fish C and 1 Fish B summons, and 1 Bird E summons. This seems to be the best lineup for the moment.

 Summon all the summons at once, and let Insect B's summoner spawn and form a formation.

 Meanwhile, the last stone pile has been broken through and the monster beasts are closing in on Allen and his team.

You must be hungry. Don't you have any concept of logistics in your country?

 Allen found out why the hexenbiests were so desperate. The approaching Demon King's army didn't have any kind of supply unit. I don't know if it's to boost morale or if they have no concept of logistics. The only thing I know is that the demonic beasts have barely eaten for the past three days and three nights.

Here it comes! Archers, Spiritual Magicians, Launch Attack !!!!

"'Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!'

 Destroy all three layers of masonry and launch an attack from the top of the outer wall at the Demon King's army, which is about to approach.
 But as if their attack power isn't enough, the demon king's army won't stop progressing.

(Well, they'll give us some help!)

"Dradra guys, blow fire!


 After confirming that the elves who were on the defensive at the last stone pile have been evacuated, I instruct the summons.
 The 23 dragon B summons will use their special skill "Firebreathing" without gaps to prevent the attack and reduce the demon king's army to ashes.

Cecil asks for a petit meteo well ahead of the three stone piles. I want to slow down the Demon King's army until the last of the elves evacuated from the pile of stones enter the city.


 Allen uses the blessing of heaven.

 Unlike the last time we fought across the outer wall, we have enough distance from the outer wall to have Cecil use the extra skill "micrometeorite".

 I set my sights farther away from the city because Cecil's micrometeorite has too wide an area of effect, and I'm concerned for the elves on the outer wall.

'Petit Meteor!

 Far away from the outer wall, a huge, red-burned rock falls. With a roar, the screams of the magical beasts spread out, but the Demon King's army comes straight at you.

 The summoned beasts consisting of dragon B, ant B, and baby Aripon, along with Allen's friends, desperately suppress the progress of the monster king's army.

Hmm, it's not too close to call. The remaining Demon King's army is about 500,000 strong.

 Allen analyzes the current situation.

 I have a feeling that with the current configuration, the invasion of the Demon King's army can be just barely contained. I say that because the outer wall behind me is protected, but the demon king's army's range of advance is too wide, and the east and west ends of the northern outer wall are currently under battle.

(A few more doradoes or it will collapse from both ends of the outer wall.)

 In a fast-moving war situation, try to keep track of everything.

 Bug B summons are a marvel. A single B-ranked magic stone can spawn as many as 100 offspring of half its own status every day.

 But they are only about B-rank status. Moreover, with an attack power of only 1,200 children, their annihilation speed is too slow. When there is no time limit or enemy forces are not available, the baby ponies are effective, but now is not the time.

 Due to the slow annihilation, there are quite a few magical beasts crashing into the east and west ends of the north wall, and the elves are desperately fighting back.

(Oh! (The Spiritist is also fighting)

 On the east side of the north wall, the spiritist Gatluga is sending out plush, fluffy, mystical winged things to fight.
 He is the most powerful man in Rosenheim, slaughtering more and more monsters from the top of the outer wall.
 It's the first time I've seen a genie, and I remember the first genie I saw was a flying squirrel.

Now, bring me the magic stone. Put away your alipons and bring me more dolphins.

 To generate a dragon B summoner requires 29 B-grade magic stones.
 However, their specialties are even more powerful than baby alipons.

 Reducing the number of Insect B summons will reduce the number of baby alipons as well. Thanks to this, the dragon B will have more opportunities to be attacked, so the magical stones will be reduced even more when they are regenerated. But now, the speed of destruction is more important than anything else.

 Every time you're defeated, you'll summon faster and faster to recover the numbers. Remember to have the dragon B summoned again to use its Awakening Fire of Fury skill. It won't be a shame if the beast is killed without using it.

 You'll feel that the speed of destruction increases in proportion to the consumption of magic stones.

We're going to run out of magic stones right now. So this is the result of the Demon Lord's strategy. Let's just say that's impressive.

 Allen sends his compliments to the enemy army.
 Since I changed the configuration to mainly Dragon B, the magic stones in the storage are decreasing at an alarming rate.

I'm not going to be able to get rid of them. For B-rank, Cecil, Formal, Dora Dora and Ariporn are enough!


 Violence in numbers is covered by Cecil's magic, Formar's arrows, Dora Dora and Alipon.
 The A-ranked monsters, whose summons will be killed and needlessly depleted, will be prioritized by Krsna and Dogora.

 And the war continues without a break.

(The magical stone will run out in less than an hour, or even half an hour. I thought it was a viable plan. Whoa! (Come on, come on!

 The remaining magic stones that I had spent like hot water were less than 5,000.

 A bird E summoner catches an elf running alongside the demon king's army at a distance from their march.

 It seems to be activating an extra skill.
 Its entire body appears to flicker like a shimmering flame. And with a large bag slung over his shoulder, he comes running desperately toward the city of Tiamo.