193 189. Capture of Fort Lapolka ④

 The commander reported that they were ready, and the rear of the line, which had already begun its march, was followed by five thousand elves, led by Allen.

 These five thousand are all two-star occupational soldiers.
 The remaining sixteen hundred or so two-star occupational soldiers are at the front of the march that has already started.

 Not long after you walk, you'll see a fill. This is the soil that was created by Beast F's summoner who dug tunnels to the fortress of Lapolka.
 The mound was used for camouflage and to protect the elven army.

 The entrance to the tunnel was also blocked with rocks, so Krsna and Dogora are working hard to clear the rocks from the mountainside. Thanks to the attack power of a well-seasoned level, they can clear the tunnel with ease.

 The tunnels are large enough for two people each. This leads to the interior of the fortress of Lapolka.
 When the elves heard about the plan, they said, "Oh! And then a voice leaks out. Then you realize why you weren't told of the plan until the last minute, and realize that your moves will change the outcome of this battle.

 Through the commander, the plan is quickly communicated to you. Then, your roles are assigned.

"Then let's go. Keep it in order.


 Allen pulls out a light grimoire and leads the way through the tunnel. There's a single road, but it's a bit of a hoofbeat if it's straight, so it's a bit of a hoofbeat. Naturally, there are some ventilation openings.

 Everyone enters the tunnel without hesitation.

Sophie, since we left the tunnel open, can you have the spirits fill this tunnel later?

"Of course, Mr. Allen. But for the future, it might be better to just fill in the beginning and the end of the tunnels.

 He says that the tunnels leading from the south gate of the Lapolka Fortress to the south of Rosenheim will continue to be useful if the demon king's army attacks from the north.

 Looking behind me, I see a spirit mage with a ball of light coming out of his hand among those who light the lamps with their magic tools.

(I remember the spirits that need help are random.)

 One-star spirit wizards and two-star spirit mages borrow power from spirits.
 A spirit wizard draws strength from a genie.
 A spirit mage, on the other hand, draws power from a genie. The size of the magic they can use is completely different.

 In normal mode, you can learn six skills, but you have to use two skill slots to increase your status.

 The remaining four skill slots will contain four spirits from more than 10 different spirits, such as fire, earth, wind, water, wood, thunder, light, and darkness.
 It is said that even for the same spirit wizard, which four attributes are different.
 However, the odds are high for spirits of the fire, earth, wind and water attributes, and Sophie is a fire, earth, wind and water spirit.

 If you can borrow power from water and wood spirits, you can use recovery magic.
 If you can borrow power from earth and wind spirits, you can use protective magic.

 Name] Sophia Lorne
 Age] 48
 Occupation: Spiritual wizard
 Level] 60
 Physical strength] 723
 Magic power] 1621 + 1600
 Attack Power] 598
 Endurance] 657 + 1000
 Quickness] 844
 Intelligence] 903 + 600
 Fortune 840
 Skills] Spirits <6>, Fire <6>, Earth <6>, Wind <6>, Water <6>, Young Spirits <2>.
 Extras] The Great Spirit Reveal

Skill level
 Spirit] 6
 【Fire】 6
 [Sat] 6

 Wind ] 6
 [water] 6

 The ring is equipped with +1000 magic power and +1000 endurance.

 You walk through the tunnels, thinking that you have heard more and more stories about spirit magic and spirit users since you came to Rosenheim.

 After walking for hours, you arrive at your destination, a dead end.

This is it.

 When you shine the light of the mages, the dead-end wall and ceiling are different colors.
 This dead end is cobblestone pavement, and if you push through it, you'll be inside the Lapolka Fortress.

 Even if you don't pay attention to the sounds around you, you can hear something bigger than a human clattering around.

 Allen begins to buff the fish-type summoner. He repeatedly deletes and regenerates, sprinkling his awakening skills sparingly.

 At the same time, with the help of the spirits of earth and wind, the elves begin to strengthen their troops and Allen's team by casting spirit magic on them.

All right, let's go! The scouts and the south gate garrison are with us.


"The hull occupation force will go with Gatoruga.


 In this attack on the fortress of Lapolka, there is also the spiritist Gatluga, the most powerful man in Rosenheim. Since we're going to split up into several units, I'm going to go up to the outer wall and leave the unit that will take over the outer wall to you.

Yeah, I'll take care of it.

 Gatoruga, who was in the hole at the head of the pack with Allen and the others, also responds.

