189 Art. 185. Beyond the Limits

"You don't look familiar. What's your name?

 We had just finished handing out the cups when a demon named Nephthira approached us.

(Come to think of it, you asked me my name earlier.)

 When asked his name, the summoner of spirit B replied.

'My name is Ellie.

 Normally, you take the name Allen named.

'What do you think, Ellie? Why do you think a million of our troops were defeated?

"Well, I don't know, Death. If you can just guess.

"Hmm? Of course it is. It's important to have different opinions.'

"For example, how about the Empire sending a brave man?

"Mmm, I didn't see that coming. If a brave man is coming, that's the reason for this defeat.

 The hyena-faced Yagov nodded yes or no.

''No, it's not. That's why we sent two million troops to the central continent.

 Nephthira looks to Glaster for confirmation. Glaster nods yes.

(Hoho, so it's confirmed that the information is coordinated with the central continent. (Now I just need to guide the operation.)

 Allen infuses Spirit B's summoner with the following content: "I've heard that there is a recovery potion called the Elf's elixir here.

It is said that there is a restorative potion called the Elf's elixir here. You were dying of serious injuries and were about to perish, so you used it and the elves recovered and came back to life. I'm afraid that we were careless, not understanding the situation, and we suffered a heavy defeat.

I see. That's what Yagoff said, too.

"I told you. The number of elves does not match the report. Gough, a small number of wounded.

If so, it should be easy to win now that the drugs have run out, Death.

(I can't deal with this if you do a bizarre strategy. I hope you're going to keep attacking the rest of us.

 Spirit B's summoner grins and declares victory.

''No, there might still be some medicine in there. We can't do the same strategy. Isn't that right, Mr. Glaster?

Of course. Next time, the demon goddess Razel tells us to attack in two parts: the ocean and the sea.

You're changing your strategy again. And now you're coming from the ocean. Ellie, take it easy, stand at the door and listen to what I have to say.

 The conversation seems to have changed from the cause of the defeat to the next strategy.

 Since they don't seem to be talking to you any more, the Spirit B summoner stands back to the door with the tray in hand. Behave naturally as the maidservant stands at the door to refill the tea and clean up.

 Elly's actions are met with a look of disbelief from the demons as they continue to talk.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this strategy from the ocean. Are you suggesting that the sea monster will carry the army to the city where the queen is located?

 Nephthira will confirm the details of the operation with Glaster.

No, there is a city in the southernmost part of the city where the elves took refuge. Come and tell me to attack there and fill their bellies.

 Glaster will talk to you about the plan he allegedly heard from the demon god Razel.

 We need to assess the battle situation and send our reserve forces to either the Central Continent or Rosenheim soon.

 Apparently, on the central continent, the five continental alliances that were supposed to be without a recovery force are sticking around.

 But we've managed to capture Rosenheim over half of the continent. We want to make sure that we are conquered.
 Therefore, we will divide our forces into those landing in the north and those invading from the sea toward the Nest.

 This way, we could feed the refugees at the southern end of the city, and thus reduce the logistical burden of food and other necessities on the southward-moving troops. In the city of Nest alone there are over two million refugees from the elves.

 After laying waste to the city of Nest, the plan seems to be to move north toward Tiamo and pit them against the army from the north.

Two moves. Well, it's not just to increase the number of troops. This is a plan to deal with the giant spirit user and the giant beast user I was talking about. But still, the strategy, or rather the information is working very quickly today.

 An army of one million was a dismal failure. Even if you continue to attack with two or three million troops, there is no guarantee that you will win.

 You must provide strategic guidelines, including the reasons why you were defeated, even when there is insufficient information. War is also a race against time.

 After listening to this strategy, I think that if there is only one powerful user on the enemy Elf side, then the strategy also includes a solution by dividing them into two groups to prevent them from dealing with each other.

 In response to the story of the demon tribe of Glaster, I learned that the demon king's army also has something like magical tool communication, and is in close contact with the capital Fostenia, the capital of Rosenheim, and the headquarters of the demon king's army, which seems to be located on the continent where the demon king is.

