190 186 Capturing the Fortress of La Polka ①

"Is this everyone?

"Mm, I'm with you, Mister Allen.

 It's the morning of the fourth day since the siege in Tiamo against an army of one million hexenbiest.
 Allen and his men are outside the outer walls of the city of Tiamo, with their soldiers and generals.

 Today we will now go to capture the Rapolka Fortress.

 Through infiltration by Spirit B summons for the past three days, Allen has learned that a reserve unit of the Demon King's army is coming.
 It seems that a full four million troops will be deployed.
 An oceanic assault on the city of Nest and a pincer attack from the north of the Rosenheim continent will now be undertaken. They are already advancing across the ocean toward the city of Nest.

 The city of Tiamo might not be able to withstand the assault from the north and south. The defense of the city of Nest is even more difficult to fight in such a situation. I found myself in a situation where I had to capture the Lapolka Fortress in a hurry.

 Although they've won their individual battles since arriving in Rosenheim, Allen feels that the pace of battle is still dominated by the Demon King's Army due to the overwhelming difference in numbers and the speed of their operations.

 The generals had informed me beforehand that it would take five days to prepare an army of 200,000 men, and then ten days to march into the fortress of Lapolka, but it's not going to happen in time.

 Even after arriving, it will take days to capture the fortress and regain its function as a fortress. The Demon King's army will attack us.

 While the soldiers are moving around, Allen will check with the general about the composition of the soldiers.
 They aren't just waiting in line in front of Allen.

There are 50,000 of them in all, right? How many archers and spirit mages are there?

That's right. In total, there are 50,000 people, 3,700 archers and about 3,900 spirit mages.

(Hmmm, so there are about 7,600 2-star bows and magic in Rosenheim.

 Allen was told that from the day he defended Tiamo, it would take five days to rally an army of 300,000 elves to Thiamo and march on it. If we count from the day we defended, then we could march on the sixth day.

 That would take too much time, so you should allow 50,000 men to march in three days. I told the generals that I would pay the dewdrop by then.

 "We'll drop La Porca for only 50,000 men! I said "yes".

 The story goes that I had to hunt a 200,000-strong army that had fled from the city of Tiamo.
 It was tough to hunt monsters that were completely scattered, but we hunted about 180,000 of them in three days. I asked the elven scouts to collect the magical stones and prioritized their destruction, so I was able to hunt most of them.

We'll climb aboard the grimoire. Master Allen, you will lead the way.


 With that, the generals also boarded the magic ship on which the soldiers had boarded.

 Leaving Aren and his men, fifty thousand elves boarded eleven magic ships.

 According to the first general's suggestion, they would march overland, but they decided to take the grenade ships to the very edge of the fortress of Lapolka and march for a day or so to capture it. It would take less than two days to travel by grenade ship. If they traveled by land from there, they would reach the fortress in three days from the city of Tiamo.

 Each plane can hold five thousand people, so ten planes would be enough to carry all of your soldiers. The reason for one plane's worth is that it's packed with food, weapons, and other supplies to support the logistics for a field battle.

"Okay, we'll go too.


 Astride the summons of bird B, Allen and his team move forward to lead the mage ship army.

"Good luck, Folmar!


 It's Folmar riding with Allen, who flies at the front.

 I'm riding two summonses of bird B, and I have Folmar sitting in front of me. Allen himself is generating heavenly blessings. Occasionally use Bird E's Summoner's Awakening Skill 'clairvoyance' to check for magical beasts within a 100 km radius.

There's an eyeball bat in the lower right front corner, shoot it out.


 Folmar replies nonchalantly. Use your skills to take down the eyeball bat for spotting from a kilometer away.

 I heard that the grimoire ship is a threat and the demon king's army is aware of it, so they will give priority to dropping it. If the grimoire ship is destroyed, we will lose thousands of soldiers, precious supplies, and the most valuable grimoire itself.

 I heard that most of the more than a hundred of these magic ships were given to me by the Ghiamut Empire as payment for my elven troops. Dispatching hundreds of elves to the life-threatening front lines in the northern part of the central continent is not a simple matter.

 They will advance forward, killing the eye bats for searching and hunting the monsters flying in the sky.

