191 187 Capture of the Fortress of La Polka ②

 The next morning when Allen was able to join the elven army with Folmar.

"All troops forward!


 The army of the elves began to prepare early in the morning, and before nine o'clock began to march in formation.

 Our destination was the fortress of Lapolka. Already the previous day's march has brought us slightly closer to the point where we can catch a glimpse of it.

It's quite a steep mountain from below. Is the mountain made of rock? It's a natural fortress. (This one must be recaptured.

 On this march, Allen and his team are at the tail end of the line.

 The place where this fortress is located is shaped like two sheer mountains joined together on a hillside. The huge fortress built on the hillside is the Lapolka Fortress. Combined with the natural environment, it is quite strong.
 There are only two large gates, north and south, and they are, of course, now firmly closed.

 Since the mountain road is reasonably wide, you'll have to march in a reasonable number of columns.

(Oh, we're getting quite close.)

 As they marched, even Allen, who was at the tail end of the march, could see the full extent of the huge outer wall that reached three times the size of the city of Tiamo.
 On top of the outer wall, magical beasts are moving incessantly, but it still looks like a grain of rice.



 The sound of footsteps on the march of Stone B's summons resounded. Allen could see the outer wall of the Lapolka Fortress and the magical beasts through the gaps between the stone B summonses at the front of the line.

 This time, in the front row of the elven army, there were two rows of four stone B summons per row, marching two rows of four stone B summons.
 Eight of the two rows were used as shields to allow the elven army to get close enough to the hull.

 The huge stone B summons, reaching ten meters in height, startled the elves for a moment, but they seemed to accept it immediately. Maybe that's because they've heard about its victories in the siege so far. They may have also heard about Allen's summons. Or maybe he decided it was a trivial matter for the country he was trying to protect and for Her Majesty.

(Now we're in the open.)

 The La Porca fortress sits in a slightly open area on the side of two mountains.

 Emerging from the mountain road into the open area around the outer wall, the soldiers continue their march, spreading their ranks. The eight summons of Stone B also turn into a single horizontal line, but the monsters on the outer wall still don't seem to be attacking you.

''Allen, they still haven't attacked us.

"Oh, Cecil. I guess the demon king's army isn't going to be very useful if we attack here. We need to get a little closer to each other.

 Even in normal mode, the range of the bow of an elf can reach one kilometer if the level and skills are mastered. Naturally, a hexenbiest who can use a bow has a range of that level.

 But the closer they are, the more powerful and accurate they are. They didn't start attacking each other when there was still enough distance between them.

 Then, further on, something like a gong rang on the outer wall.
 When they were 100 meters away from the outer wall, the monsters on the wall all prepared their arrows at once.

 It's hard to recognize them because they are 100 meters away, but they are all B-ranked monsters, and the skeletal monster on the outer wall is several times bigger than an adult. Their arrows are longer than a person's height.

 The hexenbiest's troops begin their attack before the elven troops are sufficiently prepared.

 With a roar, the monster's archers release huge arrows and fireballs fly in from behind them.
 Stone B's summoner desperately uses his shield to defend.

Spirit mages and spirit wizards, create a stone wall for defense!


 Stone B summons are not immortal. They will disappear if they are hit, and if they are attacked in a mountainous area to avoid the stone B summoner, the attack will reach the elves. They also stand with a reasonable amount of space between them to allow the elven army to attack. To fortify their defenses, the soldiers create layer upon layer of defensive walls.

"We attack too, destroy the monster beasts that have taken our fortress!


 Both the archers and the magicians start attacking at once.
 The hull is made for elves, so it's too small for a hexenbiest. Since the target is overhanging, they will aim desperately to attack. They will also attack the troops behind the outer wall in a mountainous fashion.
 The elves do not save their magic, but use skills and magic. They have created enough heavenly blessings to consume their magic and deliver them to the elves for a full attack.

 Behind the hull, Allen will use the summons of the bird E to report where and how many magical beasts are present at every turn. This information will be quickly passed on to the generals using the drawings. I will provide the elves with more information than I can see.

 Naturally, the spyglass bat will be shot down as a top priority.
 Only the eye bats will be given top priority when they come within one kilometer of the fortress, no matter how far away they are.

