187 Article 183 Undercover Activities ①

 Allen and his team are about ten kilometers north of the city of Tiamo.

I think I made you quite a bit, do you still need it?

"Yeah, I guess so. Maybe there are more of them in the future? We have to capture fortresses and all that stuff.

 Allen is sitting like a matchmaker between Cecil and a wide, low-backed flowerpot today. Cecil is putting the heavenly blessings that Allen works so hard to create into storage to prevent them from spilling out of the flowerpot.

 During this defense, 200,000 magic stones belonged to Rosenheim's side. We need to turn those 100,000 magical stones into 20,000 blessings.

 Until now, the Elves' warfare has been mainly defensive, fortified by outer walls and shelters. From now on, they must march north to reclaim their land.

 The number of wounded men will be greater than ever before. To reduce the risk of death, the blessing of consuming magic power, increasing the speed of destruction, and healing the mortal wounds is essential.

I don't know, it's the same when I see it like this.


Allen didn't ask for anything when you gave up your mining rights in Mithril, did he?

 Cecil has a sense of déjà vu in this situation. It seems that you think about all the bad things, but you don't often ask for the other person's gratitude. When the poor noble family of Granvelle was being harassed by the Karnell family, Allen gave up his mining rights for mithril that he had obtained.

 What he got in exchange was his position as "guest of the Granvels". Cecil knows that it was the best the moneyless Granvels could offer in return.

Well, I'm not so sure. Well, you can't wave a sleeve without one, you know. I guess we can't force it.

"What's that?

 Cecil didn't seem to understand the phrase "you can't shake a sleeve that doesn't belong". I'll talk to Cecil about the proverb from a previous life. Cecil listens to Allen while he hums and groans.

(This is how he often chose his words.)

 I think you had a conversation that avoided a lot of proverbs and side letters in a previous life.

 Rosenheim has become a country of extreme poverty. More than two-thirds of its territory is now invaded by the demon king's army, and many of its cities have been burned to the ground. It would take ten years to fully restore the present situation.

 It would take two to three years to recover the harvest from the trampled fields.

 The Ghiamut Empire has seen this situation and has begun to provide food and other support. It is expected to reduce the cost of the expedition for the elven recovery unit, which has been relatively expensive, and to use it as a bargaining chip to buy elven elixirs. Such topics were also on the agenda of the meetings over the past few days.

 Allen understands this situation, so he's offering to make you a blessing for free. If I had to say, I would say that making heavenly blessings for free is only within the scope of 'saving Rosenheim' as promised to the Spirit King.

"Well, we've seen it. It's the hexenbiest. There's about 30,000 of them.

(Hmm, I've been flying since yesterday, so Ellie should be arriving soon. Now I have to raise my level.

 I don't know how high I need to level up the "commanding" skill to get it unsealed. Well, there's nothing wrong with raising the level of the skill, so I've decided to just raise the level.
 I've raised the level to 63, but I still can't break the seal. I don't know how old you are when the seal is lifted, but we need to hunt as many monsters as possible.

Okay, Cecil-sama, I'd like to have your first attack.

"Mm. .

 Saying so, Cecil stood up on top of bird B and activated the extra skill "micrometeorite". The hunt for the remnants of the demon king's army has begun.

 There's a separate team acting apart from Allen and the others. They are Spirit B's summons.
 The summoned beasts of Spirit B were at the center, and a summoned beast of Bird F, E, and D were formed, and they continued to move northward under Allen's direction.

''I see it, Death.

 The summonses of Spirit B discover a fortress built in the middle of the mountains. It's a solid fortress called Lapolka Fortress.

 I'll get information about this fortress and try to capture it at all costs.

(The fortress is much more solid than I expected. This thing is going to be hard to take down. But if we take down La Porca, we'll be able to see the capital, Forteania. It sounds like a big country, though. It's about the size of Australia in a previous life.

 About 5 days by carriage through this fortress, you will see the fallen capital Fortenia.

