185 Episode 181 Battle of Tiamo ④

 An elf is running frantically.
 Beside him, an apparently deformed group is heading in the same direction.
 It's a group of hexenbiest from the Demon King's army, numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

 The elves seem to be wondering why they're doing this. Rosenheim's existence is at stake right now. This is not the time for this. If you asked me to gather information, I would be willing to infiltrate a city that was overrun by the enemy. I'd even be willing to risk my life if it would help protect the queen.

 But the orders of my scouting superiors are absolute. I have packed my bags to the limit and am running toward the city of Tiamo.

 The three-tiered masonry made by the elves is filled with magical beasts, which takes your breath away.
 And the running elves are relieved.
 The north exterior wall had not yet been cleared.

 You will enter the city as you go around to the gate on the east side of the city of Tiamo. Naturally, you can't open the gate. The service entrance for the gatekeepers is open, so you will be able to rush through it with little or no stalling.

 There are no elves on the main street. Run as fast as you can through the empty streets, aiming for the north side of the city.

I've got the magic stone!

 Inside the north hull, you will find your scouting party superiors. They will report back to you on the accomplishment of your orders.

"Yes, good work! Go to Lord Allen and ask for instructions.


 People can't afford to watch these two interact. They are desperately fighting to keep the demonic beasts of the Demon King's army away from the outer wall.

 Even from inside the outer wall, under orders from the commander on the outer wall, the recovering staffs are casting recovery magic, spirit wizards are sending out attack magic and the archers are also shooting arrows.

 When you are told to go outside, you don't hesitate to go out through the gatekeeper's service entrance next to the huge closed gate to the outside where the magical beasts are.

You're just in time. Don't be confused, come here.

 I'm relieved that the magic stones are about to run out, and I'm relieved that you brought me the magic stones safely. I already have less than 3000 B-ranked magic stones.

I'm sorry. Please pour the gravestone into this hole.


"Quickly, please!

"Yes, yes!

 In front of Allen, there is a one-meter square hole in the ground. It's about a meter deep.

 The scouting elves are rushed into the hole and, without knowing why, open a large bag and pour in a bagful of magic stones.

"How much magic stone is this?

It's about 5,000 pieces.

"Thank you for your help.

"Ha, ha!

 The scouting elves unknowingly poured in so much magic stone that it looked like it was going to fill up and overflow, and for some reason the bulk of the magic stone was decreasing. They are being sucked into the hole, which is only 1 meter long.

(Oushi, if this is the case, even the elves who can't see the grimoires can replenish their grimoires!

 This hole was dug by the summoner of the mole-shaped beast F.
 I had the beast dig into a one-meter by one-meter cube, and inside is a grimoire with its storage pages open.
 The elven scouts can't see the grimoire, but I had them dig a hole to make it visible where they put the grimoire.

Now we can still fight! I'm here! (More and more coming!!!)

 Allen checks the scene visible from the summoned beast of the bird E with a look of delight. More than ten elves are coming in thick and fast, carrying large bags.

 Then, the elves of the scouting party, who have reached an unthinkable speed due to the extra skill, come to Allen through the gatekeeper's service entrance. Not much time has passed since Bird E's summoner became visible.

I've got it!

 The same explanation is given as before, and more and more magic stones are poured in. The soldiers seem to go on with their work while wondering where it is flowing to.

 The scouts often receive unreasonable instructions. It was also their role to confirm the total number of the Demon King's army and their direction of travel. Of course, the scouts will be the first to die on the battlefield under unreasonable orders.
 Their disguise is impervious to hexenbiest disguise, and they'll be killed if they're found.

 I learned about the role of scouts and the battlefield at school, which explains why a scout I fought against in the past, Dagraha, was an assassin because he resented the world and his superiors, the noblemen, and fell into the hands of assassins.

(Now you have more than 50,000 B-grade magic stones, there's more to come.

 From the first group of scouts, more and more elven troops will be arriving in no time at all. It seems there are more than 30 of them this time.

 This time the attack of the demon king's army is very simple. Through violence of numbers, they must bring down the city of Tiamo, where the Elf Queen, the head of the enemy army, is believed to be located.

 In contrast, Allen's plan was also simple.
 For three days and three nights, he would continue to defeat the hexenbiest in front of the monster king's army. The monsters will continue to charge through the front of the army, and when they do, I'll come around to the front and do the same thing again.

 As a result, there are 400,000 corpses in the direction of the Demon King's army that Allen and the others have defeated over the past three days and three nights. They are lined up in a long line of hexenbiest corpses straight north from the city of Tiamo.

 I've sent a squad of 3,000 elves to retrieve the magical stones from the monsters. They asked 100 people who have extra skills to bring them back in bulk, which could increase their speed.

 Right now, the elves are arriving one after another with a sack full of magic stones, heading for the city of Tiamo. Without a break, all 100 elves arrived and poured the stones into the hole.

It's more than 300,000 magic stones. Now we're on target. That was close. We're getting squeezed in. Let's get started.

 Allen deleted the dragon B summons once and regenerated them, bringing out 20 new dragon B summons.

I'm hungry. Let's end this hunger. Dragons, it's time to use the full force of our fury.

"'I've been waiting for you! My Lord!

 The arrogant and irreverent dragon B summons grinned and opened their huge jaws to swallow something from the void.
 Then a light several times greater than his speciality appears in his mouth, and he shoots out a glowing fire at the monsters.

 Twenty dragon B summons spew out in unison a breath of power that is more likely to erase them than to burn them all away.

 Nearly 1,000 of these magical beasts are turned into charcoal.

 Then Allen uses a high-speed summon to remove and regenerate another 20 Dragon B Summons.

''Let's go! Unleash the fires of anger!


 Allen will continue to have the Dragon B summoner use the Fire of Wrath awakening skill with a cool time of 1 day.
 To do so, he depletes 580 B-ranked magical stones in 20 summonses, each time they are regenerated.

 Allen changes the rate at which the stones are depleted depending on the situation.
 In the first Tiamo siege, the inventory was reduced to 1,000 stones, so I took my time and fought mainly with insect B summons, using them as a pincer.

 During the next round of delay against a million troops, I used more dragon B summons and consumed more than 20,000 magical stones per day.

 Now there is no comparison. They use up as many as 50,000 magical stones per hour, turning magical beasts into charcoal.

 And this is the first time Aren's team has moved forward.

 Their speed of annihilation finally surpassed the Demon King's army's speed.
 I'm riding on Bird B's summoner as it slowly moves forward. I'm going to make sure that the monsters are within the attack range of Dragon B's Awakening Skill.

 I've already pushed back to the third layer near the stone pile, and I'm still going to eradicate the demon king's army that's coming towards me.
 And finally, the end of the demon king's army has been eradicated.

Good! The demon king's army is no longer marching. We'll go around to the west and kill those demon beasts we couldn't kill.


 By the time Allen consumes a large amount of magic stones, there are nearly 300,000 Demon King's troops scattered east and west of the north wall.

 I'm going to eradicate them from the west side of the north wall. On the east side, there's the spiritist Gatluaga. He's joining the weaker side.

That's a monster. ......

 The soldiers on the outer wall couldn't help but speak. It was too one-sided slaughter.
 This time, we're reducing the number of the demon king's army between the outer wall and them.

 This is so fast that you can see it from the outer wall.

 You should be relieved that the hexenbiest is disappearing, but you can't stop trembling. It's burning up the whole army in an instant. It was a one-sided massacre beyond human understanding.

 Thus, some of the monsters in the monster king's army started to retreat, but the battle against the one million monster king's army was over as the corpses of hundreds of thousands of monsters spread on the north side of the outer wall.