(As expected, Formal is the best for ultra-long range attacks. (After all, Formal is the best for ultra-long range attacks.

 Name] Formal
 Age] 68
 Occupation] Archer
 Level] 60
 Physical strength] 1322
 Magic] 716 + 1000
 Attack Power] 1730 + 1600
 Endurance] 1140

 [Quickness] 727 + 600
 Intelligence] 482
 Fortune] 783
 Skills: Archers [6], Far-eyes [6], Farpoint [6], Strong Bow [6], Necessary Arrows [6], Footsteps [2], Archery [6].

 Extra] Arrow of Light

Skill level
 Bowman] 6
 Distant] 6
 Distant target] 6
 Strong Bow] 6
 [Essential Arrow] 6

 The ring is equipped with +1000 magic power and +1000 attack power.

 Archers have a skill called "far-eye", which allows them to see much better.
 The archers on the mage ship are also using their far-eye skills to guard their own mage ships.

As I thought, the magical beasts in the city we dropped are not going to attack us.


"Yeah, they're coming a little closer, so shoot them off when they get closer.

 Between the city of Tiamo and the fortress of Lapolka, there are several cities that were dropped by the demon king's army. I don't bother to pass by them, but they still don't seem to be particularly responsive. I get the feeling that these monsters are also dedicated to protecting the cities they've dropped.
 Since it would be a shame if your precious magic ship crashes, you keep a little distance between you and the demon king's army in the dropped city.

(Well, we'll have to hunt the flying enemy for the return trip.

"Mister Allen.


 As Allen is searching for a mage ship using the summoned beasts of Bird E to secure it, he is approached by Folmar, who is sitting in front of him, without turning around.

"What does Mister Allen intend to do with Rosenheim?

"Huh? I'm going to defeat the entire Demon King's army?

"No, then. That's how much power he has. I mean, what are you going to do now? I'd love to hear that.

(Hmm? (What's the heavy story?

"Hmm? Huh? Didn't you hear?

"Hmm? What are you talking about?

I think we talked about this when we were in school town with Folmar. Next, we're going to the S-class dungeon of the Baucis Empire. And of course you'll be there.

(You're promised 4 stars on top of having a valuable ultra-range attack skill. You might want to stay in Rosenheim, but you'll have to keep up with me.

"...... was.

 Folmar has also been with Allen for more than 10 months. They've been living in the same stronghold, eating and sleeping together. They've conquered dungeons with unimaginable speed and stopped the Demon King's army from invading Rosenheim in ten days or so.

 Formar wanted to ask what Aren would do with Rosenheim in the future. But the answer to the question was something he could figure out if he calmed down. This is the kind of guy Allen was, Formar thought, and reflected on his question.

 You will be able to find out what you need to know when you're alone with him, and you'll be able to talk about it afterwards as if you remembered a few things. It's not enough to communicate with you, Allen reflects. As a party leader, I thought I would try to communicate with my fellow members a bit more.

 Around noon the next day, you will arrive safely at your planned destination, Lapolka Fortress, one day's travel distance away. Since this is near the fortress that was dropped by the enemy, the troops and supplies will be unloaded quickly.

"Well, Cecil, there's an army of 10,000 men a little to the northeast from here, so can you give me a petit meteor?

"Okay. I know Allen isn't coming.

"Yeah, I'll check it out until the grimoire is safely back in the city of Tiamo.

 As the generals and Allen's companions stared, Allen marked a map on the ground. The bird E summons to see how many troops are in a 100-kilometer radius. I find about four groups outside the fortress of Lapolka.

 It seems that they have several troops of roughly 10,000-30,000 on standby. I want to concentrate on capturing the fortress, so I'll ask Cecil for today's micrometeorite.

 The mage ship, having dropped most of its troops and supplies, returning to the city of Tiamo, leaving some of its soldiers behind. Allen and Formar will follow.

 We will escort them back so they can arrive safely in Tiamo.

 Then, at midnight the next day, Allen and his team will use Bird B's Summoner skill "Heavenly Drive" to join the elven army that has marched near the Rapolka Fortress.

 The next day when dawn broke, the attack on the Rapolka Fortress began.