188 Article 184 Undercover Activities ②

 Rapolka Fortress was dominated by demonic beasts of the dead spirit and armor strains.

 In order to gather information on the Demon King's army, I sent a summoned beast of Spirit B into the fortress of Lapolka.
 Even within the fortress, there is a particularly large building. In order to get useful information about the Demon King's army, I'll send you to the building where there's even a magical beast on guard.

 The guard hexenbiest won't blame the summoner of Spirit B for entering unobtrusively.

 Inside the building, dead skeletons with swords are strolling here and there.

It's like walking into an enemy castle. Now, Ellie, find the kitchen. It's probably on the first or second floor.

"We're happy to oblige.

 At Allen's direction, the spirit B summoner prowls around and looks for the kitchen.
 It finds the kitchen at the end of the second floor and goes inside.

'Oh, what's the matter! I'm not eating yet!

 As soon as you enter, a bipedal pig with a pig's face, a cocked hat on his head, and an apron will be talking to you from the back.

(Mainly he asked me to bring him a cup of tea and said ...... . (I like the scare factor.)

 Allen gives instructions.

"Mainly for tea. ......

 The Spirit B summoner tells the pig-faced cook as told by Allen.
 Allen is instructing the summoned beast of spirit B that he shared with while generating heavenly blessings while cleaning up the magical beasts that escaped from the city of Tiamo.

''An? I just served you a meal, Buh! Well, Lord Glaster is very angry. I don't know who's got your best interests at heart, but if you think so, take it yourself.

(I can't get into the story. Is Master Glaster the boss of this fortress? (Rosenheim boss?)

"Sorry, too,

Yeah, I'll be ready, just wait for me. You don't look it, but you're getting the short end of the stick.

 The pig-faced cook quickly prepares three cups, a teapot, and a pastry while casting a pitying glance at the summoned beast of spirit B. (Hmmm, still feeling uncomfortable with Ellie?

(Hmmm, don't you still feel strange about Ellie? Well, in a world where there were no summons, magical beasts can't tell the difference between a hexenbiest and a summoner. (Elmere also had a bug about summons in the appraisal ceremony.

 Allen has been thinking about how hexenbiests in this other world recognize their enemies.

 Hexenbiests in this other world will attack even if they are Hexenbiests. I've seen groups of orcs hunting the Great Boar in Granville.
 I've also seen many monsters that would attack the monster king's army in the night and then stop the other monsters from dying.

 This other world isn't designed for monsters to only attack non-magical beasts.

 Some people think that the reason why the army of monsters is made up of B-rank and above is because the monsters below C-rank are not enough of a threat to the human race, but Aren thinks differently. Even a C-ranked hexenbiest is enough of a threat to those without talent. As a matter of fact, I think the reason why C-ranked monsters are not included in the hexenbiest army is because a hexenbiest with the least amount of intelligence to follow the command is B-ranked.

 It's a very ambiguous world where both enemy and ally recognition is very ambiguous.
 If that's the case, I expected that the enemy camp, which is thought to have many intelligent people leading the Demon King's army's invasion mission, wouldn't suddenly attack even if a summoned beast was brought in.

(Well, it's not that you have to be able to gather information, though.

"Here, take this.

 As a matter of course, the pig-faced demon beast tries to hand a tray with a tea set to Spirit B's summoner.

You're going to be able to find out more about this ......?

"An? It's not funny. It's the fourth floor, straight down. You'll get killed if you linger too long, so get going.

 Open the front door of the fourth floor with the tray that was handed to you.

 The room you were told seemed to be a conference room or something, and there were three people or something in it.

(Oh! Are these the demons? (A demon god?)

 In school class, I was taught that the demon king has demon gods and demonkind as his followers.
 However, there isn't much information about demon or demon gods.

 The demon king's army is basically made up of B-ranked monsters, and it is led by A-ranked monsters.
 It is said that there is very little information on demons and demon gods since there are no demon tribe or demon gods among the monsters that invaded the area.
 Only after the brave Helmios was able to eradicate the monsters deep into the enemy camp, the existence of demons was revealed. Demons and demon gods have only come to light in the last eight to nine years as Helmios has been working to eradicate the enemy camp.

 At the far end, a man with goat-like horns, dark skin, and silver hair sits at the far end. He looks like an over-50 year old man, and he's clearly in a bad mood.
 Next to him sits an older man, also with horns and the same complexion and hair color, with long hair. This one is looking at the old man who is snapping beside him and giving him a troubled look.

 And next to him sits a large man with a hyena face that could reach three meters in height when he stands up. He looks more like a beast than a beast. His expression is so far from human that it's hard to tell, but I'm sure he's calm.

(Hmmm... Can demons be divided into two types: silver-haired and dark-haired? (So, the cook from earlier was also a demon?

 Allen begins to classify the demon race at random. Because they are sitting at the same table, you can assume that the hyena face is sitting at the same position. If so, then the hyena face must be demon.

"Mm, who are you?

 The summoner of Spirit B is noticed by old man Asaguro sitting in front of him, and is asked while glaring at him.

(Nice and imposing.)

