186 182 Military Conference ②

 Allen ended up using 200,000 B-ranked magic stones to wipe out the Demon King's army.
 After reaching one million monsters, he defeated about 400,000 of them in a delay strategy and hunted another 400,000 in a defense battle. About 200,000 monsters were scattered and fled from the city of Tiamo in the process of the invasion. It no longer had a body that could be called an army.

 It was just a beast without the determination to fight until the last one.

 The Thiamo Siege that began before noon was over before evening, and this second siege ended in what could be called a complete victory.

 Allen informed the entire city, including Nest, that this siege had been won.
 It was such a great achievement that the generals seemed to have a hard time listening to what he had to say.
 However, it seems that they quickly sent a message into the city to give courage to many people, including the refugees.

 Even after the sun had set, "Spirit King! "Your Majesty! and the praise of both can be heard throughout the city.
 Allen's existence is still unknown to the public, and it is all due to the miracles of the Spirit King and the work of the soldiers who risked their lives to save the queen.
 Seeing elves slowly drinking from a wooden cup while listening to harp-playing minstrelsy songs, one wonders if this is the true nighttime scene of Rosenheim.

 Unlike such carefree streetscapes, there is a tension in the air.
 It's the Elf Queen's hall.

Here he comes.

"Do not be afraid. We're on the same side.

"Wow, I know. But you don't know because you weren't on the outer wall. That was not a good power to have in one's hands: ......

 In the midst of the tension, Allen was summoned to the Queen's room.

 To talk about the results of the battle and the future.

After a bath and a meal, you get sleepy. Hmm? The Spirit King is sleeping soundly today . (Is that a navel gazing?)

 With this in mind, I stand before Her Majesty with my friends in front of Her Majesty.

 When the battle is over and you enter this building, you will be provided with a well-deserved meal and a hot bath.
 It's always nice to have a hot bath after a hunt, I think since I was at school.

 On the elven queen's lap, a spirit king in the form of a flying squirrel lies asleep. The way he doesn't curl up and sleeps with his belly up to the sky makes you wonder if he has forgotten his wild instincts, or if he was a genie king to begin with.

"Thank you very much for this battle.

Yes, sir. It wasn't a typical strategy, since it was sudden, but I'm glad that the city of Tiamo didn't fall.

I'm really, really glad. That would have been the end of it if we'd been attacked with two million soldiers. The demon king's army didn't gather enough troops to attack as fast as they could. (Well, the outer wall of Tiamo is about a fifth of the height of the northernmost fortress.

 Allen says we all protected you. The generals gasp at his words. Of the one million monsters in the Zauberger's army, at least 700,000 of them were killed by Allen and his team. The elves only worked on 100,000 of them.

 But Aren believes that the battle was won thanks to the efforts of the elven scouts and the cooperation of everyone in the northern part of the city of Tiamo in fighting back.

 And while everyone is happy about this battle, he thinks it was close. In order to carry out a retardation operation, the demon king's army must be far enough away from the city of Tiamo, and we need to defeat a sufficient number of demon king's troops through the retardation operation and the annihilation of the recovered magical stones. If there were two million demonic beasts, this strategy wouldn't have worked.
 That's why I'm glad to hear that both luck and an error in judgment on the part of the Demon King's army are on our side.

(But I'm up to level 63 and they haven't released my commanding abilities yet?

 Allen had been gaining experience ever since he came to Rosenheim.
 This was an unimaginable amount of experience in dungeons, where he could only defeat a thousand or so animals a day, no matter how hard he tried.
 As a result, Allen's level, which was level 55 when he fought Helmios the Brave, was now 63.
 However, even after reaching level 63, the "Seal" sign next to the commander's mark has not disappeared.

So what is to be done now? Mister Allen?

 Marshal Sigur, standing next to the queen, speaks to Allen.

(Hmmm, this is the battle of the elves. We will fight the demon king's army, but I don't need to tell you what to do.

 The land of the elves is under attack and the elves are fighting. I think it would be better for the elves to decide on the general plan, but they asked me, so I will answer.

''Yes, after this defensive battle, the number of magical beasts from the Demon King's army that came to Rosenheim should be reduced by almost half.

Indeed, if the report is correct, we're looking at about 1.7 million bodies left.

