194 190. Battle of the Devils ①

"Haha, Mister Allen, you've done it.

Yes, I'm glad it worked out as planned.

 While a formation is forming in front of the battlefield gate, General Luchidrall comes rushing over to talk to Allen.
 He seems to be happy to have taken the gate as planned.
 General Luchidrall agrees that capturing the gate is important in a siege.

But we've used up all the extras, with more monsters still out there, leaving us with a recovery unit.

Sure it is. But victory is at hand. All we have to do is clean up the mess. It should take us half a day to put this thing down.

 This operation is most focused on taking the gate. This is because I thought that it would ensure that we could take the fortress.

 If they took the gate in a siege, the Demon King's army would lose their wall to hide behind and would not be reduced by half. What's more, now the elven army can use the walls and gates to fortify the defense.

 To do so, I let the elves use their extra offensive skills sparingly.

 As a result, I was able to take the south gate and kill half of the demon king's army.

 The demon king's troops also had recovery, magic, and long-range attack units waiting under the outer wall, but I gave them top priority and aimed at them.
 Even the demon king's army would never have expected to be shot at while the huge outer wall was acting as a shield. This strategy produced more results than the number of the demon king's troops defeated.

 Even so, the remaining hexenbiest in the Demon King's army is three times as many as the elves' army.

''Then we'd like to take over the outer wall. "Then we'd like to take over the outer wall, and we'd like to have about five thousand men as we discussed.

"Okay, okay. Next move.

 This many men at the gate will be wasted. After taking the gate, Allen tells the general that they will move on to the operation after taking the gate.

 The general begins to tell the commander what to do. The choice of men has already been made, and the elves will gather at Allen's side.

(If we take the southern wall, we'll almost certainly win.

 Together with about 5,000 soldiers, we are moving to completely conquer the southern wall.

 This fortress is surrounded by an outer wall from east to west, north to south, south to west, and east to west, but the only wall that is prepared to allow for the deployment of soldiers is the north-south wall.
 To begin with, since the location of La Porca Fortress itself is sandwiched between steep mountains to the east and west, it is not expected to be attacked from the east and west. There are walls to the east and west, but they are not well-developed enough to deploy troops.

Then follow me. We will go up the east stairs!


(Hmm, I'm not a general or a commander.)

 After all this time, I feel uncomfortable about taking the elven troops with me. But it was a minor matter, so I didn't mind, and I continued along with my companions and the elven troops to the southeast staircase of the fortress, annihilating the wall.

 Gatoruga and his 3,000-man squad have been advancing from the southwest staircase of the fortress up to the outer wall, defeating magical beasts, and are currently engaged near the center.
 The reason why they haven't been able to advance much from the center is because there are too many hexenbiest reinforcements from the southeast stairs.

 The Demon King's army also seems to know that the battle will end if the outer wall is taken.
 If they took the highest rampart in this fortress, they could hunt the Demon King's army fairly unilaterally. The demon king's army continues to send out reinforcements at a furious pace.

 Take your time to reach the southeast staircase and go up the stairs, defeating the demon beasts.
 Since you're surrounded by a large number of monsters, Allen summons more summonses for the number of them defeated at a dizzying rate.

(I've spent quite a bit in two days, but it's only about 20,000. If I can eliminate them, I'll get 300,000 magical stones. Huh?

 Unlike the Tiamo siege and defense battle, this time the elven troops were active, so we didn't have a series of awakening skills on the dragon B summoner. Thanks to this, there aren't many magic stones to erase, so if we win the battle, we'll be able to collect the magic stones.

''Mm, are the demons coming toward the south gate?

(Hey, hey, why are you coming at me? I can run, okay? (It would be more convenient for you to escape, but it's not an option)

 Through the summons of Spirit B, Allen can see three demons trying to leave from the largest building in the center of the Rapolka Fortress.
 It seems that the demon tribe of Glaster has snapped and is coming towards us. Nephthira and Yagov are chasing them as they head towards the south gate.

"Huh? Are you coming over here?

 Allen made an immediate decision.

"I'm sorry, guys, just keep going. We're out of here. Griff and the others out!


 Allen and his friends step over the summoner of bird B. The summoner is also on the spot, but leave it as it is and fly towards the south gate. Allen will take a two-man ride with Cecil this time.

