192 188. Capture of Fort Lapolka ③

 Allen tells the elven general, "Take care of the battle here," and returns to the mountain path he and his companions had taken.

(Well, it's only been a day since we marched in. The north and south of the Rapolka fortress are starting to move well.

 The summoned beasts of Bird E have a better understanding of the situation around the area than ever before.

 To the south of the Lapolka fortress, magical beasts are coming out of the city that has been deliberately left alone and occupied by the Demon King's army, and they are forming into a mass. This is surely to use the outer wall of the fortress to intercept the elven army attacking from the south from behind.

 And in the north of the fortress, the magical beasts that could gather in the area during the day have already entered the fortress. Moreover, an even wider range of monsters are gathering.

 In the north and south, it's going to take a few more days to reach the fortress of Lapolka.

They're moving fast as usual. But the demons will have to come to the front.

 The summons of Spirit B are still hiding in a large building in the Rapolka Fortress, but there is still no conversation or atmosphere where the three demons are likely to come out to the front line .

''The demon king's army is still moving fast. "The demon king's army is still moving fast as ever.

Yeah, I get it.

 While walking along the mountain path, Allen informed his friends of the situation.

Oh, here it is. I'm pretty much back, but is it just as well?

"Cecil, Folmar, be aware of your surroundings. If there are any eyeball bats, shoot them down.



Okay, Mogusuke. You're up!

 Allen produces a beast F summoner, a mole-looking beast about the size of a medium-sized dog.
 He doesn't speak the language, but he looks somewhat happy when his job comes calling.

I'll get the boy to dig. But Allen, the ground's hard here.

 I told the companions that we would dig a hole in the ground to make a passageway and capture the fortress of Lapolka.
 The elves were not told until the very last minute, for if it got out, the mission would be for naught.

(Is the ground hard?)

 There is very little soil or humus on this mountain, and the mountain surface is rocky and very hard. Kreena wonders how they can dig a hole this hard.

"Mogske, dig a hole.


 The beast F summoner looked at Allen for a moment, then tried to dig up the bedrock near the designated large rock using his special skill "digging a hole". However, it is too scrawny to dig back up.
 Even if you use the Awakening Skill "Live in the Hole," the bedrock is too hard and it's the same.

See, it's impossible. Allen.

Krsna, this Mogusuke's speciality is digging a hole. Digging a hole in the ground isn't mentioned in any grimoire. Don't limit the effectiveness of your skills on your own!


 With that said, Allen enhanced the beast F summoner. The beast F summoner's large claws, which increased its attack power by 1,000, was filled with power. It began to dig a hole with a tremendous force. Repeatedly delete and generate the hole, turning it into the cool-period 1-day Awakening Skill "Live in the Hole" to speed up the digging process.


"Don't think you can't do what isn't written. Then you won't be able to do it forever.


 Once Allen said that much, it seems that Kurena understood what he meant.
 Nowhere does it say that activating Krena's extra skill "Break the Limit" will only result in a normal attack. It's just that it's limiting itself.

Well, I'll start by doing what it says.

 Dogora, the only one in the party not able to use extra skills, muttered while following behind the hole.

''Well . First, you have to know the 'truth'. After that, it's important to ask for 'growth'.

"Reason and stretch?

 When Allen was at the school, he taught everyone about skills, levels, and status.
 It is when you know those principles that you become the most efficient and strongest.

 But if you stay with the truth, you will stop growing. It is important to always seek the growth that is not written in the rules. If you question even the rules, there is room for growth.

Dogora. My ability is this. To make Mogusuke dig a hole. First, you have to know what you're capable of.

"My ability?

 With that, Dogora watches Allen's back as he digs a hole.

 After that, you can have Beast F's summons digging more and more holes, sometimes having Fish B's summons confirm their location as they continue to dig to the desired location. After today's battle, I know where the monsters will gather in the fortress. Now that I know the formation of the Demon King's army during the siege and defense, I have an idea of where to go out of the fortress.

 Then, we'll dig enough holes and stop them when they're about to penetrate into the fortress.
 We'll discuss the rest tomorrow when we go to battle.