But we can't let our guard down. We think that the moves the Demon King's Army made from the last defense to this one were brilliant. The Demon King's army won't end like this. We will make new moves, including bringing in our reserve army.

 Allen praised the movement of the Demon King's army. The demon king's army was moving very fast. If I hadn't chased the demon king's army fleeing to the north to destroy each of them, I would have misjudged their moves.

"Then what should we do?

 The queen will ask Allen to make a decision based on his understanding of the current situation.
 Everyone here understands Allen's war potential.

''First, we need to be able to withstand the Demon King's army's plan to bring down the city with a huge army like this one.

So you're still going to take down the Rapolka fortress?

"Yes, Marshal Sigur.

 Just the word that you have to withstand the hordes of Allen seemed to tell you what to do next.

 Rosenheim is blessed with an abundance of nature, with many large peaks of mountains. The capital city Forteania is surrounded by such mountains.

 Some of the fortifications that guarded Forteania were built bordering the mountains. They are quite solid fortifications combined with the natural terrain that is a natural hindrance.

 And about ten days' ride north of the city of Tiamo, there is a mighty fortress called Lapolka.

 Allen says we should drop it.

It's true that the fortress must be taken down to counter the horde. But by the time we get there from the city of Tiamo, the magical beasts that are already waiting in the fallen city will be attacking us.

 Marshal Sigur says that there are cities to be dropped before the fortress of Lapolka . There are about four cities scattered between the city of Tiamo and the fortress of Lapolka.

That's right. It seems that 400,000 of the one million demon kings' army this time came from those cities. Now that the number of monsters is decreasing, the defense will be thin. We may be able to bring them down, but we don't have time to waste on a city that's not even a key location.

 In order to send a million monsters to Tiamo, the Demon King's army brought in a large number of monsters that were already waiting in the cities they had dropped. Even though the number of magical beasts is decreasing, we're still wasting time if we drop a city that can't be a key point.

 That means we'll also waste time until we get the fortress of Lapolka. And if even one million of our four million reserve troops are deployed before the fortress is taken down, this time the whole thing might end, including the city of Tiamo.

 When Allen says that much, Marshal Sigur starts to think. He pauses to collect his next words, as if they might change the future of Rosenheim.

Indeed, it's time to go to capture the fortress of Lapolka, including the troops waiting in the Nest. I'll bring together 300,000 troops from each city.

 Marshal Sigur decided to use half of his 600,000 strong army of elves to capture the fortress of Rapolka.

Thank you, sir. How long will it take?

I guess. We'll have five days to get out of Tiamo.

It would take five days to pass through Tiamo, or ten days at the earliest to march on. Maybe the hexenbiest will come from the city where we were dropped, so it'll take longer than that. We're in a race against time here.

 They say it will take five days to mobilize the grimoire and no matter how fast you try to do it. Military actions take time. Even if we ignore the occupied city between the city of Tiamo and the fortress of Lapolka, it will still take this long.

 To avoid wasting time, Allen thinks about what he should do next.

Then, please do that. I'll clean up the escaped demon king's army. I'll also discuss the strategy.

 Out of an army of one million demon kings, 200,000 of them have escaped in several masses. This number will always be a hindrance to the elves' march. Since we have several clumps of them, I need to get my magic stones.

 I have about 100,000 stones in stock. An additional 100,000 or so will be collected. The rest will be used by Dragon B's summons to extinguish the charcoal, or by Rosenheim to power their magician ships and for heavenly blessings.

 A breakdown of the 800,000 magical beasts we defeated this time
400,000 by Allen (200,000 of which were consumed in this defense)
200,000 pieces of charcoal
200,000 on the Rosenheim side (100,000 for the magic ship and 100,000 for the blessings of heaven)

 Therefore, Allen's stock of magic stones is about 200,000. I'm thinking of increasing it as much as possible until the elven army is ready. We must destroy the 200,000 remnants of the Demon King's army and collect the magical stones.

 Furthermore, I've already talked with the queen to make sure that all A-ranked magic stones belong to Allen.

 Allen sees the Spirit B summoner.

(Ellie, I need you to infiltrate the La Porca Fortress. I want to know what's inside.

 Speak to the consciousness of the spirit B summoner.

"I am pleased to hear you, sir.

 It was Allen who made a new move and moved on to the next battle.