(There are already 300,000 magical beasts in this fortress. You can triple the number of magical beasts in one day, but you're acting too fast)

 Allen organizes the information obtained from the summons of Spirit B that infiltrated the fortress of Rapolka.

 There are currently 300,000 magical beasts in this Lapolka Fortress. It was 100,000 until yesterday, but it seems that the demon king's army was the first to hear about the elves' advance. Tens of thousands of troops stationed in the north and south across the fortress have gathered as reinforcements, and as a result, the number has tripled in one day. Thanks to this, the tops of the city walls are filled with a great number of magical beasts.

(Why are there so many of them in the fortress that's being attacked?

"The IJN is coming! Everybody hide behind a defensive wall!


 Aside from Allen's thoughts, the aspect of the battlefield continues to change.
 A huge Noh is placed on top of the outer wall.

 This is what the elves have deployed for the anti-big guns. The monsters seem to make good use of the weapons they've taken.

 With an explosion, a large arrow is fired.

(Mirror, full reflection!)


 Wordlessly the stone B summoner raises a round shiny shield.

 The impact of the arrow is transmitted to the targeted stone B summoner's shield. But the power of the arrow is draining away.
 A crushed arrowhead, having completely lost its momentum, lands with a thud in front of Stone B's summoner. And then...


 The damage is absorbed by Stone B's summoner's shield, which becomes three times as powerful and reflects back in a wide area as a glowing shockwave.

 Stone B's summoner has Reflex and its Awakening Skill is Total Reflex. The stone B summoned by the enemy attacked and activated two counter techniques simultaneously.
 The Reflex doubles your durability, including your abilities and your assistance. Then repel the same amount of damage dealt to the attacker.

 The Awakening skill "Total Reflection" triples your endurance, including assistance. It then triples the damage dealt and bounces that damage back to a wide area in front of you. The cool time is one day.

 Neither the special ability nor the awakening skill can be activated once the stone B summoner is defeated.

It's as powerful as ever! We must have killed a few hundred of them. (The outer walls are still intact.)

 Instead of dispersing the triple-powered attack, it disperses it back. The monsters on top of the outer wall will be blown away as it spreads its power three times over the entire area.

 However, Allen will focus on the hull where the monsters below them ride.
 Three times the power of the crossbow extends to the hull as well, but as you can see in the summons of Bird E, there's nothing broken and it's robust.

 Allen recalls coming to Rosenheim and hearing the story from Sophie about how the city and its fortress were formed.

 Once every thousand years Rosenheim has a great spirit user. With the help of the earth spirit, he is said to have built the city's walls and fortifications.
 The power of the wizard is so great that the outer wall will remain strong and unaltered.

 The demon king's army attacked the northernmost fortress in this war, but the outer wall of the fortress is said to be almost intact. Since the outer walls cannot be broken, they have been overcome by violence of numbers.

(Is this enough to fight the Demon King's army reserves coming from the north? Is it that late already?

 It's noon and the sun is at its highest point. I checked the time on my grimoire and it's a little after midnight.

Uh, sir. Mister Allen, I understand that this number was too small. Shall we revisit the plan?

 General Luchidrall, whom you also met in the city of Nest, advises you to change your strategy, while trying to get a look at Allen's face.

 It is said that in prehistoric sieges, the offense requires three times as many troops as the defense. It is common knowledge that the defense is superior even in this other world.

 Looking at the scene in front of you, it's only natural to think that it's too reckless to attack an ironclad fortress defended by 300,000 monster beasts with an army of 50,000.

General LUKIDRALL. No, it's no problem at all. There are a few more monster beasts, but it's on schedule. Continue to attack before evening and come back to where you left off.

(You're making me worry. I haven't completed all the checks. You'll have to forgive me if I tell you the whole plan this evening.

 I only told the generals and the queen that we could take down the fortress of Rapolka in a short time.
 And yet I believed and sent 50,000 men to do it because Allen continues to perform better than anyone else.

"Okay, okay.

 Allen tells him to proceed as a matter of course.

Oh, and tell him not to use extra skills, as I've been telling you since the day before. Victory is at hand.

"Oh, it is, isn't it? We can win, can't we?

Of course. If we don't win here, Rosenheim has no future.

 General Luchidrall looks at Sophie as if seeking an answer.
 She nodded strongly, which meant to say to listen to Allen.
 Allen's companions were all looking at each other, none of them doubting Allen's words and victory.