 There is no longer any reason to be a frightened character, so I say do it proudly.

"I'm sorry. Master Glaster sent me for tea.

 The summoner of spirit B replies to the glaring old man with a smirk. There is no fear of death in a summoner. It's an existence that transcends death and the experience will circulate in the grimoire once its strength is exhausted.

That sounds great. Master Glaster, let's take a break. Please.

(Hmmm, old man Asaguro is a glaster. I'm guessing that big brother Asaguro next to him has a name too.

 Brother Asaguro says thank you for being considerate.
 The hyena face doesn't seem to say anything.

 With his back to everyone, he tilts the pot into a cup, and something purplish and slimy comes out of the spout.

(What is it? A smoothie? (Healthy?)

 While looking at the tea, which never looks good, there is a loud bang from behind.


 It was the sound of Glaster hitting the wooden table so hard that his fist was jammed into it.

"So, Nephthira! You're late! I have to explain the reason for the defeat to the demon goddess Razel, so why are you so slow to inform her? It is said that the Demon Goddess Raisel has already asked for reinforcements from the general army commander.

I'm sorry. Almost all A-ranked monsters are defeated, and only B-ranked monsters are defeated.

(Asaguro's brother is Nephthira. I'll be back with more troops. Well... the Demon King's army is only half of the 1.5 million-plus left. I guess the Demon King's army is ranked A or B.

 It is said that the reserve force of the Demon King's army is about four million. At what time and to what extent the reinforcements will come, I will listen to the summoned beasts as they share with me.

 It should be noted that in the second Tiamo siege, the A-ranked monsters fought to the end, and only the B-ranked monsters were defeated in this story. Speaking of which, I noticed that there are no A-ranked monsters that we are currently sweeping up.

As I said before, the reason for this is because the Spirit King has been promoted to Spirit God. That's why the elves got stronger and lost.

 Hyena face joins the conversation between Glaster and Nephthira.

'Isn't that premature, Jagoff? The Spirit King still doesn't have enough faith value, so he should remain a sub-god. Besides, I don't think becoming a Spirit God will make the elves extremely strong.

"Then the wizard is actually a genie wizard. Or a high-powered wizard appeared among the elves. I hear that big ants and dragons have turned against you.

I'm starting to get excited about something I've never heard before. Now we know the names of the three demons. And Rosenheim's boss is a demon goddess Razel?

 The three demons here
Glaster, the old man and the three bossy men
Nephthira Brother Nephthira the black man
The hyena man who is goggling

 The words you hear for the first time keep popping up in your head, such as spirit gods, faith values, and high level hexenbiest users.
 You can understand some of the meaning, but you can't understand it completely.

That's true, but it's impossible. There is no such thing as a high level monster tamer that can repel the monster king's servitude. And if there is a master spirit user, it doesn't explain how we can push them this far.

 Reports of dragons and giant ants seem to have already been received, but say that they are troubled and do not know why. Glaster wrinkles his brow and listens to what Nephthira and Yagov have to say.

 I've got information about the Dragon B and Ant B summons, but I'm not sure what they are. In a world where there is no concept of summons, it is difficult to understand what a summoned beast is.

"Come in.

 I tell the spirit B summoner to pour the tea slowly to gather information, but he will be suspicious if it is too late, so I leave the cup in front of the three demons.

(You're not catching on to me as much as I thought. Well, basically, when the battle starts, I'm taking out the information-gathering eyeball bats as fast as I can, but it still seems like a small number).

 Allen is using the waking skills of Bird E and Bird D to swat the big-eyed bat that seems to be gathering information, giving priority first when the fight starts.
 Shooting the bat down is the job of Folmar, who has reached a range of one kilometer.

 You'll be able to find a lot of people who have a lot of experience in this field.

It's not as if they didn't have any information!

 Apparently, this conversation is going in circles. The reason why we lost with an army of a million bodies this time is hard to grasp, since we were able to push it perfectly until now.

(As it turns out, there were no spies among the elves.)

 Allen was worried that there were no spies among the elves.
 The Demon King's army moved quite quickly this time. Their mobilization of a million forces from a single siege defeat could have cost them the battle if they had made the wrong decision.

 This could be due to the presence of spies among the elven generals and elders, who may have extracted information from them.
 That is why I thought they were afraid of the elves' rapid recovery and went on the offensive.
 This infiltration activity is also meant to confirm whether such a traitor exists.
 Of course, they will be found out and Spirit B's summons will be killed, but it's great to know that there is a traitor among us.

 However, I feel that the information of Spirit B's summoner waiting in the conference room with all the city's generals, elders and officials is not getting through to these three. The way Spirit B treats the summons is not strange.

(Well, they may have noticed Ellie on the bluff and are trying to give false information to us elves. I've heard these guys have a few thousand intellects.

 It seems that there are at least a lot of hexenbiests who are equivalent to A-ranked hexenbiests. So there are some monsters that are close to S-ranked monsters.
 An A-ranked hexenbiest's status is around 3000 to 6000.
 If you think I'm stupid, I'm the one who looks stupid.

 While I was thinking about this, the demon tribe called Nephthira was staring at the spirit B summoner.