 It's also surprising that the next operation was already decided yesterday. This is a battle against demons who have reached thousands of intellectually powerful demon tribe, and you can feel it in your bones.

(Ellie, continue to take care of these demons and gather information.

 The spirit B summoner replied in a cryptic voice, 'Entrusted death.

 This place is more than 10 kilometers north of Tiamo.

''We don't have much time. I guess we'll have to ask the elves to retrieve the magical stone.


Yeah, the Demon King's Army is already moving on to its next move.

 Allen and the others share their current situation in front of the 20,000 hexenbiests they've turned into corpses.

"So the demon tribe is in the fortress of Lapolka, giving orders to these monsters?

Oh, Sophie. But it seems to me that Fostenia has a demon god or is taking orders from a forgotten continent with a demon king.

Really. And? Did that demon race look strong?

Dogora, well, the A-rated equivalent that I heard about in school is kind of the right one. The guy called Glaster is the boss and he might be pretty strong.

 I would also add that I don't know how strong they are because I was just sitting there mumbling and drinking tea.

"But there are demons too, right?

Ah, looks like the Demon Goddess Razel is the boss of this war.

 In the midst of such conversations, there is a girl who is despondent in front of the wreckage of a number of hexenbiests.

I couldn't do it again.

 I'm too shocked to hear what Allen tells me about his undercover work.

Crenna, you can do this, you just have to believe in yourself.

But how many times do I have to do it?

No, you absolutely can. Who says you can't?

 Allen admonishes Crenna.

It's hard. But it can be done. Klarna's extra skills aren't even half as valuable as they could be. If they had their true value, they'd be as close to an asset as a brave man without extra skills.

 Compare the status of Helmios and Krsna in the grimoire.

Sum of the status of Helmios (status, occupational skills and equipment)
 Attack power 10400 (2400, 3000, 5000)
 Endurance 10400 (2400, 3000, 5000)
 Quickness 8400 (2400, 3000, 3000)

The total status of Krsna at the time of breaking the limit (status, occupational skills, breakthrough, equipment)
 Attack power 10200 (2400, 1800, 3000, 3000)
 Endurance 9500 (1700, 1800, 3000, 3000)
 Quickness 8400 (1600, 1800, 3000, 2000)

 Crenna wears two rings that increase her speed by 1000.

 Krsna seems to have reached the level of the brave Helmios when he broke through the limit. If Krsna and Helmios fought, it would seem that Krsna's physical strength would be higher than Krsna's, which recovers naturally.

 But that's not the case at all. Perhaps if Helmios and Krsna fought, Helmios would win out. It's even a no-win situation.

"I can't use my skills. His head is going to explode! Higiu!

 Desperately complain to Allen about the situation when the limit is breached.
 Then, Allen squeezes Krsna's cheek with both hands.

"Look, whoever decided that you can't use your skills when you break the limit. Is it Elmea? Or is it Crenna?

"Wow, me?

 When Kurrena goes into a berserk state on an extra skill, killing any enemy that comes toward her.
 However, the attack is a normal attack that doesn't use any skills and only wields a weapon.

 This is nowhere near the attack of Helmios that nearly killed the Stone B summoner.
 With skills, Krsna's attack could be doubled or tripled.

"Don't set the limits. Don't let common sense hold you back. I can definitely use my skills.

 When Allen first fought the dragon, he too thought Krsna's extra skill was like that.
 But when Cecil used up all of his magic power when he activated his extra skill, I wondered why Krsna couldn't use her extra skill.
 Why can't Krsna use her skills when she activates Extra Skill?

 Aren convinces him, gnawing at Krsna's cheeks.
 I feel that if we decide on common sense now, we won't be able to grow.

Okay, okay. Thanks.

"Mm, not much time, but . One lesson a day. Crenna, let's train the demons!

"Yes sir!

 After telling the story of his previous life, I taught Krsna how to reply to him in his previous life.

(Ushiu, I have no proof at all, but I believe Krsna will be able to use the skill when she breaks the limit.

 The usual something has started again, sighs Keel at the top of the list.

 Watching the exchange between Allen and Krsna, Dogora, the only one in this party, except for Allen, who had not yet been able to activate his extra skill, gripped his axe tightly.