 Gatoruga seems to have softened his response to Allen after witnessing his work in the Tiamo offensive and defense.

 Allen checks the clock on the mage.
 It's almost midnight.

(And the time is right.)

On time. Then let's go!


 With a shout, Krsna and Dogora each lifted up one cobblestone at a time and flipped it over vigorously.
 Then, with Allen in the lead, they leaped out into the Rapolka fortress infested with magical beasts.

Dradra, Kerolin, Aripon, Miller, and Tekko!

 Allen and his team emerge from the western corner of the quadrangular-shaped south gate of the Rapolka Fortress.
 In front of Allen, there is a staircase up to the outer wall, but he didn't pay attention to it as he ran toward the opening of the south gate in the middle of the south wall.

 The scouts and the south gate guard, a total of about 2,000 elven soldiers, are following Allen one after another.

 The hexenbiests immediately noticed that Allen and his men emerged from the hole and attacked them.
 Allen summons all of the summons, and the dragon B and beast B summons kick away the monsters around them.

 Summons of Bug B protect the elves as they surround them, and Summons of Stone B protect them with their large shields from the monsters' long-distance attacks. Summoner of Stone C protects the monsters that Bug B and Stone B couldn't protect from their attacks with the Awakening Skill "Self-Sacrifice" so that the elves can exit the hole safely.

 From the elven soldiers who have entered the fortress, quickly take action.
 Aren and his team will advance along the inside of the south wall, making the unlocking of the south gate a top priority.
 The scouts and the south gate guard will follow closely behind Allen.

Once inside, there's indeed a good number of magical beasts. I can't keep up with them, but seriously, please!

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal of monsters inside the fortress as well as on the outer walls.

 I've been checking out a place where the number of magical beasts is relatively low since the day before, but more and more magical beasts are coming in to attack Allen and the others.

 And some of the monsters' wands and hands start to glow.

 It's a magical unit of the Demon King's army equipped with a robe and staff. This magical unit is hiding on the outer wall and recovering their fellow monsters on the wall. And it's attacking the elven troops from afar through the hull.

It's time to die.

 That's when the magic squad aimed at Allen and the others running along the wall.

 With a brilliant light, countless arrows of light struck the magical unit.
 The elves' long-range attack arrived from the hole, but the attack was incomparable to that which fell inside the fortress.
 The magic squad is annihilated with a power that defies B-ranked monsters.

 The mages' clocks point to 12 o'clock.

Ush, the timing is perfect!

"Allen, it worked. So what's the timing?

 Cecil was pleased, but he did not understand the word "timing".

 Numerous glowing arrows slaughter the demonic beasts inside the outer walls.

"Run to the gate while you still can! Don't run along the wall or you'll get caught in the middle!


 This time Allen incorporated the extra skill of the elves into the mission.
 Most of the cool time is basically for one day.
 To prevent them from using extra skills to their heart's content, we forbid their use after midnight.

 And the day before, I've been telling them where the monsters are, especially about the magic squad.
 And even now, the location of the monsters hidden on the outer wall is captured by the summons of bird E and Allen's vision, and the summons of fish B tells the elven general exactly where they are.

 The troops of 50,000 men did not activate extra skills at the same time.
 The archers and magicians, each with about 100 men, are forming a squad that is attacking the enemy forces one by one.

 The power of the 2-star extra skill is increased by the effect of the fish system's buff, and it kicks away a considerable number of monsters.

 The 3,000 occupants of the outer wall, who have come up the stairs to retake the outer wall from the Demon King's army, are also being covered by Extra Skill. Thanks to this, we've been able to advance the hull toward the center.


 Allen and his men, who were able to advance under cover from extra skill, and the south gate garrison begin to form up. Behind them, the south gate is opened by a dozen or so scouts who unlock it.

 The opening gate was the signal.

 An army of 45,000 elves, 100 meters before the south gate, begins its march.

My men are coming! Keep those hexenbiests away!

 Allen's and Gatluga's words overlap.

 Now I must provide cover for my companions to get through the south gate safely.
 I will activate extra skills in succession, 100 by 100, to wipe out the hexenbiest on the outer wall who are attacking the elves running towards the south gate, and the hexenbiest who are approaching the south gate.
 Buy enough time for your friends to pass through the gate.

 The elven army coming through the gate quickly begins to form up near the south gate.

"We're through the gate! Defend the formation to the death!


 A huge formation begins to form in front of the gate.
 The battle between the elves and Allen, who had retaken the south gate, continued.