 Meanwhile, I hear the sound of a large army walking. It's almost sunset in the evening, so it seems that both armies have finished today's battle.

 After sunset, Allen and his men gathered the generals. The curtain is drawn and a bonfire is lit.

 While everyone is staring at the fortress and a simple model of it held down to the north and south, Allen talks about how to capture Lapolka.

So that was the plan. I didn't think that you were going to take down La Polka in two days.

"Yes, General LUKIDRALL. It was unknown whether we would be able to complete the mission, but we are on track today.

 The demon king's army is moving very fast, but this time they kept it quiet so that the whole operation wouldn't get out.
 The generals know that they won't tell you the plan until the last minute. And they know that Sophie, the princess, has been told some of the plan.
 The queen and her generals have moved 50,000 troops without hearing the full plan, hoping that Sophie would not oppose the plan.

If this plan fails, the future of Rosenheim may be at stake.

Yes, it is. So I would like the final decision to be made by the general.


 Coming to the front line from the city of Nest, Lucidrall was the supreme commander of the northernmost fortress.
 Defeated and wounded beyond combat himself, he had fallen back to the city of Nest.
 By the grace of God, he was fully recovered and returned to the front line.

We'll also tell you about the north-south movement of the La Porca fortress.

 Checking the movement until the evening, he said that in another three days, reinforcements will come to the fortress from the north, and the demon king's army will come from the south for a pincer attack.

"It's a tough fight.

This war was tough from the beginning. But I think it's an impossible place to be.

 There's also a way to fight the Demon King's army in a long-term battle while cutting down the number of monsters in a straightforward manner.
 If we can get back to the mountain roads, we can fight against the Demon Lord's army from the south while defending ourselves against the attack from the Demon Lord's army. Furthermore, you can still get reinforcements from the city of Tiamo.

 However, in a protracted battle, you won't be able to counter a reserve force of four million demon kings.

I never thought we'd be able to move four million magical beasts at once! Do you want Rosenheim that badly?

 The Demon King's army was able to detect with the summoned beasts of Spirit B waiting at the Rapolka Fortress that they would attack the city of Nest from the north by land with 3 million troops and from the south by sea with 1 million troops.

 There's not much time left to capture La Porca Fortress. Since the Demon King's army can win if they buy enough time, they're willing to gather as many monsters as they can from around the area.

 I've already shared these movements of the Demon King's army reserve unit with my generals.

Haha, this is a perfect situation. But you have no choice. Mister Allen.


"We will go along with Mister Allen's plan. Tomorrow we will take down La Porca.

Thank you. Now, I will tell you the detailed plan. First, the layout of the Demon King's Army and its infiltration route: ......

 Aren and his men and the general coordinated the operation late into the night. The characteristics and strengths and weaknesses of the elven forces are better known to the general.

 And the next morning came.

(Mmm-hmm.) We defeated 10,000 monsters.

 When he wakes up, Allen checks the results of the night raids by summoned beasts for the second day in a row.
 He summons the summons and continues to attack the fortress, as he did during the operation with the general.
 While they are awake, they send out reinforcements according to the damage, but while they are asleep, they are reduced when they are hit.

 As you're getting ready, soldiers who woke up much earlier than Allen have already begun to form up.

"Well then, Mister Allen, it's a pleasure to meet you.

 One of the generals will greet you.

"It is my pleasure. Let's leave on time.

"I get it.

 The general wants you to take your time getting ready. I'll know that Allen is fighting for Rosenheim, even though he's losing sleep. We will not be rushed.

 I finish my breakfast while talking with my comrades about our last partnership.

(So this is where the sun is.)

 Check the position of the sun and confirm the exact time with your mages.

Then today is the day we'll take back the fortress of Rapolka!


 Tens of thousands of troops begin to leave at the same time as yesterday.

 But some five thousand elves remain at the departure point.
 The commander is organizing the column.

 They are a separate column that will be with Allen.
 And so it was on the second day of the attack on the fortress of Lapolka.