 While the battle between the elves and the demon king's army continues at the gate, Allen and his men wait before the gate.
 Within minutes, three demon tribe members will arrive.


 As soon as he saw Aren and the others riding the bird B summons, Glaster muttered, "What?

'Huh? What will?

 He is asked, so Allen answers.

I'm asking if you're going to defeat our forces and take down this stronghold!

It's getting hot. At this rate, we've depleted more than a million hexenbiests in the Demon King's army, and we're going to be blamed for the attack on the key stronghold of Lapolka. Even if you run away, you'll still have no future.

 A spirit B summoner is listening to the conversation of three demons in the siege and defense of the Rapolka fortress.

"No, no, it's the elves that did it. Well, it seems that thanks to the enemy general's stupidity, we were able to get away with it quite well.

 There is no merit in saying anything here, so Allen does not say his position explicitly. If you're angry with me, I'll just provoke you.

"I'll kill you! Definitely kill! Nephthira, Jagoff match!

"Yes, Mr. Glaster.

"Okay, Goff.

 Three demons are in attack position.

Krsna for the old man, Folmar for the older man, and Dogora for the Beast Man.

 I know the names of all three of them, but they must not realize that I know them.


 Guess the role of each of the demon tribe's position and equipment, and quickly decide on a strategy.
 Glaster is equipped with his greatsword, Nephthira with his staff, and Yagov with his knuckles.

 To avoid coordination, place them one by one.

Nephthira is in a good position. (Hmmm, maybe I'll take out Yagov first.)

 You want to take out the magical Nephthira first, but since you are in a position to use Glaster as a shield, you decide to take out Yagov first.

 The demons will be coming towards you, and you'll be able to match them with weapons in your hand as you fight.



 Unable to catch Glaster's greatsword on the first strike, Krsna is blown away by the summoner of bird B.
 Dogora seems to have been blown off by Yagov as well.

(Is this still a tough one on one? (Except for Krena's breaking through the limit, but it's not like she can take down an A-ranked one yet.

 I've only observed a few moves of the battle between Krsna and Dogora, but I can clearly see the status difference.
 Allen thinks that's what the demon race is all about.

Krsna, just stay with it. You're going to have to take care of Krsna and cover her.

"Yeah, I get it!


"Cecil will join me in hitting the beast man first.


(At any rate, it turns out that the demons can work pretty well together. We need to make sure we reduce them one by one.

 Target the easiest of the three demons, Yagov.
 Yagov is almost twice as tall as Dogora.
 Dogora's huge axe clashes with Yagov's knuckles.


 Dogora completely loses the fight and is blown up with the summoner of Bird B. Cecil is blown up at the same time as Dogora is blown up.
 At the same time Dogora is blown up, Cecil hits Yagov with a huge lump of fire. Yagov, who just attacked Dogora, can't duck, but the fireball hits him.


"Once again, oh no!

 As the two-man duo of Cecil and Allen attempt to give chase, Nephthira forms a huge block of ice and flies at them.

 Allen tells Bird B's summons to avoid it, and then ducks at the last second.
 With five Bird B summons and Bird E's summons flying overhead, Allen has no blind spot in his field of vision.

 I also instructed Bird B's summons to prevent Cecil from being attacked. Thanks to that, Cecil can focus on his magic attack.

(Hmmm, so there are only three summons available?)

 The summons were just barely visible at the south gate and outer wall, but before I knew it, three slots had been left open.
 The summons were placed in front of the elves to act as shields so they could receive some recovery magic support from the elves, but they seemed to have been killed.

"Dradra, Kellorin, come on!

"'Oh, I'm on it!


 Summon two Dragon B summons and one Beast B summoner.

 Place one Dragon B and one Beast B summoner on the Yagov.
 The other dragon B summoner keeps its distance and spits a breath at Nephthira to check against magic.

(Only if the Yagov is defeated first.)

 A concentrated attack against Yagov.
 so that the attack on Yagov will increase.


 Dogora's unsuccessful attempt at a full-body blow lands on Yagov.
 It blows away and shatters the building's walls.

"Yagov, what are you doing!

"That's all right, Goff.

"That's enough. Open the extra gate, Yagov.

(Hmm? (The gate for extras?)

"Ha! Glaster-sama Goff

 When he said that, Yagov's body shook like a shimmer as he stood up at the end of being blown away.