 Travel time in carriages from the southernmost city of Nest
30 days in the city of Tiamo by carriage
40 days in a horse-drawn carriage - La Porca Fort
45 days in a horse-drawn carriage - Capital city of Fortania
110 days in a carriage, the northernmost fortress

 Rosenheim, said to be the smallest of the five continents, is slightly larger than the prehistoric Australian continent. Rosenheim is a continent and not an island, so it has a size of its own.
 The central continent is about three times larger than Rosenheim.

(Hmmm, we usually have guards. It's an armor-like monster. I saw one at the bottom of a class-A dungeon. Was it called the Great Warrior?

 At the entrance of the fortress, there are two gatekeepers about ten meters long. They're A-rated hexenbiests.

There's no need to enter from the front, Ellie. It's time to get down to the ground and sneak in from the right place, because they'll spot us if we stay in the air.

 In the sky, there were a number of bats flying around with their big eyes gyrating. It looks like the eyeballed bat, a demonic beast that is in charge of searching for the enemy, also seen in the city of Tiamo.

''I'm impressed, sir.

 The Spirit B Summoner landed on the slope of the mountain, whispering softly so that only Allen, who is sharing, could hear it. I have prepared three Spirit B summons. I heard it's a large fortress, so we split up to check out the inside.

 I stay a little floating and look at the fortress wall, hiding in the trees.

(Hmmm, the top of the fortress wall is full of magical beasts too?)

 The summoner of spirit B slips through the wall of the fortress and goes into the fortress. The bird FED summons perch apart in a tree and wait.

 The invading Spirit B summons see monsters strutting around inside the fortress, looking like they own it. Of course, the elves are gone.

 When the capital city of Fortenia was fallen, they once retreated to the fortress of Lapolka with their queen, but I heard that they fled southward to the city of Tiamo instead of hiding there.

 Many men died during the fall of the fortress and the capital north of the capital. They were not able to gather enough troops to siege the fortress of Lapolka, which is not far from the capital.

 It is said that they surrendered the fortress without persevering for days because they thought they couldn't protect the queen from the lack of troops at Rapolka. Then, the troops that had been waiting in the south under Thiamo rallied to Thiamo and a siege operation was carried out.

(Thanks to that, it still functions as a fortress.)

 Although there are several signs of warfare in the fortress, it still looks like a solid fortress.
 It's not that big of a city, but it's big enough to hold 300,000 elves.

 Then, Spirit B's summoner turns to look at the skeleton holding his sword. Smiling lightly, Spirit B's summons pass by, but they do not attack.

(Oshish, they still won't attack. The names are above the characters, and the red letters are not set up as enemies and blue letters are allies. (I thought I could probably go, but thank goodness.)

 Allen knew that in this war, he would have to recapture cities and fortresses that had been dropped by the enemy.
 That's why he didn't allow his Spirit B summonses to participate directly in the battle so far, but instead made them liaison between the cities. This is to allow them to be infiltrators.

 I had to save them for when they played a major role in the war, they would be found out as Allen's summons and we couldn't go undercover.

 Spirit B will infiltrate and gather information while Allen and the others prepare the ground for the elves to capture the Rapolka Fortress.

(Okay, let's go for the biggest building. There might be some kind of boss in there.

"Yes, ma'am, sir.

 And then go to the solid building built in the center of the fortress.

There aren't too many large magical beasts here. Well, it's a city the size of a man. It's a human-sized city. It's a good thing that Ellie and the others are able to blend in.

 As you advance, there are monsters up to twice the size of a human, but there are no dragons or other large ones. Skeletons with swords and monsters with nothing inside their robes are moving around. It's no surprise that the summons of Spirit B have blended in.

 While checking out the cityscape in the fortress, I walk into the building where the master seems to be located to see if there is any information.

 You're going to be able to get a lot more information about the particulars of the particulars. They don't seem to tell you not to enter or anything.

 Since many of them would be wary of entering, I'll just enter through the doorway with one of them.

(Are there any demons or demon gods?)

 There are monsters inside as well, but the summons of Spirit B are slowly creeping in deeper and deeper for infiltration activities.